This is Google's cache of | Sonic Fanon Battlers is currently being written by Sonicstar3000, open source. It may already be finished once that user herps de derps. As such, some sections may be incomplete. |} [1]File:SFB log.png Sonic Fanon Battlers is a game the Sonicstar3000 may plan to create. It is a 1v1 Fighting game with certain Characters from the Sonic Fanon Wiki.


[show]==Plot== It's the time to fight as a tournament comes out of nowhere. Though quickly, it becomes a huge hit, people are talking about it everywhere. Suddenly, the mass is growing bigger and bigger.

Little do the contestants know, this tournament has been set up by an organisation of merciless villains from the past, set out to distract the heroes for one of their biggest plans that may destroy Mobius!!

It's all out in the open, can your characters truly determine the fate of your world? Will you save it? Destroy it? Or will you set out to this tournament only to be posessed by your own delusions? This will all be found out in SFB, you can be the one to make the choice! You can add your own characters, stories, stages, and moves below! With these at your disposal, you could finally be the ultimate fanon character! The test is on!!

You're characters can compete too! This is a peice of fanon memorobilla you wouldn't want to miss!

Game informationEdit

It's time for the ultimate Fanon battle! Choose from a range of over onehundred characters ranging from creators like Gurahk, Boombomb, Smash the Echidna, Sonicstar3000, RioFan01, and many more! Play Testing game modes like Tag Team, Online and others. Or play through a deep story about a mysterious man named Luk-S, who uses the DNA of other fighters, this is a battle that cannot go unseen!


Ok, Guys. I need to set this straight. Do NOT add broken links, if I do not know this character and there is a broken link, I can't add them to the final game. You NEED a photo on the page, If I can't get a picture then I can't model them properly, seriously, I'm getting way too many Broken Links and Characters without pictures! ~S~S~3000~ 16:30, February 27, 2012 (UTC)

Required structure for a character

Example : (such&such) the (such&such) - First Appearance - (INSERT ROLEPLAY/FANFICTION ONLY)

Adding a fangame name could put your character at risk, If your character first appears in SFB do not place "Sonic Fanon Battlers" Please could you add "TBA". THx!

Icons System

You Need these Icons so I can determine how your characters roles play in the character select

File:SFBStarter.png'Y'our Character is a starter character. Only a certain number of these are allowed.'

File:SFBUnlock.png''''''Your Character is unlockable, if used, explain how they are unlocked. A majority of characters use this.''''''

'File:SFBDownloadable.pngYour character is Downloadable Content. People will use this with Permission Only!!'

  1. JT The Androhog (+Punishment Form) - First Appearance - Memory Crisis File:SFBStarter.png
  2. Froze the icejin - First Appearance - Dragon ball heroes File:SFBUnlock.png Beat story mode 59 times as all starter characters
  3. Falco the Eagle - First Appearance - Forbidden Secrets
  4. Lightning the Hedgehog - First Appearance - The End of the Universe
  5. Hero the Echidna - First Appearance - Control
  6. Target the Eagle - First Appearance - Memory Crisis [1]
  7. Jester the Hedgehog (+Last Resort Form) - First Appearance - Control File:SFBStarter.png
  8. Jax the Hedgehog - First Appearance - An Unnamed TP ~Risk of Deletion~ (I'd like a removal of these "Finishers".) (Someone told me that I just needed to make the finishers less violent and graphic. If you really want me to remove them, I'll do so.)
  9. Clyde O'Donnell - First Appearance - Control (Part 1) File:SFBStarter.png
  10. Angel Caroso - First Appearance - Control (Part 1)
  11. Kyle Oikonny - First Appearance - Control (Part 1)
  12. Ivy Prower - First Appearance - Control (Part 1)
  13. Shine the Hedgehog (+Super Form) - First Appearance - The Time Scramble File:SFBStarter.png
  14. Fetalia the Dark (+Crystal Form) - First Appearance - Memory Crisis
  15. Drake the Hedgebat - First Appearance - Memory Crisis
  16. Maya the Echidna (+Angel Form) - First Appearance - Dawn of the Darkness
  17. Joseph the Wolf - First Appearance - Chaos Hotel Free
  18. Brittney the Bat - First Appearance - Chaos Hotel Free
  19. Jimmy Canvas - First Appearance - Chaos Hotel Free
  20. Tammy Watercolor - First Appearance - The King of Iron Fist Tournoment
  21. Reggie the Bat - First Appearance - Chaos Hotel Free
  22. Boombomb the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Memory Crisis File:SFBStarter.png
  23. Hazama the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Dawn of the Darkness File:SFBUnlock.png Survive 10 matches on 'Survival'
  24. Sparks The Hedgehog (+Super Form) -First Appearence - Black Armageddon File:SFBStarter.png
  25. J Jr. the Androhog (+Punishment/PunishmentII forms) - First appearance - Curses 'File:SFBUnlock.png By completing a tag team arcade mode on any difficulty'
  26. Sammy the Eagle - First Appearance - Control PII.
  27. Surge the Hedgehog (+Super Form) - First Appearance - Magnetic Chaos
  28. Surf the Seagull - FIrst Appearance - Control Part II 'File:SFBUnlock.png By defeating him in Arcade mode.'
  29. Shadder the Hedgehog- First apperance- The Five
  30. J the wolf - First Appearance - Unamed Rp
  31. Tuff the Cat - First Appearance - Unamed Rp
  32. Jesse the Echidna - First Appearance - Attack of the Q
  33. Razor the Shark - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBStarter.png
  34. Luk-S the Porcupine File:SFBStarter.png
  35. Tyler Lynch - First Appearance- Left 4 Dead File:SFBUnlock.png By completing Shadder's story mode.'
  36. John James- First appearance-Waking the NightmareFile:SFBStarter.png
  37. Assassin the Hedgehog- First Appearance-TBA
  38. Exodus The Hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA
  39. Keith The Dragonolf - First Appearance - Cosmic Championship
  40. Z The Cyborg Dragonolf - First Appearance - TBA
  41. Nick the Hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA
  42. Sigma Hale - First Appearance - Nazo Returns
  43. Ciel Mackenzie Hale - First Appearance - Endless War
  44. Monica DeLouise - First Appearance - Endless War
  45. Telos Nyctores - First Appearance - Attack on Downtown
  46. Aileen the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Washed Away File:SFBStarter.png
  47. Kelly Prower - First Appearance - Darkstorm's Past: Meeting Sonic Underground
  48. Damion the Hedgefox - First Appearance - TBA ~Risk of Deletion~
  49. Jesse Prower - First Appearance - TBA
  50. Violet the Hedgehog-Seedrian - First Appearance - TBA
  51. Stella Rose - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  52. Sugar the Bunnybee - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  53. Dwayne the Catmeleon - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  54. Mike the Echidna - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  55. Platina the Echidnahog - First Appearance - TBA 'File:SFBUnlock.png Have 50 matches between Shine and Maya'
  56. Denise the Hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA
  57. Coffee the Dark Seedrian - First Appearance - TBA 'File:SFBUnlock.png Have 50 matches between Ivy and Fetalia'
  58. Karen Prower - First Appearance - TBA
  59. Burn the Hedgecat - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  60. Ember the Hedgecat - First Appearance - TBA
  61. Metal Shine - First Appearance - The Goddess' Maiden 'File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat him as Shine'
  62. Tommy Prower - First Appearance - TBA
  63. Yu the Porcupine - First Appearnce - Jim the Dog's Story
  64. Mary Tomi the Fox - First Appeance - TBA 'File:SFBUnlock.pngBy defeating her in Eileen's Story/Arcade mode.'
  65. Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox - First Appearence - Mazda: the Seed of Chaos
  66. Gale the Hedgehog - First Appearence - Roleplay:Mazda, the Seed of Chaos
  67. Cutlass the Demonfox - First Appearence - Mazda: the Seed of Chaos
  68. Alasdair the Lionolf - First Appearence - Roleplay:Secret of the Sands
  69. Smash The Echidna - First Appearance - Roleplay:Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Storymode without dying once on any difficulty above normal / Win 500 matches total.
  70. Pearl The Echidna - First Appearance - Roleplay:Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Storymode as Smash The Echidna.
  71. Splice The Hedgehog - First Appearance - Roleplay:Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament File:SFBUnlock.png Survive 15 matches under 5 minutes in Survival Mode.
  72. Cold the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Roleplay:The Ultimate Soulcalibur
  73. Julius the Black Murderer (Playable boss) - First Appearance - TBA 'File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat him without losing one round as either Drake or Maya'
  74. Ignite The Hedgehog (+Super Form)- First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat him in Single player
  75. Dusk The Hedgehog - First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat him in Ignite's story
  76. Sonicstar3000 (+Angry Form) - First Appearance - Personality Change 'File:SFBUnlock.pngBy Completing Arcade mode on any difficulty'
  77. Cassie the Mongoose-First Appearance-TBA
  78. Chaoru - First Appearance - Welcome to the New Station Square
  79. Rik The Spidermonkey (+InnerDarkBeast Form) - First Appearance - The Final Shadows
  80. Kayden Ouron - Frist Appearance - Chaos Soul File:SFBStarter.png
  81. Claire Ouron - Frist Appearance - Roleplay:Dragon Fist Tournament File:SFBStarter.png
  82. Violet the Hedgehog - Frist Appearance - Roleplay:Sonic and Kayden lost soul of the ARK File:SFBUnlock.png Unlocked By playing 5 online matchs or 10 offline matches.
  83. JJ the Hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA
  84. Sal the Echidna - First Appearance - Washed Away
  85. Unique The Dog - First Appearance - The Final Shadows (Secret Character)
  86. Tori Parks - First Appearance- Unnamed Tp ​ Unlocked b beating John's Story
  87. Sky The Hegdehog - First Appearance - The Final Shadows File:SFBUnlock.png unlock sky by Completing Arcade mode in under four minutes, beating him in rival battle and completing rik's arcade
  88. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) (+Super/Ultimate/Maxus/Dragon/Ogre Forms) - First Appearance - Jack the Hedgehog's (Spongebob100) Story File:SFBStarter.png
  89. Patricia the Skunk (+Super/Ultimate Forms) (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - Jack the Hedgehog's 2nd Story: The Rise of Dragon Jack File:SFBStarter.png
  90. Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - Darkstorm's Past: Meeting the Sonic Underground File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Kai by beating Story Mode 10 Times
  91. Mute The Bear - First Appearance - The Final Shadows (secret Character) unlock mute by having unique battle in fifteen fights.
  92. Aubrey the Loveowl - First Appearance - A beach TP File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Aubrey by beating Surf and Target's stories.
  93. Rio the Budgie - First Appearance - An un-named TP File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Rio by beating him in Arcade Mode.
  94. Sunshine the Budgie - First Appearance - An un-named TP File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Sunshine by completing Rio's story.
  95. Quilong the Bat - First Appearance - An un-named TP File:SFBStarter.png
  96. Starburst the Cat - First Appearence - Black Armageddon File:SFBUnlock.pngComplete Surge's Story Mode
  97. Abercrombie the Horse - First Appearance - Abercrombie
  98. Gorru the Wolf - First Appearance - Quset of Death File:SFBStarter.png
  99. Koru the Wolf - First Appearance - Quest of Death 5: Final Fight File:SFBUnlock.pngComplete Gorru's Story Mode
  100. Flame the Hedgehog First Appearance - Control File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Arcade mode as 50 diffirent characters on Medium or Higher
  101. /Arcade on hard difficulty.
  102. Makoto the Dog - First Appearance - TBA
  103. Sally the Armahog - First Appearance - TBA
  104. James the Blue Jay - First Appearance - TBA
  105. Raphael the Wolf - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.png Tag Team on Hard Difficulty / Complete Story as 'Makoto the Dog'
  106. Reiko the Wolf - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.png Tag Team on Hard Difficulty / Complete Story as 'Raphael the Wolf'
  107. Lexi the Echidna - First Appearance - TBA '''''File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Story as 'Hero the Echidna' on Medium or Higher
  108. David The Cat-First Appearance- TBA (insert lock here) Unlock David by beating him in arcade mode
  109. Krinkinko the Hedgehog- First Appearance- Krinkinko the hedgehog's story File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Krinkino by beating story mode for each character that originated from The Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament.
  110. Jackbot Nega (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - Roleplay:Dawn of the Dinosaurs File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Jackbot Nega by beating arcade 50 Times.
  111. Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh) (+Super/Hyper/Ultimate/Infinity/Emperor/Rising Forms) - First Appearance- The Being of the Wind 1 [2]
  112. Arcturus the Dark (max the hedgehog) - First appearance - TBA - File:SFBUnlock.png Watch all of algol's ending,when its loading back to the menu,press and hold the pause button,Artwork of Arcturus will be in the background of the menu,once this is done Arcturus is unlocked for all modes
  113. Combot Nega (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - T.F.S. vs. S100 (Game) File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock Combot Nega by beating Story Mode 100 Times to unlock him
  114. ~Twister the Fox - First Appearance -(TBA)/Jezz the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney File:SFBUnlock.png Unlock by playing tag-team with 5 unique teams~
  115. ~Wright the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Wright the Hedgehog:Ace Attorney/Jezz the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney File:SFBUnlock.png Unlocked by completeing Twister's story mode~
  116. ~Tex the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Chronicles of Blood Gulch Jezz the Hedgehog: Ace Attorney File:SFBUnlock.png Unlocked by wining 15 tagteam matches with a team of Twister and Wright. ~
  117. Meme The Hedgehog - First Apperance- Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  118. Esmerelda the Echidna - First Appearance - TBA
  119. Louie the Fox (E-Josh) (+Supernova & Rising Forms) - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat Infernal Golem using Josh.
  120. Jetris the Hedgehawk (E-Josh) (+Sandstorm & Rising Forms) - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat Quake Golem using Josh.
  121. Thomas the Echidna (E-Josh) (Typhoon & Rising Forms) - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 File:SFBUnlock.png ' Defeat Dark Golem using Josh.'
  122. Mark the hedgefoxchindbat (+ Cyan form & Nitro form) - First appearance - TBA
  123. Smackdown the echinda (+ Void form & insanity form) - First appearance -TBA
  124. Burst the Hedgehog, Bethany the Hedgebat, and E-2012 First appearances: various episodes of Burst the Hedgehog (Series.)
  125. Ragnar Steele - First Appearance - Razor Attacks File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Arcade mode with Razor/Defeat him in anybody (who fights him)'s Story Mode
  126. Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - Jack's Friends' 4th Story: The Story of NiGHTS
  127. Zane the Gorilla (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - Jack's Friends' 4th Story: The Story of NiGHTS
  128. Eric the Polar Cat - First Appearance - Crisis City Stories File:SFBUnlock.png Unlocked by defeating him in the Future Ladder of Arcade Mode
  129. Flint the Weasel - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBStarter.png
  130. Bane the Dynamite - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.pngUnlocked by competing Arcade mode as Flint
  131. Gideon the Moose - First Appearance - Story Of The Fallen File:SFBUnlock.pngDefeat him in Arcade mode to unlock
  132. Nina the Fox - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBStarter.png
  133. Marcus the hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBStarter.png
  134. Crono the hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.png Must be defeated in story mode
  135. Solar the Hedgehog (E-Josh) (+Hyper/Sun Forms)- First Appearance - Sonic Riders: Beyond the Sky -- The Real Story File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat the final boss in Josh's Story using Pyrus Josh.
  136. Lunar the Hedgehog (E-Josh) (+Hyper/Moon Forms) - First Appearance - Sonic Riders: Beyond the Sky -- The Real Story File:SFBUnlock.png Finish Josh's Story using Solar.
  137. Jack-4 Commander (Spongebob100) - First Appearance - Roleplay: Ogre Unleashed File:SFBUnlock.png Win 500 Matches in total
  138. Airon "Jonic" Hikarikaze the Ookami (Jonicthedgehog) First Appearance - TBA
  139. Sephiroh the hedgehog (LeoniHacker) - First Appearance - TBA Starter
  140. Diamond the Hedgehog (E-Josh) (+Jack Form) - First Appearance - Ancient Battle Chapter 2 File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Josh's Story 4 times. All members of The Four Royal Knights have the same method on how to unlock them.
  141. Spade the Echidna (E-Josh) (+Jack Form) - First Appearance - Ancient Battle Chapter 2 File:SFBUnlock.png Same as on how to unlock Diamond. See above.
  142. Heart the Cat (E-Josh) (+Dame Form) - First Appearance - Ancient Battle Chapter 2 File:SFBUnlock.png Same as on how to unlock Diamond. See above.
  143. Clover the Bat (E-Josh) - First Appearance - Ancient Battle Chapter 2 File:SFBUnlock.png Same as on how to unlock Diamond. See above.
  144. Falek Bellum - First Appearance - Sonic: The War For Mobius
  145. Tensai the Shark - First Appearance - ?????
  146. Apallo The Hedgehog - First Appearance - Chaos Quest  File:SFBUnlock.pngComplete 7 Stories in Story Mode to Unlock. 
  147. Eclipse The Hedgehog - First Appearance - Apallo 5  File:SFBUnlock.pngComplete 25 Stories in Story Mode to Unlock. 
  148. ~Permission only~
  149. ~Permission only~
  150. ~Permission only~
  151. ~Permission only~


  • Medusa the Succubus - First Appearance - Attack on Downtown
  • Doom the Dark Lord - First Appearance - Memory Crisis - Chapter 2 - The Battle of Doom File:SFBUnlock.png Complete
  • all of Boombomb, Shine, Fetalia, JT, Falco, Sparks, J Jr., Sonicstar3000, Shadder and 1 of Starwolf's Stories on 'Hard' Or higher.
  • Frieza - First Appearance - Dragonballz frieza saga - Only fightable when playing as Froze
  • Faith the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Roleplay:Scythe the Vampire Slayer - if playing Scythe or Alice's story,Faith will replace medusa
  • Crono the hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA - File:SFBUnlock.png Check page for info on how to fight him
  • Danger the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Black Armageddon.
  • Darkspine Drake - First Appearance - New Year Madness
  • Blackout the Hedgehog (Surge's "dark" form and antiverse counterpart File:SFBUnlock.png Playable when defeated by Shine in Surge's story - First Appearence - Magnetic Chaos
  • JT-01149 - First Appearance - Control Part 2
  • Algol the echinda - First appearance - TBA
  • Darkness Dragoeith The Titanium Wolnoid - First Appearance - TBA
  • Deus Sigma (Fightable after beating Sigma, Ciel, and Telos' stories) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Retributionist (Fightable after beating Ciel's story) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Advent Telos (Fightable after beating Telos' story) - First Appearance - TBA
  • σ-18 (Fightable after beating Monica's story) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Julius the Black Murderer (Playable boss) - First Appearance - The Goddess' Maiden
  • FalcT the Andreagle - First Appearance - TBA
  • Umbra - First Appearance - The Final Shadows
  • Sharpening Chaos Dragon (Inside the core of Darkening Sword) - First Appearence - TBA
  • Dr. EggPlankton (Inside the Chum Beater [Similar to the Egg Beater] controling the Battle Suit) - First Appearance - Jack the Hedgehog's (Spongebob100) Story
  • Ogre / True Ogre (Tekken 3) - First Appearance - Jack the Hedgehog's 3rd Story: The Ogre within
  • Azazel (Tekken 6) - First Appearance - Roleplay: Ogre Unleashed
  • Darkyle The Hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA
  • Lance the Bat (Only fightable with Reggie, Sal, Drake, Maya, and Boombomb) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Akuma - First Appearance - Super Street Fighter II Turbo
  • Robot-01/Super Fighting Robot (Only when playing as a transformed character) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Dark Golem - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 [3] Complete Josh's Story in Hard Mode.
  • Infernal Golem - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 [4] Complete Josh's Story in Normal Mode.
  • Quake Golem - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 [5] Complete Josh's Story in Normal Mode.
  • Massacre the Chao Monster - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.pngCollect all seven chaos emeralds in any mode.
  • Helen the Dark - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.pngDefeat her at the end of Arcade mode or win 25 rounds of Survival Mode
  • Phage the Dark - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.pngDefeat him at the end of Arcade mode or win 35 rounds of Survival Mode
  • Selwyn the Oni - First Appearance - The Devil's Curse File:SFBUnlock.pngPlay through Arcade Mode under 15 minutes
  • Malum the Ogre King - First Appearance - TBA File:SFBUnlock.png Play through Arcade Mode under 10 minutes
  • Berserker the Oni - First Appearance - The Devil's Curse File:SFBUnlock.png Complete 10 Missions
  • Dr. EggRey (inside the Equera Beater) - First Appearance - The Being of the Wind 1 File:SFBUnlock.png Defeat all Dr. Egg[name] in Arcade Mode 10 times on Medium or higher.
  • Equera the Dark - First Appearance - Anti Mobian Recruitment File:SFBUnlock.png Complete Josh Story 3 times at Medium or Higher.
  • Dominus Bellum - First Appearance - Sonic: The War For Mobius
  • Tiki Tong (Donkey Kong Country Returns) - First Appearance - Terror of the Tiki !
  • EXTRA BOSS #1 (Devil Kai [The Devil Form of Kai the Hedgehog] ) Just like in Street Fighter IV, if your undefeated & get a Perfect in Story Mode, you'll get an Extra Battle against Devil Kai.
  • EXTRA BOSS #2 (Elemental Creature- the fusion of the 4 legendary monsters) File:SFBUnlock.png Get X Rank in Josh's story at Hard or higher. After you complete the story if you got an X Rank, you'll get an extra battle against Elemental Creature.
  • EXTRA BOSS #3 (Devil Layla [The Devil Form of Layla the FoxSkunk] ) Just like in Street Fighters IV, if your undefeatable & get 2 Perfects in Story Mode on Medium or Higher, you'll get an extra battle against Devil Layla.
  • EXTRA BOSS #4 (Dark Magma Golem- the fusion of the 3 Golem Guards) File:SFBUnlock.png Get X Rank 2 times in Josh's Story Mode at Hard or higher. After you complete the story if you got X Rank 2 times, you'll get an extra battle against Dark Magma Golem.
  • EXTRA BOSS #5 (Soul edge taking the form of scythe) Beat scythe's story and alice's story with x ranks in the final battles,then beat algol in scythes,you will then encouter soul edge where you fight gaiaphage
  • SPECIAL BOSS (The Gaiaphage) Complete Arcade mode on Medium or Above without losing any rounds, and winning at least half perfect.


You can only have a DLC character by asking Sonicstar3000 on his talk page or chats.

  1. Jason Hybrid - First Appearance - TBA
  2. Starburst the Cat - First Appearance - Black Armageddon
  3. Kenny the Echidnabat - First Appearance - TBA
  4. Bass the Crocodile - First Appearance - Double Alliance
  5. Cervantes The Wolf - First Appearance - The Final Shadows
  6. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  7. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  8. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  9. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  10. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  11. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  12. ~Ask on my Talkpage! Sonicstar3000~
  13. Image  Pokémon  Type (s) Pandojo  Pandojo     Grass Ninpuunda  Ninpuunda     Grass/Fighting Pankwando  Pankwondo     Grass/Fighting Bunel  Bunel     Fire Illubit  Illubit     Fire/Psychic Insabit  Insabit     Fire/Psychic Sworfin  Sworfin     Water Glaphin  Glaphin     Water/Rock Phizeron  Phizeron     Water/Rock  Eevee     Normal  Vaporeon     Water  Flareon     Fire  Jolteon     Electric  Espeon     Psychic  Umbreon     Dark  Leafeon     Grass  Glaceon     Ice Neutron  Neutreon     Normal Drakeon  Drakeon     Dragon Stameon  Stameon     Fighting Duneon  Duneon     Ground Veneon  Veneon     Poison Fluffeon  Fluffeon     Flying Pesteon  Pesteon     Bug Flinteon  Flinteon     Rock Spookeon  Spookeon     Ghost Mecheon  Mecheon     Steel Manticub  Manticub     Dark/Poison Mighticore  Mighticore     Dark/Poison  Emolga     Electric/Flying Yamonga  Yamonga     Electric/Flying  Stantler     Normal Strandeer  Strandeer     Normal/Dark  Heracross     Bug/Fighting Herculex  Herculex     Bug/Fighting  Pinsir     Bug Crushitor  Crushitor     Bug  Delibird     Ice/Flying Clousbird  Clousbird     Ice/Flying Orion  Orion     Steel/Flying  Skarmory     Steel/Flying  Spinda     Normal Panizzy  Panizzy     Normal Snappy  Snappy     Water  Krabby     Water  Kingler     Water  Sentret     Normal  Furret     Normal Ferrapid  Ferrapid     Normal Absur'd  Absur'd     Normal/Flying  Farfetch'd     Normal/Flying Piglight  Piglight     Flying/Fairy Piglide  Piglide     Flying/Fairy Boairy  Boairy     Flying/Fairy  Seel     Water  Dewgong     Water/Ice Nargong  Nargong     Rock/Ice  Shuppet     Ghost  Banette     Ghost Shuppeteer  Shuppeteer     Ghost Sweetung  Sweetung     Normal  Lickitung     Normal  Lickilicky     Normal  Corsola     Water/Rock Coralobe  Coralobe     Water/Rock Panzerin  Panzerin     Steel/Flying Fluffu  Fluffu     Normal/Flying  Swablu     Normal/Flying  Altaria     Dragon/Flying  Wynaut     Psychic  Wobbuffet     Psychic Wralekeen  Wralekeen     Psychic/Fighting  Voltorb     Electric  Electrode     Electric Mastrode  Mastrode     Electric/Psychic Puffink  Puffink     Water/Steel  Pansage     Grass  Simisage     Grass Gorillasage  Gorillasage     Grass/Ground  Pansear     Fire  Simisear     Fire Gorillasear  Gorillasear     Fire/Ground  Panpour     Water  Simipour     Water Gorillapour  Gorillapour     Water/Ground Mahoutsuki Moon Forme  Mahoutsuki     Psychic Zipod  Zipod     Grass/Steel Cryonura  Cryonura     Ice/Psychic  Whismur     Normal  Loudred     Normal  Exploud     Normal Decibreak  Decibreak     Normal  Cacnea     Grass  Cacturne     Grass/Dark Cactegade  Cactegade     Grass/Dark  Mime Jr.     Psychic  Mr. Mime     Psychic Sir. Mime  Sir. Mime     Psychic Nimblaze  Nimblaze     Fire  Absol     Dark Solutai  Solutai     Dark Lunaric  Lunaric     Water/Rock Lunaminate  Lunaminate     Water/Rock Oilaphant  Oilaphant     Rock/Poison Tarmmoth  Tarmmoth     Rock/Poison  Cherubi     Grass  Cherrim     Grass Sakanopy  Sakonopy     Grass Hexnya  Hexnya     Dark/Psychic Meowjic  Meowjic     Dark/Psychic Wallisp  Wallisp     Water/Ghost Waitomb  Waitomb     Water/Ghost Kaokung  Kaokung     Grass/Fighting Kowallop  Kowallop     Water Kojundo  Kojundo     Water/Fighting Tygloo  Tygloo     Ice Mechloo  Mechloo     Ice Slugucus  Slugucus     Water Dratlantic  Dratlantic     Water/Dragon Hikiraiya  Hikiraiya     Poison/Water Katsunade  Katsunade     Poison/Bug Orohachi  Orohachi     Poison/Dragon Lucifell  Lucifell     Dark/Fairy Sarutosuke  Sarutosuke     Poison/Grass Hydrament  Hydrament     Grass/Fire/Water Voinada  Voinada     ???/Flying Mega Evolutions Image  Name  Type (s) Mega Pikachu  Mega Pikachu     Electric Mega Slowbro  Mega Slowbro     Water/Psychic Mega Parasect  Mega Parasect     Bug/Fairy Mega Noctowl  Mega Noctowl     Psychic/Flying Mega Crobat  Mega Crobat     Poison/Flying Mega Sharpedo  Mega Sharpedo     Water/Steel Mega Solrock  Mega Solrock     Rock/Fire Mega Claydol  Mega Claydol     Rock/Psychic Mega Magnezone  Mega Magnezone     Electric/Steel Mega Froslass  Mega Froslass     Ice/Ghost Mega Arceus  Mega Arceus     Normal Mega Bisharp A  Mega Bisharp A     Dark/Steel Mega Bisharp T  Mega Bisharp T     Dark/Steel Mega Beheeyem  Mega Beheeyem     Psychic Mega Jellicent (Male)  Mega Jellicent (Male)     Water/Ghost Mega Jellicent (Female)  Mega Jellicent (Female)     Water/Ghost
    (Moves with * mean that you get the move when you fully purify it at the Restoration Rock in Gemina City)


  • Dan Hibiki (Reggie's trainer and mentor) - First Appearance - Street Fighter Alpha
  • Inferno the Chimchar (sometimes helps Joseph in battle) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Ezio Auditore de Firenze (appears in Fetalia/Crystal Fetalia's ending) - First Appearance - Assasin's Creed II
  • James' Larvitar (follows him about during battle, can not be hit.)
  • Jin Kazama (Mentioned in Drake and Maya's endings) - First Appearance - Tekken 3
  • Jin Kisaragi (Occasionally can be seen riding his Musou Senshouzan attack across the screen in Junction) - First Appearance - BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
  • Voldo = Can be seen fighting intruders in the background of faith's stage - First appearance - SCIII
  • Alouette Haruno (Makes a cameo appearance in Monica's ending scene) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Hiyajack (In the background of Froze's stage) - First Appearace - DBZ- Plan to eradicate the saiyans
  • Rihanna the Budgie (Makes an appearance talking to Rio and Sunshine in their endings) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Ethix Kumamoto (Rik, Sky, And Unique's Trainer) -First Appearance- The Final Shadows
  • Ken Masters (Makes an Appearance in Rik's ending and Cervantes' Ending also Cervantes' Mentor) -First Appearance- Street Fighter
  • Ling Xiaoyu (appears in Maya/Angel Maya's ending) - First Appearance - Tekken 3


  • JT's Stage (Plane Crash) !!Little Known Fact!! This stage is JT's Stage in Legacy -Battlers, a game he made a protagonist appearance in
  • Falco's Stage - Rooftop Run - Where he made his first appearance while investigating the Forbidden Secrets
  • Chaoix's Stage - Chaos 7 - His dimension.
  • Lightning's Stage - Egg-base Assault - Where he lost his memory in his main, and most Memorable appearance, Memory Crisis.
  • Marcus's stage - Underground extreme gear track - A Sewer area where riders often polish there skills,Jet ane wave can be seen in the background from time to time
  • Crono's stage - Clocktower - zasalamel's stage in SCIII is a small and dangerous arena that is easy for ring outs,giant gears sometimes fall for easy defeats
  • Hero's Stage - Slave Ray Fields - Where he made his first appearance and fought Eggman's mind controlled heroes.
  • Target's stage - Outside the temple in Mystic Ruins, where she fought Metal Sonic in Welcome To The New Station Square/made her most important appearance
  • Jax's stage - Xbox 360 - A virtual reality battle stage that takes place on top of a gargantuan Xbox 360 floating in space.
  • Clyde's stage - Great Wolf - The main ship of the Star Wolf team. This stage is set on the top of the ship as battles are seen in the background and Star Wolf often send in trasnmissions during battle.
  • Angel's Stage - Corneria - Another Earth-like planet in the Lylat System and Angel's home planet as well; it takes place in a futuristic city, where Star Wolf often send in transmissions during battle.
  • Kyle's Stage - Venom - Kyle's home planet, a deserted planet turned into an industrial paradise where battles are seen in the background and Star Wolf often send transmissions during battle.
  • Ivy's Stage - Cape Claw - a beautiful beach on the planet Sauria, often times the Star Wolf team will send out transmissions during battle.
  • Shine's Stage - Crisis City - A doomed and ruined city in the future, with fire and destruction present wherever you look.
  • Fetalia's Stage - Mystic Temple - A sacred shrine in the Mystic Ruins, begijnning to be corrupted by evil, Chaos, Tikal, the Chao, and a few villians make cameos here as well
  • Drake's Stage - The Ark - a long-lost Space Colony that was shut down half-a-century ago now acts as a battlefield for many gladiators
  • Maya's Stage - Mystic Ruins - a jungle and wonderful place where mysteries reign supreme and beauty is around us all. Tikal, Chaos, and the Chao make cameos
  • Joseph's Stage - Station Square - A great metropolis of peace and having fun, several fan characters make cameos.
  • Brittney's Stage - Casinopolis - A city where luck and gambling reign supreme; every day's a night in the casino in this fun and luck-filled city.
  • Jimmy's Stage - Ring of Honor - a wrestling ring at an event of one of the top wrestling promotions in the Country, ROH. Several wrestlers make cameos
  • Tammy's Stage - SHIMMER - a wrestling ring at an event of one of the top female wrestling promotions in the country, SHIMMER, Several wrestlers make cameos.
  • Reggie's Stage - GUN Air Fleet - The fleet of GUN in teh sky; Reggie feels really at home in this environment.
  • Sammy/Jester's Stage - Twinkle Park - Sammy's favourite place to play.
  • Surge's Stage - Final Rush - Space Colony ARK, where Surge's Antiverse counterpart, Blackout, oversaw his plan unfold.
  • Shadder's stage- Bar fight- In front of Marty's bar and grill
  • J's Stage - Dead Enterance - Inside the Egg Carrier
  • Tuff's stage - Mystic Ruins - The Jungle whare Tuff and his best friend live
  • Assassin's stage - Speed Highway - a Highway in Station Square where Clara presumably went missing
  • Boombomb stage - Mountain Edge - In Memory crisis, this is where Boombomb was killed by Doom.
  • Doom stage - Doom's Dimension
  • Hazama Stage - Kagutsuchi Peak
  • Nick stage - Top floor Hote
  • Sigma's Stage - Junction - A monumental area in the center of Odyssey City, directly in front of OmegaCorp - Pardoning the bad is injuring the good.
  • Ciel's Stage - Odyssey Port PM 6:00 - A bustling port in Odyssey City, where Ciel made a promise to protect the world and those she holds dear - Fortune is fickle: it quickly takes back what it gives.
  • Monica's Stage - Terminal - A mass transit station in Westopolis - The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  • Telos' Stage - Conflict - An industrial warzone with an ongoing conflict between OmegaCorp and the Telos Rebellion - The devil can cite Scripture for his purpose.
  • Isaiah's Stage - ChronoBase - A steel covered domed room with the Chronohog logo on a wall in the background
  • Cutlass's Stage - Doomed World - A ravaged plain covered in sharp objects and weapons
  • Nero's stage - Fortuna - Nero's home town,Creedo can be seen fightig demon's in the background
  • Dante's stage - Forgotten world - a armageddon version of earth,Mobians can be seen torn apart by bone hands that come out of the ground in the background
  • SPECIAL BOSS STAGE (Complete Blackness)
  • Ignite's Stage - Training Ground- grassy plain with a tree with a punching bag tied and hanging from the tree's branch
  • Yu's stage - Korak - A country with cities and farms. Yu's stage is in the city.
  • Julius' Stage - Black Comet - home to the Black Arms, be wary of the acid and deadly Black Annelids.
  • Rik's Stage - Scrap Metal - the falling pieces of the space colony ark
  • Kayden's Stage - Town Ruins - Kayden's home town on fire.
  • Claire's Stage - Rooftops - High up in Grand Metropolis where Claire lives.
  • Violet's Stage - Canon Core - Where Violet was frist found and the spot Shadows battle to stop the ARK from falling.
  • Mark's stage - Wall jump elementery - Spark the wisp's elementery school,Mighty teachs wall jumping there,he also makes cameos in the background along with female cyan wisps cheering
  • Smackdown's stage - Ravaged training grounds - Before he entered the tournament he destroyed the training grounds with no trouble at all,it serves as a battle field with flames in the background,news reporters can be seen in the background
  • Jack's Stage - Seaside Hill - A Beautiful Green Field with a Beautiful Beach in a Hot Sunny Day & it's the place where Jack the Hedgehog lives
  • Patricia's Stage - Skunk Village - A Village where the Skunks live & where Patricia & the others visit there in "Roleplay:Sweetest Scent"
  • Tyler's Stage - Battlegrounds - A rugged battlefield ravaged by war. Gunshots and explosions can be seen in the background.
  • Quilong's Stage - Ninja Dojo - The ninja dojo in which Quilong lives and trains. Ninjas can be seen sparring in the background.
  • Gorru's Stage - Savannah - A great open grassland that's surrounded by dusty deserts. Wild animals can occasionaly be spoted in the back ground.
  • Koru's Stage - Black Forest - A quiet forest blanked in complete darkness and toxic fog. One might say the fog is leathal to their health...
  • Kai's Stage - Cyborg Chamber - A Large Chamber inside EggPlanktonLand where Kai is partly roboticized. The roboticizer is in the Center of the Chamber. Serveral Cyborgs, Robians & Roboticized Mobians make their cameos.
  • Faith's stage - tower of rememberance:throne room - the birthplace of faith and scythe,they return to this stage to battle to the death,there is a large gap used for ring outs,its advized you finish off the oponent quickly,the possed knights push you twoards the gap,voldo can be seen fighting theives in the background from time to time
  • Scythe's stage - calibur fortress - the base of the soul calibur disciples
  • Alice's stage - vorpal prime - the remains of alice's home world,vorpal wepons can be picked up
  • Smash's Stage - The Blitz Pit: A famous arena located in Greenflower City. There are two rings here available to fight in; A ring located in a dome, and a ring outside. By rules, ringouts are possible here.
  • Krinkinko's Stage - Twerunka Jungle:The jungle Krinkinko has hailed from since his parents were thrown in the pit of despair. This stage is tricky to fight in due to in-coming cheetahs, falling coconuts and other projectiles plus the weather conditions (rainy, snowy, dry, foggy) chose at random when the stage is picked make this a very advanced stage.
  • Jackbot Nega's Stage - Destruction of Knothole - Where Eggman deployed his entire Egg Fleet and effectively wiped out all of Knothole via aerial bombardment in the Archie Zone
  • Josh's Stage - Thunderous Tornado Castle - Josh's home where you see ice commonly. In this stage, you must be careful because some floors of this castle are slippery with ice. This stage is also tricky due to cold weather, so it causes hail inside, that damages you a little bit. If you get hit by falling stalactites, you will get frozen for 3 seconds. This stage is not a problem for ice beings.
  • Combot Nega's Stage - Digital World - Where you see a Green Digitized Battlefield where you see lots of Green 1's & 0's in the Background
  • Thomas' Stage - Tide Typhoon Castle - Thomas' home that is underwater. It's a little hard for non-water beings because they will die if they last underwater. You can only survive for 10 seconds if you are here for 10 seconds, too. There are some platforms above water & some floors above water. This is easy for water beings.
  • Louie's Stage - Scorch Magma Castle - Louie's home where you always see fire and magma. If you fall on magma, you will instantly die. Beware of small meteors, they deal medium damage. This stage is not a problem for fire beings.
  • Jetris' Stage - Pyramid Ground Castle - Jetris' home where you see sandstorms. This stage is a bit hard for non-earth beings because of the sandstorm, that causes little damage every second. And another disadvantage, it also decreases your accuracy if you have a battle here, because of the sandstorm.
  • Solar's Stage - Freeze Cave in Ventilus (Day) - A cave full of ice. This is where Solar went to find EggPlankton in Ventilus Adventure. There are ice spikes from above & below.
  • Lunar's Stage - Ventilus (Night) - This is Ventilus at night. When you fight Lunar, his lunar powers are getting stronger because of the evening.
  • Layla's Stage - Layla's Haunted House of Witchcraft - A Haunted House owned by Layla the FoxSkunk herself. It's a Haunted House filled with Witches that are Dark, Evil, Beautiful & Sexy. We see these kind of Witches with & without their Flying Brooms & with & without their Pumpkins & with & without their Small Pots in the background watching the action
  • Zane's Stage - African Airfield - It's based on the South African Stage called "Small Airfield" only it's an EggPlankton Empire's Secret Airport with Jack-4 Bots & Combots watching the action
  • Dr. EggPlankton's Boss Stage - EggPlanktonLand - It's a Secret Base builted by Dr. EggPlankton to build his own empire.
  • Ogre / True Ogre's Boss Stage - Ogre's Lair - It's based on Ogre's Tekken 3 & Tag Tournament Stage.
  • Azazel's Boss Stage - Azazel's Chamber - It's based on Azazel's Tekken 6 Stage
  • Abyss's Stage - Clock tower - Abyss waits patiently for new victims in this area,he welcomes warriors by sending a giant gear at them
  • Arcturus's stage - Astral chaos - A area where soul calibur told him even when gaiaphage was destroyed that he would still exist,Arctus's memories float around as blue orbs
  • Inferno's stage - Tartaros - a wasteland surrounded by corpse's and flames
  • Algol's stage - Tower of remembrance: Dedagration - his restless soul has laid dorment in this realm for milenna,when damage is taken by algol in this stage,a green orb floats up from him
  • James' Stage - Hareta Asa High School - Players fight in the grounds in front of the school, surrounded by a crowd of other students.
  • Jack-4 Commander's Stage - EggPlankton Land - Where Dr. EggPlankton can start his Empire. (Similar to Eggman Land)
  • John's Stage - Emerald High Main Office - a big room with a lot of students looking and a principal
  • Tensai's Stage - Tensai's Red Shark Castle - a very big castle that has the front door & gate that looks like a Shark & the castle is red & his Throne Room is black. It's where Tensai started his Red Shark empire.
  • EXTRA BOSS STAGE - (Sub-Space) - It's based on Super Smash Bros' Final Stage of the Sub-Space Emissary in a Boss Battle against Tabuu

Story ModeEdit

Put your character's story mode plots here


Luk-S is the name of a man who joined the Legion of Darkness. During these weeks, he discovered a secret. This secret was DNA samples of each an every contestant, and, in a flash, he disapears with these, cane in hand and DNA samples, he hopes to expose the Legion by useing these DNA samples in a fight, this gives him the soul energy and moves of the DNA he's using. He can also fire his opponent's powers out of his cane aswell, which was also modified to contain a sword, shotgun, RPG, and many more crazy attacking skills. During his younger days, Luk-S had made relation with many contestants, he had stopped one of Razor's criminals, Passed Danger in an earlier year, witnessed JT's creation, watched Chronicle and Jester train, hid whilst J Jr. and Sammy were at an amusement park, and watched Falco hipnotise the entire population...


JT joins the tournament, mainly because his rival Falco is joining it. JT aims to finally defeat Falco in a clean, uninteruppted battle, but has to fight others in his path.

"I'm going to defeat you, fair and square!"


Surge joins the tournament, mainly because he thinks he may be able to net a girl, if he puts himself out there. He aims to do very well; defeat as many opponents as possible. He hopes he can attract at least one girl's attention by doing this.


Within the distant future, the Legion of Darkness--a group of powerful villains--have ruled the world, causing ruin and suffering in their wake. Shine and his partner Fetalia have done their best to try and stop their tyranny, but their might is too much for the duo to handle. So their advisor--Cosmo--brings them back to the past, so they can enter the tournament to prevent disaster. Normally he'd be excited and get more than a bit overconfident, but Shine mustn't get too cocky. Once again, the fate of the world lies on his shoulders....


Within the distant future, the Legion of Darkness--a group of powerful villains--have ruled the world, causing ruin and suffering in their wake. Shine and his partner Fetalia have done their best to try and stop their tyranny, but their might is too much for the duo to handle. So their advisor--Cosmo--brings them back to the past, so they can enter the tournament to prevent disaster. But Fetalia's mastery over the darkness are slowly starting to show it's downsides. Now she must rush to save the world, before she becomes consumed with it....


Although the Legion's numbers have killed numorous innoscents and brave warriors, they had yet to kill the self-absorbed Drake. Through time, he had easily destroyed their numbers and continued to prove how powerful he truly is. But he had yet to defeat his nemesis, Shine the Hedgehog. When he heard that Shine and Fetalia were going to change history by entering the tournament, Drake and his partner Maya followed after them. But Drake felt a dark influence building up inside of him, little did he know it. Comsumed with power and ego, Drake sets out to decimate the competition and finally defeat Shine, once and for all!


Although the Legion's numbers have killed numorous innoscents and brave warriors, they had yet to kill the kind-hearted Maya. Though a terrible fighter, she was able to use her mastery of light magic to hold back their numbers and keep them at bay, temporarily. But one day, she noticed something different in her partner, friend, and secretly lover Drake. He was becoming more and more obsessed with power and ego than ever before. As she looked into his heart, she was horrified to see that the Legion's darkness had begun to consume him...and he didn't even know it! When Drake followed Shine and Fetalia to the past, Maya went with him, not on the intent on saving the world....but to save her friend.


Shadder joined the tournement becaused he wanted to thes his strangnth and right the wrongs that demons have done. During his Story time shifts open and lead him through time and he always seems never to alter the world.

Jessica/J the WolfEdit

She joins because she thinks her fighting skills arn't good enough for Eggman so she try her best to win and prove it to him that she really is the best security the Egg Carrier has ever had.


Falco was attacked by a strange figure, who challenged him for the right to win the tournament and claim the prize. Falco's self-pride convinced him to sign up, but to find out who his attacker was, he'll have to defeat everyone in the contest!


After leaveing the remains of his zombified family and freinds,he finds out that dark legion have found soul edge. determined to destroy the cursed sword,he and soul calibur set of to stop the edge armagedon by defeating everyone in the tournament...

Scythe ΩEdit

Soul edge has found out that Scythe is on his way to destroy him,in order to tighten the swords safety,it creates Scythe Ω to even the odds,he then sets out to kill the real Scythe


After overhearing about Scythe entering the tournament,she enters to get his attention,little did she know that soul edge was there...

Alice ΨEdit

Soul edge is completely suprised to see the weakest of soul calibur disciples enter the tournament,alice Ψ is born to destroy the real alice and protect soul edge


He has atlast found a source of power worthy of the hero king,he sets off to reshape the universe into a chaotic world of death and horror


Worried about Falco's quest, Hero tries to stop Falco by geting him eliminated, therefore signing up. But when he discovers that Clyde and Angel signed up aswell, so he decides to try and get far enough to defeat Falco and Clyde, to win Angel's heart.


After an exhausting mission against the Venomian army, Star Wolf are sent an invitation from a mysterious figure to compete in the Mobius torunament. Eager to show off their skills, Star Wolf accept the challenge and enter the tournament. Clyde is trying to get as much money as possible to try and afford an engagement with Angel. But things get complicated when he learns that should Mobius lose, the world will be doomed. It gets worse: he learns that Hero has entered the tournament, with the intent of winning Angel's heart. Now Clyde has to hurry if he wants to save the world and marry the girl of his dreams!


After an exhausting mission against the Venomian army, Star Wolf are sent an invitation from a mysterious figure to compete in the Mobius torunament. Eager to show off their skills, Star Wolf accept the challenge and enter the tournament. Before the tournament, however, she is approached by a mysterious girl named Medusa, who offers a deal: help her win the tournament and she will grant Angel with as many handsome men as she desires. Temptation settling in, Angel agrees to the terms, unaware that she is crossing into deadly waters that none have dared to enter....


After an exhausting mission against the Venomian army, Star Wolf are sent an invitation from a mysterious figure to compete in the Mobius torunament. Eager to show off their skills, Star Wolf accept the challenge and enter the tournament. As the tournament grows closer, Kyle begins to suspect conspiracies. He overhears many dark figures talking over plans and notices Angel has become more provocative than ever. Ivy has also become more obsessed with finding her own mother. He soon realizes that the world is in danger, so he decides to win the tournament and stop the evil that is putting this all together.


After an exhausting mission against the Venomian army, Star Wolf are sent an invitation from a mysterious figure to compete in the Mobius torunament. Eager to show off their skills, Star Wolf accept the challenge and enter the tournament. As she prepares for the tournament, Ivy notices that the hosts are hiding a green girl, similar to herself. As she looked inside her locket, she realized the possibility of finally finding her mother. Ivy was now more anxious than ever for the tournament to begin, for she knew if she won, she could finally be embraced by the woman she never knew.....


After noticing something fishy about the tournament the CIA have sent him to the tournament to find out what it is, there he has to defeat any threat in his way to find out what is happening, little does he know, his suspisions were correct, and he was involved in the threat to mankind, so Boombomb corrects him self. Boombomb does what he wants for a change, to find that theres a few people in his way that might hurt him, block his way, and some that will even kill him, He encounters some friends, and they then tell him what goes on, right before it all happens...

Super Shine/Crystal Fetalia/Angel Maya/White Scythe/AliceEdit

These four are unlocked during story mode of Shine, Fetalia, Maya or Scythe. For Super Shine, you must defeat Darkspine Drake in Shine's story; to unlock Crystal Fetalia, you must defeat Doom in Fetalia's story; to unlock Angel Maya, you must defeat Darkspine Drake in Drake's story;And for White Scythe(or any of the other ones),you must complete the secret battle with Algol the Scorpion.The story for these eight are reletivly short, as they only cover the last portion of their respective stories, but have extended endings from their normal forms.

Tyler LynchEdit

When Tyler finds out about a tournament he decudes to enter just to enjoy the thrill of battle. Instead of seeing it as a serious battle, he only sees it as a chance to have fun. He happily enters the tournament while saying: TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN!!

John JamesEdit

John is walking when he sees a poster about a tournament.John says he'll win it for his mom.John: Mom i'm gonna win for you

Yu the PorcupineEdit

Yu was training, when suddenly, a friend of his told him about a tournament. He thought tournaments were fun, so he signed up. He started to train for the tournament, and after that, he saw something strange...


Somebody has taken Assassin's girlfriend, Clara the Wolf and it's up to Assassin to save her.

Sigma HaleEdit

Sigma joins the tournament for a number of reasons. One is his determination to prove himself to his sister, Ciel. Another is to gather information and neutralize any participants deemed to be a threat to society. The main reason, however, is to locate Telos, and discover why he granted him the power over darkness.

Ciel Mackenzie HaleEdit

Ciel accompanies her brother, Sigma, upon his entry into the tournament, despite his protests. However, the reason stays the same -- neutralizing their common enemy.

Telos NyctoresEdit

Telos entered the tournament for two reasons: Cause chaos, and end the lives of those who Sigma holds dear. He could care less about the tournament, so long as he could throw Sigma into a state of misery and defeat.

Monica DeLouiseEdit

Monica, going against Sigma's recommendation to stay behind, enters the tournament, discovering that a power had lay dormant within her, only appearing to her recently in visions. She then pursues this vision, and tries to discover what this power is... and believed the only reasonable way of doing so is through combat.

Isaiah AngelbornEdit

Isaiah, while on a patrol with his team, noticed a flyer for the tournament on a nearby building, but thought nothing of it. Later that day, he noticed Cutlass with a strange aura around him that seemed to steal abilities from other fighters in the tournament. Isaiah decided to join the tounament in order to end Cutlass' demonic reign once and for all. "You've gotten away from me too many times, Cutlass. Let's settle this, once and for all."

Cutlass DemonbornEdit

Cutlass was training in his Dojo, beating at a boxing bag. He hits it harder and harder, becoming furious. Finally he yells out and hits the bag so hard, that it goes flying out the window. Cutlass is seen with a black aura around him, his eyes bloodshot and evil. He grins wildly and laughs, hopping out the window. When he lands on the ground, the grass withers and dies as he steals it's energy. "Finally, I have gained the ability I need to destroy the stupid angel and bring this world to it's knees with him!" He walks to through the town, straight to the tournament. "Now, feed my strength, you unknowing weaklings..."

Gale the HedgehogEdit

Gale roamed the city, wondering what to do while his family was out and about. His son was out with friends, his wife was on a "business trip" and he was home alone. He walked into Chaos City Square and heard a voice on the large TV billboard. It was an ad for an up coming tournament that promised the winner untold riches. He thought it over and decided it would be to much of a scene. He had the tendancies to lay low and keep away from prying eyes. Then he noticed his watch beeping, and an image of Dr. Fevine Gemstone. "Gale, I've been hearing talk of this up coming tounament, and I don't think It's good. I need you to check this tourament out andsee what happens." Then the image diappears. Gale sighs and looks at the address for sign ups. "Well, looks like I'm going to a brawl." He says and heads off.

Super SurgeEdit

He is unlockable after defeating Shine in Surge's story. His story is short due to being an extention of his normal form.

White ScytheEdit

If Algol is defeated in the secret mission(The hero king's return) White Scythe will fight gaiaphage and a alternative ending will play,White Scythe will then be playable in all other modes

Smash The EchidnaEdit

~Unlockable after winning 500 battle total or completing Story Mode wihtout dying once on any difficulty above normal.~ Upon hearing of the tournament, Smash jumped at the chance to enter. With intentions of broadening his fighting experiences, he gladly takes on the new challenge with confidence. Soon after entering, he learns of a suspicious rumor that the hosts are "Not what they seem". Remembering a similar situation, he decides that he must investigate this matter. But if he loses, he won't be able to stay; Which means he has to fight his way to the top to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Cold the HedgehogEdit

Unlockable after winning 50 battles agenst Hero or completing Story Mode with dying once.~ Sai told Cold about hthe tournament,Cold decided to test his new found power and headed there.Soon after entering, he hear a suspicious rumor that there is more than meets the eye about the hosts. Realizing he can't turn back now he decides that he must win the fight. But if he loses, he won't be able to stay; and he won't take losing for an option.

Ignite The Hedgehog/ Super Ignite/ Dark Inferno Ignite StoryEdit

(Unlockable after beating him in the tournament)A letter is tied to his training tree inviting him too a new tournament Ignite enters the tournament to test his newly gained abilities and to find a worthy opponent

Julius the Black MurdererEdit

Julius is unlocked after defeating him as Drake and Maya, either perfectly or without losing. When he learns of the tournament, Julius travels after the future kids in efforts to rule over the galaxy with an army of mind-controlled Black Mobians. But when he learns that Drake is slowly starting to be overtaken by darkness, his plans couldn't get any easier to accomplish. Now he will not only rule the world, but will swiftly crush his nemesis in one swift

Kayden OuronEdit

Kayden Ouron joined the tournament to test himself at frist. After he finds out about the dark forces behind it however Kayden fights anyway knowing he life might be on the line.

Claire OuronEdit

Claire joins after finding out her brother joined. She wants to show him how powerfull she has become and has no cule what is behind the tournament. "Mark my worlds borther I'm going to win this and show you how good I am!"

Violet The HedgehogEdit

Having lost to Kayden in battle a long time ago Violet joins thinking she is ready for a rematch. With the Legion of Darkness showing up though Violet chages her mind and sets off the finger out who the Legion is and what there aftter.

Rik The SpidermonkeyEdit

During his search to find his lover Lucia Rik runs into some old rivals. "Hopefully these guys will give me some good answers to find her" Rik starts to battle his rivals to see what will give a little fun.

Hunter the FoxEdit

~Unlocked by noticing him in the background on a match in the coliseum and hitting "Select" repeatedly, triggering a special bonus match at the end of the current one. Defeat Hunter to unlock.~

Hunter was out and about, having fun by parkouring around a city he picked completely at random, when he happened to see the coliseum that a tournament, this tournament, would be held in. Ever the curious one, he went in to investigate. After doing some snooping around he learned of the tourney and decided then and there that he wanted to join, but that he wanted to get one of his buds to join with him. One quick teleport later he had one, and thus he joined.

"Let the fun commence!"

Dalton the CatEdit

~Unlocked by beating him in Hunter's Arcade Mode~

Dalton never really wanted to join this tourney, but was dragged into it by Hunter. Despite this fact, now that he's in it he intends to do his best in an effort to gauge the mastery he has over the Sanctuarian Runes.

"Alright, I guess I'm in."

Cassie the MongooseEdit

Cassie took part in the tournament so she could show off her strength.

Unique The DogEdit

Unlock Unique by Completeing Arcade with rik

Unique was bored so she joined 'nuff said

Sky The HedgehogEdit

  • Unlock Sky by reaching rival battle in Rik's Arcade in under 4 minutes and when you reach the rival battle you will battle sky instead of maya Defeat him and complete Arcade to Unlock him*

"Sorry to be tardy to the party"

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) / Super Jack / Ultimate Jack / Maxus Jack / Dragon Jack / Ogre JackEdit

Jack the Hedgehog - The Cousin of Sonic the Hedgehog

He is an Orange Hedgehog who is very fast just like Sonic the Hedgehog. He had found a mysterious letter with an Invatation to the Tournament. He notices that his Arch-Enemies (Dr. EggPlankton, BlackSkull, Kai the Bounty Hunter, Ogre/True Ogre & Azazel) will be there. He enters the tournament to stop his Arch-Enemies from winning the Tournament.

Patricia the Skunk / Super Patricia / Ultimate PatriciaEdit

Patricia the Skunk - A Long time friend of Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia is a sweet 21 Year Old Girl with a heart of Gold. She is Jack's Best Friend for 3 Whole Years when Jack saved her from the Crocodile Bandits 3 Years ago when Patricia was 18. She is getting visions of a Tournament that is a Trap & all of her friends would be captured by one man: Kai the Hedgehog, a Bounty Hunter, hunting for Jack the Hedgehog & Kai is working with Dr. EggPlankton & Kai is now planing to drain Gaiaphage's Powers along with all of her Friend's Powers to become the Ultimate Fighter in all of Mobius. She can't let this Vision came true because her visions are never been wrong. She hopped on her Flying Broom & flys off to the Tournament to stop Kai from winning the Tournament.

Dusk The HedgehogEdit

Dusk enters the tournament to see if Ignite had joined in hopes of fighting him.

Sal the EchidnaEdit

Sal realised the tournament wasn't normal, and she had to check it out, Once encountering 'certain' people, she was forced to fight this time, as it was her first time of fighting she used the weaponary her father gave her, Two perfect Platinum guns, This is he way of fighting, unless she uses her 'Two other weapons', Her two other weapons are much bigger, and make men bleed easily, (Out their noses). Sal is attacked by the Gaiaphage and is then helped by a few of her friends, Can Sal survive?

Flame the HedgehogEdit

Knowing, Flame is the leader of all his brothers, and by far the most irritating, after most of his brothers dissapear, he begins to get curious, and therefore, trains in the tournament. Later finding out thats where they are, but Flame is too determined to win the tournament and therefore doesnt help them, until he realises his fatal mistake. His brother's energy was being used to open the gate and he is forced to fight the Gaiaphage with Jester.

"You sure you dont want those big red eyes purple!!!"

Krinkinko the HedgehogEdit

After hearing about another fighting tournament the hot-headed Krinkinko was quick to join and ready to kick butt! Unlike some other fighters Krinkinko isn't one bit suspicious about the host even though he's been in this kind of situation before. He doesn't have a real goal in winning the tournament, the way he sees it he'll get everything he wants when he rises to the top: adventure, seeing some old friends, fame, fortune, millions of women fans and he'll be able to fight his idol once more.

Josh the Hedgehog (JTH) / Super Josh / Hyper Josh / Infinity Josh / Emperor Josh / Dextra JoshEdit

Josh the Hedgehog - The Ventilus King from Ancient Dimension.

The Ventilus King, heard the news that his enemies have risen and joined the tournament. He joined the tournament so that he won't let his archenemies win! He also came here to test the skills of his risen archenemies but he won't give up on them! And also, he met The Gaiaphage, the evil being that he saw in his nightmare. Can Josh win with his friends against this very strong being?

Thomas the Echidna (JTH)Edit

Thomas the Echidna - The Seaborgia King from Ancient Dimension. The Seaborgia King, heard that his bestfriend, Josh, had joined the tournament to stop his archenemies from winning. He also joined the tournament with Josh, Louie, & Jetris. He also heard from Josh that there is a being that is very much stronger than his archenemies. And that is the evil Gaiaphage. Can he win with his other fellow beings against this new enemy?

Louie the Fox (JTH)Edit

Louie the Fox - The Pyronia King from Ancient Dimension. The Pyronia King, heard that one of his fellow leaders, Josh, have joined the tournament to stop his archenemies from winning. He came to help his fellow leaders. And also he met a new enemy with his fellow leaders. And that is the evil Gaiaphage! Can the four Ancient Leaders win against the Gaiaphage?

Jetris the Hedgehawk (JTH)Edit

Jetris the Hedgehawk - The Pyramus King from Ancient Dimension. The Pyramus King, saw an invitation letter from Josh to the tournament. He also knew that Josh wants to stop his archenemies from winning. He also heard from Josh about The Gaiaphage, their new enemy. Can they destroy this strong being?


While training,traces of gaiaphage's energy was accsidently absorbed,he now sees his chance to destroy Mark,but he also wants more of this power,he destroys the training grounds without moving.He then hovers to the tournament with a insaine grin on his face"Mortals,feed my thirst for power and souls.."


~unlocked by completeing Mark's story~After hearing abut the tournament,he knows he has to be seen there!Since training intensely with Ferno,hes been looking for a way to show his new moves offand this is his chance!


After seeing Smackdown destroy an entire building without moving,he knows somethings up,he heads to the tournament to stop Smackdown,defet the legion of darkness,and get the money for Spark's last term all in one day!

Berial the DemonhogEdit

Seeing his two mortal enemies in one place,plus enough power to destroy hell itself,Berial knows this is a tourament for him,hee gets his giant flamming sword and walks into the tournament,ready to killNote:this character is a boss that replaces doom in Dante and nero's stories

Gideon the MooseEdit

Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

Kai the Hedgehog - A Bounty Hunter of the EggPlankton Empire

Kai is been finding a plan on his own when he joined in the EggPlankton Empire, now when the tournament has started, he found a way: Stealing all the powers off of every fighter in the tournament, including the Gaiaphage. He enters the Tournament to fufill his quest of becoming the most powerful bounty hunter in all of Mobius

Jackbot NegaEdit

Jackbot Nega - A 10FT Robot made by Jack the Hedgehog

After his long term adventure with Jack, he deserves a good rest. The Next Day, Jackbot Nega was mysteriously activated by a Mysterious Force known as the Gaiaphage. Jackbot Nega needs to take down the Gaiaphage in order to rescue himself from being his slave. Will Jackbot Nega ever be free? He needs to find out by entering the Tournament

Combot NegaEdit

Combot Nega - A CopyCat Robot made by Jack the Hedgehog

Combot Nega is been built up to date by Jack the Hedgehog, he's always copies the Opponents Ability. Just then he had an Upgrade of being able to copy everyone's moves, everyone's abilities & everyone's attributes. He's ready for the Tournament. Just like Jackbot Nega, he got mysteriously activated by a Mysterious Force known as the Gaiaphage & Combot Nega must stop this savage beast at once to save the Planet

Layla the FoxSkunkEdit

Layla the FoxSkunk - the Dark Witch of the EggPlankton Empire

Layla is comsumed with evil darkness when she was 18 & now she is nowhere to be seen. Later, when she was now 27, she joined in the EggPlankton Empire to help Dr. EggPlankton conquer Mobius. Layla is now the Dark Witch of the EggPlankton Empire & nothing could stand in her way. She entered the Tournament to steal the Gaiaphage's Powers herself

Zane the GorillaEdit

Zane the Gorilla - A Strong Commander of the EggPlankton Empire

Zane worked with Dr. EggPlankton when he & Layla first got here to the EggPlankton Empire to rule by his side. He got his eye on the Heroes, he trains super hard to become a Super Strong Mobian for the Tournament. As he got signed in the Tournament. He'll become a Strong Competitor to beat

Twister the FoxEdit

Twister the Fox - 14 year-old loner from new mobotropolis.

Twister had been away from his home for 5 months, and had already found out his ex-girlfriend is dead, he plans to enter the tournament to find peoplewho have leads of nocturnus, including Shade and their leader whom she opposed, Imperator Ix.

Tex the HedgehogEdit

Tex the Hedgehog - a hedgehog of project freelancer.

Tex was tasked by Elias Acorn to return Twuster Prower to his home in new mobotropolis, after many unsuccessful attempts by his army and himself. Tex decies to enter the tournament, thinking he participated as well.

Wright the HedgehogEdit

Wright the Hedgehog - Ace Defense Attorney with a knack for both battle and court-related affairs

Wright was busy practicing his battle techniques involving his lawyer-like status, and see a flier for the tournament, and hopes to use his skills for battle, and has also prepared some special evidence to convict any villain in the tournament.

Jack-4 CommanderEdit


Because of his fighting-viciousness, sephiroh entered just for the battle, but he didn't expected so powerful opponents, letting him more excited



Luk-S uses the DNA of every fighter at once and becomes the ultimate fighter, though even he begins to fail, he uses one last attack as a last resort, he places his hand firmly on the Gaiaphage's back, and begins to grow energy, he needs it from everyone, so they share their energy, and flee as much as they can... Luk-S sacrafices himself to destroy the Gaiaphage once and for all, and to be with his passed wife Petunia forever...


He was locked in combat with the beast known as Gaiaphage,his power was being crippled drasticly.He then decided to increase his anubis ring power,he slowing turned the knobs and his power grew,everyone else fled as Crono and Gaiaphage's battle began desttroying the battegrounds,a giant purple explosion sparked into life,as nero,dante,marcus,max and scythe put up a sheild to protect to others from harm.Crono walked out,bruised but smiling,the gaiaphage had been destroyed atlast...


  • Check his page for ending*


JT has finally defeated Falco in a clean fight. But before he claims his prize, the black clouds appear once again. It looks like JT has to battle The Gaiaphage once more.


After defeating JT (who also turned out to be his mystery rival), Falco goes off to claim his prize money, but something gets in his way.......


Shine has at last defeated the Legion of Darkness, but the Gaiaphage will not die. His powers--even in super form--are only slowing it down, but not destroying it. Just then, Fetalia appears and tries to help him out, but even their combined efforts cannot destroy the Gaiaphage. Then, Fetalia steps forward and uses all of her power to seal the Gaiaphage in her body, which would not only destroy the Gaiaphage, but also her. Shine is reluctant to let her go through with this, admitting his true feelins to her. Fetalia smiles and they share a kiss as she performs a Dark Ultra Blast, eliminating the Gaiaphage. As she disappears, Fetalia smiles and says: "I love you, Shine...thank you for everything! Never forget me....I'll never forget you..." Shine falls down and cries over the loss of his closest ally. His world had been saved....but at a high price...

Super ShineEdit

This ending continues from Shine's. He returns to the future to find it has changed for the better. Although he is happy to see this future is better he still mourns over the loss of his companion, Fetalia. As he leaves two iof teh Sol Emeralds over her grave with violets, he leaves thanking her for what she had done. However, if one is to glance at the inside of one of teh emeralds, one sees an image of Fetalia, perhaps suggesting she is still alive.


Jester is furious with Medusa taking Sammy from him, Jester pushes himself past is very limit and uses a more powered up version of his 'Last Resort Form'. "I'm going to destroy you to eleventy!!" He cries, Jester has went past every level of power he or his father have ever acheived, he then uses the Kamehameha teqnique at an extremely powerful level. Jester does not want a death though, so he does not kill Medusa, and instead puts her in a state where she cannot fight anymore...


Razor has legally acheived a huge cash prize, and, in addition, gets the CIA off his trail by knocking Boombomb out of the tournament, he then lets everything go to his head, and spends a large amount of the money, until more crime enforcers come in, and give him enough money to be the richest man in Mobius, he then turns it down...

Razor's end of the deal was to turn himself in.


Fetalia had defeated the Gaiaphage, but it would not die. As she looks deep into its soul, she sees that it's true form was her father, Mephiles the Dark. She begind to hesitate until Shine comes in to help her, at last explaining he loved her. Fetalia smiled and kissed him, before she decides to use the last of her strength to seal the Gaiaphage and destroy it. She gave Shine one last smile and kiss before completely disappearing, having absolutely no regrets regarding everything she has done.

Crystal FetaliaEdit

This ending continues from Fetalia's. She wakes up in a dark shrine with one locked door and many different strange beings. One of the inmates introduces himself as Ezio Auditore, who explains that she is in the Temple of Darkness, a place where those pur of heart, but filled with darkness and evil, go after they pass on. As Fetalia stands in thought, she hears Shine sing a soft version of "Dreams of an Absolution". She smiles and begins to sing with him, knowing that even in the darkest depths of hell, they would always be together....


During the time jumps he eventully goes back 100 thousand years back to when the Halo Array was fired. In his regular ending when he defeats 343 Guilty Spark and destoys the Index he enters another time rift back to the present and finds that his race died of anyway due to having to fire the Array to iradicate the Flood.


He is reunited with Clara and they go back to the BHA.

Sigma HaleEdit

Sigma, despite fatigue from the previous battle with Telos, fights on against the Gaiaphage. Blow after blow, slice after slice, the Gaiaphage falls... but does not cease. He knows that he alone won't be able to stop the Gaiaphage... he grows weak, bringing him closer to defeat at the hands of the Gaiaphage.

Deus SigmaEdit

Ciel sacrifices herself to save Sigma from a mortal wound inflicted by the Gaiaphage. In her final moments in Sigma's embrace, she reminds him that she will be with him until the end of time, shortly before her body ceases to function. Ciel's spirit then inhabits Sigma's body, mixing with his to awaken a new power. The spirit of the IDEA Engine combined with the essence of the Azure, granting him the chance to strike back with a vengeance. Sigma, also gaining Ciel's "Sword of the Godslayer", was able to eradicate the Gaiaphage... but at the cost of Ciel's life. While this power would not awaken again afterward, Sigma could still feel Ciel's presence in his body... it gave him the hope that someday, they would be reunited.

Ciel Mackenzie HaleEdit

Despite the wounds inflicted by Telos, Ciel steps up to defend Sigma against the Gaiaphage. Clash after clash ensues, and Ciel manages to incapacitate the Gaiaphage... but not end its life. She falls to her knees, trying to get up again, only to be stopped by her brother, Sigma, who then risks his own life to finish off the Gaiaphage.

Monica DeLouiseEdit

Monica meets Telos in the tournament, who suddenly takes an interest in her. Telos identifies traces of the essence of the Azure within her, which came to fruition because of prolonged exposure to someone who carries it (Sigma). Telos realizes this as a potential threat, and fights Monica, only to be defeated. When the Gaiaphage appears, however, Monica finds herself severely weakened, and nowhere near being able to defeat it. Hope lost, she falls to her knees. The Gaiaphage attacks, and she closes her eyes.


Monica opens her eyes, finding that the attack was blocked by a large, blade-shaped artifact, which now lay in front of her. She realized that this artifact is the very same one that her visions predicted... she touches it, and soon finds parts of her clothing replaced by the armor of a Murakumo Unit, and eight blades levitating behind her. Monica, now σ-18, sees the Gaiaphage as a threat to the planet, and does not hesitate to terminate it. The Gaiaphage finally falls in combat, and Monica de-merges, and falls unconscious. Upon her return to OmegaCorp, she reflected on her experience as a Murakumo Unit. She felt herself devoid of emotion, the only exception being pure anger. She wondered what would happen if she let it take full control of her... she hoped she would never have to use this power again.

Story Mode EndEdit

JT and Falco have advanced to the finals, it is time that they settled their rivalry once and for all! During the fight, it is unclear who has the upperhand, but before they both launch their ultimate blow, the black clouds once again cover Mobius. The Gaiaphage has returned, and every contestant, including the organistation, need to fight against him and his pure darkness, almost everyone... Except from Luk-S. Everyone tries their mightiest against the Gaiaphage, and fails. When everyone is downed, they decide as a group to put their powers to the very limit. Though once again, they fall, one by one... Luk-S then finds out it is not the Organisation who killed his wife, but the Gaiaphage and his clouds of darkness... Luk-S uses the DNA of every fighter at once and becomes the ultimate fighter, though even he begins to fail, he uses one last attack as a last resort, he places his hand firmly on the Gaiaphage's back, and begins to grow energy, he needs it from everyone, so they share their energy, and flee as much as they can... Luk-S sacrafices himself to destroy the Gaiaphage once and for all, and to be with his passed wife Petunia forever...

Smash The Echidna - EndingEdit

After winning the final battle, Smash takes the chance to confront the hosts about their true intentions. It is only then when the Gaiaphage emerges and attacks him. After a long, grueling battle, Smash defeats the monster with his most powerful attack, "Divine Fist". Unfortunately, the entire portion of the building is wrecked afterwards, and the hosts have escaped. He decides to pursue them, but ends up collapsing due to using up too much energy. Before losing consciousness, he mutters under his breath "This isn't over, yet.."

Yu the PorcupineEdit

After defeating Doom, Yu goes in his car. Once he got home, he saw the creature again, This time two time bigger. The creature chases Yu for hours. Until Yu was knocked out by the creature. Yu found himself in a cage, with a Weasel. But Yu escaped afterwards.

Cold the HedgehogEdit

After winning the final battle, Cold goes to fight the hosts,but when the Gaiaphage emerges and attacks him. After a long, murderous battle, Cold kill the monster with his most powerful attack, "Ice Dragon Fist". to only realize the hosts used the monster to keep him busy while they got away. He follows their trail, but ends up at a dead end. Then Cold vows to find them no matter what.

Ignite the Hedgehog/ Super Ignite/ Dark Inferno Ignite EndingEdit

Ignite wins the tournament and wanders into the forest to resume his training in silence

Julius the Black MurdererEdit

Julius had defeated Darkspine Drake. As his nemeiss returned to his normal form, Julius mocked him by announcing his plans, breaking his spirits when he called forth Fetalia and his love, Maya, already mind-controlled and his "queens". Within a swift move, Drake was killed and Julius used the power fo the Sol Emeralds to destroy and control Mobius. All of the m,ales became mindless warriors, while the females were used as sex slaves. With the planet umnder his control, he set his sights to the entire galaxy as the Black Arms continued to conquer new worlds, unaware that onboard the ARK, the spirit of a strange girl had revived Drake and his whole family....

Tyler LynchEdit

After defeating the Gaiaphage, Tyler walks off while raising his hand up high and saying: "I am invinicble!!! Tyler then goes home and awaits the next oppourtunity to have fun.

John JamesEdit

The Gaiaphage punches John hard and makes him angry. He gets up and puts everything he's got into his UJC and blasts it right in the Gaiaphage's face.

Boombomb the HedgehogEdit

Boombomb had finaly defeated Doom and the Gaiaphage and has walked to a feild where he see's J Jr. Jester and Sammy playing at the sunset, He is then reminded of times him and his father played, and the day his father died. He watches as Sammy walks towards him Sammy says "Hey Mr. Bomb! Would you like to play?" Boombomb is silent for a minute then replies with "Yea... I'd Love to." As they play the camera pan's up into the sky where a cloud shaped like his father is there watching him, it then fades into black, then into the credits.

Nick the HedgehogEdit

Nick beats the Gaiaphage then spits the words "Take that ya smokey B*stard." He then turns around then stops, "Just think, you couldda beat me if you werent a pathetic sludge, dont worry about it, I've taked down zombie's more powerful than you." Nick then walks away with his white suit, ruined.

Hazama the HedgehogEdit

Hazama's ending is set at night where he see's Monica speaking to an agent about information. "She's perfect..." Hazama Says. Monica then turns away to walk somewhere else. "She'll be easy.." Hazama then does an evil chuckle then jumps into the moonlight

Super Boombomb the HedgehogEdit

Boombomb looks at Doom's Body on the floor then looks up to Gaiaphage who has wounded nearly every fighter, Boombomb Steps forward and says "Its over for me... But if I'm going to hell... IM TAKING YOU WITH ME, Everybody! Share your energy with me. "Guys, We should do what he says!" Shadder said as everyone began to share their energy with him. "Thanks guys... Its been great knowing you all... Im doing this for everyone... Goodbye..." Boombomb then Dashes into the Gaiaphage and does a wave so big It will kill him to use it. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" He shouts as he blasts the Gaiaphage. After the blast. the Gaiaphage is no longer there then Boombomb chuckles one last time and his body falls to the floor, as everyone is sad.

Kayden OuronEdit

Kayden meets the Gaiapahage and fights it like most if the other characters. Kayden is almost killed in a one-sided battle but Claire shows up and gives Kayden the last Chaos Emerald that she found outside. Kayden and Claire go Super and take out the Gaiapahage using Chaos Inferno. Kayden is shocked by how much it toke to kill the Gaiapahage and sets out to get even more powerful so that Kayden will not have to use the Super From to take out somebody like that again.

Violet the HedgehogEdit

Violet beats Kayden in the final round of the tournament. Having stopped the Legion of Darkness and beating Kayden Ouron. Violet goes back to the ARK has she has nothing left to do on earth for now. Saying she will come back someday when she feels ready

{C}=== {C}===

Claire OuronEdit

Claire's ending is the same has Kayden's only it's Kayden who ends up saving Claire. Also the aftermath of the battle is not the same. Kayden say that Claire has become much stronger. Claire heads home feeling happy about what has happened today

Rik The SpidermonkeyEdit

Rik found lucia and planned many things in the future but when he tries to hug her he wakes up to know the fights were real but finding lucia was a dream. So he continues his Quest to find lucia and has hopes he will do what he just did. "I'LL FIND YOU LUCIA WHATEVER IT TAKES" and he runs of to find her once again

Hunter the FoxEdit

Hunter advances to the finals and trumps his opponent, only to have his celebrations be ruined by the appearance of the Gaiaphage. Knowing full and well what the beast is capable of, he attacks it on sight. A long and taxing battle follows, ending when a half-dead Hunter realizes that despite all of his gifts he's no match for his opponent... But the Lunar Crystals might be! In a unbelievably risky move he charges the Gaiaphage one last time, porting himself to the Lunar Void on contact and dragging the shadowy beast along with him. Now rendered completely immobile by the grip of the Void's energies, the Gaiaphage is subjected to disintegration by the owners of the Void, the Lunar Crystals. Victorious, Hunter returns to the Colosseum to claim his prize.

Dalton the CatEdit

Dalton wins the finals, injured but still standing. Before he can heal himself, however, the Gaiaphage attacks. With no place to run or hide, Dalton brings up a barrier to by himself some time. The great shadowy beast proves to be unrelenting, however, and quickly starts to wear down the defense. Terrified for his life, a spell he never learned suddenly wells up to his lips unbidden, and throws itself out into the air. One brilliant flash of light later, the barrier breaks and the Gaiaphage surges in for the kill... Only to recoil on contact with its intended victim! It seems the spell Dalton cast was one of transformation, for he now wears a full suit of glowing steel armor and bears a shield and scepter that gleam despite the darkness. A confidence seems to have instilled itself into would-be victim, as he lunges for the shadow-beast with his shield and a battle-cry. Using this new form Dalton is able to best the Gaiaphage, but not destroy it; for the shadow-beast flees back to the realm from whence it came to recover, and that is the end of that. The summoned power leaves the victorious cat, and he passes out from exertion.

Shine + Boombomb (Tag Ending)Edit

Boombomb and Shine have beaten the Gaiaphage and are complementing eachother, Shine starts to brag and Boombomb gets ticked off, Boombomb then begins to point out Shine isnt so great then Shine hits the wall, causing an earthquake. All is well for a few seconds, until JT and Falco fall on them both and breaking their fall, as on the other hand Shine and Boombomb are killed, and wake up as ghosts they dont realise until the Grim Reaper speaks to them, he tell's them the only way to get their lives back is by getting a girl's attention, then ironically, Fetalia walks past and they fail to get her attention, Boombomb then hits her with a rock, causing her to be knocked out."What the hell Boombomb!" Shine said, Boombomb replies with "I dunno! I ran outta idea's!". They got her attention, but at a cost, as they have to wait for her to wake for them to be ressurected. From this moment forward, Shine and Boombomb have a bad rivalary, and nobody knows why.

Cassie the MongooseEdit

Making it to the end, Cassie saves her friend,a blue Flicky, after fighting a furious battle against the Gaiaphage. She finally gets to return home.

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) / Super Jack (Spongebob100) / Ultimate Jack (Spongebob100) / Maxus Jack (Spongebob100)Edit

After Jack defeats the Gaiaphage, His powers are growing more & more powerful than he can imagine. He started to attack the Chum Beater & throws it at the Gaiaphage, destorying both the Monster & the Chum Beater at the same time. He realised that his powers comes in big responsibilities. His Orange Aura started to glow brightly, causing the Gaiaphage to dissolve into Sand & dissapear...forever. Jack had finally defeated the Largest Beast he had ever faced. And he decided to take a break & heads back to Seaside Hill to relax

Patricia the Skunk / Super Patricia / Ultimate PatriciaEdit

She has finally defeated the Gaiaphage & the rest of the villains with her abilities, brains & brawn. She finds a Witch Manuscripts about the True Witch who saves the Planet from a Giant Monster, who is acculty the Gaiaphage. She realised that she is a True Witch after all. She hops on her Flying Broom & flys back home. She didn't know that Luk-S is watching her, but he smiled when the Gaiaphage is gone forever thanks to Patricia.

Quilong the BatEdit

After delivering the final blow to the Gaiaphage, Quilong sheathes his sword and says Target eliminated. He then teleports away to an unknown destination.

Isaiah the Angelic HedgefoxEdit

Isaiah finishes off the Gaiaphage with one quick strike and sheathes his blade. The war was won, the tournament over, and Cutlass defeated once and for all. He then quietly exits the building, all eyes watching him leave. As he walks along, a young female Cat-wolf hybrid walks along beside him, then fades off. He smiles and walks off into the distance.

Cutlass the DemonfoxEdit

Cutlass steals the energies of the fallen Gaiaphage and turns to the other competitors. He glares at them angrily and walks out, sheathing his cleaver. "I may hate you, but I have nothing else if I leave you dead..." He says as he raises Isaiah back to life, disappearing directly after. Isaiah is left to wonder what happened, as he slowly sits up.

Josh the Hedgehog (JTH)Edit


After defeating Gaiaphage, he sensed that his friends Jack & Patricia were missing. As he meets Devil Kai, he became angry. After an increase to Chaos Drive energy, he used his Chaos Drive: Ancient Gamma Blast. He then shot a huge gamma beam at Kai, thus leading to his downfall. He did not die, really, but he was left unconscious on the ground. But it was not done yet to save everyone. He also met Devil Layla. He runs out of some Chaos Drive. After filling his Chaos Drive meter, he then used his 2nd Chaos Drive: Tempest Saga Legend X. He unleashes his full powers, he then blasts Devil Layla with a shining rainbow beam, thus leading to her defeat as well.


As Josh defeated the other bosses, he came to face the great monster in his nightmare: Gaiaphage. They started to battle, until Gaiaphage greatly overwhelmed him due to its immense powers. Josh fell on the ground, exhausted. Gaiaphage attacked him one more time, leaving him on the verge of his unconsciousness. He struggled to get up, saying weakly, "I... will... stop you... from my... comrades... Ga.. ia......... .....PHAGE!" Suddenly, the 12 Infinity Emeralds appeared around Josh. He unleashes an immense power surge. Seconds later, Josh's fur turned into fur with many colors. His eyes glitter ultramarine. Finally, he gets ready for the real battle!

After some time, they battled, and they were equal in power. As they both are weakened from fighting, Infinity Josh further strengthens his core, temporarily increasing his powers. He overwhelms Gaiaphage, however with much difficulty.



After defeating all his archenemies, the Ancient Energies that were drained from his fellow Ancients came back to them & they're revived. And after seeing the big event, Josh went to the Sacred Ancient Haven where his ancestors live. He then saw his ancestor, Aero. He was surprised when he saw that his ancestor gave him a gift: to see Alice's daughter, Sandy. And, also he had another gift: he saw a scroll & it said:

A true Ancient has a pure heart, to protect his friends from danger. Also, he has a leadership that he will do his best to defeat evil. He is evil's nemesis. And, he has feelings when his friends are in danger, making him develop another stronger form. Josh, you deserve to have an Ancient Form. To be with us, too, as an Ancienthog. Thank you for all you've done.

Josh wept over with joy, as he read the scroll. Then, he thanked his ancestors, & went home, with Alice's daughter, having his eyes cyan, as he was very happy.

After going underground, they went to Ventilus & made a big party along with his friends. He then saw Alice, very happy that he defeated the strongest villain that she saw. Alice then hugged his mentor. Alice saw her long lost daughter, Sandy, & she wept in joy, & she also hugged her. Alice then said to him: "Josh... Thank you for bringing me back my daughter, Sandy." Josh said: "That's fine, Alyssa..." Alice, Sandy, & Josh group-hugged. Josh thought something... "Wait a minute. So, my friends, lets start the big party!!!" Then he started the party with all of his friends.

Josh's voice over: "Now I defeated all of my archenemies, including my mimic. Also, darkness has lost their villainous actions. And we prevailed not to surrender to a very strong monster, named Gaiaphage. Now, it's time for a big party!" The credits roll. After the credits finish, you'll see Josh with his friends in a picture, in their party. The front text was "THE END".

Louie the Fox (E-Josh)Edit

After dealing the last blow to the Gaiaphage, his fire powers are growing up. While going home, he sensed something from Josh. Well, he sensed is Josh having Ice powers! While in his home, he noticed an invitation on his desk. He saw that Josh is having a party! After reading it, he went to Ventilus & joined Josh's party.

Jetris the Hedgehawk (E-Josh)Edit

After finishing the Gaiaphage off, his earth powers are going stronger. While going home, he sensed something inside Josh. Well, he sensed is Josh having Ice powers! Then he met Josh once again, he was invited to Josh's party! He went to the party with his fellow leaders.

Thomas the Echidna (E-Josh)Edit

After defeating the Gaiaphage, his water & ice powers are going powerful. While going home, he sensed Josh having Ice powers! After he sensed it, he quickly went to Josh's castle & saw Josh preparing for the party. He also helped Josh. He saw his fellow leaders and started the party with them.

Gale the HedghogEdit

Gale realised that through the battle, It was all a trap as he now encounters GaiaphageAfter a few devistating blows from Gaiaphage, It looked like Gale was down for the count, Gaiaphage stomped on Gale, but when all was lost, something happened, the creature was thrown backwards into a wall as Gale emerges from his hole, as Nova Gale. His new armor shined as he drew his Greatsword, Galestrorm and charged at the beast. "I will not fail to stop you." He yells as he jumps high into the air, right in front of his the creature face. "NOVA ZEPHYR!!!" He yells and his sword sets fire and stabs his sword into the creatures head, as it explodes with the power of a hundred suns. Gale gets shot out of the building as it collapses and he returns to his normal form, unconcius from using so much power. A few days later he wakes up in a hospital bed with a few close friends that were in the tourny standing in the room. "Well, that went better than planned." He says softly and smiles weakly.


He has defeated Berial and Dante,the war between demons and ex-demons and humans is over,when he returns to fortuna Kyrie and Creedo are there to welcome the holy warrior and cogratulate him,the whole kingdom celebrates the victory


He has defeated his rival and killed Berial,he now ravages fortuna and sells their people as slaves


After killing faith he breaks into the dark legions base,determined to destroy the sword,Alice the fox follows scythe without knowing its a seucide misson.Once the two enter the room where soul edge is,Scythe breaks it out of the glass and pepares to use "last resort cannon" and with his last breath,he tells alice that he loved her,before sending himself,soul edge and soul calibur into the tower of rememberance,true birthplace

White ScytheEdit

(Note:unlike most super form's stories,White Scythe's ending is a alternate of his normal form's)

After faith's defeat Scythe and Alice enter the dark legion's base to destroy Soul edge once and for all,a black blur knocks them down and takes the sword,it was Faith,he then unlocks soul edge's power and becomes Black Faith,while Scythe becomes White Scythe useing soul calibur

a bonus battle then begins,if won holy Scythe is unlocked

Holy ScytheEdit

The battle between Holy Scythe and Satanity Faith is fierce and chaotic,Algol appears and defeated both warriors with ease,Scythe Knows he must go beyond the limits that even god did not reach,he takes the soul edge energy from Faith and becomes Hero King Scythe,he then sent Algol to the tower of rememberance

A bonus battle then begins and if won,Algol and hero king Scythe are unlocked


The hero king has defeated every fighter who entered,he now absorbs all there abilites,he now has two choices: reshape the universe(what he planned) or destroy gaiaphage

Algol's decision is to destroy gaiaphage,he then destroys the beast useing the seucidal attack,mirical bomb,everyones energy then returns,Scythe and luk-S then plant a memoral grave for algol,the conquestor who saved what he came to destroy

Hero King ScytheEdit

Algol was absorbed by gaiapahge,along with faith,Scythe uses all his power to use a move that not even his father could do,the gospel star.scythe then landed with both swords in hand,algol's robes where on him

he was the new hero king...


After Scythe was trapped in the other realm,Alice and Domenico took 5 days to build a portal,they then got Scythe home and the battle would continue

White AliceEdit

Alice could not defeat gaiaphage,until Scythe game Alice his energy,it seemed impossible

Alice then became White Alice,she used Stigma blast to defeat the beast.Alice then landed,exhaughsted but happy that the gaiapahge was dead,Scythe then helped her back to the tower of rememberance,there home...

Algol's alternate endingEdit

~if Algol's story is on the highest difficulty,this ending plays~ Algol has stolen all of the other fighter's energy,he then absorbs the swords and the gaiaphage and reshapes the universe,creating a world of chaos and despair,whar Algol calls home...

Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

He arrived back at the Cyborg Chamber looking impressed about his victory in the tournament. One of the Jack-4 Bots came in holding a plate with a Sandwich saying "Your lunch Kai". Kai grabs the Sandwich saying "Thank you. So how's our "Guests" coming along." The Jack-4 Bot said "Our guests are in the Power Chamber ready to draw out their Chaos Energy to you"

Kai smiled & says "Excellent" as he finished his Sandwich & heads to the Power Chamber with an evil smile on his face, seeing everyone in the Tournament trapped inside their Glass Prison Cells on the inner walls of the Power Chamber.

Kai looks at the Cell with Luk-S & said "Hello Luk-S, I hope you don't mind if I take away your powers myself". Then he goes to a Giant Glass Prison Cell with the Gaiaphage & says "Now, I hope you have fun by donating your Chaos Energy to me." He didn't notice the 2 Empty Glass Prison Cells vacant for Jack & Patricia. "Now it's time for the moment of truth" Kai said as he puts on the extendable tubes on himself & these tubes are connected to everyone, including the Gaiaphage (Except Jack & Patricia who are still missing). "Activate the Machine!" Kai exclaimed. "Yes Master" replided the Jack-4 Bot as it activates the Machine, draining all the Chaos Energy out of everyone & into Kai the Hedgehog's Body.

As everyone including the Gaiaphage got drained from the machine, making them weak, Kai's Body began to grow stronger & stronger as he began to feel the power. His muscles grow bigger & stronger & he felt his Body began to de-roboticized itself as he turns into Devil Kai. Kai smiled evily & said "Jack Hedgehog, Patricia Skunk. Wherever you are...Your both next" Kai walks out of the room, searching for Jack the Hedgehog & Patricia the Skunk.

Jackbot NegaEdit

Combot NegaEdit

Layla the FoxSkunkEdit

Layla watched as the Gaiaphage is slowly dying, turning into sand & dissapears forever, as Layla is about to walk away, she noticed the Master Emerald in her possession, glowing brightly. Then Layla has come up with an idea. Layla begins to meditate, making contact with all of the Chaos Emeralds from different dimensions & zones of Mobius. After a few moments of silence, she stops, stands up & looks up to see a gigantic portal appears from the sky, spewing out thousands & thousands of Chaos Emeralds from all over the universe, around Layla the FoxSkunk, much to Layla's delight. Then Layla begins chanting "Heroes begone..." as all of the chaos emeralds from different dimentions begins to spin around her, getting ready to empower her into her purest dark form.

Layla begins to asorb all of the chaos emeralds one by one, getting stronger & stronger, causing her aura to appear with the color of Black, Purple, Dark Blue & Blood Red. Her muscles begins to grow bigger & stronger & her hair color begins to change into the color of Blood Red & Dark Purple & started to grow Devil Horns, Devil Wings & 8 more Skunk Tails behind her, making it 9 Skunk Tails. After asorbing a huge ammount of Chaos Emeralds, she transforms into her Final Form, which is her Gaia Form, becoming Gaia Layla. Then Gaia Layla opens her Dark Purple dragon eyes & when she noticed that her Final Form is complete, she begins to laugh evily & wickedly as she begins to fly away with her new Devil Wings, finding more victims to kill & to capture Jack the Hedgehog & her #1 Enemy: Patricia the Skunk, so that she can take over the entire Planet Mobius.

Zane the GorillaEdit

(The ending doesn't focus on Gaiaphage, but focused on JTH's characters to death, which is not appropriate.)

Gideon the MooseEdit

Under construction

After managing to best the other competitors, Gideon receives an unexpected visit from the Gaiaphage. Although he had never heard of such a beast, he realizes that he has no choice but to deal with the creature.

Twister the FoxEdit

Twister wasn't able to find any evidence leading towards his grilfriend's death or imperator Ix, but he walks off, thinking some leads may show up eventually, and knows he is stronger to combat the threat, thinking of his final enemy, along with Tex as a practice round. He vows he won't return to new mobotropolis, and continues on his lone-wolf journey towards finding soleanna, where he plans to stay.

Tex the HedgehogEdit

Although she hasn't found Twister, she had won the tournament, thinking that the lawyer she had met knew about him as a friend or ally, and she had gained info of him heading onward towards soleanna, which prompts her to head back to elias, telling him of this information.

Wright the HedgehogEdit

Wright had been busy after the battle, e told his courtroom of why he had been abesent, and it shows that he in the end HAD to defend gaiaphage as a promise to bring more business to his law office, though he had reluctantly areed, he thought the case shold not be taken too seriously.

Jack-4 CommanderEdit

Jack-4 Commander was seen upgrading himself into a the ultimate giant robot by using the Jack-4 Bots to upgrade Jack-4 Commander into the first ever giant Jack-4 Commander. After many upgrades, his new giant form was complete & begins rampaging throughout the cities of Mobius. After the city is in chaos, he sees Sonic the Hedgehog & then did a thumbs-up after he was sastified, not before having a big battle with Sonic. The two make a impact against each before, not before the screen turns white, not knowing who wins the battle.

Drake the HedgebatEdit

The Legion, Gaiaphage, and Julius the Black Murderer had been completely defeated by Drake the Hedgebat, who had overcome the darkness inside of him thanks to his partner Maya. As she tries to tell him a way to control his greed and dark temptations, Drake receives a phone call from his boss, Jin Kazama of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Drake claims that he is needed severly in the next King of Iron Fist tournament and must leave immediatly. Maya agrees to follow him, stating that no matter what happens, she would always be at his side. Drake thanks her for the compliment and gives her a surprising kiss on the lips as they teleport away via Chaos Control.

Maya the EchidnaEdit

Maya had defeated the Legion of Darkness and saved Drake's soul from evil. She was heralded as a true heroine of the future and her kind. The spirit of her motehr approached her and told Maya how proud she was of her daughter. As Maya nodded happily, she returned to Drake, who was about to leave for the next King of Iron Fist Tournament by request of his boss, Jin Kazama. Maya begs to come along, to show her strength and faith to Drake. Her partner chuckled and agreed, just before Maya gave him a surprise kiss on the lips, at last confessing her love for him. Drake returns the kiss as they teleport away.

Angel MayaEdit

This is an extended version of Maya's regular ending. The new couple at last arrive at the site of the King of Iron Fist tournament. As she happily looks around, Maya bumps into a cheerful girl called Xiaoyu. After much discussion about their hobbies and past lives, the two become good friends. Much to their shock, the true irony came whene they were forced to fight each otehr in teh first round, with Maya promising a good fight with Xiaoyu. The screen fades to white as they shake hands in good sportsmanship and friendship.


On desperate move to win, Sephiroh used all his power on Nightmare Control, but this attack was useless, when there seemed no chance of victory, a latent power awakens, granting Sephiroh his supreme power, Terror kingdom, that sending his opponent to a dimension that makes no sense, granting him the title of best competitor


By telling Ken he was only doing what he was told Ken Masters Trained Cervantes without holding back. 5 Months later, Ken gave Cervantes All the training that he needed to defend him and everything that was precious to him. by the time he headed back to mobius he became the #1 fighter in Mobius. many challengers face him and soon fail compete with his abilities. Then Cervantes put his foot down NEVER would he accept challenges from Sky the Hedgehog.

Rival BattlesEdit

Certain characters have different rivals, you can also choose the same rival as another character

NOTE: If somebody has you as their rival battle, you do not have to pick them for yours!

  • JT (Vs. Falco)
  • Marcus (Vs. Himself)
  • Crono (Vs.Marcus)
  • Nero (Vs Dante)
  • Dante (Vs Cutlass)
  • Jax (Vs. #)
  • Clyde (Vs. Hero)
  • Angel (Vs. Kyle)
  • Shine (Vs. Drake)
  • Fetalia (Vs. Maya)
  • Sammy (Vs. J Jr)
  • J Jr. (Vs. JT)
  • Surge (Vs. Shine)
  • Nick (Vs. Luk-S)
  • Boombomb (Vs. Ciel Mackenzie Hale)
  • Hazama (Vs. Monica)
  • Mary (Vs. Luk-S)
  • Luk-S (Vs. Nick)
  • Razor (Vs. Danger)
  • Isaiah (Vs. Cutlass)
  • Drake (vs. Julius)
  • Rik (vs. Maya)
  • Sal (vs. Julius)
  • Kayden: (vs Rik)
  • Claire (vs. Kayden)
  • Violet (vs. Drake)
  • Ignite (vs. Dusk) (vs. Assassin)
  • Jack (Vs. Jimmy)
  • Patricia (Vs. Sparks)
  • Gorru (vs. Koru)
  • Koru (vs. Gorru)
  • Dusk (vs. Ignite)
  • Kai (vs. Tammy)
  • Pearl (Vs. Smash)
  • Brittney (vs. Makoto)
  • Jackbot Nega (vs. E-2012)
  • Combot Nega (vs. Brittney)
  • Layla the FoxSkunk (vs. Fetalia)
  • Zane the Gorilla (vs. Josh)
  • Thomas (vs. Layla)
  • Twister (vs Wright)
  • Tex (vs Twister)
  • Wright (vs Tex)
  • Jack-4 Commander (vs Thomas)
  • Solar (vs. Jack-4 Commander)
  • Lunar (vs. Zane)
  • Jetris (vs. Jackbot Nega)
  • Louie (vs. Combot Nega)
  • Sephiroh (vs. Crono)
  • Cervantes (vs. Patricia)
  • Tensai (vs. Pearl)

Rival Battle DialogueEdit

JT (Vs Falco)Edit

JT: Grr...

Falco: C'mon PJ! You scared or something?

JT: I'm fine... At least I get to do what I wanted for this tournament in the first place, but now. In this Finale match, is even better

Crono (Vs.Marcus)Edit


Theme:Crono vs Marcus

Marcus:i...its you!

Crono:thats right

Marcus:what are you doing here?

Crono:im here to test you

Marcus:Test me? ...Whatever *gets into fighting stance*

Crono:*also got into fighting stance*

Marcus (Vs.Marcus)Edit

Marcus:this is strange...

Doppelganger:I am the real one!

Marcus:...we'll see

Nero (Vs. Dante)Edit

Stage: Dante's stage

Theme: Nero's theme b*stard

Dante:Chillax,I aint done with killing demons

Nero:ILL KILL YOU!-Unsheaths red queen-

Dante:MUSIC TO MY EARS!-Unsheathed Rebellion-


Stage: Cutlass's stage

Theme: Dante's theme

Dante:...Then i spun that b*tch a web,b*tches love webs


  • dante jumps out of the tree and unsheaths rebellion*

Dante:bring it on!

Cutlass:*unsheats cleaver*

Mary (Vs Luk-S)Edit

Stage: Mary's Stage - Tomi Mansion Corridors

Theme: Luk-S' Theme

Mary: (sighs)

Luk-S: What's the matter..?

Mary: Daddy, I wish you would tell me about what's being going on!

Luk-S: I'm afraid I cannot...

Mary: Oh, C'mon! You can't tell your daughter?

Luk-S: I cannot tell anyone. My dearest apologies.

Mary: Ugh... What if...

Luk-S: ?

Mary: What if I beat it out of you?

Luk-S: ... (smiles) I suppose, C'mon!

Mary: That's more like it!

Round Begins!

Isaiah (Vs. Cutlass)Edit

Stage: Cutlass's Stage - Doomed World

Theme: Isaiah's Theme

Isaiah: [Runs into Cutlass in the town] Well well well, not much of a surprise.

Cutlass: I could say the same. [Grins] But we're on different terms this time.

Isaiah: Oh? What makes you say that?

Cutlass: [Snaps his fingers and they appears on Cutlass's Stage] We're on mine.

Isaiah: What?'s time I end this!

Cutlass: You'll wish you hadn't said that when I'm through with you. [Pulls out his cleaver]

Isaiah: [Draws his sword] You're finished!

Round Begins!

Claire (Vs. Kayden)Edit

Stage: Claire's Stage - Rooftops

Theme: Kayden's Theme

Kayden: Claire!? Why are you here!?

Claire: I...I'm...I'm here to fight you!

Kayden: Oh... I see... I guess I can't talk my way out of this one huh?

Claire: Nope!

Kayden: Alright. If thats the way it has to be SO BE IT!!!

Round Begins!

Jack (Vs. Jimmy)Edit

Stage: Jimmy's Stage - Ring of Honor

Theme: Jack Vs. Jimmy - Unforgiven (Tekken 5)

Jack: (sighs) I gotta figure out a way to stop Dr. EggPlankton, but how? I need to think clearly about this and... (spots Jimmy) Huh?

Jimmy: (comes out to an immense set of cheers as he poses and shakes hands for the fans)

Jack: Hi Jimmy, how's it going?

Jimmy: Great! (steps into the ring)

Jack: Ok, how's about a match? I'm ready for any battle

Jimmy: Of course! Let's do it!

(the crowd is booing Jack and cheering Jimmy as the introductions are made)

Jack: Ok, that's a bit arkward, but it'll have to do (gets into a Battle Stance)

Jimmy: (extends his hand)

Jack: (shakes Jimmy's hand) Ok, let's get it ON!

Round Begins!

Nick (Vs. Luk-S)Edit

Nick: Hmm... Seems a little quiet around here...

Luk-S: (appears via roses) Nicholas, you should really stop calling being suspicious as usual...

Nick: Ah! Crap, don't appear like that you ass, you couldda given me a freaken heart attack!!!

Luk-S: (chuckles slightly) I would have hoped so...

Nick: Don't be such an ass old man, aren't you supposed to be dead or somethin'?

Luk-S: No, but I think it's best I made sure you were.

Nick: What the hell, y' do realise teleporting is rude, I couldda been doin' my buisness or somethin'...

Kai the Hedgehog (vs. Tammy)Edit

Stage: Kai's Stage - Cyborg Chamber

Theme: EggmanLand (Day Time) (Sonic Unleashed)

Kai: (standing silently with his back turned)

Tammy: Kai!

Kai: Hello Tammy Watercolor (turns to Tammy) Nice of you to drop in.

Tammy: What are you doing here?!

Kai: This Chamber is where I start my plan from the beggining of the Tournament

Tammy: What plan exactly?

Kai: My plan is to steal everyone's powers in the Tournament including the Gaiaphage & inject their powers into me, making me the most powerful mobian bounty hunter in all of Mobius

Tammy: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Kai: Hmm, you sure have a lot of Power Chakra...(gets into his battle stance) for me to asorb

Tammy: (gets in fighting position) Bring it on!

Round Begins!

Rik (vs. Maya)Edit


Rik: -gets ready to strike down drake- you're a poor fool drake

Drake: (growls)

Rik: -drops his fist down-

Maya: Drake!!!

Rik: -halts then turns away from drake- you again?!

Maya: Stop it, Rik!

Rik: this time i'll take down YOU!!!!!

Maya: You won't hurt Drake while I'm around!

Rik: -eyes turn black- so let's do the opposite

Maya: Very well!

Rik: get ready to die

-Battle Start-

Kayden (Vs. Riki)Edit

Kayden: Well well look who showed up.

Violet (Vs. Drake)Edit

Violet: Y-you? What are you doing here?

Drake: Outta my way!

Violet: Hmph! Is that any way of talking to your aunt? Besides we have a match to fight. It's time I shut your mouth!

Drake: Hmph. You're no family of get ready to die!

Violet: Funny I can say the same about you.

Drake: (gets in fighting stance)

Violet: (Gets in fighting stance) Hmph. Here I come!

Pearl (Vs Smash)Edit

Stage: Smash's Stage - The Blitz Pit

Theme: Smash's Theme - What I'm Made Of

Smash: I didn't think I'd run into you here, Pearl.

Pearl: Me neither. So, we finally meet face to face in the ring...

Smash: I'm not going to hold back..If you want to beat me, you're going to have to go all out. Give it everything you've got; it's time to show everyone just what you're made of!

Pearl: *Gets into a battle stance* Alright..Here I come!

Round Begins!

Jackbot Nega (Vs. E-2012)Edit

Stage: Jackbot Nega's Stage - Destruction of Knothole

Theme: Flat Zone (Melee) [Super Smash Bros. Melee / Brawl ]

Jackbot Nega: (arrives looking at the Destruction that happened at Knothole) Looks like Eggman is already here

Combot Nega (Vs. Brittney)Edit

Stage: Brittney's Stage: Casinopolis

Theme: Flat Zone 2 (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Combot Nega: (walking & then stops) (robotic voice) Hmmm, by my caculations this should be the place.

Brittney: (walking around)

Combot Nega: Hmm, maybe she knows who is my next opponent is. Excuse me

Brittney: Huh?

Combot Nega: Can you tell me who is my next opponent?

Bruittney: Who are you?!

Combot Nega: My name is Combot Nega. The Robot that copies all abilities

Brittney: Huh?!

Combot Nega: I need to find my Next Opponent to get to the next level

Brittney:....wait! Are you--

Combot Nega: A Customized Combot of the Original Combot from the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, then yes.

Brittney:.....if you're gonna try and do what I think, then I'm stoppin' ya right here! (gets in fighting stance)

Combot Nega: Preparing for battle (gets into Brittney's Battle Stance) Battle Starts Now!

Round Begins!

Layla the Fox Skunk (Vs. Fetalia)Edit

Stage: Fetalia's Stage: Mystic Temple

Theme: Castle / Fortress Boss (Super Smash Bros Brawl [Super Mario World / Super Mario Bros. 3] )

Layla: (arrives at the Temple on her Dark Flying Broom) Mmm, this should be the place to asorb all that power into me. (spots the Master Emerald) And I found the Perfect Emerald to do the job, just fine. (gets close to the Master Emerald)

Fetalia: (shoots a dark sphere from out of nowhere)

Layla: (dodges) Whao! Hm, looks like I've found my challenger

Fetalia: (appears)

Layla: Ah, Fetalia. You look more lovely than ever

Fetalia: Sorry to burst your bubble, Layla! But I have to win this tournament to save our future!

Layla: We'll see about that. This Master Emerald is coming home with me

Fetalia: Never!

Layla: (giggles) Your a mean one aren't ya? (hops off of her Dark Flying Broom & lands on her feet) Then I guess I'll have to fight you for it. I'm just here to Asorb the Chaos Emerald's Energy along with the Master Emerald's Energy & offer the energy into my body. Sooo...don't hold back (gets into her Battle Stance & her Purple & Black aura appears around her)

Fetalia: You won't have it your way, witch! (gets in fighting stance as dark energy surrounds her hands)

Layla: Fetalia, your powers plus the Chaos Emerald's Power & the Master Emerald's Powers will all be mine (her eyes glows Purple)

Fetalia: Take your best shot!

Layla: (grins) Glady.

Round Begins!

Zane the Gorilla (VS. Josh)Edit

Stage: Josh's Stage: Thunderous Tornado Castle in Ventilus

Music: Josh's Theme Song: Next Level by Yu-ki

Zane: (banging on the Front Doors from outside the Castle) I know your in here, it's not use. Your next!

Josh: Hmph. Time to punish you with my wind and electric powers!

(Zane crashes the Front Doors down & enters inside without feeling cold because he is resistant to Ice & the Thick Fur)

Josh: Hmph. There you are. Are you ready to be defeated? (grins)

Zane: (founds Josh) No cold is gonna let me freeze when I Zane the Gorilla, the Commander of the EggPlankton Empire. Serve for Dr. EggPlankton only.

Josh: Hmph. Strength only can't defeat me, fool! Get into the battle, freak! Fear the Ventilus Leader! (floats in the air and powers up, showing his blue aura, as his battle stance) And I will be the one to beat your master for good!

Zane: Fine, but you'll be seeing red by the time I crush your skull like an Acorn (gets into his battle stance) And word of advice, don't try anything stupid cause I got my eye on you

Josh: Hah! Don't you try to command me, you freakin' gorilla! I will be the one to cut you into pieces! Get ready to be defeated, freak! Fear the Ventilus Leader! (holds a Chaos Emerald)

Zane: (smirks) Heh!

Round Begins!

Thomas the Echidna (V.S. Layla)Edit

Stage: Thomas' Stage: Tide Typhoon Castle in Seaborgia

Music: Anything Goes

Thomas: (sits on his throne & senses someone outside) Hm... Must check it. (goes to the front door) Layla? Are you ready for our rivalry battle?

Layla: (evil giggles) My, you look so good. (goes close to him) Have you been working out? You might be very strong, Echidna Boy.

Thomas: Why you-- (growls) Ugh, don't call me Echidna Boy. I am the Seaborgia's Leader, remember that! (holds an Aquos Emerald & powers up, showing up his blue aura) Get ready to be defeated!

Layla: Alright Echidna Boy, your Castle will fall to the EggPlankton Empire. (gets into her Battle Stance & powers up as well, showing up her Purple & Black Aura) They call me the Dark Witch. When I'm done with you, you will be my slave to the EggPlankton Empire. (her eyes glows in a color of Purple)

Thomas: Oh really? It's you will fall to the hands of the 6 Ancient Continents! And the EggPlankton Empire will be destroyed! (his cape transforms into 2 wings) Get ready to be defeated, scum witch! (floats on air)

Layla: Hmpf. Your powers will be mine by the time I'm done with you. And this time, I shall be ruler instead of Dr. EggPlankton because my heart is pure darkness. (floats in the air on her Dark Flying Broom)

Thomas: (laughs) How foolish you are, Layla... You still crave for more power just to beat us?! Insignificant! You'll still fall to the hands of the 6 Ancient Continents! Get ready, scum witch!

Layla: (zips Thomas' Lips so that he can't talk) You like already said that & it's boring. Let's get this over with

Thomas: ..... (performs an ancient skill that breaks his curse) It's no use for a leader, you weakling. Let's do this!

Layla: Whatever

Round Begins!

Boombomb the Hedgehog ( VS Ciel Mackenzie Hale )Edit

(Stage: Fountain Stage {Night})

Boombomb: *Runs in* Huh? Ciel...

Ciel: Boombomb...? I guess I can't say I wasn't expecting you here...

Boombomb: Ciel, You must leave, it's dangerous here!

Ciel: *Sighs* Boombomb... you can't hold me back forever... not when there's a job that needs to be done.

Jack-4 Commander (VS. Thomas)Edit

Stage: Jack-4 Commander's Stage: EggPlankton Land

Music: Death Egg Robot Theme (Sonic Generations)

Jack-4 Commander: (scans the Area) A Tresspasser, prepare for Attack Mode!

Thomas: So you must be one of the foolish plankton's creations. (laughs) Well then, time to bust your armor down! Here I come, the Seaborgia Leader! (gets to his battle stance) Get ready, scum!

Jack-4 Commander: You have no idea who your dealing with (gets into his battle stance) Commence Terminatior Action! (his eyes glows red)

Thomas: Oh really? Show respect to a leader, scum! I'll smash you to pieces!

Jack-4 Commander: Not if I smash you first, (deep & distorted Voice) CHUM SCUM!!!

Thomas: Hm? YOU are the Chum Scum. And I'll defeat you with my ancient powers!

Jack-4 Commander: (normal) Challenge accepted.

Round Begins!

Solar (VS. Jack-4 Commander)Edit

Stage: Solar's Stage: Freeze Cave in Ventilus (Day)

Music: Justifaiz

Solar: (senses someone coming) Jack-4 Commander?! Why are you here? I thought you'd been destroyed by Thomas!

Jack-4 Commander: (holds up a Lifeless body of "Thomas") He was a tough opponent, but in Dark Mobius when his Core was extracted, he was useless. (throws Thomas' Dead Body away)

Solar: I see... Hmph. I'll burn you into debris! (his eyes turn orange) But that Thomas... is just a prototype made by the true Thomas himself. (laughs) When I defeat you, I'll reconstruct Proto Thomas! Get ready, for I have solar powers! (gets to his battle stance) Be careful of yourself, I have the power of a phoenix! (floats in the air & cloaks himself with burning aura, shaped like a phoenix)

Jack-4 Commander: Target: Solar. Commencing Battle Stations. (gets into his Battle Stance) Begining Battle!

Solar: Get ready... Coz I'm the Solar Phoenix!

Jack-4 Commander: You told me that before & I've defeated the Proto Thomas. Now I'll shut you down...(his robotic eyes glows red) PERMANANTLY!

Solar: Oh really? You are just joking me... (points at the real Thomas) And I'm gonna burn you into permanent debris! (his aura's power increases) Face the true power of the Solar Phoenix!

Real Thomas: You can do it, Solar!

Jack-4 Commander: Challenge Accepted.

Round Begins!

Lunar (VS. Zane)Edit

Stage: Lunar's Stage: Ventilus (Night)

Music: Journey Through the Decade by Gackt

Lunar: (laughs) Before you proceed to defeat Josh, pass through me first!

Zane: You wish to face the Black Cyclone, Zane the Gorilla? So be it.

Lunar: Face the wrath of the moon! (activates his lunar powers) I wish to defeat you so that Josh won't be tired to battle you next. Get ready! (gets to his battle stance)

Zane: Then prepare yourself cause no one can stop the Black Cyclone! (gets into his Battle Stance)

Lunar: Prepare yourself for I am the Lunar Beast! (cloaks himself with lunar energy that shaped like a beast)

Zane: Heh! I'll be your Opponent!

Lunar: Black Cyclone? I'll just smash you with my psychokinesis!

Zane: (grins) We'll see about that.

Lunar: Aha ha ha! Really? Let's just start!

Zane: Fine, just try & stop me...if you can that is !

Lunar: Pfft, you're such a low-witted monkey. Let's commence battle!

Zane: And your such a dim-witted fool who had came to face a parrot for even a single cracker. Let our battle begin & no holding back ! (gets into his battle stance)

Round Begins!

Jetris (Vs. Jackbot Nega)Edit

Stage: Ground Pyramid Castle in Pyramus

Music: Climax Jump

Jetris: (sees Jackbot Nega from outside) Hello, Jackbot Nega. You must be one of Jack's creations.

Jackbot Nega: That is correct, my name is Jackbot Nega & I've entered this tournament to destroy the Darkness that is the Gaiaphage

Jetris: Gaiaphage, huh? We have the same goal, Jackbot... So, I gonna test your skills! Let's see if you could defeat the Pyramus Leader! (powers up) Now, let's commence battle!

Jackbot Nega: Challenge Accepted ! (gets into his battle stance) Battle Begin!

Jetris: Let's do this!

Jackbot Nega: Good luck.

Round Begins!

Louie (Vs. Combot Nega)Edit

Stage: Scorch Magma Castle in Pyronia

Music: Alive a Life

Louie: Hm? It's you, Combot Nega.

Combot Nega: Yes that is me, Combot Nega. The Robot that can mimic everyone's abilties & movement captured on my mokap sensor arrays.

Louie: And it seems that you're one of Jack's creations. So, let me test your mettle... By battling. Let's see if you can mimic an Ancient's abilities! (gets to his battle stance)

Combot Nega: Ancient does not compute, but battle I must (gets into Louie's Battle Stance)

Louie: Battle commence!

Combot Nega: But Ancient Abilities, I mimic that as well

Louie: Oh really? Ancients can only do them... And Ancients also have an ability that someone would copy their abilities, they will only mimic 3 abilities only. If you exceed, you will know what will happen. So, let's test your mettle.

Combot Nega: And I thought Ogre / True Ogre can do that too. I never dissapear. I'm program to mimic anyone's abilities even the Ancients & someone even more ancient. If you wish to battle me, then so be it !

Louie: Deal with me. Let's do this. (floats on the air, developing his burning aura that shaped like a phoenix, as his new battle stance)

Combat Nega: (gets into Louie's New Battle Stance)

Round Begins!

Luk-S (Vs. Patricia)Edit

Stage: Patricia's Stage: Skunk Village

Music: Unknown Theme (Tekken Tag Tournament)

Luk-S: Patricia,

Patricia: Oh hi Luk-S. (shakes Luk-S's Hand) It's nice to meet you again.

Luk-S: You understand why I'm here.

Patricia: Yes, your the only one that can stop a Powerful Beast known as the Gaiaphage. You are the Chosen One.

Luk-S: It seems you catch on quite well, though I'm afraid we're going to have to battle here.

Patricia: I guess we have to. After our battle, I'll help you find the Gaiaphage.

Luk-S: Let's begin then, shall we?

Patricia: Ok & may the best fighter win, Luk-S (gets into her battle stance)

Sephiroh (Vs. Crono)Edit

Stage: Sky Sanctuary

Music: Crisis City theme music (Sonic the hedgehog)

Sephiroh: So you is Crono, i'm ready to fight you!

Crono: Considering your way of talking, you cannot make even a scratch on me

Sephiroh: Don't jump to conclusions, if i am here, that means i am strong (gets to his battle stance)

Crono: So let's see if you are Strong enough to beat me (gets to his battle stance too)

The round begins

Brittney (Vs. Makoto)Edit

Brittney: (flying down) MAKOOOOTTOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Makoto: Accck! My Ears!!

Brittney: So, thought you could get away with stealing my man, did ya?!

Makoto: Wh--What?

Brittney: Don't play dumb! You're trying to take Joey away from his rightful girlfriend! You act so sweet and innocent like you're nice, but I wasn't born yesterday, y'know!

Makoto: *mumbles* I highly doubt that... C>

Brittney: What was that?!

Makoto: Nothing.

Brittney: Alright, that's it! I'll show you who Joey's real girl is! (gets in fighting stance)

Cervantes (Vs. Patricia)Edit

Stage: Patricia's Stage: Skunk Village

Music: For True Story (Sonic Generations Remix)


Patricia: (comes towards Cervantes) Oh hi Cervantes

Cervantes: hey!

Patricia: How's it going?

Cervantes: -cracks knuckles- same ol' same ol' and you?

Patricia: I'm here in the tournament because of the Vision I had, it's about Kai asorbing everyone's powers. I can't let that Vision in my head come true !

Cervantes: Technically I'm not in the tournament, But I'll help you....but first......

Patricia: Huh? Is there a catch?

Cervantes: first I wanna make up for old times PUT UP YOUR DUKES!

Patricia: Okey dokey Cervantes. (gets into her battle stance)

Cervantes: YEAH! NOW WE'RE TALKIN!!!! (battle stance)

-battle start-

Tensai (Vs. Pearl)Edit

Stage: The Blitz Pit

Music: The Core (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity)

Tensai: (walking towards the Blitz Pit, every step he took sounds like loud thundering stomping)

In-battle QuotesEdit

JT the AndrohogEdit

What a drag... (Default start)

Let's see which one of us is strongest!! (Start quote Vs. Falco)

Well, let's go! (Start Quote Vs. Hero)

Let's get you into shape, kid! (Start Quote Vs. Jester)

Sh-Should I go easy? (Start Quote Vs Ivy)

What a drag. (Default win)

Call me 'PJ' again and I'll break your neck! (Win quote Vs. Falco)

Looks like I've won again, Hero!! (Win quote Vs. Hero)

Jester, put some more work into this. (Win quote Vs. Jester)

I guess being an android has it's weaknesses... (Default loss)

I lost? TO YOU!? (Loss Quote Vs Falco)

I wish I could pull off tornadoes like you! (Loss Quote Vs Hero)

Why does this hurt more than anything? (Loss Quote Vs Jester)

My head, and everything below it sting... (Loss Quote Vs Boss)

Look who's talkin'! Calling me trash! (Start Quote Vs Telos)

Why don't we go to my place and expirement on YOU for a change!! (Win quote vs Telos)

I can still get up! (Loss Quote vs Telos)

JT HENKAN!! (Performing his Chao Drive)

Falco the EagleEdit

I'm so awesome, I can destroy you all! (Start quote)

Well, if it isn't PJ? (vs JT)

Godammit (When he loses against anyone)

Bow before my AWESOMNESS! (When he wins against anyone)

Face it PJ, I rule! (When beating JT)

Alright buddy! (vs Hero)

Uh, do I have to do this? (vs Target)

Oh, c'mon, a kid? Really? (vs Jester)

Jester the HedgehogEdit

Nice to meet you! (Start Quote)

OK! (Vs. JT)

Look! It's Birdbrain! (Vs. Falco)

I win! (Win Quote)

Mr. T, You're so awesome! (Win Vs. JT)

Happy Thanksgiving! (Win Vs. Falco)

NOW YOU'VE DONE IT!! (Performing his Chaos Drive)

Jax the HedgehogEdit

Hey Falco, it's been a while (vs Falco)

This is gonna be fun (vs anyone except Falco)

YOU DONT WANT TO MESS WITH ME!!!! (transforming into rage/beserk form)

It's been fun, but I gotta run! (Win Quote)

How did I lose? (Loss Quote)

Target the EagleEdit

Your goin' down! And me? In history, maybe! (Beginning quote)

I doubt your little time and space controls will help you or your girlfriend. (VS Rio)

Go back to your nest Sunny (VS Sunshine)

Call me Puss In Boots again and your dead! (Winning against JT)

Cut the act, it's worthless! My sword skills are better than your weakling attacks. (Almost KO'd anybody)

I'm doin' my worst. (Loss quote)

I am The Feathered Fury, nothing stands in my way! (Win quote to everybody but her closest friends)

I'm sorry bro (Male)/sis (Female). (Win quote to closest friends)

WHAA-HA-HA-HA... your gonna lose. (Activating chaos drive)

Boombomb the HedgehogEdit

Start Quote : Lets get this Party Started

Start Quote - Doom : I'll Kill you.

Start Quote - Fetalia : If I I get a kiss?

Start Quote - Medusa : No. Go to hell you b*tch.

Win Quote : Hehe, Your not so good.

Win Quote : Is that all you've got?

Win Quote - Doom : Its over you B******, Just Give up...

Win Quote - Fetalia : I prefer one right on the lips, please.

WIn Quote - Medusa : See what I mean, Your sexual attack on me was pathetic.

Loss Quote : N-No...

Loss Quote : Why...

K.O'd : AAAAAH...

Loss Quote - Doom : No... I failed you father...

Loss Quote - Fetalia : You're so hot, you're strong....

Loss Quote - Medusa : N-No... Dont take me away...

Attack quote to Medusa during 'Pistol Shot' Special - Try me B*tch

Jessica/J the WolfEdit

Start Quote: Always Ready...

Win Quote: Ha ha ha ha ha wait until Eggman sees this

Lose Quote: N-no Doctor I have failed you

KO Quote: EUGH!

Tuff the CatEdit

Start Quote: Time to do this!

Win Quote: How do you like me now sucker!

K.O: How can this be

Lose Quote: W-what h-how did this happen

Ignite The HedgehogEdit

Start: Heh, heh, heh, prepare to be burned!

Start 2: My fire rages within me...

Win Quote: heh, heh, ha!, ha!, ha! ha!

Lose Quote: No way!


Assassin the HedgehogEdit

  • Bring it on (default start quote)
  • are you coming quietly, Doom (start vs Doom)
  • Just a little girl playing outlaw (win vs Doom)
  • I...was too weak! (defeat vs Doom)
  • I'm ashamed to call myself a Bounty Hunter (default defeat quote)
  • I've never seen such incompetence in all my life! (default win quote)
  • you aren't taking me you slut (start vs Medusa)
  • Forgive me, Clara (defeat vs Medusa)
  • Your soul eating days are over! (win vs Medusa)
  • laughs* Sparks, what a stupid name (start vs Sparks)
  • do you know who i am (win vs Sparks)
  • you can't beat me... (defeat vs Sparks)

Doom the Dark Lord (Boss)Edit

Start Quote : You cannot defeat me

Start Quote : Muahahaha

Almost Defeated

Win Quotes

Clyde O'DonnellEdit

"Let's do this!" (start quote)

"I'll show you who's worthy of being Angel's man!" (start quote vs. Hero)

"Just cuz you're my closest ally, Angel...don't think I'll go easy on you!" (start quote vs. Angel)

"Let's see who's the alpha in the pack!" (start quote vs. Joseph)

"Play time is over!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"Another one bites the dust! Man, am I awesome or what?!" (win quote)

"You're good, Angel...but I'm just better!" (win quote vs. Angel)

"Don't let that hatred consume you, Kyle. Or next time, your loss will be more severe!" (win quote vs. Kyle)

"Wear some pants, man! You look more threatening with 'em on!" (win quote vs Falco)

"I'll give Angel your regards, man!" (win quote vs. Hero)

"Looks like I'm the top dog today! Not like I'm surprised or anything...." (win quote vs. Joseph)

"You're lucky I didn't accidentally rip your clothes apart, sweetie!" (win quote vs. Maya)

"Doom the Dark Lord....consider yourself finished!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"You won't make me forget who I am...." (win quote vs. Medusa)

"All talk, no substance. Typical!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"You let the darkside in you get out. Be calm and you'll hold it in!" (win quote vs. Darkspine Drake/Blackout)

"End of the line, faker!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"This is Clyde! Mission complete!" (win quote vs Gaiaphage)

"How can I lose?" (losing quote)

"I only lost cuz I got distracted by your nudity! It won't happen again!" (losing quote vs. Target)

"Keep that up, kiddo, and maybe Ivy will go out with you...maybe..." (losing quote vs. Jester)

"You were the winner today, Hero, but not next time!" (losing quote vs. Hero)

"What...what was that?!" (losing quote vs. Fetalia)

" did you beat me?!" (losing quote vs. Ivy)

"Losing to a cowardly bat....the ultimate indignity....." (losing quote vs. Reggie)

"I'll admit it....for a kid, you ain't bad." (losing quote vs. Jimmy)

"Damn.....I let Lylat down...." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"No....not again....." (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"Alright, I give....whatevery ya gonna do, do it quick!" (losing quote vs. Danger)

"No....I can't believe I failed..." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"Guys....I'm sorry...." (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"URRAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!" (knock-out quote)

Angel CarosoEdit

"This cat has claws....and isn't afraid to use 'em!" (start quote)

"Still as sexy as ever, Hero. You never change...." (start quote vs. Hero)

"Oh, Clyde. Still as determined as ever...." (start quote vs. Clyde)

"You'll be lucky to even be in one piece once I'm done with you!" (start quote vs. Kyle)

"The Yiao Tribe....where does that sound familiar?" (start quote vs. Joseph)

"For someone so're so sexy...." (start quote vs. Jimmy/Tammy)

"So you're Mephiles' daughter...." (start quote vs. Fetalia)

"Cat's out of the bag now!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"That's why you don't mess with a Cornerian hottie!" (win quote)

"Hope you still have enough energy for tonight....I got a special something just for you...." (win quote vs. Hero)

"Call me a slut and get away with it? I don't think so!" (win quote vs. Kyle)

"Don't feel bad, Ivy. You're slowly getting better!" (win quote vs. Ivy)

"You need work on your skills, kiddo." (win quote vs. Reggie)

"That's the end for you...." (win quote vs. Doom)

"You won't mess with my friends on my watch!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"Nice it's mine!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"JT-01149, you're coming with me!" (win quote vs JT-01149)

"Looks like this tourney's done for you!" (win quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"I need to stay focused...." (losing quote)

"Aaah! You're getting better, Ivy!" (losing quote vs. Ivy)

"I'm glad you're my boss, Clyde...." (losing quote vs. Clyde)

"Congratulations, Hero.Now for your reward...." (losing quote vs. Hero)

"You're good, for a little guy...." (losing quote vs, Jimmy/Jester)

"You coulda killed me with that, y'know?!" (losing quote vs. Joseph)

"Guess my efforts weren't enough...." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"Clyde....I'm sorry....." (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"I'll be your personal slave if you spare me...." (losing quote vs. Danger)

"Damn you copies...." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"Guess that does it for me...." (losing quote vs Gaiaphage)

"HYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!" (knock-out quote)

Kyle OikonnyEdit

"Hmph! This won't take long...." (start quote)

"Guess every fighting game has to have a slut...." (start quote vs. Angel)

"I don't wanna fight you Ivy...." (start quote vs. Ivy)

"A kid?! This has gotta be a joke!" (start quote vs. Joseph/Jester/Reggie)

"We're more alike than you think...even though we never wanna admit it...." (start quote vs. Fetalia)

"How bout I knock some sense into that thick skull of yours?!" (start quote vs Falco/Hero)

"Feather nudism...what will they think of next?" (start quote vs Target)

"Let's see you dodge this!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"This was a waste of my time...." (win quote)

"Now who's the best on the team?" (win quote vs. Clyde)

"Back to the strip club for you!" (win quote vs. Angel)

"Ivy....I hope I didn't hurt you too bad...." (win quote vs. Ivy)

"For a psychic time-traveller, you aren't too fast!" (win quote vs. Shine)

"Thanks for the fight, toots. You're good...." (win & losing quote vs. Fetalia)

"Now do ya see what Angel really is?" (win quote vs. Hero)

"Useless android...outta my way!" (win quote vs. JT)

"Get with the time, bitch! You can't win!" (win quote vs. Maya)

"I won't be your pawn anymore!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"You demons make me sick...." (win quote vs Medusa)

"You won't hurt Ivy again!" (win quote vs Danger)

"Worthless copy, get outta my sight!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"Greed'll get you nowhere....take it from someone who knows...." (win quote vs Darkspine Drake/Blackout)

"That was it?! Pathetic!" (win quote vs Gaiaphage)

"What?! How could I lose?!" (losing quote)

"Great! Now I think I got herpes...." (losing quote vs. Angel)

"Hmph. Not bad, Ivy. You did good...." (losing quote vs. Ivy)

"And they call me a jerk...." (losing quote vs. Drake)

"I lost?! To a kid?! This has to be a joke!!" (losing quote vs. Reggie/Jester/Jimmy/Joseph)

"No....I will not fall!" (losing quote vs. Doom)

"Hmph. Fine...I'll play your game. For now..." (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"You...son of a...bitch!" (losing quote vs. Danger)

"Cowardly bastard...." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"My......lord...." (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"Nooo...!!!!" (knock-out quote)

Ivy ProwerEdit

"I'll do my best!" (start quote)

"A cool is that?!" (start quote vs JT)

"Give me your best, Jester!" (start quote vs. Jester)

"Kyle....forgive me for this...." (start quote vs. Kyle)

"Here I come, Clyde!" (start quote vs. Clyde)

" killed my mom!!" (start quote vs. Drake)

"Here goes nothin'!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"YEAH!! I did it!" (win quote)

"You did your best, Jester. That's all that matters...." (win quote vs. Jester)

"Not bad, huh?" (win quote vs. Clyde/Angel/Kyle)

"Oh! I'm looks like I mistook you for someone else...." (win quote vs. Drake)

"You're pretty good, for someone who's thousands of years old!" (win quote vs. Maya)

"Man...that guy creeps me out!" (win quote vs Hazama)

"Now let go of Kyle!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"I'm not your slave today!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"You won't hold me down anymore....." (win quote vs. Danger)

"Your evil won't beat me!" (win quote vs. Blackout)

"Tell me where my mom is, you piece of crap!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"Mom? that really you?!" (win quote vs Gaiaphage)

"Awww....I lost!" (losing quote)

"Wow, Jester! You're strong!" (losing quote vs. Jester)

"I'm so weak, Kyle....why do I even exist?" (losing quote vs. Kyle)

"Sorry I goofed...but you don't have to be such a jerk about it!" (losing quote vs. Drake)

"You've gotten better, Joey...." (losing quote vs. Joseph)

"You keep that up, and Jester'll be begging for your love!" (losing quote vs. Sammy)

"I can't let Kyle be lost to the darkness....take me instead...." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"I am now yours to do as you please.....mistress...." (losing quote vs Medusa)

"Do your worst....I'm not afraid anymore...." (losing quote vs. Danger)

"Mom....where are you....?" (losing quote vs JT-01149)

"Mother...forgive me...." (losing quote vs Gaiaphage)

"KYYYLLLLLLLLLEE!!!!!!!" (knock-out quote)

Shine the HedgehogEdit

"Alright, let's do this!" (start quote)

"Hey, Fetty! Let's see some moves!" (start quote vs. Fetalia)

"Alright, Drake! Let's see what you're made of!" (start quote vs. Drake)

"Still following Drake like a sheep? That kind of sujrprises me...." (start quote vs. Maya)

"Fetty's my girl, pal! Get lost!" (start quote vs. Boombomb)

"Alright, Hazama! Let's go!" (start quote vs. Hazama)

"'re Cozz's kid, aren't ya?" (start quote vs. Ivy)

"I am not to be trifled with!" (win quote)

"Nice battle, Fetty! You gave me a run for my money!" (win quote vs Fetalia)

"Game over, Drake!" (win quote vs. Drake)

"Gimme a call sometime!" (win quote vs. Tammy)

"That's the end of you, Doom!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"I'm not an ordinary stud, y'know!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"Can't touch me, pal! You're too thickheaded!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"Guess you'll never learn, Drake...." (win quote vs. Darkspine Drake)

"This is the end for you!" (win quiote vs. JT-01149)

"At long's finally over...." (win quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"So not cool!" (losing quote)

" did...?" (losing quote vs. Drake)

"You're still a sucker for Drake...." (losing quote vs. Maya)

"Wow....I can't believe how great at fighting you're getting, Jay!" (losing quote vs. J. Jr)

"Sorry, guys....I let ya down...." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"Guess I'm a sex slave now...." (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"What?! How did you--" (losing quote vs. Danger)

"Drake....damn you..." (losing quote vs. Darkspine Drake)

"I failed...." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"I'm sorry....I let everyone down...." (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"NOOOO!!!!!!!" (knock-out quote)

Sammy the EagleEdit

This will be fun! (start quote)

Lets do this Uncle Falco! (start quote vs Falco)

Mommy, I'm scared! (start quote vs Target)

Ok Jesty, lets play! (start quote vs Jester)

Mr PJ, will you play fair? (start quote vs JT)

Ready Ms Prower/Caraso? (start quote vs Ivy or Angel)

Oh well, I lost. (losing quote)

Yay, I won! (win quote against everyone except Falco, Target and Jester)

It's ok Jesty, you'll do better next time! (win quote vs Jester)

Hey Uncle Falco, you aren't so tough! (win quote vs Falco)

I'm sorry mommy. (win quote vs Target)

J Jr. The AndrohogEdit

Everything happens... for a reason... (Default Start)

Dad, I need to do this. (Start Quote Vs JT)

Y-You're Falco? (Start Quote Vs Falco)

Shine! I want you to train with me (Start Quote vs Shine)

!! I didn't notice you there! (Start Quote Vs Sammy)

I'll stop you here and now! (Start Quote Vs Drake)

I won't lose to you..! (Start Quote Vs Darkspine Drake)

I'm not gonna let the Black Arms destroy us! (Start Quote vs Julius)

I'm sorry!! (Default Win Quote)

Don't touch me or my friends again! (Win Quote Vs Medusa)

Respect me, dad! (Win Quote Vs JT)

(panting) (Win Quote Vs Falco)

Grrr... (Win Quote Vs Sammy)

Thanks, Shine. (Win Quote Vs Shine)

It's over! (Win Quote Vs Doom)

I won't let you lay a finger on my friends! (Win Quote vs Drake)

Am I... Strong? (Win Quote vs Darkspine Drake)

The Black Arms are dead... (Win Quote vs Julius)

Ugh.... Darn it... (Default Loss Quote)

Well, I lost to you. (Loss Quote Vs Shine)

Don't hurt me! (Loss Quote Vs Medusa)

Good Job, Sammy! (Loss Quote Vs Sammy)

I need to get up... (Loss Quote vs Drake)

Gyaaaaahh!! (Loss Quote vs Darkspine Drake)

No... I failed us! (Loss Quote vs Julius)

Hrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaghhhh! -> Phi transformation complete! (Default Chaos Drive)

You've pulled..! -> MY LAST HAIR! (Chaos Drive vs Drake)

Shine... -> Watch this!! (Chaos Drive vs Shine)

I Caaan... -> Defeat you!! (Chaos Drive vs Darkspine Drake)

THE BLACK ARMS... -> END HERE!!! (Chaos Drive vs Julius)

Forgive me!! (KO'ed Quote)

Fetalia the DarkEdit

"Remember, you asked for this!" (start quote)

"Don't hold back, Shine!" (start quote vs. Shine)

"This fight feels familiar...." (start quote vs. Drake)

"Time to return you to where you belong....for good!" (start quote vs. Maya)

"That're of the Yiao Tribe, aren't you?!" (start quote vs. Joseph)

"Alright, kiddo! Show me what ya got!" (start quote vs. J. Jr./Sammy/Jester/Reggie)

"Playtime ends here, Star Wolf! (start quote vs. Clyde/Angel/Kyle/Ivy)

"Don't go easy on me, Boomy!" (start quote vs. Boombomb)

"Feel the darkness!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"Never get on my bad side!" (win quote)

"You got overconfident again, Shine. Focus, or your next loss will be worse!" (win quote vs Shine)

"I don't believe in luck....I believe in victory...." (win quote vs Drake)

"No light shall prevail, princess!" (win quote vs, Maya)

"You lost focus, Jay! Concentrate next time, and you may beat me!" (win quote vs. J. Jr.)

"No longer shall the Yiao Tribe have their way with Skyloft!" (win quote vs. Joseph)

"Nightmares are over! Your evil ways are dead!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"Now you're my slave, bitch!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"You're gonna be mine, from now on! Objections and you die! Understood?" (win quote vs. Danger)

"Pathetic girlfriend, am I?" (win quote vs. Darkspine Drake)

"You won't corrupt my world!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"Now to finish this!" (win quote vs Gaiaphage)

"I can't let this happen again...." (losing quote)

"I see you're getting better, Shine...." (losing quote vs. Shine)

"The light....over the" (losing quote vs. Maya)

"You're stronger than I thought, Jay!" (losing quote vs. J. Jr.)

"I think you deserve a kiss for your win...." (losing quote vs. Boombomb)

"Boombomb....forgive me...." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"What are your orders......Madam Medusa.....?" (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"I shall be yours....forever...." (losing quote vs. Danger)

"No...I can't believe this...." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"Father? You''re the Gaiaphage?" (losing quote vs Gaiaphage)

"Father....I failed you...." (Knock-Out quote)

Drake the HedgebatEdit

"If you think you can beat me, you're sadly mistaken!" (start quote)

"Shine the will fall!!" (start quote vs. Shine)

"Maya....just stay outta my way...." (start quote vs. Maya)

"A plant? You must be joking!" (start quote vs. Ivy)

"Okay, kid. Let's play a game called 'Get outta my way now or die!'" (start quote vs. J. Jr./Jester/Sammy)

"What a waste of my time...." (win quote)

"At last, ahve been defeated!" (win quote vs. Shine)

"If you're dad's a good guy...then I'm a virgin." (win quote vs. Fetalia)

"I refuse to believe you're this weak, Maya. I know you can do better...." (win quote vs. Maya)

"Misunderstandings or not, you are absolutly weak!" (win quote vs. Ivy)

"You disappoint me...." (win quote vs. Clyde/Kyle)

"What a bumbling idiot...." (win quote vs. Falco)

"I belong to only one side: my own!" (win quote vs. Doom)

" everything I tell you to!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"You....will obey me now!!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"I am not you, and never shall be!" (win quote vs Blackout)

"I am gonna finish you now!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"You won't control me anymore!" (win quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"You got lucky, punk!" (losing quote)

"No way! Why can't I beat you?!" (losing quote vs. Shine)

"I won't forget this humiliation!" (losing quote vs. Reggie/Brittney/Jimmy/Tammy)

"A fluke was how I lost...plain and simple!" (losing quote vs. Hero)

"I a brat like you?! AAAAARRRR!!!!!!" (losing quote vs. J. Jr./Jester/Sammy)

"I won't kneel to you, regardless!" (losing quote vs. Doom)

"You slutty bitch!!" (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"You can't break me like that...." (losing quote vs. Danger)

"You...bastard!" (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

" again.....!!" (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"This can't be...." (knock-out quote)

Surge the HedgehogEdit

  • "I'll put a shock to your system!" (Default start)
  • "A little shocked, aren't you?" (Default win)
  • "Crap... my batteries are dead..." (Default lose)
  • "Androids, technology, my playground!" (VS. JT start)
  • "Hah! Little droid got a little too much juice, didn't it?" (VS. JT win)
  • "Hmph... I see your resistance is too high for my current..." (VS. JT lose)
  • "Heh, let's see what's better, air or thunder!" (VS. Falco start)
  • "Yeah! Beat you down, hard! Boy!" (VS. Falco win)
  • "What!? Should I not bother Swoop so much...?" (VS. Falco loss)
  • "Let's see who's got the higher voltage!" (VS. Lightning start)
  • "My current's too strong for your resistance!" (VS. Lightning win)
  • "Crap... your current overwhelmed me..." (VS. Lightning loss)
  • "I'm not one to fight women..." (VS. Target/Maya/Angel start)
  • "Dang... and I wasn't even trying... you okay?" (VS. Target/Maya/Angel win)
  • "Ugh... well, chivalry has its costs..." (VS. Target/Maya/Angel loss)
  • "Hey kid, let's begin the training!" (VS. Jester start)
  • "Power comes with age." (VS. Jester win)
  • "No... to a kid!?" (VS. Jester loss)
  • "Great, dark people..." (VS. Nitros start)
  • "I have overcome darkness." (VS. Nitros win)
  • "No... darkness doesn't conquer light!" (VS. Nitros loss)
  • "Um... hi?" (VS. Ivy/Sammy/Tammy start)
  • "I didn't hurt you...did I?" (VS. Ivy/Sammy/Tammy win)
  • "Heh, little girl got me good..." (VS. Ivy/Sammy/Tammy loss)
  • "Um... hello." (VS. Brittney/Fetalia start)
  • "You okay..? I didn't hurt you...did I?" (VS. Brittney/Fetalia win)
  • "Oh, well..." (VS. Brittney/Fetalia loss)
  • "Let's see who's power is stronger!" (VS. Shine start)
  • "Electrokinesis, is the victor." (VS. Shine win)
  • "Dang... but I can't be inferior..." (VS. Shine loss)
  • "Legend, eh? Let's see just how legendary!" (VS. Boombomb/Hazama start)
  • "Hmm, respectable." (VS. Boombomb/Hazama win)
  • "Gah! ...Nevermind..." (VS. Boombomb/Hazama loss)
  • "STORM SURGE!!" (Performing his Chaos Drive)

Surf the SeagullEdit

"This could be it!!" (Default Start)

"Fightin's second next to surfin'!" (Default Start)

"Mate, we could be Bird Buddies!!" (Start Quote vs Falco)

"Err.... Milf?" (Start Quote vs Target)

"Jester! Let's see if Uncle Surf's Still got it!!" (Start Quote vs Jester)

"A whip ain't lettin' you win, mate!" (Start Quote vs Danger)

"Damn! You want me?" (Start Quote vs Medusa)

"Fly and I'll still pummel ya!" (Start Quote vs Drake)

"Holy Sh..!" (Start Quote vs Gaiaphage)

"I've fought way more than Demons!!" (Start Quote vs Nitros)

"Doom? Wow mate, chill!" (Start Quote vs Doom)

"CIA? I didn't do nothin'!" (Start Quote vs Boombomb)

"AAAGH! KIDS!" (Start Quote vs J Jr./Sammy)

"Didn't need to do nothin'!" (Default Win Quote)

"So... Bird Buddies it is?" (Win Quote vs Falco)

"Eeeugh! Not anymore, after that pumel to the face!" (Win Quote vs Target)

"Yup!" (Win Quote vs Jester)

"I'm not yer babysitter!" (Win Quote Vs J Jr./Sammy)

"I thought you were a witch, and that you'd melt before my awesome powers!" (Win Quote vs Medusa)

"God, you look like Indiana Jones with that thing!!" (Win Quote vs Danger)

"Water Must've been the blackness' weakness!" (Win Quote vs Gaiaphage)

"Get yer ass outta here before I impale ya with my board!!!" (Win Quote vs Doom)

"You want me to apologise or something?" (Loss Quote)

Maya the EchidnaEdit

"I wish this did not have to be...." (start quote)

"I cannot let you kill Drake...." (start quote vs. Shine)

"The dark will not prevail today, Fetalia!" (start quote vs. Fetalia)

"The Yiao of terrorists...." (start quote vs. Joseph)

"An eagle?! Wait....are you of Babylon?!" (start quote vs. Target/Falco/Sammy)

"Drake....if only this were a dream...." (start quote vs. Drake/Darkspine Drake)

"Master Emerald, lend me your power!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"The Yiao Tribe has been stopped.....for now." (win quote vs. Joseph)

"What a curious species...." (win quote vs. Ivy)

"I'm sorry, Shine....but Drake is my world..." (win quote vs. Shine)

"Light will always triumh over the darkness, Fetalia!" (win quote vs, Fetalia)

"I-I'm sorry, but I must save my friend....let's me again! Farewell!" (win quote vs. Reggie/Brittney/Hero)

"Drake....forgive me...." (win quote vs. Drake/Darkspine Drake)

"I won't forgive what you have done!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"You lustful powers won't affect me, succubus!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"No more will you endanger innocents!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"You will be destroyed for this!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"Thank has been done..." (win quote vs. Gaiaphage)

" did I fail you?" (losing quote)

"Shine....I beg of Drake! Bring him back alive!" (losing quote vs. Shine)

"How? How could the darkness....shroud over the light...?" (losing quote vs. Fetalia/Blackout)

"Drake....return to your senses! I...I love you!" (losing quote vs. Drake/Darkspine Drake)

"Why am I so weak....?" (losing quote vs. Sammy/Jester/Reggie/Brittney)

" can you use Drake like that?" (losing quote vs. Doom)

"No...I cannot sacrifice my virginity to you!" (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"My magic will only hinder you if you try again!" (losing quote vs. Danger)

"I will master..." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"I've failed....this is a dream...a dream..." (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"" (knock-out quote)

Medusa the Succubus (Boss)Edit

Start Quotes:

Almost Defeated/Losing Quotes:

{C {C}Win Quotes:

Shadder the HedgehogEdit

Come on i need a challenge! (Start with anyo:ne)

Lets see the battle wiz showoff! (Vs Falco)

I hate you you whore! (Vs. Medusa)

For Amy. (Vs. Shine)

Come on number 3 (Vs Sparks)

Too easy! (Win v anyone)

Guess I'm awsomer then you! (Win Vs. Falco)

Eat it, slut! (Win vs. Medusa)

I hope Amy's proud, (Win vs Shine)

Good...Fight (Normal loss)

Youve got good fighting skills too. (Loss vs Falco)

I'll never be your slave! ("Loss" vs Medusa)

Tell Amy that I said Sorry. (Loss v Shine)

Mabey I'm not one of the Five. (Loss v Sparks)

Hazama the HedgehogEdit

Start Quotes

Normal: Huh. Your so pathetic

Normal2: Mediocre Strenght.

Kids: Your a kid, you cant beat me.

Boombomb: Wow, So much pathetic energy from you...

Fetalia: Go home before I kill you....

Medusa: You dont seem too shabby.

Doom: You've had your time Old man.

Sigma: Sigma Hale, This should be fun.

Loss Quotes

Normal: Ametuer...

Normal2: Just... Just got lucky...

Kids: Im losing it...

Boombomb: Ugh... Im done for...

Fetalia: Please. from you?

Medusa: I guess... I could live with you...

Doom: Shouldda expected that...

Sigma: What the Hell..?

Win Quotes

Normal: Now, I suggest you run home before you have no legs...

Normal2: That was for nothing

Normal3: You put too much effort.

Normal4: All show and no go...

Kids: Go back to your mommys you freaks.

Boombomb: See you in hell!

Fetalia: That was a terrible display

Medusa: You doing anything after this?

Doom: See, in your old age your really starting to fail.

Sigma: Dont cross me again kid. You really dont wanna die...



Almost defeated

Joseph the WolfEdit

"I won't back down from you!" (start quote)

"Your dad was Mephiles?!" (start quote vs. Fetalia)

"How can someone like Maya fall for a jerk like you?!" (start quote vs. Drake)

"Uhhh, Britt? You sure ya wanna do this?" (start quote vs. Brittney)

"Let's see how you've been doing, Jimmy!" (start quote vs. Jimmy)

"Relax, Reggie! You can do this!" (start quote vs. Reggie)

"Uhh....this is, uhh...really awkward...." (start quote vs Makoto)

"Now I'll show you!!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"Yeah! I did it!" (win quote)

"I used to like you too, Britt....but now, my heart belongs to someone else...." (win quote vs. Brittney)

"You taught me well, Jimmy!" (win quote vs. Jimmy)

"I'm not like the rest of my tribe..." (win quote vs. Kyle/Shine/Maya/Fetalia)

"I should kill you now....but I won't..." (win quote vs. Drake)

"It's all over for you!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"M-Makoto! Are you okay?!" (win quote vs. Makoto)

"I have morals to keep....I can't let my insticts cloud them..." (win quote vs. Medusa)

"Time to finish you off, Danger!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"This is the end, clone!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"No matter what happens....I won't become a murderer!" (win quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"Gotta pull it together!" (losing quote)

"Irina is gonna kill me for this..." (losing quote vs. Brittney)

"Good work, Reggie..." (losing quote vs Reggie)

"This is really awkward...and embarrassing." (losing quote vs. J Jr/Sammy/Jester)

"I can't belive this is happening..." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"Would you like to other mistress?" (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"Oh no...I let you all down...." (losing quote vs. Danger)

"I can't give up now..." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"My honor...let me keep my honor..." (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

" really beat me good...." (losing quote vs. Makoto)

"UGH!!! Nooo.....!!" (knock-out quote)

Brittney the BatEdit

"Alright! I'm ready for this!" (start quote)

"Hey Joey! Let's make out after this!" (start quote vs. Joseph)

"I'm ready when you are!" (start quote vs. Jimmy/Tammy/Reggie)

"Hey! Why so nervous all of a sudden?" (start quote vs. Hero/Surge)

"I'm not holding back, girlfriend!" (start quote vs. Ivy)

"Take THIS!!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"How d'ya like that?" (win quote)

"C'mon Joey! Gimme a big one down here!" (win quote vs. Brittney)

"No one makes fun of me and gets away with it!" (win quote vs. Drake/Kyle/Falco)

"No one calls me a freak, pal!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"I'm no one's sex slave!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"If ya don't want another ass-beating, you do as I say! Got it?!" (win quote vs. Danger)

"Phew! That was really tough! Gotta move on, though!" (win quote vs. Darkspine Drake)

"I won't forgive what you did to Surge!" (win quote vs. Blackout)

"Yes! I won it all!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"You won't bother my friends while I'm around!" (win quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"I gotta do better than this...." (losing quote)

"What? I...I'm not good enough...for you....?" (losing quote vs. Joseph)

"Man, Jimmy/Tammy! You get better everyday!" (losing quote vs. Jimmy/Tammy)

"Wow...he's so strong...." (losing quote vs. JT)

"No...I'm not weak..." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"I'm not a slave...not a slave...." (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"Please! I'll do whatever ya want!" (losing quote vs. Danger)

"So strong....let me be your servant..." (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"I'm sorry everyone....I'm useless..." (losing quote vs. Gaiaphage)

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!" (knockout quote)

Razor the SharkEdit

"King of Crime! At your service!!" (Default Start Quote)

"Let's do this..." (Start Quote vs Hero)

"If it ain't Danger!" (Start Quote vs Danger)

"Tell ya what, If you win, I'll give you relationship advice!!" (Start Quote vs Reggie/Brittney/Jester)

"You look awfully like someone I know..." (Start Quote vs JT-01149)

"Stealin' powers!? That's my job!!" (Start Quote vs Luk-S)

"They never call me 'The King' for nothing!" (Default Win Quote)

"I finally won!" (Win Quote vs Hero)

"You should really come with us!" (Win Quote vs Danger)

"Too bad! You're gonna stay single!" (Win Quote vs Reggie/Brittney/Jester)

"Tell me about this Legion of Darkness!!" (Win Quote vs Luk-S)

John JamesEdit

I've changed(Start vs Tyler)

I'm not the same person i was (Win vs Tyler)

Why are you so angry? (Lose vs Tyler)

Why are you so mean to me? (Start vs Sparks)

Sorry for being hardcore (Win vs Sparks)

What did I do to you (Lose vs Sparks)

Attack Quotes

"come on,come on" (Scissors Kick)

"Never thought it would come to this" (Ultra John Cannon)

Sigma HaleEdit

"Outta my way, or you're dead." (Start Quote)

"What the hell? Stop wasting my time." (Start Quote)

"I'm not gonna let you stop me." (Start Quote)

"They'll never find your body." (Start Quote, Vs. Telos)

"Alright, let's see what you've learned, O' sister of mine." (Start Quote, Vs. Ciel)

"Dispatched in Mobius' darkest hour, we are paladins of the infinite light!" (Start Quote, Vs. Monica)

"Hey birdbrain, don't you think you're a little in over your head?" (Start Quote, Vs. Falco)

"Machines... that's all I ever seem to face." (Start Quote, Vs. JT)

"Maya... Maya, why the hell are you here?" (Start Quote, Vs. Maya)

"Just who... the hell are you?" (Start Quote, Vs. Hazama)

"Wow, I'm tired of putting up with your bullshit. How about I just kick your ass and get it over with?" (Start Quote, Vs. Razor)

"Great, I'm fighting kids now?" (Start Quote, Vs. Sammy/Jester/J Jr.)

"Annoying!" (Start Quote, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Go home already!" (Start Quote, Vs. Patricia)

"I'm gonna make you cry, you damn leech!" (Start Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"You outdated piece of crap." (Start Quote, Vs. JT-01149)

"Monica, I'm sorry." (Start Quote, Vs. σ-18)

"Man, you talk a lot of shit." (Start Quote, Vs. EggPlankton)

"...And it all falls on me." (Start Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Restriction 666 released..." -> "Sister... lend me your strength!" (Start Quote, Unlimited)

"Lifting restriction number 666..." -> "Believe in me, Ciel!" (Start Quote, Unlimited)

"Ready?" (Throw)

"Dirt nap." (Throw)

"Idiot." (Throw, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Don't mess with me!" (Air Throw)

"Die." (Air Throw)

"Stupid." (Air Throw, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Hah!" (When using "Force Shot")

"Eat this!" (When using "Force Shot" at full charge)

"Back off!" (When using "Shungokusatsu")

"Take this!" (Alternate quote for "Shungokusatsu")

"Hell's Fang!" -> "Ough!" (When using "Hell's Fang" -> "Additional Attack")

"Hell's..." -> "Fang!" (Alternate quote for "Hell's Fang" -> "Additional Attack")

"I'll smash you..." -> "To pieces!" (Alternate quote for "Hell's Fang" -> "Additional Attack", vs. Telos)

"Are you..." -> "Stupid?!" (Alternate quote for "Hell's Fang" -> "Additional Attack", vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Dead Spike!" (When using "Dead Spike")

"Sheol's Rolling!" (When using "Sheol's Rolling")

"Stay down!" (Alternate quote for "Sheol's Rolling")

"Inferno Divider!" (When using "Inferno Divider")

"Outta my way!" (Alternate quote for "Inferno Divider")

"Idiot!" (Alternate quote for "Inferno Divider", vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"You're dead!" (When using "Straight Punch")

"This'll hurt!" (Alternate quote for "Straight Punch", vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Shatter!" (When using "Axe Kick")

"Agh!" (Alternate quote for "Axe Kick", vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Belial Edge!" (When using "Belial Edge")

"Get ready!" (Alternate quote for "Belial Edge")

"Rekkoha!" (When using "Rekkoha")

"Don't bother!" (Alternate quote for "Rekkoha")

"Rockin' on! Coronation!" -> "Lights out!" (When using his "Coronation" Special Move)

"You're nothing!" -> "Just DIE!" (Alternate quote for "Coronation", Vs. Telos)

"How's this feel?" -> "I don't really give a damn!" (Alternate quote for "Coronation", Vs. Medusa)

"So this is the path you've chosen!" -> "And you've chosen to die!" (Alternate quote for "Coronation", Vs. Razor)

"Carnaaaage..." -> "SCISSORS!" (When using his "Carnage Scissors" Special Move)

"Carnage Scissors!" -> "I'll devour ya!" (Alternate quote for "Carnage Scissors")

"Kids should be..." -> "IN BED ALREADY!" (Alternate quote for "Carnage Scissors", Vs. Sammy/Jester/J Jr.)

"Goddamnit, Medusa!" -> "You're pissing me off!" (Alternate quote for "Carnage Scissors", Vs. Medusa)

"Telos!" -> "Just die already!" (Alternate quote for "Carnage Scissors", Vs. Telos)

"Stare into the abyss!" -> "Shatter!" (When using his "Bloodraze Hurricane" Super Combo)

"The end!" -> "Peace out." (Alternate quote for "Bloodraze Hurricane")

"Ciel, I'm sorry." (Alternate quote for "Bloodraze Hurricane", Vs. Ciel)

"Forgive me, Fetalia." (Alternate quote for "Bloodraze Hurricane", Vs. Fetalia)

"Whaddya think of this hole?!" (Alternate quote for "Bloodraze Hurricane", Vs. Medusa)

"TELOOOOS~!" -> "You're gonna like this!" (Alternate quote for "Bloodraze Hurricane", Vs. Telos)

"Soul Reaper!" -> "Singularity." (When using his "Soul Reaper" Super Combo)

"Destruction!" (When using his "Unity Sword" Super Combo [Deus Sigma only])

"There is no hell, just darkness." (Alternate quote for "Unity Sword" [Deus Sigma only])

"Deus EX..." -> "Machina!" -> "Body and soul." -> "Your judgment awaits... in another world!" (When using his "Deus EX Machina" Chaos Drive)

"Roll over and die already!" -> "Deus EX Machina!" -> "Your execution has arrived." -> "Your fate has been decided." (Alternate quote for "Deus EX Machina")

"The final dream..." -> "Punished!" -> "Take this, my love, my anger, and all of my sorrow!" -> "Limit Break!" (Alternate quote for "Deus EX Machina", Vs. Julius [A reference to Domon's "Shining Finger Sword" quote from G-Gundam.])

"Outta my way already." (Win Quote)

"How boring." (Win Quote)

"Loser!" (Win Quote)

"You guys can't stop me." (Win Quote)

"And stay down." (Win Quote)

"I can't kill you enough times." (Win Quote, Vs. Telos)

"Hey sis, how's that 'New Generation' crap workin' out for ya?" (Win Quote, Vs. Ciel)

"Monica, go home. This doesn't concern you." (Win Quote, Vs. Monica)

"Falco, simmer down a little bit." (Win Quote, Vs. Falco)

"Ya ain't catchin' me, stupid! Ya ain't catchin' me, bitch!" (Win Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"Guardian Unit's less than nothin'." (Win Quote, Vs. Drake)

"What's the matter? Timeline didn't predict this?" (Win Quote, Vs. Shine/Fetalia)

"Grow UP, damnit!" (Win Quote, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Goddamn, I'm worn out." (Win Quote, Vs. Boombomb)

"I don't know what the hell your problem is, but I suggest you just sit there and suffer." (Win Quote, Vs. Hazama)

"Worthless." (Win Quote, Vs. Danger)

"Isn't it about time you were put out to pasture?" (Win Quote, Vs. Doom)

"Tell me everything you know about the Legion of Darkness." (Win Quote, Vs. Luk-S)

"Brittney... seriously... were you even looking at the odds?" (Win Quote, Vs. Brittney)

"You're like the thousands of other Irregulars I've retired before you -- worthless." (Win Quote, Vs. JT-01149)

"I'm gonna take my time, and enjoy killing you, Julius." (Win Quote, Vs. Julius)

"Can it, you monkies!" (Win Quote, Vs. EggPlankton)

"Go to hell." (Win Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Shit!" (Lose)

"Shit... I ate that one good..." (Lose)

"Is this... it?" (Lose)

"Still not... strong enough..." (Lose)

"Get the hell... outta my way!" (Lose)

"I won't... let you..." (Lose, Vs. Telos)

"Nice shot..." (Lose, Vs. Ciel)

"What are you after...?" (Lose, Vs. Hazama)

"Guess I can't stop time..." (Lose, Vs. Shine/Fetalia)

"I can't... give up..." (Lose, Vs. Gaiaphage)

Ciel Mackenzie HaleEdit

"Guess there's a few things I have to correct." (Start Quote)

"Hope you're watching this, brother..." (Start Quote)

"Let's just get this over with..." (Start Quote)

"Come, brother, let's have fun!" (Start Quote, Vs. Sigma)

"I won't let you threaten Mobius any longer!" (Start Quote, Vs. Telos)

"Dispatched in Mobius' darkest hour, we are paladins of the infinite light!" (Start Quote, Vs. Monica)

"Such an arrogant fool." (Start Quote, Vs. Falco)

"So, how's Miles doing?" (Start Quote, Vs. Ivy)

"What's it like travelling through time?" (Start Quote, Vs. Shine/Fetalia)

"Remnants of ages past... fascinating..." (Start Quote, Vs. Maya)

"Hey, there!" (Start Quote, Vs. Boombomb)

"What is this reading...?!" (Start Quote, Vs. Hazama)

"A living example of everything wrong with this world... I hate you." (Start Quote, Vs. Razor)

"The epitome of sin... I believe some discipline is in order." (Start Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"I won't let you end our world!" (Start Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Lifting restriction number 777!" -> "Engaging IDEA Engine: Lumine Infinitus!" (Start Quote, Unlimited)

"Extinction!" (When using her "Calamity Sword" Special Move)

"Disappear!" (Alternate quote for "Calamity Sword")

"You're too slow, brother!" (Alternate quote for "Calamity Sword", Vs. Sigma)

"Penetrate this, you degenerate!" (Alternate quote for "Calamity Sword", Vs. Medusa)

"Wisdom of the Divines!" -> "If the world dies, so will I!" (When using her "Wisdom of the Divines" Special Move)

"Nine Fragments!" -> "Perish before me." (When using her "Nine Fragments" Super Combo)

"Engaging IDEA Engine: Lumine Infinitus!" (When using her "Lumine Infinitus" Chaos Drive)

"Restriction 777 Released -- Engaging IDEA Engine: Sword of Destruction!" -> "O silver blade forged in the depths of the beyond, heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way!" -> "Lay waste." (When using her "Sword of Destruction" Chaos Drive)

"Lifting all restrictions -- IDEA Engine engaged!" -> "The world you have wished for is full of pain, agony and despair. It will continue to collapse upon itself." -> "That kind of world is unnecessary!" (Alternate quote for "Sword of Destruction", Vs. Julius)

"Goodbye." (Win Quote)

"Disappear." (Win Quote)

"Are you holding back, Sigma?" (Win Quote, Vs. Sigma)

"Boring." (Win Quote, Vs. Falco)

"Uhh, tell Miles I said 'Hi' for me!" (Win Quote, Vs. Ivy)

"I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you!" (Win Quote, Vs. Boombomb)

"These readings are way off... I must have overestimated you." (Win Quote Vs. Hazama)

"I don't understand... my analysis must be off..." (Win Quote, Vs. Fetalia)

"Crumble." (Win Quote, Vs. Razor)

"You're nothing but a vice. Just disappear." (Win Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"You don't exist..." (Win Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Agh... ugh..." (Lose)

"No..." (Lose)

"Brother..." (Lose, Vs. Sigma)

"You... you bastard..." (Lose, Vs. Telos)

"A good lover and a good fighter..." (Lose, Vs. Boombomb)

"I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it!" (Lose, Vs. Medusa)

"Forgive me... I've failed..." (Lose, Vs. Gaiaphage)

Monica DeLouiseEdit

"Alright, you've piqued my interest." (Start Quote)

"You've got my attention, now what?" (Start Quote)

"Dispatched in Mobius' darkest hour, we are paladins of the infinite light!" (Start Quote, Vs. Sigma/Ciel)

"What the hell is a pacifist doing here?" (Start Quote, Vs. Maya)

"Falco, you're so damn arrogant." (Start Quote, Vs. Falco)

"Razor the Shark, you're under arrest!" (Start Quote, Vs. Razor)

"Who are you? And what the hell do you want with me?" (Start Quote, Vs. Hazama)

"Your breasts are illegal!" (Start Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"I have to stop you here... no matter what the cost..." (Start Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Fenrir! Haaaaaagh!" -> "Nemesis Stabilizer!" (When using her "Zero Gun: Fenrir" -> "Nemesis Stabilizer" Special Move)

"Fenrir, don't fail me!" -> "Unleashing!" (Alternate Quote for "Zero Gun: Fenrir" -> "Nemesis Stabilizer")

"This is a..." -> "...major violation!" (Alternate Quote for "Zero Gun: Fenrir" -> "Nemesis Stabilizer", Vs. Medusa)

"Yaaaaah! I'm sick of being called stupid!" -> "Especially by a moron like YOU!" (Alternate Quote for "Zero Gun: Fenrir" -> "Nemesis Stabilizer", Vs. Drake)

"Bullet Storm!" -> "GOOOOO!" (When using her "Bullet Storm" Special Move)

"Bullet Storm!" -> "Mjolnir Burst!" (Alternate quote for "Bullet Storm")

"Razor the Shark!" -> "Resistance is futile!" (Alternate quote for "Bullet Storm", Vs. Razor)

"Let this be the end of you." (When using her "Zero Gun: Gungnir" Super Combo)

"Releasing Armagus!" (When using her "Valkyrie Veil" Chaos Drive)

"Oh well, fun while it lasted." (Win Quote)

"I have to keep fighting... I have to find it..." (Win Quote)

"Such a disappointment." (Win Quote)

"Why... why are you holding back?!" (Win Quote, Vs. Sigma/Ciel)

"Now, please calm down." (Win Quote, Vs. Falco)

"Why... why are you here?!" (Win Quote, Vs. Hazama)

"I'm not losing my virginity today, you dumb bitch!" (Win Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"This power I'm chasing... do I really need it?" (Win Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Aaaaaagh!" (Lose)

"Why..." (Lose)

"Father... mother... I'm sorry..." (Lose)

"I can't move..." (Lose, Vs. Hazama)

"No... no, I won't let you...!" (Lose, Vs. Medusa)

"I can't change anything." (Lose, Vs. Gaiaphage)


"Engaging." (Start Quote)

"Hmph." (Start Quote)

"Sigma..." (Start Quote, Vs. Sigma)

"A replica." (Start Quote, Vs. Ciel)

"A vice... disappear." (Start Quote, Vs. Medusa)

"The dream ends today." (Start Quote, Vs. Julius)

"The Endbringer." (Start Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Divine Javelin!" (When using her "Divine Javelin" Special Move)

"The end of regrets!" (Alternate quote for "Divine Javelin")

"Pray for mercy!" (Alternate quote for "Divine Javelin")

"Ravage." (When using her "Ravage" Special Move)

"The end." (Alternate quote for "Ravage")

"Burn!" (Alternate quote for "Ravage", Vs. The Gaiaphage)

"Boundary Unleashed!" (When using her "Boundary Unleashed" Super Combo)

"Ultimatum." (Alternate quote for "Boundary Unleashed")

"Eviscerate." (Alternate quote for "Boundary Unleashed")

"Be just or be dead!" -> "I am the protector of this world and all who inhabit it." -> "If your presence is to threaten that existance... then you must disappear!" (When she uses her "Sword of Chaos" Chaos Drive [Startup quote is a reference to Ky Kiske's theme from Guilty Gear, "Holy Orders {Be Just or Be Dead}"])

"Perish." (Win Quote)

"Assessing damage." (Win Quote)

"Sigma... I'm sorry..." (Win Quote, Vs. Sigma)

"Ciel... What have I done...?!" (Win Quote, Vs. Ciel)

"I can't stop it...!" (Win Quote, Vs. Smash)

"Judgment: Execution." (Win Quote, Vs. Julius)

"Anomaly resolved." (Win Quote, Vs. Gaiaphage)

"Aaaaaagh!" (Lose)

"Immobilized..." (Lose)

"Sigma... please..." (Lose, Vs. Sigma)

"I've failed..." (Lose, Vs. Gaiaphage)

Telos NyctoresEdit

"Hey, come on down! I've got all the time in the world." (Start Quote)

"Don't get your hopes too high, now!" (Start Quote)

"Well, if you're gonna die, at least try not to disappoint me." (Start Quote)

"Shut up and die!" (Start Quote, Vs. Sigma)

"Don't really have that much faith in your brother there, huh? Harsh." (Start Quote, Vs. Ciel)

"Dispatched in Mobius' darkest hour, we... pffft, hahahahaha! Gotcha that time!" (Start Quote, Vs. Monica)

"Oh, go choke on it, Feathers." (Start Quote, Vs. Falco)

"Hey, mind if I be the one saying 'I told you so' when everything blows up in your face?" (Start Quote, Vs. Shine/Fetalia)

"You know, I get the feeling you REALLY don't belong here." (Start Quote, Vs. Maya)

"They say 'it's just trash, you don't need to experiment with it'... but, what the hell?" (Start Quote, Vs. JT)

"Okay, okay, I get it already!" (Start Quote, Vs. Boombomb)

"Your dream still sucks, time to wake up." (Start Quote, Vs. Julius)

"...Mental note: Happiness turns you into a drooling idiot." (Start Quote, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Now what the hell makes you think anyone wants to fondle your tail but you?!" (Start Quote, Vs. Patricia)

"Blackout!" (When using his "Blitz" Special Move)

"Succumb!" (Alternate quote for "Blitz")

"I'll end your misery!" (Alternate quote for "Blitz", Vs. Sigma)

"Die, die, die, die, die!" (Alternate quote for "Blitz", Vs. Monica)

"Empty Sky Form..." -> "Midnight's Riposte!" (When using his "Judgment: Darkness" Special Move)

"Know your place..." -> "Empty Sky Form: Midnight's Riposte!" (Alternate quote for "Judgment: Darkness")

"One thousand arrows!" -> "Black as night." (When using his "Ultima Arrow" Super Combo)

"Quit interfering!" -> "Who the hell are you?!" (Alternate quote for "Ultima Arrow", Vs. Monica)

"You're so stupid." -> "I've been waiting for this moment!" (Alternate quote for "Ultima Arrow", Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"Pay close attention now!" -> "One!" -> "Two!" -> "Three!" -> "Infinity Strike!" -> "Don't bother!" (When using his "Infinity Strike" Super Combo)

"Come on over, let's play..." -> "Feels--" -> "--Good--" -> "--Don't it?!" -> "Die already!" -> "You idiot." (Alternate quote for "Infinity Strike", Vs. Sigma)

"Black Dungeon!" -> "Give up." (When using his "Black Dungeon" Chaos Drive)

"Endless despair!" -> "Too weak." (Alternate quote for "Black Dungeon")

"Helloooooo? You alive in there?" (Win quote)

"Just trash after all." (Win quote)

"Wake me up if you're still alive." (Win quote)

"Hah... that won't DO, Sigma!" (Win quote, Vs. Sigma)

"No one can f*** time!" (Win quote, Vs. Shine/Fetalia)

"Whoever said 'if you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough' obviously wasn't counting on you." (Win quote, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

"If it looks like trash, acts like trash, SMELLS like trash, it's trash." (Win quote, Vs. Patricia)

"I could laugh at that face all day!" (Win quote, Vs. Smash)

"I really don't have a use for you anymore, just die." (Win quote, Vs. Hazama)

"Well, someone had to trim the family tree." (Win quote, Vs. any member of the Prower family)

"Whoa, whoa!" (Lose)

"What the hell?!" (Lose)

"Gutless..." (Lose)

"It hurts, Sigma!" (Lose, Vs. Sigma)

"Goddamniiiit!" (Lose, Vs. Jack [Spongebob100])

Jimmy CanvasEdit

"Let's rumble!" (start quote)

"Show me your stuff, buddy!" (start quote vs. Joseph)

"Uhhh....this is, uhh....yeah..." (start quote vs. Tammy)

"Take it easy, Reggie!" (start quote vs. Reggie)

"I'm no ordinary kid, y'know?!" (start quote vs. Luk-S)

"Hey! You're from Star Wolf aren't you?!" (start quote vs. Star Wolf)

"Lemme show ya what I can do!" (start quote vs. JT/Hero)

"Let's give it our best, okay, Jay?" (start quote vs. J Jr.)

"It's finale time!" (when about to use Chaos Drive)

"Alright! I did it!" (win quote)

"Tammy! Are you okay?!" (win quote vs. Tammy)

"Don't feel bad man! Practice makes perfect!" (win quote vs. Joseph)

"End of the line, Star Wolf!" (win quote vs. Star Wolf)

"Believe me, I didn't wanna do that!" (win quote vs. Jester/Sammy)

"You can't hold me down!" (win quote vs. Doom)

"I'm not fallin' for your magic, girl!" (win quote vs. Medusa)

"Don't just a book by it's cover!" (win quote vs. JT-01149)

"Can't beat the darkness, huh?!" (win quote vs. Gaiaphage/Darkspine Drake/Blackout)

"I know I can do this!" (losing quote)

"Guess you have improved...." (losing quote vs. Joseph)

"Ehehehehe.....that was...good Tammy...." (losing quote vs. Tammy)

" did you do that?!" (losing quote vs. Luk-S)

"Damn...I couldn't do it..." (losing quote vs. Doom)

"Yes....mistress...." (losing quote vs. Medusa)

"No...I came so close!" (losing quote vs. JT-01149)

"AAAAAAHH!!!!!!" (knockout-quote)

Jesse the EchidnaEdit

"Let's get this show on the road." (General battle start quote)

"Can't say I'm surprised..." (General win quote)

"Lucky shot..." (General loss quote)

"Now you're definitely screwed." (Activating Chaos Drive)

"Bring it on, numbnuts." (Battle Begin vs. JT)

"Cybernetics versus skill." (Win vs. JT)

"This is one fight I shouldn'ta started..." (Loss vs. JT)

"I'd have a smart quote for you, but you're too stupid to interpret any." (Battle begin vs. Falco)

"Maturity. Look into it." (Win vs. Falco)

"Looks like you grew a pair since the last time we met..." (Loss vs. Falco)

"For once this may be an even fight..." (Battle begin vs. Hero)

"Who's the hero now?" (Win vs. Hero)

"You put up a good fight..." (Loss vs. Hero)

Isaiah AngelbornEdit

"I warned you." (Start quote)

"May God be merciful in your fate." (Win Quote)

"I'm not done yet." (Loss quote)

"A battle worth my attention." (Boss start quote)

"NO! I'M NOT FINISHED!" (Boss battle loss)

"Your evil reign has come to an end." (Boss battle win)

"This is the end of you!" (Start vs. Cutlass)

"I...I CAN'T LOSE!!!!" (Loss vs. Cutlass)

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You're finished." (Win vs. Cutlass)

"IT'S TIME I END THIS!!!" (Activating chaos drive)

Cutlass DemonbornEdit

"My next contestant." (Start Quote)

"You cannot defeat me!" (Loss Quote)

"HAHAHAHA! You're energy is mine." (Win Quote)

"Your power shall be mine soon." (Boss start)

"NO...SO STRONG!!!!" (Boss battle loss)


"Prepare to meet you're end." (Battle vs. Isaiah)

"WHY WON'T YOU JUST STAY DOWN!!!!" (Loss vs. Isaiah)

"YES! IT'S OVER FOR YOU, ANGEL!!!!!" (Win vs. Isaiah)

"DEMONSOUL, GENERATE!!!!" (Activating Chaos Drive)

Smash The Echidna's QuotesEdit

Attack Quotes

Pummel ~ "You're mine!" ~ "Try this on for size."

Endless Smash ~ "That's enough! Endless Smash!" ~ "I'll finish you here! Endless Smash!"

Seven Stars ~ "Take This! Seven Stars!"

Bone Crusher ~ "You're dead. Bone Crusher!" ~ "I'll put you in your grave. Bone Crusher!" ~ "I'm going to crush you."

Triple Uppercut ~ "No more holding back...Let's finish this!"

Spirit Blast ~ "That's...what I call a "Spirit Blast"." (After use, only.)

Skull Cracker ~ "This Ends NOW! Skull Cracker!" ~ "URRGHII!! SKULL CRACKER!!"

Final Fury ~ "Let's finish this..." ~"This is it. Get ready..!" ~ "Everything I fight for is resting on my shoulders. And I won't rest until I've taken you down! Final...FURY!" (Quote during attack, after either of the first two.)

Divine Fist ~ "Let me show you what I'm really made of! Diviiine FIIIIST!!!" ~ "The moment of truth...Divine..FIST!!"

Starting Quotes

~"This should be fun." - Normal Start .1

~"Bring it on." - Normal Start .2

~"Show me whatcha got." - Normal Start .3

~"A robot, huh? Let's see if you're even worth the effort." - Start against JT

~"You're not least, not the one I know." - Start against Lightning

~"Another familiar name..." - Start against Violet

~"What the heck? Another Violet?" - Start against Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"Not often that I get to fight a fellow echidna. Don't hold back!" - Start against Hero, or any other echidna.

~"why are you naked." - Start against Target

~"Sigh..I don't wanna beat on a little kid.." - Start against Jester

~"A Demon? Here? I don't like where this is going." - Start against Nitros

~"Interesting..I know a guy who wears that same shirt. Heh, what am I saying?" - Start against Shine

~"Do I know you? You remind me of someone..Whatever, Let's go." - Start Against Drake

~"A super form? Already going all out, eh?" - Start against Super Shine

~"Oh you gotta be kidding me." - Start against Keith.

~"...I have nothing to say to you. Come." Start against Cold.

~"I'm sorry, but you are no match for me." Start against Jack.

~"Yeah, nice hair. You planning on impaling me with that?" Start against Starburst.

~"Yo Splice! Nothing personal, but I gotta take you down here." Start against Splice

Victory Quotes

~"That was a good fight. Let's meet in the ring again, sometime." - Normal Victory .1

~"Dang, I feel good today." - Normal Victory .2

~"Don't feel too bad. I mean, you only KINDA suck."- Normal Victory .3

~"Is that all you got?" - Normal Victory .4

~"That was a pretty good warmup. Who's next?" - Normal Victory .5

~"Just as I expected." -Victory against JT

~"Nice try, Shorty." Victory against Lightning.

~"Hm. Interesting match." Victory against Violet

~"How many people with the same names as my friends am I going to run into?" - Victory against Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"You were good. But you should rethink your strategies before facing me again." Victory against any echidna.

~"Now will you please put some clothes on? Is that so much to ask?" - Victory against Target

~"Sorry, kid. You should probably just stick to fighting games." Victory against Jester.

~"I'm getting closer to figuring out what's going on here, I know it.." Victory against Nitros

~"Your attitude kinda ticks me off." - Victory against Drake

~"Phew..I didn't think I'd actually pull that off." - Victory against Super Shine.

~"This is getting old, Metal. Or Keith. Whatever the heck your name is. You can't. win." - Victory against Keith

~"Yeah, I thought so." - Victory against Cold.

~"I was holding back on you, too. Come back when you can put up a fight." - Victory against Jack.

~"Next stop: The barber shop. Heh, just kiddin' ya." - Victory against Starburst.

~"Sorry, man. You were pretty good, though." - Victory against Splice

~"You were great, Sis. But there's much you need to learn." - Victory against Pearl.

Defeat Quotes

~"No...I can't lose here.." Normal Defeat .1

~"D-dang it..I can't focus..!" Normal Defeat .2

~"I..I'm not through...y-yet..." Normal Defeat .3

~"Looks like I underestimated this thing..." Defeat against JT

~"Heh..Guess you ain't half bad.." Defeat against Lightning

~"You're not bad.." - Defeat against Violet

~"The Violet I know isn't going to be happy about this.." - Defeat against Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"I'll admit, I'm impressed." Defeat against any echidna

~"And your reward is clothes." - Defeat against Target

~"Not bad, kid. I wasn't expecting that." Defeat against Jester

~"'re stronger than I'd hoped.." Defeat against Nitros

~"Somehow I feel offended by this loss." - Defeat against Drake

~"What was I thinking, taking a super form head on like that...?" - Defeat against Super Shine

~"No. Just...No." - Defeat against Keith.

~"....." - Defeat against Cold.

~"What." Defeat against Jack.

~"Aw crap, you didn't have to mess up my hair, too!" - Defeat against Starburst.

~"Holy crap, Splice. I didn't see that coming." - Defeat against Splice.

~"...I'm proud of you, Pearl. You're stronger than me, now.." - Defeat against Pearl.

Boss Quotes

~"Don't even think about it." Start against Medusa.

~"Now get outta my sight." Victory against Medusa.

~".......Screw this. I'm outta here." Defeat against Medusa.

~"Oh look. It's another DARK LORD. Shall I only refer to you on a full name basis too, Mr. Dark Lord?" Start against Doom.

~"What kind of name is Doom, anyway? Were you born to be evil?" Victory against Doom.

~"Crap..I should know better than to taunt the overlords..." Defeat against Doom.

~"Okay, you're actually rather disturbing." Start against Danger

~"Looks like Danger has passed." Victory against Danger

~" sure live up to your name.." Defeat against Danger

~"Hey, didn't I beat you already? Was your defeat THAT aggravating to you?" Start against Darkspine Drake

~"Winners don't throw dark form tantrums. Get back to training." Victory against Darkspine Drake

~"I-Is this even legal..!?" Defeat against Darkspine Drake.

~"Another transformation? Gimmie a break, man.." Start against Blackout

~"Seriously. What's up with you guys all of a sudden?" Victory against Blackout

~"D-dang was only a matter of time..." Defeat against Blackout

~"Wait, aren't you...didn't I already beat a robot like you before?" Start against JT-01149

~"Once again, not much of a challenge." Victory against JT-01149

~"Crap...Stronger than last time.." Defeat against JT-01149

~"Oh for crying out loud. How many super transformations are you guys gonna shove onto me?" Start against True Darkness Sparks

~"*panting heavily* This is getting to be too much..." Victory against T.D. Sparks

~"Ugh..I can't take this anymore..." Defeat against T.D. Sparks

~"are you serious. Are You Freaking Serious? Even You too!? That's it. Enough crap. I'm taking you down for GOOD." Start against Dragoeith The Titanium Wolnoid

~"I TOLD you before! You can't beat me!" -Victory against Dragoeith.

~"I can't believe this..." - Defeat against Dragoeith

~"Now I fight some fat dude in a machine. Where have I heard this before?" Start against Dr. Eggplankton.

~"That was freaking pathetic. Thanks for giving me some time to rest." - Victory against Dr. Eggplankton

~"Ugh, I wasted too much energy on those super guys..." Defeat against Dr. Eggplankton

~"And just who do you think you are, acting all big like that?" - Start against Telos

~"Hmph, All talk." - Victory against Telos

~"Ahhh SHADDAP!" - Defeat against Telos

~"Uhh...I don't believe you're supposed to be here." Start against Ogre

~"....Wait a minute..This battle ain't over yet." - Victory against Ogre.

~"D-dang...this thing's a monster..!" Defeat against Ogre

~"Whoa. Okaay, I didn't see that coming." Start against True Ogre.

~"Whew! That was pretty rough.." Victory against True Ogre.

~"U-ugh...C-can't body..." Defeat against True Ogre

~" are you..!?" - Start against Darkyle.

~"Gah...And Stay dead this time!" - Victory against Darkyle

~"Ugh...I..have to get outta here.." - Defeat against Darkyle

~"W-What the...Is!?" - Start against The Nega

~"That was...alarming." - Victory against The Nega

~"J-Just what is this thing...?" Defeat against the Nega.

~"Holy crap, what the heck is THIS!?" Start against the Gaiaphage

~"I...I did it...I've won..." Victory against the Gaiaphage

~"I-Is...this how it ends...?" Defeat against the Gaiaphage

Pearl The Echidna's QuotesEdit

Starting Quotes

~"Let's have a good match." - Normal Start .1

~"Hehe, I'll do my best!" - Normal Start .2

~"This is exciting! Let's do it!" - Normal Start .3

~"A robot? I didn't know they were allowed here." - Start against JT

~"Your name is Lightning, too?" - Start against Lightning

~"Violet..?" - Start against Violet

~"Hmm..I've never seen a Hedgehog/Seedrian hybrid, before." - Start against Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"I feel honored to fight another of my kind." - Start against Hero, or any other echidna.

~"Hey, aren't you a little young for this?" - Start against Jester

~"Uh oh.." - Start against Nitros

~"Hmm...This guy makes me feel uncomfortable." - Start Against Drake

~"H-Hey! No fair!" - Start against Super Shine

~"Hey I know you. You're that guy that keeps bothering my brother!" - Start against Keith.

~"Hm..Cold, huh? I think I've heard of you before." Start against Cold.

~"Something tells me this is going to be painfully easy." Start against Jack.

~"WHOA! I-I mean..Hi. That hairstyle is kinda startling." Start against Starburst.

~"Hey Splice! Let's make this an awesome match!" Start against Splice

Victory Quotes

~"Hehe! I won!" - Normal Victory .1

~"Yay, I did it!" - Normal Victory .2

~"WHOOT! Ah, whoops. That's not like me at all. Hehe."- Normal Victory .3

~"You're good..But I'm better!" - Normal Victory .4

~"Is that all you got? I was just getting started!" - Normal Victory .5

~"Whoops, I hope I didn't damage you beyond repair." -Victory against JT

~"I know you're not my friend Violet, but I still felt awkward fighting you." Victory against Violet

~"And your name is Violet, too.." - Victory against Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"Let's fight again, sometime." Victory against any echidna.

~"Being a good fighter takes years of training and experience." Victory against Jester.

~"Phew...That was close." Victory against Nitros

~"I Won?" - Victory against Super Shine.

~"He also said you were a pushover, too. Sounds about right." - Victory against Keith

~"You're one of the most persistant fighters I've ever seen." - Victory against Cold.

~"Yeah..I was right. Sigh..." - Victory against Jack.

~"Hehe, Wow. You're slipping, Splice!" - Victory against Splice

~"I..I did it...I actually did it..!" - Victory against Smash.

Defeat Quotes

~"Nooo!" Normal Defeat .1

~"I-I can't..go on.." Normal Defeat .2

~"Everything's going dark..." Normal Defeat .3

~"I hurt my hand.." Defeat against JT

~"You're..s-strong.." - Defeat against Violet and Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"I lost...Let's fight again when I'm stronger." Defeat against any echidna

~"I guess you're really serious about this." Defeat against Jester

~"" Defeat against Nitros

~"O-ow..! Couldn't you have taken it a little easier?" - Defeat against Drake

~"Th-This isn't fair!" - Defeat against Super Shine

~"How in the heck did I let myself lose..!?" - Defeat against Keith.

~"Gah...Why won't you stay down..!?" - Defeat against Cold.

~"What." Defeat against Jack.

~"Owwie! Okay okay, I lost!" - Defeat against Splice.

~"Aw man..Will I ever be able to beat you?" - Defeat against Smash.

Boss Quotes

~"Wh-...Why are you looking at me like that?" Start against Medusa.

~"Go away, creepy lady!" Victory against Medusa.

~"I..I'm scared." Defeat against Medusa.

~"Whoa wait what? Who let the Dark Lord guy in here?" Start against Doom.

~"What kind of "Dark Lord" enters a common tournament, anyway?" Victory against Doom.

~"I-I guess he's here just to knock down any fighters rising in the ranks..." Defeat against Doom.

~"Uhhh..." Start against Danger

~"Whew! Close one." Victory against Danger

~"B-Bad idea, Pearl." Defeat against Danger

~"W-Wait, aren't you s-supposed to be disqualified by now?" Start against Darkspine Drake

~"I don't know how I pulled that off..." Victory against Darkspine Drake

~"T-That's not fair, you cheater!" Defeat against Darkspine Drake.

~"Oh boy. I'm not gonna last out here at this rate." Start against Blackout

~"I think everyone's out to kill me.." Victory against Blackout

~"I-I knew it..." Defeat against Blackout

~"Wait, aren't you...didn't I already fight a robot like you before?" Start against JT-01149

~"That was a bit tougher than before." Victory against JT-01149

~"I think I broke my hand punching this thing..." Defeat against JT-01149

~"S-Stop it..No more transformations!" Start against True Darkness Sparks

~"*panting heavily* I can't..keep doing this.." Victory against T.D. Sparks

~"I...." Defeat against T.D. Sparks

~"Wait, so you and Keith are the same person? So I DID kick your butt in the World Hero Tournament, after all!" Start against Dragoeith The Titanium Wolnoid

~"You still can't beat me!" -Victory against Dragoeith.

~"I-I swear, these transformations are breaking some kind of rule.." - Defeat against Dragoeith

~"Ew, who are YOU?" Start against Dr. Eggplankton.

~"I know this is mean but, you're kinda gross." - Victory against Dr. Eggplankton

~"I don't..have the strength left..." Defeat against Dr. Eggplankton

~"This guy kinda ticks me off.." - Start against Telos

~"Heheh, Not so tough now, are ya?" - Victory against Telos

~"*Simply folds her arms, glaring* ...." - Defeat against Telos

~"Oh my-..A monster..!?" Start against Ogre

~"Oh gosh.." - Victory against Ogre.

~" me.." Defeat against Ogre

~"...Eep!" Start against True Ogre.

~"I-Is it dead..?" Victory against True Ogre.

~"" Defeat against True Ogre

~"*Gasp* It can't be...!" - Start against Darkyle.

~"I don't understand it...How are you still alive..!?" - Victory against Darkyle

~"N-No..." - Defeat against Darkyle

~"W-what...? I-is that...?" - Start against The Nega

~"I never thought..that would happen.." - Victory against The Nega

~"N-no...not after all this..." Defeat against the Nega.

~"*Gasp* W-What is...!?" Start against the Gaiaphage

~"I...I won...Mom..Dad..Were you watching...?" Victory against the Gaiaphage

~"Someone..please..." Defeat against the Gaiaphage

Splice The Hedgehog's QuotesEdit

Starting Quotes

~"Alright, I'm ready! Let's do this!" - Normal Start .1

~"Bring it on!" - Normal Start .2

~"I'm definitely gonna win this one!" - Normal Start .3

~"Robots are allowed here?" - Start against JT

~"Another Lightning, huh? I guess that's a pretty common name." - Start against Lightning

~"..?" - Start against Violet

~"A hedgehog seedrian? That's rare." - Start against Violet the Hedgehog/Seedrian.

~"Hey, kid! Don't cry if you lose!" - Start against Jester

~"Uh..uh oh. Things are looking a bit more dangerous now." - Start against Nitros

~"What's your problem?" - Start Against Drake

~"What the-Hey! That's not fair!" - Start against Super Shine

~"Heyy..I know you! Are you coming to try and kick me around again, you jerk!?" - Start against Keith.

~"I've got this one in the bag." Start against Cold.

~"Dragon, Sit!" Start against Jack.

~"Ohhh crap. I'm not winning this, am I?" Start against Smash

~"Let's go easy on eachother, okay?" Start against Pearl

Victory Quotes

~"Yes!" - Normal Victory .1

~"Whoo! I won!" - Normal Victory .2

~"This match is mine!"- Normal Victory .3

~"VICTORYYY!!" - Normal Victory .4

~"Haha, Nothin to it!" - Normal Victory .5

~"That wasn't too tough." -Victory against JT

~"I don't feel very accomplished." Victory against Jester.

~"That was unsettling." Victory against Nitros

~"Don't look at me like that!" - Victory against Drake

~"I won? Whaa?" - Victory against Super Shine.

~"Yeah, how'dya like that!?" - Victory against Keith

~"Toldja! That was a piece of cake!" - Victory against Cold.

~"You're just not into this, are you?" - Victory against Jack.

~"I know you were holding back, Smash..." - Victory against Smash

~"Sorry if I hurt ya too bad. You put up a good fight though!" - Victory against Pearl.

Defeat Quotes

~"Noooo...!" Normal Defeat .1

~"Augh...why did it have to end up like this..?" Normal Defeat .2

~"C-can't..lose just yet..." Normal Defeat .3

~"Wow I lost? Just who exactly ARE you anyway?" Defeat against Jester

~"N-no..." Defeat against Nitros

~"Do you ever lighten up?" - Defeat against Drake

~"Cheater..." - Defeat against Super Shine

~"That was a low blow! I call foul play!!" - Defeat against Keith.

~"Darn it!" - Defeat against Cold.

~"aw, geez. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?" Defeat against Jack.

~" don't pull any punches, do you?" - Defeat against Smash.

~"'ve gotten stronger." - Defeat against Pearl.

Boss Quotes

~"Something tells me I should leave. Like, Now." Start against Medusa.

~"Yeah, Bye." Victory against Medusa.

~"Okay, you won. Hooray. Good-luck-in-the-finals-bye!" Defeat against Medusa.

~"Oh no, I'm doooooooomed!" Start against Doom.

~"Heh." Victory against Doom.

~"...I should learn to shut up more often." Defeat against Doom.

~"Oh gosh." Start against Danger

~"Who's dangerous now, eh?" Victory against Danger

~"Gack!" Defeat against Danger

~"Aw come on!" Start against Darkspine Drake

~"Face it, you lost!" Victory against Darkspine Drake

~"This is so unfair!" Defeat against Darkspine Drake.

~"What, am I too big and scary to stay in the tournament now?" Start against Blackout

~"Seriously, enough already!" Victory against Blackout

~" cheaters.." Defeat against Blackout

~"Hold up, what? Are you that same robot?" Start against JT-01149

~"That wasn't too bad." Victory against JT-01149

~"Crap...Stronger than last time.." Defeat against JT-01149

~"What is WRONG with you people!?" Start against True Darkness Sparks

~"*panting heavily* more..." Victory against T.D. Sparks

~"oooogh...I'm...filing a complaint.." Defeat against T.D. Sparks

~"WHAT!? Augh, That's IT! No more Mister Nice Guy!" Start against Dragoeith The Titanium Wolnoid

~"And stay dead this time!" -Victory against Dragoeith.

~" never..fighting here...again..." - Defeat against Dragoeith

~"Ew, what the heck?" Start against Dr. Eggplankton.

~"'re really did you make it past the bottom 10 rankings?" - Victory against Dr. Eggplankton

~"I was..too roughed up by those cheating super transforming people.." Defeat against Dr. Eggplankton

~"You've got a big mouth! Why don't you SHUT IT!?" - Start against Telos

~"Whaddya got to say for yourself NOW?" - Victory against Telos

~"You jerk!" - Defeat against Telos

~"Uh oh...This doesn't look good." Start against Ogre

~"....Whew..that was tough..-Wait a minute." - Victory against Ogre.

~"H-Help...Monster..." Defeat against Ogre

~"Oh shoot!" Start against True Ogre.

~"I'm..alive? Phew..!" Victory against True Ogre.

~"I..feel I going to die?" Defeat against True Ogre

~"*Gasp* I-It's you...!" - Start against Darkyle.

~"I've...done it..." - Victory against Darkyle

~"Have to...warn Kyle..." - Defeat against Darkyle

~"W-wh..what..!?" - Start against The Nega

~"I just..fought myself....and won?" - Victory against The Nega

~"What is" Defeat against the Nega.

~"Oh. My. Gosh. Can I even hurt this thing!?" Start against the Gaiaphage

~"I...I can't believe it...I actually won...!" Victory against the Gaiaphage

~"I'm sorry..guys..." Defeat against the Gaiaphage

Aileen the HedgehogEdit

"I'm really excited!" (Default Start)

"Pleased to meet you!" (Default Start)

"I'm ready, Ivy!" (Start Quote vs Ivy)

"It's great to actually do this!" (Start Quote vs Mary)

"Shine, I'm ready when you are!" (Start Quote vs Shine)

"Let's do this!" (Start Quote vs J Jr.)

"How come I never meet any nice guys?" (Start Quote vs Clyde, Kyle, Falco, Danger, Razor, Boombomb, Sigma, Telos, Drake or Luk-S)

"Sparks! I've improved!" (Start Quote vs Sparks)

"I did it!" (Default Win)

"You wanna go again?" (Default Win)

"Thank you so much!" (Win Quote vs Ivy)

"I told you I could win this!" (Win Quote vs Mary)

"Oh yeah. I won!" (Win Quote vs Shine)

"That was... Unexpected!" (Win Quote vs J Jr.)

"Every man I've met..." (Win Quote vs Clyde, Kyle, Falco, Danger, Razor, Boombomb, Sigma, Telos, Drake or Luk-S)

"There you go!" (Win Quote vs Sparks)

"I need to get back up!" (Default Loss)

"You've gotten tougher!!" (Loss Quote vs Ivy)

"Owww..." (Loss Quote vs Mary)

"I call rematch, dude!" (Loss Quote vs Shine)

"I should have saw that attack..." (Loss Quote vs J Jr.)

"THIS is what I meant..." (Loss Quote vs Clyde, Kyle, Falco, Danger, Razor, Boombomb, Sigma, Telos, Drake or Luk-S)

"I guess I overestimated myself again..." (Loss Quote vs Sparks)

Cold the Hedgehog quotesEdit

(default Starting)Your going to get your but kick.

(Starting agenst Smash)"Oh great!My name is Cold the strongest fighter you will see."

(Starting agenst Jesster)"Funny?"

(Starting agenst Ivy)"Hello there,now died."

(Starting agenst Drake)"They know"

(Starting agenst Pearl)"You may give it your all."

(Starting agenst Jack)"What's up Orangehog."

(Default Win)"Power beyond yours."

(Win agenst Smash)"Sorry for rude knock down,but you just got your but kicked."

(Win agenst Jesster)"Funny."

(Win agenst Ivy)"Good for Me."

(Win agenst Drake)"Headlines,that something they know"

(Win agenst Pearl)"Persistent,nope,strong,yes."

(Win agenst Jack)"Hey know hard feeling Orangehog."

(Default Loss)"Darn not here."

(Lose agenst Smash)"How?..."

(Lose agenst Jesster)"Okay not Funny!"

(Lose agenst Ivy)"Ah come on."

(Lose agenst Drake)"They know."

(Lose agenst Pearl)"This won't happen again."

(Lose agenst Jack)"Ha,I'll try again later Orangehog."

more soon...

Yu the PorcupineEdit

"Let me show you how powerful i really am!" (Start quote against anyone)

"*spits* You fight like a little girl!" (Win quote against any kid)

"Not bad for a Halfbreed, but you might need to improve, kid." (Win quote against Drake)

"You did fine.." (Win quote against Smash)

"I only let you win!" (Lose quote against any kid)

"Hmph..." (Lose quote against Drake)

"Well, you are older than me.." (Lose quote against Smash)

Ignite The HedgehogEdit

(Default Start) Quit yappin' and cmon!

(Default Start 2) Bring it on buddy!

(Win) Pfft..., what a waste!

(Win 2) *Waves index finger* tsk, tsk, tsk.

(lose) No Frikin' way!

(lose 2) D-Damnit...

( Vs kids) You serious kid..?

(Win vs Kids) The battlefield is no place for a kid!

(Lose Vs Kids) I lost..?, to a kid!!

(Vs Girls) Man, I love a girl who can fight!

(Win vs Girls) Sleep it off baby.

(Lose vs Girls) Gah...pretty tough...

(Performing flare gun) Nowhere to run! FLARE GUN!

(Performing Flame machine gun fists) HUUU YAAH!

(Flame Uppercut) Where ya goin'?!?!!/ Flame uppercut!/ Come on!

(Peforming Omega Flame) Your pissin me off!

(Torch Flame) Huuu BURN!

(Flame axe kick) ITS OVER!

(Flaming Spindash) HERE I COME!


(lose Vs Doom) Its Over...

Rik The SpidermonkeyEdit

Start Quotes

Vs. Anyone: hope you're a masochist 'cause I'm gonna hurt you bad!, When this over you'll be fightin for air, alrighty then let's go!

Vs. Drake: time to win another one

Vs. Maya: come on let bigons be bigons..............oh....

Vs. Jack or Patricia: let's have a friendly battle

Losing Quotes

Vs. Anyone: you know your stuff, well at least I lost with pride

Vs. Drake: You finally got me.........

Vs. Maya: huh...... guess not

Vs. Jack or Patricia: that's fun

Winning Quotes

Vs. Anyone: Lucia...... is there still time?, Beatin down like always..., Can you stand up after that?

Vs. Drake: once again you're boring.....

Vs. Maya: maybe not........

Vs. Jack or Patricia: You've gotten stronger

Vs. Sky: Who's the tough guy now?

Tyler LynchEdit

When Sega sees my skills they'll make Tyler Generations. (default start quote)

I thought that would be more fun. (default win quote)

I think someone pressed the wrong button. (default lose quote)

If i win i get to join The Five. Deal? (start quote against Sparks)

Looks like im in The Five. (win quote against Sparks)

I guess i don't get to join. (lose quote against Sparks)

I'm sick and tired of your mouth. (start quote against John)

Will you shut up now? (win quote against John)

How the hell did I lose to you? (loss quote against John)

Ready to lose Falco? (start quote aggainst Falco)

I guess that brain of yours doesn't help in a fight. (win quote against Falco)

You're actually pretty good. But i'll beat you next time. (loss quote against Falco)

Immortal huh? I'll still kick your ass. (start quote against Shadder)

I really am good. I can beat Immortals now. (win quote against Shadder)

I guess im not as invincible as i thought. (loss quote against Shadder)

Ready to lose Ninja Kid? (start quote vs Quilong)

Don't you know that guns always win Ninja Kid? (win quote vs Quilong)

No fair! You';re a ninja for crying out loud! (lose quote vs Quilong)

What the hell are you? (special start quote against Gaiaphage, only during the final boss battle)

YES!!!! I AM INVINCIBLE!!! (special win quote against Gaiaphage, only during the final boss battle)

No wonder you're the final boss. (special loss quote against Gaiaphage, only during the final boss battle)

Kayden OuronEdit

Start Quotes

Vs.anyone: I hope your ready.

Vs.Claire: I won't hold back even if you are my sister!

Vs. Violet: If it's a fight you want it's a fight you'll get!

Vs. Rik: Hey whats the rush?

Vs. Falco: Alright flyboy lets see if you can beat the son of the legendary Knight of Chaos.

Vs. Luk-S: My DNA has Darkness in it YOUR LOSE YOUR MIND if you use it!!

Vs. Boss: I'll kill you if I have to get ready!

Vs. Final Boss (Nomal) What on earth is this!

Vs. Final Boss (Super) I'll show you the ture power of CHAOS!!!

Win Quotes

Vs. Anyone: Come back when you get stronger and we can do this again okay!?

Vs. Claire: Not bad sis your beter then I though.

Vs. Violet: Sorry Violet I'm still better.

Vs. Rik: Hey clam down. I just wanted a good fight.

Vs.Falco: I guess your not has good has they say.

Vs. Luk-S: I'll only say this one time get rid of my DNA before you get someone killed!

Vs. Boss: Nothing I can't take care of!

Vs. Final Boss(Nomal) Never though I'd win!

Vs. Final boss (Super): Roll the credits this ones done!

Lose quotes

Vs. Anyone: Oh well Better luck next time.

Vs. Claire: Wow Claire I'm shocked!

Vs. Violet: You win! Great job.

Vs. Falco: That ego is going to be your down fall someday.

Vs. Rik: If I get better will you fight me again?

Vs. Luk-S: So I guess you can contol it.

Vs. Boss: Is this it?

Vs. Final Boss (Nomal) I let everyone down...

Vs. Final boos (Super) No way nothing can beat a super from


Turing Super: No more games!

Using Chaos Brust: I'm going to take you out!

Low Heath: Your not bad!

K.O: I....lost...?

Time over: How is that fair.

Claire OuronEdit

Start Quotes

Vs. Anyone: I'll do my best!

Vs. Kayden: I've been wait for this!

Vs. Shine: In the future is my borther and boyfirend alive? Tell me!

Vs. Starwolf: Hey your Startfox right? Wait your not?

Vs. Maya: Theres only room for one Angel!

Vs. Boss: I didn't ask for this..

Vs. Final Boss: (Nomal) M-Mother where are you!!!

Vs. Final Boos: (Super) I'll show you the power of a Angel!

Win quotes

Vs. Anyone: I don't see why everyone likes fighting so much.

Vs. Kayden: I did it! I can fanlly fight side by side with you!

Vs. Shine: Tell me what happened and how I can save the timeline!

Vs. Starwolf: Can't let you do that Starwolf. HAHAH That's great!

Vs. Maya: You remind me of a friend.

Vs. Boss: ... I didn't want to kill you...

Vs. Final boss: (Nomal) What the hell kind of best was that!

Vs. Final boss: (Super) Mother are you happy up there?

Lose quotes

Vs. Anyone: Ow! I think i'm going to be in bed for a mouth!

Vs. Kayden: Thank you Kayden.. For fighting me.

Vs. Shine: Forget it I can't help you anyway.

Vs. Starwolf: So this is the power of the wolf!

Vs. Maya: You have full control over your powers.. Amazing.

Vs. Boss: Mom I'll be home soon...

Vs. Final boss: (Nomal) I'll see you in the sky Kayden..

Vs. Final Boss: (Super) So this is the fate of a Knight of Chaos.


Truing Super: You'll be sorry!

Using Chaos Burst: This is gonna hurt!

Low Heath: No not yet...!


Time over: I though I was better then this.

Violet The HedgehogEdit

Start quotes

Vs. Anyone: I'll fight you next!

Vs. Kayden: You and me one on one just like before!

Vs. Drake: You have no right to call your self that!!!

Vs. Fetalia: You know I bet you and Kaia will get along really well.

Vs. Jester: I hate clowns.. So creepy!

Vs. JT: A Android vs the Portotype of the Ulitmate Life. Sounds like fun!

Vs. Smash: Wait? You know my name?

Vs. Pearl: I'm sorry do I know you?

Vs. Boss: Hmph What a let down!

Vs. Final boss: This thing makes the Biolizard look weak!

Win quotes

Vs. Anyone: And that was the Ulitmate power!

Vs. Kayden: Well done Kayden. I can't ask for more.

Vs. Drake: Did you forget what we fight for? Maria ring a bell?

Vs. Fatalia: You won't win like that kid!

Vs. Jester: I won't lose to a joker like you.

Vs. JT: They don't call us Ulitmate for nothing.

Vs. Smash: Thanks your not bad your self.

Vs. Pearl: Your strong too.

Vs. Boss: Too easy!

Vs. Final Boss: GET OUT you ugly feind!

Lose quotes

Vs. Anyone: I guess I'm not at full power here.

Vs. Kayden: So you were holding back this whole time?

Vs. Drake: At lest Shadow showed you how to fight...

Vs. Fatalia: Who...WHAT are you?

Vs. Jester: How funny.

Vs. JT: Hmph! Not bad.

Vs. Smash: You've fought alot haven't you?

Vs. Pearl: So how strong is this other Violet?

Vs. Boss: This can't be!

Vs. Final Boss: I can't...die here...


Chaos Burst: Time to put this to rest!

Low Heath: Your strong!


Time over: What? What do you mean I lost?

Hunter the FoxEdit

Start Quotes

Default 1: [He chuckles] Alright then, lets go!

Default 2: [smiling] Up for a scrap, eh?

Default 3: [grinning] Time for a bit o' fun!

Vs. Dalton: [Waves friendly] Heya Red, up for a fight?

Vs. Medusa: [Cheerily] Sure, I'm up for some fun! [Assumes a battle stance]

Vs. Doom: Your name is "Doom"? More like "Doomed to fail"! [Chuckles, taking up battle stance]

Vs. Danger: Who names their kid "Danger"? On second though, who names their kid "Hunter"?!

Vs. Superformed Character: Didn't I already beat you?

Vs. FalcT: Ew...

Vs. The Gaiaphage: Oh hells no!... Not on my freaking watch!! [Charges the Gaiaphage]

Ending Quotes

Default Victory: Well, that was fun! [Starts to juggle knives/do some acrobatics]

Victory Vs. Dalton [Plops down next do an unconscious Dalton] Better luck next time, bud! [Pats him on the head]

Victory Vs. Medusa: What, not the kind of fun you had in mind?

Victory Vs. Doom: [laughs] My prediction has come true!

Victory Vs. Danger: You didn't know either, huh?

Victory Vs. Superformed Character: Woo! Did it again!

Victory Vs. FalcT: [looks away from him/them, looking ill]

Victory Vs. The Gaiaphage: [Cut-scene victory]

Default Defeat: [Pained chuckle, he falls on his back] Ow...

Defeat Vs. Dalton: [Pained chuckle] G-Good job. [Falls forward onto his face; Muffled] Ow...

Defeat Vs. Medusa: [Slightly panicked] W-wait, I didn't mean that kind of fun!

Defeat Vs. Doom: [Pained chuckle] Looks like you lived up to your name... [collapses]

Defeat Vs. Danger: [Lying on his front] Note to self... Don't mention someone's parents before fighting them...

Defeat Vs. Superformed character: [Lying on his back] Heh... What was thinking..?

Defeat Vs. FalcT: [Doubles over and vomits]

Defeat Vs. The Gaiaphage: [Consumed by the shadows, screaming in agony]

Dalton the CatEdit

Start Quotes

Default 1: [Takes up a battle-ready stance] Stay on 'yer toes!

Default 2: FalNefRal!! [A shockwave blasts the camera and knocks him over at the same time]

Default 3: [Draws Slyph and fires an arrow into the air] Ye' ready for this?

Vs. Hunter: [Chuckles] Somehow I knew I'd wind up fighting you in this...

Vs. Medusa: [Rolls eyes] Great, yet another demonic slut for me to fight off.

Vs. Doom: "Doom?" Who goes around calling themselves "Doom"?

Vs. Danger: Seriously? "Danger"?

Vs. Superformed Character: [eyes widen] Ohgods...

Vs. FalcT: Eh, don't you guys hate each other or something?

Vs. The Gaiaphage: [Wide eyes, he casts a barrier]

Ending Quotes

Default Victory: [Draws up a couple runes, smiling] Whoda thunk that such simple symbols would be so potent?

Victory Vs. Hunter: [jumps into the air, fist pumping] Finally!

Victory Vs. Medusa: Do youself a favor and leave me alone, otherwise I may chop that pretty little head of yours off!

Victory Vs. Doom: "Doom" was doomed to defeat the doomed minute he made the doomed decision to call himself "Doom". Say that ten times fast.

Victory Vs. Danger: "Danger" nullified. :P

Victory Vs. Superformed Character: [Looks down at his still glowing paws, eyes even wider than before] H-How..?

Victory Vs. FalcT: Next time, don't fuse with someone you don't get along with.

Victory Vs. The Gaiaphage: [Cut-scene victory]

Default Defeat: [Staggers a bit before falling over and passing out]

Defeat Vs. Hunter: [Falls over backwards, landing on butt] Looks like you win again... [passes out, falling onto back]

Defeat Vs. Medusa: [Staggering a bit] D-damn, n-not again... [Falls over onto his back]

Defeat Vs. Doom: [Falls to his paws and knees, panting] Oh, s-so th-that's why...

Defeat Vs. Danger: [Lying on his back] Yeah... Seriously...

'Defeat Vs. Superformed character: [Bruised and bleeding, holding his arm and on his knees] N-never stood a chance... [passes out]

Defeat Vs. FalcT: [lying on his front] F-for a couple of enemies, y-ye' work together well...

Defeat Vs. The Gaiaphage: [His armor shatters and he is consumed by the hungry shadows]

Luk-S the PorcupineEdit

Start Quotes

  1. JT The Androhog : Androhog Hm? Let's see...
  2. Falco the Eagle : One from the legendary Five? Not a chance.
  3. Lightning the Hedgehog : Electricity irritates me
  4. Hero the Echidna : I'll blow you away.
  5. Target the Eagle : H-He's... Married?
  6. Jester the Hedgehog : I do hope I can't judge a book by it's cover.
  7. Jax the Hedgehog : Idiot...
  8. Nitros the Demon : Demons? Seriously?
  9. Clyde O'Donnell : Your the leader of Star Wolf, Clyde?
  10. Angel Caroso : Your name mislead me...
  11. Kyle Oikonny : Would you let me speak for just 3 seconds!?
  12. Ivy Prower : You are beautiful
  13. Shine the Hedgehog : From the future... though I remember you
  14. Fetalia the Dark : Rather... revealed...
  15. Drake the Hedgebat Shadow and Rouge's child, hm?
  16. Maya the Echidna Hello, Maya
  17. Joseph the Wolf This looks incredibly easy.
  18. Brittney the Bat You are not strong
  19. Jimmy Canvas So you're Jimmy Canvas
  20. Tammy Watercolor It appears to be Tammy Watercolor
  21. Reggie the Bat I could trade some pickups...
  22. Boombomb the Hedgehog Tell me... were you sent here?
  23. Hazama the Hedgehog ...It's you
  24. Sparks The Hedgehog So you're one of the five? Or am I mistaken?
  25. J Jr. the Androhog You've gotten... Shorter...
  26. Sammy the Eagle A little cocky...
  27. Super Shine This should be entertaining...
  28. Crystal Fetalia Please... Return to normal.
  29. Surge the Hedgehog Let's just fight, please...
  30. Surf the Seagull This should be quick.
  31. Shadder the Hedgehog It looks like you've joined in.
  32. Angel Maya Hm... An Angel...
  33. J the wolf : You've chosen the wrong path!
  34. Tuff the Cat : Your name misleads me...
  35. Jesse the Echidna Hello Jesse
  36. Razor the Shark You seem to be taller in person.
  37. Luk-S the Porcupine : I'm fighting me... How awfully strange
  38. Tyler Lynch This looks like a timewaster
  39. John James : Why do you fight?
  40. Assassin the Hedgehog : You can't save Clara, you're in too deep.
  41. Exodus The Hedgehog : Explain "True Power"
  42. Keith The Dragonolf : Hmph... Wasteful.
  43. Z The Cyborg Dragonolf : A Dragonolf Cyborg? C'mon!
  44. Nick the Hedgehog Nick, I'd really like to talk about this...
  45. Super Sparks How is it being super?
  46. Sigma Hale If it isn't Mr. Hale
  47. Ciel Mackenzie Hale Leave... now... please...
  48. Monica DeLouise Monica, do you want to? Or shall I help myself?
  49. Telos Nyctores Memories are not forever. Remember that...
  50. Aileen the Hedgehog Go back to school
  51. Kelly Prower Hm? You're moves seem interesting
  52. Damion the Hedgefox Leave this tournament while you still can...
  53. Jesse Prower The Prowers are... Unfashionable
  54. Unfinished Quotes
  55. Violet the Hedgehog-Seedrian
  56. Stella Rose - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  57. Sugar the Bunnybee - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  58. Dwayne the Catmeleon - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  59. Mike the Echidna - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  60. Platina the Echidnahog - First Appearance - TBA
  61. Denise the Hedgehog - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  62. Coffee the Dark Seedrian - First Appearance - TBA
  63. Karen Prower - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  64. Burn the Hedgecat - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  65. Ember the Hedgecat - First Appearance - TBA~Risk of Deletion~
  66. Metal Shine - First Appearance - The Goddess' Maiden
  67. Tommy Prower - First Appearance - TBA
  68. Yu the Porcupine - First Appearnce - Jim the Dog's Story
  69. Mary Tomi the Fox - First Appeance - TBA
  70. Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox - First Appearence - Mazda: the Seed of Chaos
  71. Gale the Hedgehog - First Appearence - Roleplay:Mazda, the Seed of Chaos
  72. Cutlass the Demonfox - First Appearence - Mazda: the Seed of Chaos
  73. Alasdair the Lionolf - First Appearence - Roleplay:Secret of the Sands
  74. Smash The Echidna - First Appearance - Roleplay:Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament
  75. Cold the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Roleplay:The Ultimate Soulcalibur
  76. Julius the Black Murderer (Playable boss) - First Appearance - TBA
  77. Ignite The Hedgehog- First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  78. Dark Inferno Ignite - First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  79. Dusk The Hedgehog - First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  80. Sonicstar3000 - First Appearance - Personality Change
  • Medusa the Succubus - First Appearance - Attack on Downtown
  • Doom the Dark Lord - First Appearance - Memory Crisis - Chapter 2 - The Battle of Doom
  • Danger the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Black Armageddon.
  • Darkspine Drake - First Appearance - New Year Madness
  • ===Blackout the Hedgehog (Surge's "dark" form and antiverse counterpart) - First Appearence - Magnetic Chaos===
  • JT-01149 - First Appearance - Control Part 2
  • True Darkness Sparks (Sparks' full powered form, only fightable after Sparks' story is beaten and unfightable with Sparks) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Darkness Dragoeith The Titanium Wolnoid - First Appearance - TBA
  • Deus Sigma (Fightable after beating Sigma, Ciel, and Telos' stories) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Retributionist (Fightable after beating Ciel's story) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Advent Telos (Fightable after beating Telos' story) - First Appearance - TBA
  • σ-18 (Fightable after beating Monica's story) - First Appearance - TBA
  • Julius the Black Murderer (Playable boss) - First Appearance - TBA
  • FalcT the Andreagle - First Appearance - TBA
  • SPECIAL BOSS (The Gaiaphage)

LifestyleType     Pokemon
Grass     Wesleaf
Grass/Candy     Sweetree
Grass/Candy     Candroot
Fire     Flambust
Fire     Blazuri
Fire/Light     Angelanturn
Water     Wavox
Water/Fighting     Tsumo
Water/Fighting     Hurricumio
Normal     Chusk
Normal/Candy     Choctusk
Normal/Candy     Fudgetusk
Normal/Flying     Hoothoot
Normal/Flying     Noctowl
Bug/Light     Spidelight
Bug/Light     Flashcoon
Bug/Light     Archscorp
Fighting     Boxula
Fighting/Dark     Vampoxer
Bug     Caterpie
Bug     Metapod
Bug/Flying     Butterfree
Poison/Flying     Zubat
Poison/Flying     Golbat
Poison/Flying     Crobat
Bug/Fighting     Whackbeetle
Bug/Fighting     Heracross
Water/Candy     Mintwet
Bug     Pinsir
Bug/Flying     Pinsharp
Candy/Fire     Bakelo
Candy/Fire     Magmookie
Rock     Roggenrolla
Rock     Boldore
Rock     Gigalith
Candy     Swirlix
Candy     Slurpuff
Normal     Whismur
Normal     Loudred
Normal     Exploud
Normal/Fire     Litleo
Normal/Fire     Pyroar
Normal/Fire     Blazeion
Light/Flying     Cupidora
Normal     Bidoof
Normal/Water     Bibarel
Dark     Shadura
Dark/Poison     Toxidark
Rock/Candy     Stonilla
Rock/Candy     Sweetrok
Ghost/Knight     Templor
Ghost/Knight     Kinghast
Knight     Shieldera
Knight     Armoros
Knight/Light     Protelect
Fire/Ice     Melti
Candy/Dark     Fangcream
Candy/Dark     Chompcream
Light/Rock     Crystiara
Light/Rock     Jewelara
Light/Rock     Crowncryst
Knight/Bug     Scyther
Knight/Bug     Scizor
Water     Magikarp
Water/Flying     Gyrados
Bug/Flying     Combee
Knight/Flying     Vespiking
Bug/Flying     Vespiqueen
Dark/Ghost     Sableye
Ghost     Sacrune
Ghost/Light     Granrune
Knight/Dragon     Knigon
Knight/Dragon     Dragight
Knight/Dragon     Dragking
Ice     Bergmite
Ice     Avalugg
Dark     Shadrum
Dark     Bongadark
Dark/Rock     Hardrummer
Ghost/Flying     Driftloon
Ghost/Flying     Driftblim
Normal     Patrat
Normal     Watchog
Ghost/Poison     Ghastly
Ghost/Poison     Haunter
Ghost/Poison     Gengar
Ice/Candy     Vanillite
Ice/Candy     Vanillish
Ice/Candy     Vanilluxe
Flying     Hawla
Flying/Fighting     Hawlucha
Psychic/Fairy     Ralts
Psychic/Fairy     Kirlia
Psychic/Fairy     Garvedoir
Psychic/Fighting     Gallade
Fairy/Knight     Excalifloat
Ice     Snorunt
Ice/Candy     Glalie
Ice/Ghost     Froslass
Fire/Poison     Smogly
Fire     Tepig
Fire/Fighting     Pignite
Fire/Fighting     Emboar
Rock/Fairy     Carbink
Poison/Fighting     Crogunk
Poison/Fighting     Toxicroak
Fire/Knight     Embarcher
Fire/Knight     Flambow
Fire/Knight     Blazbow
Knight/Dark     Pawniard
Knight/Dark     Bisharp
Steel/Knight     Armurok
Dragon     Druddigon
Dragon     Axew
Dragon     Fraxure
Dragon     Haxorus
Water/Poison     Qwilfish
Fairy     Snubull
Fairy     Granbull
Grass     Truppio
Grass/Flying     Tropius
Fairy/Normal     Igglybuff
Fairy/Normal     Jigglypuff
Fairy/Normal     Wigglytuff
Poison     Grimer
Poison     Muk
Dark     Poochyena
Dark     Mightyena
Electric/Fairy     Pichu
Electric     Pikachu
Electric     Raichu
Candy     Gumbo
Candy/Light     Gumod
Electric/Fairy     Dedenne
Psychic/Candy     Sweeturn
Bug     Shellmet
Bug     Accelgor
Bug     Karrablast
Bug/Knight     Escavialier
Psychic/Flying     Sigilyph
Poison     Ekans
Poison     Arbok
Poison/Knight     Toxipawn
Poison/Knight     Fumerook
Poison/Knight     Bishudge
Fairy/Steel     Mawile
Normal     Spinda
Normal/Fairy     Whirlda
Grass/Poison     Bellsprout
Grass/Poison     Weepinbell
Grass/Poison     Victreebel
Knight/Candy     Cookinight
Water     Oshawatt
Water     Dewott
Water/Knight     Samurott
Ice/Psychic     Smoochum
Ice/Psychic     Jynx
Grass/Light     Petilil
Grass/Light     Lilligant
Dark/Flying     Murkrow
Dark/Flying     Honchkrow
Fighting     Machop
Fighting     Machoke
Fighting     Machamp
Knight/Flying     Skarmory
Ghost     Yamask
Ghost     Cofagrigus
Fairy     Fluffto
Fairy/Rock     Fluffroc
Fairy/Fighting     Fluffoxer
Fairy/Candy     Fluffamel
Fairy/Ghost     Defluffto
Rock     Geodude
Rock     Gravler
Rock     Golem
Knight/Ice     Spearin
Dark/Ghost     Spiritomb
Fairy/Light     Holsprite
Fairy/Light     Halomage
Rock/Grass     Mosstone
Ice     Snocoat
Ice/Steel     Freezoat
Ice/Steel     Blizzoat
Grass/Knight     Grablade
Ice/Flying     Delibird
Grass     Snivy
Grass     Servine
Grass     Serperior
Poison/Flying     Poiser
Poison/Flying     Flaptoxin
Fairy/Bug     Bugairy
Dark/Bug     Airyfly
Water     Buizel
Water     Floatzel
Water/Grass     Lotad
Water/Grass     Lombre
Water/Grass     Ludiculo
Dragon     Bagon
Dragon     Shelgon
Dragon/Flying     Salamance
Candy/Dragon     Fudgegon
Normal     Buffolant
Ice/Grass     Snover
Ice/Grass     Abomasnow
Light/Psychic     Psyzeus
Electric/Candy     Shocolate
Electric/Candy     Thundufuge
Electric/Flying     Emolga
Fairy     Togepi
Fairy     Togetic
Fairy/Flying     Togekiss
Knight/Light     Bravelar
Knight/Light     Defautrook
Water/Rock     Relicanth
Grass/Poison     Shroomish
Grass/Fighting     Breloom
Grass/Poison     Toxoomish
Ice/Rock     Snock
Light/Grass     Lumomoss
Light/Grass     Glowmoss
Light/Grass     Illumamoss
Water/Poison     Tentacool
Water/Poison     Tentacruel
Water/Flying     Mantyke
Water/Flying     Mantine
Water/Ghost     Gravechin
Water/Ghost     Spirchin
Water/Ghost     Dreadchin
Fairy/Light     Prismella
Steel/Psychic     Bronzor
Steel/Psychic     Bronzong
Candy/Fighting     Calorory
Psychic/Fairy     Mime Jr.
Psychic/Fairy     Mr. Mime
Psychic/Fairy     Sr. Mime
Ghost/Rock     Golett
Ghost/Rock     Golurk
Candy     Chocmoc
Candy     Twinfudge
Candy/Flying     Triwingilla
Water     Seel
Water/Ice     Dewong
Electric/Fighting     Shockxer
Shadow Pokemon
Sprite     Pokemon     Purified Moves
Sweeturn     Summon*, Psybeam, Teleport, Vanilla Cover
Pawinard     Sword Dance*, Agility, Slash, Chivalry
Golett     Focus Punch*, Curse, Gravity, Dynamic Punch
Cupidora     Refresh*, Heal Pulse, Helping Hand, Arch Shot
Mr. Mime     Barrier*, Psychic, Psy Palm, Solarbeam
Fluffoxer     Recover*, Fire Punch, Sky Uppercut, Protect
Protelect     Shell Rush*, Iron Defense, Thunderwave, Baton Pass
Victreebel     Devour*, Sludge, Swallow, Stockpile
Freezoat     Sheer Cold*, Trick Room, Toxic, Lock On
Scizor     Guillotine*, Divide Slash, Agility, False Swipe
Tentacruel     Wring Out*, Sludge Bomb, Surf, Attract
Mime Jr.     Mimic*, Psybeam, Psywall, Hypnosis
Democifer     Draco Meteor*, Dark Pulse, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance

Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit

Start QuotesEdit

  1. JT the Androhog : Well, let's battle, androhog!
  2. Falco the Eagle : Legendary? Let's see what you've got...
  3. Lightning the Hedgehog : Well, can you shock me?
  4. Hero the Echidna : Hero, let's battle!
  5. Target the Eagle : Bring it on, Target!
  6. Jester the Hedgehog : C'mon, kid!
  7. Jax the Hedgehog : What a nice name you have, let's battle!
  8. Nitros the Demon : A demon? Hmph.
  9. Clyde O'Donnell : Let's commence the battle!
  10. Angel Caroso : I guess I'm battling one of the Team Starfox...
  11. Kyle Oikonny : I'm facing one of Team Starfox again...
  12. Ivy Prower : Well, I'm facing one of a Prower.
  13. Shine the Hedgehog : Let's start the battle, shiny!
  14. Fetalia the Dark : I'm facing Mephiles's daughter?
  15. Drake the Hedgebat : A drake, huh? I've met you since you're Darkspine.
  16. Maya the Echidna : Hm, a female echidna...
  17. Joseph the Wolf : I'm facing a wolf!
  18. Brittney the Bat : Hello, Brittney! Good luck!
  19. Jimmy Canvas : I'm battling a canvas? What are you, a part of art? Oh, he's a wrestler.
  20. Tammy Watercolor : A watercolor? You're paired with Jimmy. Oh, he's a swimmer.
  21. Reggie the Bat: OK, I'm facing a bat again...
  22. Boombomb the Hedgehog : Well, I must defuse this hedgehog!
  23. Hazama the Hedgehog : OK, let's do this!
  24. Sparks the Hedgehog : OK, let's begin the battle!
  25. J Jr. the Androhog : Well, an androhog again?
  26. Sammy the Eagle : Well, let's begin, kid!
  27. Super Shine : Well, time to take you down, shining hedgehog in Super Form!
  28. Crystal Fetalia : It's like one of Mephiles' forms, but I'll break you down!
  29. Surge the Hedgehog : Time to fight!
  30. Surf the Seagull : OK, I'll surf you down the water!
  31. Shadder the Hedgehog : Well, let's fight!
  32. Angel Maya : Hmph, I'm facing an Angel form of Maya...
  33. J the Wolf : I'll take ya down, J-Wolf!
  34. Tuff the Cat : I'm gonna tuff you!
  35. Jesse the Echidna : Well, can you defeat me?
  36. Razor the Shark : Alright, time to fight, shark!
  37. Luk-S the Porcupine : I'm facing a mysterious being now...
  38. Tyler Lynch : Well then, let's battle!
  39. John James : OK, I'll defeat you!
  40. Assassin the Hedgehog : Let's battle, Assassin!
  41. Exodus the Hedgehog : Alright, I must defeat you.
  42. Keith the Dragonolf : Well, a hybrid?
  43. Z the Cyborg Dragonolf : Well, a hybrid again? Uh this time, it's cyborg...
  44. Nick the Hedgehog : Hey, nickel!
  45. Super Sparks : Oh, it's a Super hedgehog, but I'll do my best!
  46. Sigma Hale : Well, a fanonical Megaman character?
  47. Ciel Mackenzie Hale : You must be a fanon Megaman character. Well, it's a cannon...
  48. Monica DeLouise : Well, I'm facing a character with a French-accented name...
  49. Telos Nyctores : OK, a weird name again...
  50. Aileen the Hedgehog : Hi! I'm Josh.
  51. Kelly Prower : Well, another Prower, I guess...
  52. Damion the Hedgefox : Oh, a hybrid of a hedgehog and a fox...
  53. Jesse Prower : A Prower again? Oh man...
  54. Violet the Hedgehog-Seedrian : Let's see how strong your Chaos Powers are!
  55. Stella Rose : A relative of Amy Rose? OK...
  56. Sugar the Bunnybee : A bunny and a bee? I must finish you before I get stung to death!
  57. Dwayne the Catmeleon : Whoa, an amazing hybrid!
  58. Mike the Echidna : Let's see how powerful you are...
  59. Platina the Echidnahog : Well, I guess it's a hybrid again.
  60. Denise the Hedgehog : Hello, Denise! Time to fight!
  61. Coffee the Dark Seedrian : Oh, you know, I like to drink coffee... But to you, I get insomnia!
  62. Karen Prower : OK, it's a Prower again!
  63. Burn the Hedgecat : Well, time to splash you down!
  64. Ember the Hedgecat : I'll cool you down!
  65. Metal Shine : Well, it's a robot.
  66. Tommy Prower : OK, time to defeat another Prower!
  67. Yu the Porcupine : You're sharp!
  68. Mary Tomi the Fox : OK, a fox to be defeated... It seems you look tough!
  69. Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox : An angelic hybrid? Hmph.
  70. Gale the Hedgehog : Let's see how skilled your wind powers are!
  71. Cutlass the Demonfox : Well, a demon hybrid?
  72. Alasdair the Lionolf : Another amazing hybrid... Filled with wildness...
  73. Smash the Echidna : Hello, wanna fight?
  74. Cold the Hedgehog : OK, let's see how cold your powers are!
  75. Jack the Hedgehog : Well then, let's battle, Jack!
  76. Patricia the Skunk : Hey there, Patricia! Let's begin!
  77. Layla the FoxSkunk : I'm facing Patricia's archenemy! Ugh.
  78. Zane the Gorilla: Hahaha... I will cut you to pieces!
  79. Jackbot Nega : Let's commence the battle, ya Jack's robot!
  80. Combot Nega : Let's battle, robot!
  81. Jack-4 Commander : C'mon here, you foolish scrap metal.
  82. Julius the Black Murderer : Well, he's like with the Black Arms...
  83. Ignite the Hedgehog : Time to splash ya!
  84. Dark Inferno Ignite : Well, a Dark Form, huh?
  85. Dusk the Hedgehog : Well, I'm facing the difference of dawn...
  86. Sonicstar3000 : Hello! Let's start this battle...
  87. Medusa the Succubus : Hmph, it's time to take you down!
  88. Doom the Dark Lord : Time to erase darkness!
  89. Danger the Hedgehog : Is this hedgehog dangerous to fight?
  90. Darkspine Drake : A Darkspine form? Are you mad?
  91. Blackout the Hedgehog : Hmph, it's Surge's evil counterpart...
  92. JT-01149 : I guess it has a robotic name...
  93. True Darkness Sparks : Are you really darkness? I don't think so...
  94. Darkness Dragoeith the Titanium Wolnoid : Oh, you have such a loooong name!
  95. Deus Sigma : Whoa, you're MegaFanon, man! It's a boss.
  96. Retributionist : Well, I don't know who's this one...
  97. Advent Telos : Hm? Advent? It's like from Megaman ZX...
  98. σ-18 : Who's this being?
  99. FalcT the Andreagle : Whoa, is this a legendary hybrid? Alright...
  100. Special Boss- The Gaiaphage : I'll defeat you once and for all!
  101. Extra Boss- Devil Kai : I'll beat you down, you devil!
  102. Extra Boss- Devil Layla : I'll defeat you, scheming witch!

Skill QuotesEdit

  • Cyclone Blade - I'll rip you to pieces!
  • Chaos Blizzard - Freeze!
  • Magma Flare - Activating Singe Cannon...
  • Micro Drain - Yaaaah!
  • Tornado Charge - Take this!
  • Hurricane Barrage - Taste the wind's power!
  • Wind-Electric Combo - Let's do this, Jess!
  • Ancient Gamma Blast - FIRE!

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

  • "Let's get ready to rumble" (Default Start)
  • "Wow, that was fun, let's do it again" (Default Win)
  • "Oh Well, maybe next time" (Default Lose)

(Start Quotes)

  1. JT The Androhog : Whao, is it just me or is that an Andriod?
  2. Falco the Eagle : Ok, let's see if your are Legendary
  3. Lightning the Hedgehog : This could be a Shocking Match
  4. Hero the Echidna : Here I come, Hero
  5. Target the Eagle : Hey there, let's do this thing
  6. Jester the Hedgehog : Ok, let's see how you do
  7. Jax the Hedgehog : Hi there, what's your name?
  8. Nitros the Demon : I can take you on, either your a Demon or not
  9. Clyde O'Donnell : Let's soar into the battle, shall we?
  10. Angel Caroso : May the best mobian win
  11. Kyle Oikonny : Let's get going
  12. Ivy Prower : You must one of Tails' Relavities, am I right?
  13. Shine the Hedgehog : Hey Shine, let's get this battle started
  14. Fetalia the Dark : Hi Fetalia, let's start our battle
  15. Drake the Hedgebat Ok Drake, I'm taking you down, right now!
  16. Maya the Echidna Hi Maya, how's it going?
  17. Joseph the Wolf I hope I can do this
  18. Brittney the Bat Good Luck Brittney
  19. Jimmy Canvas Alrighty then Jimmy, let's get it on!
  20. Tammy Watercolor Ok Tammy, let's go!
  21. Reggie the Bat Hi Reggie
  22. Boombomb the Hedgehog Wait? Are you going to go "Kaboom"?
  23. Hazama the Hedgehog Wait, who are you again?
  24. Sparks The Hedgehog I'll give you a Headstart this time, ok?
  25. J Jr. the Androhog It's worth a shot
  26. Sammy the Eagle Let's fight
  27. Super Shine It's time to take you on, even if you are in a Super Form
  28. Crystal Fetalia Ok that could be too strong for me, but I'll fight anyway
  29. Surge the Hedgehog Hey there
  30. Surf the Seagull Hope you have fun
  31. Shadder the Hedgehog Man, it's getting harder & harder all the time
  32. Angel Maya Whao, I think all this bright light is blinding my Eyes cause I'm seeing an Angel
  33. J the wolf : Who are you?
  34. Tuff the Cat : Ok, let's see how tough are you
  35. Jesse the Echidna Hi there, remember me?
  36. Razor the Shark Whao, I'm facing a Shark. Awesome!
  37. Luk-S the Porcupine : You might be Mysterious, but let's do some Training anyway
  38. Tyler Lynch Please to meet you
  39. John James : I can see that your ready to fight
  40. Assassin the Hedgehog : Yipe! An Assassin
  41. Exodus The Hedgehog : I'll show you my True Power
  42. Keith The Dragonolf : Looks like I have unfinished bussiness to take care of
  43. Z The Cyborg Dragonolf : It's a Cyborg
  44. Nick the Hedgehog: Hi there, it's nice to meet a fellow fighter
  45. Super Sparks: It's gonna be Intense
  46. Sigma Hale: Hi there, are you ready to fight?
  47. Ciel Mackenzie Hale: Who is that Mysterious guy?
  48. Monica DeLouise: Who's a Monica?
  49. Telos Nyctores: Wait, you want me to see out the window or not?
  50. Aileen the Hedgehog : Um, hi?
  51. Kelly Prower: You must be Tail's Relavative
  52. Damion the Hedgefox: I guess I'm facing a Hybrid
  53. Jesse Prower: I guess Tail's Relatives are preaty strong to beat
  54. Violet the Hedgehog-Seedrian : Hi there, I'm Jack & I'm ready to brawl
  55. Stella Rose - I guess your from Amy's Family huh? I guess I'll go easy on you this time
  56. Sugar the Bunnybee : A Hybrid of a Bunny & Bee? I guess I'll fight, before I get stung
  57. Dwayne the Catmeleon : A Hybrid of a Cat & Chameleon? It's time I put my Acrobatics to the test against him
  58. Mike the Echidna - Bring it on from anywhere
  59. Platina the Echidnahog - Guess it's another Hybrid, guess I'll fight
  60. Denise the Hedgehog - Oh man, she thinks I'm Hot. I'm already a Married man
  61. Coffee the Dark Seedrian - Too much Coffee means too much Caffine & too much energy, but it's time to fight
  62. Karen Prower - I know you want peace. Believe me, but I also want peace too
  63. Burn the Hedgecat - It's time to turn the heat up
  64. Ember the Hedgecat - Looks like your burning up with rage, I see. It's time to cool you down
  65. Metal Shine - A Metal Shine? This is getting interesting
  66. Tommy Prower - Well, I guess your the Rock Star, am I right?
  67. Yu the Porcupine - Hey there, Yu! Long time, no see.
  68. Mary Tomi the Fox - Wow, she is a tough girl to fight. Let's see how I compete with her moves
  69. Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox - Isaiah, it's time to battle!
  70. Gale the Hedgehog - Time for a serious battle
  71. Cutlass the Demonfox - How's about I give you a Knuckle Sandwich with a side of a Butt Whooping!
  72. Alasdair the Lionolf - Ok, so let's go get our game on
  73. Smash The Echidna - Looks like it's you & me this time, let's do this!
  74. Cold the Hedgehog - Hey Cold, long time no see.

Unfinished Quotes

  1. Julius the Black Murderer (Playable boss) - First Appearance - TBA
  2. Ignite The Hedgehog- First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  3. Dark Inferno Ignite - First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  4. Dusk The Hedgehog - First Appearance - Ignite The Hedgehog Series
  5. Sonicstar3000 - First Appearance - Personality Change
  6. Medusa the Succubus - First Appearance - Attack on Downtown
  7. Doom the Dark Lord - First Appearance - Memory Crisis - Chapter 2 - The Battle of Doom
  8. Danger the Hedgehog - First Appearance - Black Armageddon.
  9. Darkspine Drake - First Appearance - New Year Madness
  10. ===Blackout the Hedgehog (Surge's "dark" form and antiverse counterpart) - First Appearence - Magnetic Chaos===
  11. JT-01149 - First Appearance - Control Part 2
  12. True Darkness Sparks (Sparks' full powered form, only fightable after Sparks' story is beaten and unfightable with Sparks) - First Appearance - TBA
  13. Darkness Dragoeith The Titanium Wolnoid - First Appearance - TBA
  14. Deus Sigma (Fightable after beating Sigma, Ciel, and Telos' stories) - First Appearance - TBA
  15. Retributionist (Fightable after beating Ciel's story) - First Appearance - TBA
  16. Advent Telos (Fightable after beating Telos' story) - First Appearance - TBA
  17. σ-18 (Fightable after beating Monica's story) - First Appearance - TBA
  18. Julius the Black Murderer (Playable boss) - First Appearance - TBA
  19. FalcT the Andreagle - First Appearance - TBA
  20. SPECIAL BOSS (The Gaiaphage)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)Edit

  • "Ok then, I'm ready to fight. Good Luck" (Default Start)
  • "I hope we had a Great Battle together. Thanks for having fun" (Default Win)
  • "Wow, I guess your stronger than me. Good job" (Default Lose)

Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

  • "Prepare for a battle like you never forget" (Default Start)
  • "Your not good enough" (Default Win)
  • "You may have beaten me, but I'll be back" (Default Lose)

Quilong the BatEdit

I'll teach you to fear the Miraji Clan! (default start quote)

Disappointing indeed. (default win quote)

Sensei won't be proud. (default lose quote)

Sensei would be proud to accept you into the dojo. (start quote vs JT)

Your skills have impressed me. (win quote vs JT)

You truly are a strong warrior. (lose quote vs JT)

Well if it isn't Tyler! (start quote vs Tyler)

Guns could never defeat my skills. (win quote vs Tyler)

Looks like i underestimated you. (lose quote vs Tyler)

Your reign of terror ends here! (special start quote vs the Gaiaphage, only during the final boss battle)

You never had a chance you foul beast! (special win quote vs the Gaiaphage, only during the final boss battle)

How could i lose to a foul beast like you!? (special lose quote vs the Gaiaphage, only during the final boss battle)

Gorru the WolfEdit

"I guess you're next..." (default starter)

"Alrighty then, let's do this!" (default reponce)

"Better luck next time." (default win)

"Not bad..." (default lose)

"Let's settle this now!" (start quote vs. Koru)

"This battle has been decided." (win quote vs. Koru)

"No... I can't lose to you..." (lose quote vs. Koru)

"An imposter like you is no match for me!"

"Your skills are good, but mine are better..."


Darkspine DrakeEdit


  • Falco: YOU WILL DIE ALONE!!!!
  • Hero: YOU WILL ROT IN HELL!!!!
  • Jester: YOU, CHILD!!! YOU WILL DIE!!!
  • Shine: SHINE!!!! TODAY YOU DIE!!!
  • Fetalia: YOUR END IS NOW FETALIA!!!!
  • J Jr.: GET LOST, YOU BRAT!!!
  • Sparks: GRAAAAA!!!! DIEEEEE!!!!!!
  • Julius: DIE YOU BASTARD!!!!
  • Tuff: YOUR END IS NEAR!!!
  • Assasin: BURN IN THE FURNACE!!!
  • Exodus:
  • Keith:
  • Z:
  • Nick:
  • Sigma:
  • Ciel:
  • Monica:
  • Telos:
  • Aileen:
  • Kelly:
  • J. Prower:
  • Damion:
  • Violet THS:
  • Karen:
  • Stella:
  • Sugar:
  • Dwayne:
  • Mike:
  • Platina:
  • Coffee:
  • Burn:
  • Ember:
  • Tommy:
  • Sally:
  • Yu:
  • Mary Tomi:
  • Isaiah:
  • Gale:
  • Cutlass:
  • Alasdair:
  • Smash:
  • Cold:
  • Ignite:
  • Dusk:
  • Sonicstar:
  • Cassie:
  • Cursed:
  • Chaoru:
  • Rik:
  • Kayden:
  • Claire:
  • Violet:
  • JJ:
  • Dalton:
  • Hunter:
  • Unique:
  • Tori:
  • Sky:
  • Jack:
  • Patricia:
  • Kai:
  • Mute:
  • Audrey:
  • Rio:
  • Sunshine:
  • Quilong:
  • Starburst:
  • Abercrombie:
  • Gorru:
  • Koru:
  • Makoto:


  • JT:
  • Falco:
  • Hero:
  • Lightning:
  • Target:
  • Jax:
  • Jester:
  • Sammy:
  • Boombomb:
  • Shine:
  • Fetalia:
  • Maya:
  • Clyde:
  • Angel:
  • Kyle:
  • Ivy:
  • J Jr.:
  • Sal:
  • Joseph:
  • Brittney:
  • Jimmy:
  • Tammy:
  • Reggie:
  • Jesse:
  • Hazama:
  • Sparks:
  • Surge:
  • Julius:
  • Surf:
  • Shadder:
  • J:
  • Tuff:
  • Razor:
  • Luk-S:
  • Tyler:
  • Assasin:
  • John: Pathetic? Ha! im not pathetic
  • Exodus:
  • Keith:
  • Z:
  • Nick:
  • Sigma:
  • Ciel:
  • Monica:
  • Telos:
  • Aileen:
  • Kelly:
  • J. Prower:
  • Damion:
  • Violet THS:
  • Karen:
  • Denise:
  • Stella:
  • Sugar:
  • Dwayne:
  • Mike:
  • Platina:
  • Coffee:
  • Burn:
  • Ember:
  • Tommy:
  • Sally:
  • Metal Shine:
  • Yu:
  • Mary Tomi:
  • Isaiah:
  • Gale:
  • Cutlass:
  • Alasdair:
  • Smash:
  • Cold:
  • Ignite:
  • Dusk:
  • Sonicstar:
  • Cassie:
  • Cursed:
  • Chaoru:
  • Rik:
  • Kayden:
  • Claire:
  • Violet:
  • JJ:
  • Dalton:
  • Hunter:
  • Unique:
  • Tori:
  • Sky:
  • Jack:
  • Patricia:
  • Kai:
  • Mute:
  • Audrey:
  • Rio:
  • Sunshine:
  • Quilong:
  • Starburst:
  • Abercrombie:
  • Gorru:
  • Koru:
  • Makoto:


  • JT:
  • Falco:
  • Hero:
  • Lightning:
  • Target:
  • Jax:
  • Jester:
  • Sammy:
  • Boombomb:
  • Shine:
  • Fetalia:
  • Maya:
  • Clyde:
  • Angel:
  • Kyle:
  • Ivy:
  • J Jr.:
  • Sal:
  • Joseph:
  • Brittney:
  • Jimmy:
  • Tammy:
  • Reggie:
  • Jesse:
  • Hazama:
  • Sparks:
  • Surge:
  • Julius:
  • Surf:
  • Shadder:
  • J:
  • Tuff:
  • Razor:
  • Luk-S:
  • Tyler:
  • Assasin:
  • John: Who looks pathetic now
  • Exodus:
  • Keith:
  • Z:
  • Nick:
  • Sigma:
  • Ciel:
  • Monica:
  • Telos:
  • Aileen:
  • Kelly:
  • J. Prower:
  • Damion:
  • Violet THS:
  • Karen:
  • Denise:
  • Stella:
  • Sugar:
  • Dwayne:
  • Mike:
  • Platina:
  • Coffee:
  • Burn:
  • Ember:
  • Tommy:
  • Sally:
  • Metal Shine:
  • Yu:
  • Mary Tomi:
  • Isaiah:
  • Gale:
  • Cutlass:
  • Alasdair:
  • Smash:
  • Cold:
  • Ignite:
  • Dusk:
  • Sonicstar:
  • Cassie:
  • Cursed:
  • Chaoru:
  • Rik:
  • Kayden:
  • Claire:
  • Violet:
  • JJ:
  • Dalton:
  • Hunter:
  • Unique:
  • Tori:
  • Sky:
  • Jack:
  • Patricia:
  • Kai:
  • Mute:
  • Audrey:
  • Rio:
  • Sunshine:
  • Quilong:
  • Starburst:
  • Abercrombie:
  • Gorru:
  • Koru:
  • Makoto:

Julius the Black MurdererEdit


  • JT:
  • Falco:
  • Hero:
  • Lightning:
  • Target:
  • Jax:
  • Jester:
  • Sammy:
  • Boombomb:
  • Shine:
  • Fetalia:
  • Maya: All hope to save your love is cannot save him, and you cannot stop me!
  • Clyde:
  • Angel:
  • Kyle: You should have embraced my you will be given the consequences!
  • Ivy: Hmph! Hopeless child! May you burn with your mother in the fiery pits of hell!
  • J Jr.:
  • Sal:
  • Joseph:
  • Brittney:
  • Jimmy:
  • Tammy:
  • Reggie:
  • Jesse:
  • Hazama:
  • Sparks:
  • Surge:
  • Drake: Destiny has awoken us, Drake! Let this be your final resting place!
  • Surf:
  • Shadder:
  • J:
  • Tuff:
  • Razor:
  • Luk-S: Your entire quest, I'm afraid, ends here and now! Feel the wrath of the Black Arms!
  • Tyler:
  • Assasin:
  • John:
  • Exodus:
  • Keith:
  • Z:
  • Nick:
  • Sigma:
  • Ciel:
  • Monica:
  • Telos:
  • Aileen:
  • Kelly:
  • J. Prower:
  • Damion:
  • Violet THS:
  • Karen:
  • Denise:
  • Stella:
  • Sugar:
  • Dwayne:
  • Mike:
  • Platina:
  • Coffee:
  • Burn:
  • Ember:
  • Tommy:
  • Sally:
  • Metal Shine:
  • Yu:
  • Mary Tomi:
  • Isaiah:
  • Gale:
  • Cutlass:
  • Alasdair:
  • Smash:
  • Cold:
  • Ignite:
  • Dusk:
  • Sonicstar:
  • Cassie:
  • Cursed:
  • Chaoru:
  • Rik:
  • Kayden:
  • Claire:
  • Violet:
  • JJ:
  • Dalton:
  • Hunter:
  • Unique:
  • Tori:
  • Sky:
  • Jack: The cowardice behind that happy face will be exposed at last!
  • Patricia:
  • Kai:
  • Mute:
  • Audrey:
  • Rio:
  • Sunshine:
  • Quilong:
  • Starburst:
  • Abercrombie:
  • Gorru:
  • Koru:
  • Makoto:
  • Darkspine Drake: Aaah, that darkness....let it consume you! For it shall be my refreshment to ascension!
  • Medusa: Your sexual appeal does not affect me, succubus! I believe in no such things as lust or love!
  • JT-01149: You do not command me, clone! I am my own master! And you....are worthless scrap!
  • Doom: Your powers are outshone by your own ego! Allow me to demonstrate!
  • Blackout:
  • True Darkness Sparks:
  • Danger:
  • Darkness Dragoeith:
  • Deus Sigma:
  • σ-18:
  • Retributionist:
  • Advent Telos:
  • FalcT: Pathetic combinations will not save you from death! Now FIGHT! And meet your doom!
  • Umbra:
  • Sharpening Chaos Dragon:
  • Dr. EggPlankton:
  • Ogre:
  • Azazel:
  • The Nega: An imitation of myself....simply a waste of time....
  • Gaiaphage: The darkness....the shadows I time is arriving!


  • JT:
  • Falco:
  • Hero:
  • Lightning:
  • Target:
  • Jax:
  • Jester:
  • Sammy:
  • Boombomb:
  • Shine:
  • Fetalia:
  • Maya:
  • Clyde:
  • Angel:
  • Kyle:
  • Ivy:
  • J Jr.:
  • Sal:
  • Joseph:
  • Brittney:
  • Jimmy:
  • Tammy:
  • Reggie:
  • Jesse:
  • Hazama:
  • Sparks:
  • Surge:
  • Drake:
  • Surf:
  • Shadder:
  • J:
  • Tuff:
  • Razor:
  • Luk-S:
  • Tyler:
  • Assasin:
  • John:
  • Exodus:
  • Keith:
  • Z:
  • Nick:
  • Sigma:
  • Ciel:
  • Monica:
  • Telos:
  • Aileen:
  • Kelly:
  • J. Prower:
  • Damion:
  • Violet THS:
  • Karen:
  • Denise:
  • Stella:
  • Sugar:
  • Dwayne:
  • Mike:
  • Platina:
  • Coffee:
  • Burn:
  • Ember:
  • Tommy:
  • Sally:
  • Metal Shine:
  • Yu:
  • Mary Tomi:
  • Isaiah:
  • Gale:
  • Cutlass:
  • Alasdair:
  • Smash:
  • Cold:
  • Ignite:
  • Dusk:
  • Sonicstar:
  • Cassie:
  • Cursed:
  • Chaoru:
  • Rik:
  • Kayden:
  • Claire:
  • Violet:
  • JJ:
  • Dalton:
  • Hunter:
  • Unique:
  • Tori:
  • Sky:
  • Jack:
  • Patricia:
  • Kai:
  • Mute:
  • Audrey:
  • Rio:
  • Sunshine:
  • Quilong:
  • Starburst:
  • Abercrombie:
  • Gorru:
  • Koru:
  • Makoto:
  • Darkspine Drake:
  • Medusa:
  • JT-01149:
  • Doom:
  • Blackout:
  • True Darkness Sparks:
  • Danger:
  • Darkness Dragoeith:
  • Deus Sigma:
  • σ-18:
  • Retributionist:
  • Advent Telos:
  • FalcT:
  • Umbra:
  • Sharpening Chaos Dragon:
  • Dr. EggPlankton:
  • Ogre:
  • Azazel:
  • The Nega:
  • Gaiaphage:


  • JT:
  • Falco:
  • Hero:
  • Lightning:
  • Target:
  • Jax:
  • Jester:
  • Sammy:
  • Boombomb:
  • Shine:
  • Fetalia:
  • Maya:
  • Clyde:
  • Angel:
  • Kyle:
  • Ivy:
  • J Jr.:
  • Sal:
  • Joseph:
  • Brittney:
  • Jimmy:
  • Tammy:
  • Reggie:
  • Jesse:
  • Hazama:
  • Sparks:
  • Surge:
  • Drake:
  • Surf:
  • Shadder:
  • J:
  • Tuff:
  • Razor:
  • Luk-S:
  • Tyler:
  • Assasin:
  • John:
  • Exodus:
  • Keith:
  • Z:
  • Nick:
  • Sigma:
  • Ciel:
  • Monica:
  • Telos:
  • Aileen:
  • Kelly:
  • J. Prower:
  • Damion:
  • Violet THS:
  • Karen:
  • Denise:
  • Stella:
  • Sugar:
  • Dwayne:
  • Mike:
  • Platina:
  • Coffee:
  • Burn:
  • Ember:
  • Tommy:
  • Sally:
  • Metal Shine:
  • Yu:
  • Mary Tomi:
  • Isaiah:
  • Gale:
  • Cutlass:
  • Alasdair:
  • Smash:
  • Cold:
  • Ignite:
  • Dusk:
  • Sonicstar:
  • Cassie:
  • Cursed:
  • Chaoru:
  • Rik:
  • Kayden:
  • Claire:
  • Violet:
  • JJ:
  • Dalton:
  • Hunter:
  • Unique:
  • Tori:
  • Sky:
  • Jack:
  • Patricia:
  • Kai:
  • Mute:
  • Audrey:
  • Rio:
  • Sunshine:
  • Quilong:
  • Starburst:
  • Abercrombie:
  • Gorru:
  • Koru:
  • Makoto:
  • Darkspine Drake:
  • Medusa:
  • JT-01149:
  • Doom:
  • Blackout:
  • True Darkness Sparks:
  • Danger:
  • Darkness Dragoeith:
  • Deus Sigma:
  • σ-18:
  • Retributionist:
  • Advent Telos:
  • FalcT:
  • Umbra:
  • Sharpening Chaos Dragon:
  • Dr. EggPlankton:
  • Ogre:
  • Azazel:
  • The Nega:
  • Gaiaphage:


Gideon the MooseEdit

Attack Quotes

Starting Quotes

"How about I put a bullet in that over-inflated ego of yours?" - against Drake

Victory Quotes

Defeat Quotes

Boss Quotes

Marcus the hedgehogEdit

Allright,now you'll see my real power! (vs anyone)

Call yourself powerful? your such a kur! (vs a boss)

Bring it on,kid! (vs mark,roller or smackdown)

Everything iv done led up to this battle! (vs gaiaphage)

I find that hard to belive (vs Crono)

That'll teach you not to under estimate me (Win quote)

i...impossible (Loss quote)

Crono the hedgehogEdit

Nothing will stop me from acheiving my goal! (vs anyone)

I dont care what it takes,you arent stopping me! (vs a boss)

It makes no diffrence,you wil be sent to oblivion! (vs gaiaphage)

you seem familuar... (vs Marcus)

Jason HybridEdit

Get a good look at my shoes, because they're all you'll be seeing when I'm done with you! (Default Start)

You're in for a pummeling!! (Default Start)

I'm fighting a wrestler!? This isn't what I expected! (Start Vs. Jimmy/Tammy/Ragnar)

Eeeuggh! You're a mess!! (Start Quote vs Medusa)

You're so obnoxious! (Start Quote vs Brittney)

Aren't GUNS a bit over the top for a fistfight? (Start Quote vs. Ciel/Flint)

Hey! It's called a Chill Pill!! (Start Quote vs Drake/D. Drake)

Do I need to run you over with my Motorbike!? (Default Win)

You lost today, and I'll kick your ass any other day! (Default Win)

You need to stay in YOUR ring! (Win vs Jimmy/Tammy/Ragnar)

I heard their still hiring over at Club Rouge, you look fit for it already!! (Win vs Medusa)

  • pants* Oh my God!! That was... Freakin' difficult! (Win vs Brittney)

No AK can help you anymore!! (Win vs Ciel/Flint)

You sure can put up a fight... (Win vs Drake/D. Drake)

James the Blue JayEdit

OK, Larvitar! We can win this! (Default Start)

May the best fighter win! (Default Start)

Heh heh! Let's Go, Joey! (Start vs Joseph)

Makoto!! I can beat you! (Start vs Makoto)

Uh Oh, I don't want to go near you!! (Start vs Medusa)

I recognise you from something... (Start Quote vs Azazel/Ogre/Akuma/Robot-01/Combot)

<What Kind of Parents give their kids that name!?> (Start Quote vs Boombomb/Sparks/Smash/Hunter)

Thanks for the round! See ya later!! (Default Win)

Good Job, Larvitar! (Default Win)

Joey! I beat you this time..! (Win vs Joseph)

Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Makoto... You're..... (Win vs Makoto)

Stay down, ya perv!! (Win vs Medusa)

Oh, Yeah! Now I remember! You're much more recognisable on the floor! (Win Quote vs Azazel/Ogre/Akuma/Robot-01/Combot)

Hey, what's your parent's number? (Win vs Boombomb/Sparks/Smash/Hunter)

Sephiroh The hegehog Edit

I'm ready to fight! (Default start)

Great, i'm getting even stronger! (Default win)

What a shame (Defaut lose)

I will show you how much trong i am Crono (Start Vs. Crono)

How about this, Crono? (Win Vs. Crono)

I guess you're right when you said i won't be able to do even a scratch on you (Lose Vs. Crono)

This should teach you a lesson Medusa. (Win Vs. Medusa)

No robot will win me. (Wins Vs. JT-01149)

Darkness never prevail. (Win Vs. Doom)

Makoto the DogEdit

The Gaia is within me, you can't stop it (Default Start Quote)

Joey, what's wrong? (Start vs Joseph)

Bring it on, James!! (Start vs James)

Urrmm...... Brittney, are you OK? (Start vs Brittney)

I'm going to take you down!! (Start vs Razor)

I-I won't let you take Joseph! (Start vs Medusa)

Let me go! (Start vs Selwyn)

Your plans of taking over are going to fail now! (Start vs Dominus)

I-I Can't back down anymore!! (Start vs Gaiaphage)

I just want to be a normal girl. (Default Win Quote)

Errrm, do you need any help!? (Win vs Joseph)

That was a blast. (Win vs James)

Why do you keep attacking me!? ;-; (Win vs Brittney)

I can barely move now... (Win vs Razor)

I'm not taking it from you anymore! (Win vs Medusa)

Selwyn, accept your defeat! (Win vs Selwyn)

You deserve this fate... (Win vs Dominus)

The universe is saved.... (Win vs Gaiaphage)

No........ (Default Lose Quote)

Joseph, you're pretty good (Lose vs Joseph)

You're getting stronger, I can feel it. (Lose vs James)

It hurts!! (Lose vs Brittney)

Your grip, it's so strong......... (Lose vs Razor)

I'm yours now, forever. *sobs* (Lose vs Medusa)

I can't move, I don't want this! (Lose vs Selwyn)

No.... I failed Mobius, I'm sorry. (Lose vs Dominus)

This is the end, it's all my fault..... (Lose vs Gaiaphage)


Please, no gory Animations

One taunt only!


Start Animations

  1. JT gets up from a reclining position before entering his fighting pose
  2. JT walks into the stage yawning, before entering his fighting pose.

Win Animations

  1. JT stretches then proceeds to recline.
  2. JT rubs the back of his head and walks away

Lose Animations

  1. JT facepalms before stumbling back and kneeling down


  1. JT stretches whilst yawning.

J Jr.Edit

Start Animations

  1. J Jr. Stumbles back and tries to keep his opponent away
  2. Runs into the arena and gets into his fighting stance nervously
  3. =Phi Form only= J Jr. lands down and gets into his fighting stance

Win Animations

  1. J Jr. runs away in shock from the state he put his opponent in.
  2. =Phi Form only= J Jr. gets angry with his oppoent

Lose Animations

  1. J Jr, falls over, unable to get back up.


  1. J Jr. Points and chuckles at his opponent.

Twister the FoxEdit

Start Animations

  1. Twister stretches a bit, and readies for battle
  2. Twister is busy fixing his weapon, and places it away when the battle starts
  3. =against Tex= throws a few punches and does a quick kick to get ready
  4. =Against Wright= Twister mimics Wright's objection point as if to show he likes the gesture itself, and readies for battle.

Win Animations

  1. Twister crosses his arms and tells them to stay out of his way
  2. Twister growls and turns around
  3. =against Wright= Twister shyly scratches the back of his head thinking he's alright

Losing Animations

  1. Twister falls to his knees and mumbles "y-you got me" under his breath


  1. Twister twirls his gun around and puts it away

Sephiroh the HedgehogEdit

Start animations

  1. Punches the air and get his fighting stance
  2. runs to the stage and make a power brake

Win animations

  1. Jumps and after that points to the screen

Lose animations

  1. Kneels on the ground

Taunt animation

  1. punches and kicks the air

Sigma HaleEdit

Start Animations

  1. Sigma stands with his back toward the opponent and the S-Blade deployed, before turning around and pointing it upward, slashing it down and returning it to his arm.
  2. Sigma kneels, deploying his S-Blade as he stands up, slashing it downward and returning it to his arm.
  3. (Vs. Ciel) Sigma clashes with one of Ciel's swords with the start of Carnage Scissors, before clashing again with Dead Spike and the additional attack of Hell's Fang.
  4. (Vs. Telos) Sigma clashes with Telos' Draining Crystal Strike attack with Hell's Fang and its Additional Attack, and again with Inferno Divider against Lethargic Haze.
  5. (Unlimited) Sigma crosses his arms in an "X" in front of his face, before releasing.

Win Animations

  1. Sigma turns around with his hand over his head, before brushing it down, with a wing of darkness flowing up his back.

Lose Animations

  1. Sigma falls to the ground, facefirst.
  2. (Timeout) Sigma kneels, punching the ground.


  1. Sigma boredly adjusts his left arm.

Taunt Animation

  1. Sigma scratches the side of his head in disappointment.

Ciel Mackenzie HaleEdit

Start Animations

  1. Ciel faces the opponent in her civilian form, before spinning around and transforming into her primary form.
  2. Ciel faces the opponent in her primary form with a holo-screen in front of her, before collapsing the screen.

Win Animations

  1. Ciel transforms back into her civilian form, giggling playfully.
  2. Ciel turns to the screen, her wing pieces extended behind her.
  3. (Vs. Boombomb) Ciel kneels down, holding her head.

Lose Animations

  1. Ciel falls to the ground, curling into a fetal position.
  2. (Timeout) Ciel kneels, her wing pieces dropping straight down behind her.

Taunt Animation

  1. Ciel plays around with an orb of energy.

Monica DeLouiseEdit

Start Animations

  1. Monica summons her pistols, facing the opponent.
  2. (Vs. Sigma/Ciel) Monica faces the screen with her pistols in a cross formation as she recites the OmegaCorp creed, before facing her opponent.

Win Animations

  1. Monica takes her helmet off, posing with one hand on her hip.
  2. Monica poses with her pistols pointing downward. She says nothing during this.
  3. (Vs. Hazama) Monica drops to her knees rather than celebrating her victory, for some reason...

Lose Animations

  1. Monica drops her pistols, and falls.
  2. (Timeout) Monica drops to her knees, like she would in her win animation Vs. Hazama.

Taunt Animation

  1. Monica's visor slips over her eyes, requiring a brief moment to slide it back up.



  1. Does the bring it on thumbs down (Similar to Ken Masters)
  2. Tightens his clothes (Similar to Ryu)


  1. Crosses his arms and chuckles
  2. sits in a tired position then holds the peace sign saying "that was fun!"
  3. (Vs. Sky) Looks down and says "GET SERIOUS!"


  1. Does a facepalm
  2. Grinds his teeth and stomps on his right leg once


  1. Scratches his head saying "hitting me will only make it worse"

Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit

Start AnimationsEdit
  1. Levitates above the ground
  2. Surges tachyon energy around himself
  3. (vs. Jack) Says, "Let's do this, pal."
  • as Static Josh / Super Josh / Hyper Josh / Ultimate Josh / Infinity Josh* Levitates above the ground & surging with tachyon energy, thus showing his corresponding aura
  • as Emperor Josh* Shows up his red cape & levitates mid-air, making a majestic appearance
  • as Dextra Josh* Gets in battle stance while shining
Win AnimationsEdit
  1. Crosses his arms & sighs
  2. Puts his hands on the chin & smiles
Lose AnimationsEdit
  1. Smiles & says, "You did well, my opponent."
  2. (vs. The Four Royal Knights) Chuckles & says, "Nice work, my servants."

Says, "C'mon, is that it?" & chuckles.

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

Start AnimationsEdit

  1. Doing some stretches & then gets into his battle stance
  2. (As Super Jack or Ultimate Jack) Surges his Energy around himself & gets into his battle stance while floating in mid-air
  3. (As Dragon Jack) Turns to his opponent & gets into his battle stance while his Aura appears around himself (Similar to Akuma)
  4. (As Ogre Jack) Lands on the Ground, roars at the opponent & gets into his battle stance

Win AnimationsEdit

  1. Crosses his arms & says "Too Easy, it's a piece of cake"
  2. Does a backflip & says "That was fun"
  3. (As Super Jack/Ultimate Jack/Dragon Jack/Ogre Jack) Crosses his arms & then flys away
  4. (As Dragon Jack/Ogre Jack) Breathes Fire towards the sky
  5. (As Ogre Jack) Flies towards the Screen & raises his Left Arm (Similar to Ogre/True Ogre)
  6. As Ogre Jack) Raises his Arms

Lose AnimationsEdit

  1. Sighs & then lies on his back
  2. Shrugs in confusion
  3. (As Super Jack/Ultimate Jack) Turns back to normal & fell onto his knees in pain & says "Your too good for me"
  4. (As Dragon Jack) Turns back to normal & holds his chest in pain & says "Now that's super strong"
  5. (As Ogre Jack) Turns back to normal & then falls on his back, panting


  1. Does a Front Flip, while saying "Yeah !"


The original soundtrack is decided by Sonicstar3000 or anyone else by special requests only.

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theme under the video


Main Theme - Created By Project C Studios


Character Select 147px

File:Chevelle - Well Enough Alone (with Lyrics)

{C}Theme of Luk-S Theme of Quilong Theme of QuilongFile:Mortal Kombat Reptile Theme Song File:Scorpion vs Sub-Zero theme Theme of NickTheme of Nick

File:BlazBlue Calamity Trigger OST, T2-03 White Requiem (Rachel VS Ragna's Theme Song)

Luk-S vs Nick

JT's ThemeTheme of JT File:Street Fighter EX Arcade Music - Amusementive Crime Surge's theme

Theme of Surge

150px {C}Theme of Falco &nbsp &nbsp Tyler's Theme

Clyde's Theme

Theme of Clyde

Angel's Theme

Theme of Angel Tyler's Theme 154px

Theme of Kyle

154pxFile:Boombomb's Theme Theme of Shine

Theme of Assassin

Theme of Assassin


Theme of Razor Shadders boss theme (343's theme)File:Namco X Capcom - Brave New World Theme of 343File:Sengoku Basara 3 OST: Disc 1 - 11. Masamune Date's Theme HQ

{C}Theme of Target

Theme of Target 151px

{C}Theme Of Jester/Sammy File:SCVI gigantesque 18 Shine vs. DrakeShine vs. Drake


Theme of Angel Maya Theme of ScytheFile:SCIV Reign of Doom 10 142px

Theme of Aileen


Theme of Surf Theme of White Scythe File:SCIV Destiny Will Tell 20 149pxTheme of JT-01149

Theme of Sigma (Which is, unfortunately, shared with Boombomb... somewhat. :P)

Theme of Sigma Theme of Holy ScytheFile:SCIV The Supreme Sword 21 Theme of Ciel

Theme of Ciel Theme of Monica

Theme of Monica Theme of Algol and Hero King Scythe Theme of Telos

Theme of Telos Theme of Σ-18

Theme of σ-18 Sigma Vs. Ciel Theme

Sigma Vs. Ciel


Theme of Deus Sigma 147px

Theme of Retributionist (Ciel) 198pxFile:Street Fighter 4 Ken's Theme Theme of Sparks


Theme of Super Sparks 144px

Theme of Mary 147px

Theme of J Jr. File:Breaking Benjamin - Anthem Of The Angels (Lyrics on screen)

Theme of Isaiah

{C}146px {C}Theme of IgniteFile:Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow (Lyrics on screen) 146px

Theme of Sonicstar3000 154px

{C}Theme of Drake 153px

{C}Theme of Julius 153px

Drake vs. Julius 158px

Theme of Darkspine Drake


Theme of Cursed File:MvC3 - Trish's Theme EXTENDED

File:I Came to Play- Downstait (Lyrics)

Theme of Sal


Theme of True Darkness Sparks File:Theme of Chaoru

Theme of Chaoru 179px

Sparks vs Mirage


Theme of The Nega Mirage's theme

Theme of Kayden. Theme of Kayden File:Best Game Music 2- Megaman ZX - Trap Factory

Theme of Claire


Sonic Generations 3DS OST - Biolizard Boss Fight Supporting Me Remix

By Sonicsmansion97 November 14, 2013

Theme of Violet

Theme of Splice The Hedgehog - Full Force

Theme of Splice

Theme of Smash The Echidna - What I'm Made Of

Theme of Smash


Theme of Makoto

Twister's theme

Theme of Twister File:6 Agent Tex (Instrumental) - Red vs Blue Revelation Soundtrack (With Video)


Theme of Reggie


Theme of Esmerelda

Wrights Turnabout Theme

Theme of Wright Wright's normal theme

Theme of Wright (Turnabout Mode) 153px

Theme of James 140px

Theme of Nina 145px

Theme of Doom


Theme of Unique


Theme of Jack (Spongebob100) 144px

Theme of Patricia 147px

Theme of Kai (Spongebob100)

Robot-01 theme VS Robot-01

VS Super Fighting Robot

170px 204px

Theme of Maya 196px

Theme of Akuma

John's Theme 300px

Theme of Joseph 300px

Theme of Bass 300px

Theme of Jason Hyrid 281px

Theme of Jimmy 274px

Theme of Tammy


Theme of Brittney


Theme of Medusa

Movelist TutorialEdit

The movelist is basically your characters special attacks and combos. With the special moves comes super combos and a new chaos drive attack, the chaos drive has not been used as an attack in any Sonic Fangame before, it causes either the player to use a devastating auto-ko attack (Only when opponent is at less than 30% HP) or a transformation (i.e. JT's 'Henkan' or Falco's 'Nemesis Unleashed!' attacks. Transformations are extremely large power boosters, but using a special whilst in these forms will make the transformation fade a lot quicker, if you want to, you can also transform back by will.



Special MovesEdit

Shi no fera

Super CombosEdit

Chaos DriveEdit

JT Henkan ( JT -> Punishment )


Special MovesEdit

Ice ball

Ice shards

Ice clone

Super CombosEdit

Frozen killer

Chaos DriveEdit

Chaos Merge - Marcus becomes purple and his attacks become stronger,he also becomes faster and his health bar slowly regenerates


Special MovesEdit

Pharaoh blade

Pharaoh surge

Pharaoh crusher

Super CombosEdit

Anubis berserker

Chaos DriveEdit

Crono (100% Anubis) - Crono becomes much more faster and his attack damage is doubled,he can also summon sirocofficuses to fire beams at enemies


Special Moves

{C}Drop Kick

Smoke Bomb

Super CombosEdit

Dark Shield

Super Spin

Chaos DriveEdit

Nemesis UNLEASHED! - Allows Falco to temporarily become Nemesis and gives him a completely new, far stronger move set.


Special MovesEdit

Sword Spin

Shuriken Toss

Super CombosEdit

Blade Slam


Chaos DriveEdit

Heroic Tornado - Hero creates a massive tornado that sucks everyone into it, dealing serious damage and leaving them temporarily stunned.


Special MovesEdit

Chaos Spear

Chaos Blast

Transform (into Rage form when he takes or deals enough damage)

Super CombosEdit

Anger (punches ten times and finishes with a flaming uppercut)

Depression (possesses an enemy's mind causing him/her to utilize a ten-punch combo on himself/herself)

Finishers (for a visually stunning way to end a fight)Edit

Confusion ("teleports" around the enemy at lightspeed (using chaos control or some other technique) and dazes the opponent. Afterwards he smashes the enemy through a wall, floor, or roof (depending on the stage))

Destruction (teleports around the enemy quickly punching him/her 20-50 times and ends by grabbing the enemy by the neck and kneeing him/her in the chest, sending the enemy away in a fireball)

Rage JaxEdit

Special MovesEdit

Note: Using special attacks may cause Jax to turn to normal quicker

Fire Wall (pushes a gigantic wall of flames against an opponent)

Fire Spin (creates four "arms" out of fire and spins around)

Energy Shield (absorbs fire and lightning based attacks and gains health from it)

Transform (into normal Jax if a certain amount a time passes or if the user chooses to))

Super CombosEdit

Note: Stronger than normal combos

Anger (punches ten times and finishes with a flaming uppercut)

Depression (possesses an enemy's mind causing him/her to utilize a ten-punch combo on himself/herself)

Finishers (for a visually stunning way to end a fight)Edit

Confusion ("teleports" around the enemy at lightspeed (using chaos control or some other technique) and dazes the opponent. Afterwards he smashes the enemy through a wall, floor, or roof (depending on the stage))

Destruction (teleports around the enemy quickly punching him/her 20-50 times and ends by grabbing the enemy by the neck and kneeing him/her in the chest, sending the enemy away in a fireball)

Apocalypse (alters the gravity around the solar system, cuts to space to show dozens of comets heading towards earth, cuts back to the fight and the opponent is impacted) (Note 1: The event is not really apocalyptic, but I just named it that to sound dramatic) (Note 2: Inspired by Ness's final smash from Brawl)

Tasty (smacks the opponent with a giant lollipop and sends him/her flying away. Giant candy is seen rising up from the ground around Jax) (Note: This is a comic-relief effect, like some of the fatalities in the mortal kombat series)



Energy Ball

Energy Combo


Super CombosEdit


KamehamehaX (stronger, faster ver.)

Chaos DriveEdit

"Now you've done it!" (Jester becomes incredibly angry with his opponent, and gets a red aura - becomes stronger)



  • Thunder Shock
  • Electro Kick
  • Static Bolt

Super CombosEdit

  • Lightning Attack
  • Storm Crash

Chaos DriveEdit

"STORM SURGE!!" Surge performs a dash, imbued with a extreme amount of electricity, then stops throws his hands foward, sending a powerful tunnel of electricity at his opponent.



  • Chaos Reverse
  • Plasma Cutter Barrage
  • RIG Overdrive

Super Combos

  • Chaos Cancel.
  • Demonic Rage

Chaos Drive

True Shadder: Shadder goes into his true form for 10 seconds.



Spin Attack

Jump Dash

Teleport Charge

Super CombosEdit

Teleport Combo

Kinetic Blast

Kinect Teleport Combo

Chaos DriveEdit

EARTHQUAKE - Sammy causes a large earthquake that deals massive damage to her opponent and stuns him temporarily.



Super CombosEdit

Chaos DriveEdit



  • Lightspeed attack
  • Chaos Spear
  • Thunderbolt

Super Combos

Chaos Drive

Z Edit


Super CombosEdit

Chaos DriveEdit

John JamesEdit


  • Sol Furry
  • Aqua Pulse

Super CombosEdit

  • Ninja Stealth Combo
  • John Clone Combo

Chaos DriveEdit

Ultra John Cannon- John kicks the opponent 5x in the face then punches him in the air and blasts him in the stomach when they are falling midair.

Serious Anger Issues - John punches the opponent x2 in the face, kicks him in the stomach, grabs the opponent by the hand, slams them in the ground, pulls them up,and K.O punches them in the face.

Sigma HaleEdit


  • Soul Eater: Swings the MuramaΣ. Steals a small amount of HP.


  • 5A: A basic punch. Cancels into itself.
  • 2A: A crouching punch.
  • 6A: A shoulder rush.
  • 5A (Midair): Punches in midair.
  • 5B: Knees the opponent. Launches.
  • 2B: A crouching kick.
  • 6B: A roundhouse. Relatively slow startup.
  • 5B (Midair): A jumping kick.
  • 5C: Slashes forward with the S-Blade.
  • 2C: A crouching slash.
  • 4C: An overhead slash. Slow startup.
  • 6C: Stabs low, then slashes high. Launches.
  • 3C: Does a leg sweep.
  • 5C (Midair): A spinning slash in midair.
  • 2C (Midair): An overhead slash in midair.
  • 5D: Swings upward with the MuramaΣ, then slashes down with both blades.
  • 2D: Stabs downward.
  • 6D: Slashes upward and rolls.
  • 5D (Midair): Swings upward in midair.
  • 5BC: Grabs the opponent and lifts them into the air, stabbing them with the S-Blade.
  • 2BC: Throws the opponent behind him and slashes upward.
  • 5BC (Midair): Knees the opponent upward as he throws them behind him and slashes downward.


  • Force Shot: 236C (Delayable): Fires a shot ahead. Can be charged to fire an additional shot, and even further to slice a wave at the opponent.
  • Sheol's Rolling: 236D: New move as of Extend June. Slashes the MuramaΣ backward across the ground, sending a clawed projectile across the screen. Explodes backwards upon hitting the edge.
  • Shungokusatsu (Raging Demon): C (Tap Repeatedly): Does a flurry of slashes, ending in an uppercut.
  • Inferno Divider: 623C/D (Midair also): Slices upward into the air.
  • -> Uppercut: 236C (After Inferno Divider): Stabs upward.
  • -> Straight Punch: 236C (After Uppercut): Stabs forward.
  • -> Axe Kick: 214D (After Uppercut): Axe kicks the opponent downward.
  • Dead Spike: 214D: Clashes the MuramaΣ across the ground, sending out a wave of darkness.
  • Hell's Fang: 214A: Stabs forward with the S-Blade.
  • -> Additional Attack: 214D (After Hell's Fang): Stabs upward with the MuramaΣ.
  • Belial Edge: j.214C/D: Skewers toward the ground. D version is slower, but strikes upon startup and steals HP.
  • Rekkoha: 623A: New move as of Extend June. Punches the ground with the S-Blade, scattering beams around the user. Invincible startup, relatively slow recovery.
  • Not Over Yet: 22C (While the opponent is down): Picks up the opponent, and punches him/her in the gut.


  • Coronation: 4123623C: Sigma makes a quick slash. If it hits, a series of heavy slashes ensues, ending with a powerful charged slash that sends the enemy upward. The attack is finished as Sigma points his blade at the enemy, firing a number of energy spears from it.
  • Carnage Scissors: 632146D: Sigma dashes forward with a quick slice, then follows up with a second slash that unleashes a powerful burst of darkness.

Super CombosEdit

  • Bloodraze Hurricane: 214214D: Sigma stabs forward. If it hits, he tears open a hole into Hell, subjecting the opponent to an onslaught of arcing spears of darkness.
  • Soul Reaper: 4123641236D: Sigma's darksoul appears out of his body, slicing once. If it hits, he and his darksoul strike a number of times in succession, ending with a powerful slash as his darksoul reunites with his body.
  • Unity Sword (Deus Sigma Only): 2141236D: Sigma becomes a visage of darkness and light, his blade in the air, before striking the opponent with the Sword of the Godslayer.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Deus EX Machina: 2 (Charge) -> 2146D: Sigma focuses an immense amount of energy into an upward slash. If it hits, it sends the opponent into the sky, Sigma following soon after. Sigma then executes a devastating series of heavy slashes off of a rolling slash, finishing by skewering the opponent downward with both blades.

Ciel Mackenzie HaleEdit


  • Sword Summoner: Sends a blade of energy toward the opponent.


  • Steins Gunner: 623D: Creates an orb in front, which fires a beam.
  • Divine Wrath of the Heavens: 63214D: Detonates any Steins Gunners placed.
  • Paradise Lost: 214D: Sends a number of beams upward.
  • Punishment: 236D: Sends a bladed wheel toward the opponent's back.
  • Luminous Divider: 623C: Uppercuts and rolls upward with a blade.
  • -> Axe Kick: 214C (After Luminous Divider): Axe kicks upward.
  • -> Straight Punch: 236C (After Axe Kick): Punches Forward.
  • Origins: 623C: Shields herself, and damages the enemy.
  • Sword of Decimation: 63214C (Chargeable): Creates several swords above herself, and slashes them down.
  • Relentless: 22D (When the opponent is down): Stabs the opponent from the ground.


  • Calamity Sword: 632146D: Ciel summons a huge blade and slams it down on the enemy.
  • Wisdom of the Divines: 632146C: Ciel creates a seal in front. If it hits, the enemy is trapped, allowing Ciel to fly above them, stabbing them with six large blades.

Super CombosEdit

  • Heaven's Redemption: 2141236C: Ciel strikes forward. If it hits, she creates a glaive in her hands, slashing at the opponent several times before draining their energy, finishing off with a powerful beam.
  • Nine Fragments (After Lumine Infinitus): 4123641236D: Ciel strikes upward. If it hits, Ciel stabs the opponent with nine tentacles of energy, before dashing to the other side, stabbing the opponent with eight swords, finishing by summoning a large blade, slamming it into the opponent. Automatically cancels Lumine Infinitus -- stronger the more time Ciel has left.

Chaos DrivesEdit

  • Lumine Infinitus: 1412363D: Ciel engages the IDEA Engine, and accesses her Avatar Form for a limited time, making her attacks stronger.
  • Sword of Destruction: 222D: Ciel engages the IDEA Engine, and tries to seal the opponent. If she is successful, she then detaches her wing pieces from her back, sending them into a gate above. An immense blade emerges from the gate, and is slammed down on the opponent.



  • Gaea Punisher: Creates a mechanism, and sends it onto the field. Makes physical contact, slashes with spinning blades after a few seconds unless σ-18 is hit before then.


  • Divine Impact: 214D: Rides a Gaea Punisher forward. Sets a Gaea Punisher without its additional attack.
  • Meteor Strike: 214D (Midair): Rides a Gaea Punisher downward, which explodes upon impact. Does not set a Gaea Punisher, unlike Divine Impact.
  • Blades of Judgment: 41236D: Re-primes each previously set Gaea Punisher with spinning blades, and sends them at the opponent once each is primed. Extremely slow.
  • Collision: 63214D: Fires each previously set Gaea Punisher into the ground. Faster than Blades of Judgment.
  • Piercer: 623C: σ-18's swords circle around her. If the opponent strikes her head on, she automatically counters with falling swords.
  • Void Assault: 63214C: Warps behind the opponent, and stabs them with her swords.
  • Slashing: 214B: Cartwheels in the air, and dashes forward.
  • Impact Edge: 22C (When the opponent is down): Forces the opponent up, and crushes them with her blades.


  • Divine Javelin: 236236D (In midair): Combines her swords with Gaea Punishers, and launches them at the opponent four times.
  • Ravage: 6463214D: A blade-shaped object smashes into the ground, and a clock on it begins to count down. When it reaches zero, it unleashes a huge explosion.

Super CombosEdit

  • Boundary Unleashed: 6321463214D: Creates a void in front. If the opponent is in the air, it pulls them in, and hits them with the tip of a giant sword.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Sword of Chaos: 222D: Stabs in front with four swords. If it hits, she seals the opponent with the other four swords and two rings. She then warps back, and rushes toward the opponent. She places her hands forward as a giant blade emerges from a rift as she becomes the "handle" of it, stabbing the opponent.


Special MovesEdit

  • Lariat: Razor puts both his fists out and spins whilst moving forward
  • Crunch: Razor bites his opponent

Special ThrowsEdit

  • Bearhug: Razor grabs his opponent and squeezes them close to his chest
  • Facetofloor: Razor holds his opponent by their face and leaps on to the ground whilst holding them.
  • Headlock Slam: Razor puts his opponent in a headlock and leaps backwards, ending up on his stomach on top of the opposition
  • Leg Submission: Razor grabs his opponent in a headlock with his legs and proceeds to flip and land on them
  • Backwards Nelson: Razor performs a full nelson before slamming his opponent behind him.

Super CombosEdit

  • Bearhug Crusher: Bearhugs opponent until they are extremely dizzy, then he jumps into the air, when he lands, he can be seen sitting on his opponent.
  • Home Run!!: Razor holds his opponent by their face and throws them up into the air, he waits before they land in a meteor fashion.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Heavy Tornado: Razor knocks his opponent and grabs them by the legs, he wraps them around his chest, he then proceeds to spin around with them in the latter position, he gains speeds whilst pointing them upwards, and quickly let's go and they shoot away into the sky.


Special MovesEdit

  • Frenzy Blades: Isaiah summons a second sword and overpowers the opponent, slicing him/her twice.
  • Magicks Blast: Isaiah throws down his sword, and unleashes an explosive blast.

Super CombosEdit

  • Sword Possession: Isaiah's sword flies into the air and four identical swords appear with it. All five blades fly at the opponent and attack, unleashing a flurry of slashes and stabs.
  • Magicks strike: Isaiah's hands glow deathly white, and he points them at the opponent. Suddenly, a blast shoots out of one hand, then the other, then Isaiah clasps his hands together, crossing the blasts and turning it into one huge blast of energy at the opponent.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Angelic Shining Isaiah: Isaiah turns completely white, and he weilds a second sword. His wings unfurl to full length and he floats up into the air. This form gives Isaiah a large power and speed boost, but lowers his endurance after he changes back.


Special MovesEdit

  • Cutlass Stab: Cutlass draws his two cutlasses and they glow black. He then stabs the opponent twice, injecting them with a five hit poison from each sword.
  • Cleaver Carve: Cutlass draws his cleaver and lodges it in the opponent, leaving it there to seep out the opponents energy. He then pulls the cleaver out and resheathes it.

Super CombosEdit

  • Cutlass Cleave: Cutlass stabs his cutlasses into the enemy, then draws his cleaver and lodges it in the opponents side. Then he snaps his fingers and all three blades explode.
  • Blade Chain: Cutlass stabs one of his cutlasses on either end of his cleaver and swings the thing around, throwing it at the opponent. The three blades wrap around like the enemy like a chain for a short time.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Demon Cutlass: Cutlass stabs his cutlasses into both of the opponents arms, the lodges his cleaver in the opponents leg. He then draws a black hammer and growls viciously, a dark aura covering him. He then swings the hammer down on the opponent, smashing the his/her chest, breaking all the ribs. He snaps his fingers and all the blades explode, then he draws a pistol and shoots the person four times before he changes back.

Gale the HedgehogEdit

Special MovesEdit

  • Death Stab: Gale slashes through the enemy with both of his scimitars and then draws his glock and fires five rounds in the enemy cuasing internal bleeding.
  • Combat Pulse: Gale charges the enemy and kicks the enemy hard, sending them off their feet. Then he grabs them and throws them into the air and back kicks them back onto the ground

Super CombosEdit

  • Lightning Surge: Gale throws his fist into the air and summons a lightning bolt to strike him and he punches into the ground, creating a shockwave across the entire area.
  • Tri-Slash: Gale draws his scimitars and attacks with three slashes in the air, each sending out a shockwave of water, then fire, then lightning, and then shoots the enemy with his glocks.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Nova Titan: Gale drives his scimitars into the ground and draws his Khunda and charges up his energy, untill he can't contain it and becomes Aurora Gale. He starts attacking with every element and then after his attack, hecharges at the enemy with all his power and concentration on the enemy and strikes with the power of 5 super Novas. It "can" b e a one hit KO but take alot of power to activate and leaves Gale very weak.

Smash The Echidna ~Moves List Edit


  • Pummel: Smash ruthlessly beats down on an enemy, increasingly picking up speed and building up power as he does so. The finishing blow is often something to knock the enemy back, but it could be another skill in it's place. (i.e Seven Stars or Super Uppercut.) This is a powerful attack, but many fighters he's faced have been able to defend against it more often than not.
  • Super Uppercut: Smash attacks the enemy with a rising uppercut. There are a few variations of this particular move. In one variation, he spins like a piledriver as both he and his target rise off the ground. This version deals multiple hits against his opponent.
  • Seven Stars: Seven Stars is essentially a punch to the head, intended to knock the wind out of an opponent. It's successfully caused people to drop their guard and succumb to dizziness, when successful. However, this move is greatly overshadowed by Skull Cracker. Smash can develop different takes on this, however, if he had the necessary resources and/or abilities.
  • Dragon Swarm: Smash makes a chain of several wide and spinning punches, moving forward while attacking. He adds a kick in between each punch, racking up the damage. Smash is quite possibly the first person to use this skill with his bare hands, as opposed to a bladed weapon.
  • Spirit Blast: Smash puts his whole spirit into a punch, which releases a bright flash and small explosion of energy upon impact. This move very powerful in it's own right, but it's actually quite slow. He seems to move in slow motion while throwing the punch, his entire body glowing and vibrating all the while. Once he gets around halfway towards his opponent, he suddenly breaks out and delivers the blow nearly twice as fast as he normally would have. The charge time allows opponents to get away, or even counter before he attacks. He has to be very careful about using this.
  • Bone Crusher: He clenches both hands together as one big fist, and clobbers the enemy as if his hands were a club. It can deal devastating amounts of damage and has a high possibly of breaking through one's guard. This move is somewhat slower than most of his other attacks, but is still very effective and fairly quick.

Super CombosEdit

  • Triple Uppercut: The final and most powerful version of Super Uppercut. As implied, it's because he attacks three times in a row. The first uppercut is just a standard, fairly strong punch. The second one is a rising uppercut, like before. And the third is a rising, spinning uppercut, complete with precision High Tension activation. He has yet to actually use this on an enemy, but still regularly practices this move.
  • Endless Smash: Smash repeatedly bashes an enemy at nearly super speeds, almost as if he were literally trying to tear through them. The finishing blow, much like Pummel, is generally an attack specifically to knock the enemy back. But it could be anything he wanted to.
  • Twin Raging Beast: Smash slams his shoulder into his enemy, and unleashes a massive wave of energy in the shape of a lion's head, which freezes them in place. Smash typically spins around in a complete circle in mid-air after unleashing Beast; Using this to his advantage, he follows up with a second Beast wave, one of a different color, and blasts them away.
  • Skull Cracker: Smash's most well known attack. Skull Cracker is a powerful blow, generally aimed at the opponent's head. As the name implies, it is powerful enough to crack a person's skull open. A normal person would almost always find a blow like this to be fatal.

Chaos DriveEdit

  • High Tension: Transforms into his High Tension State, boosting stats and allowing finishers.

Finishers (for a visually stunning way to end a fight)Edit

  • Final Fury: Was once known as "Pulverize", an upgraded version of "Pummel". After honing his skills, he developed the skill far enough for him to rename it. Final Fury (also known as Satsugeki Bukouken) is a long chain of different attacks linked together in one long combo. He adds several of his past skills into the mix, such as Super Uppercut and Seven Stars. The end of the combo is either Skull Cracker or Super Uppercut, both with a precision Completed High Tension activation. (Due to game rules, Completed High Tension wears off immediately after the skill is finished.)
  • Divine Fist: Quite possibly Smash's most powerful attack. Divine Fist is essentially a fusion of both Spirit Blast and Skull Cracker, two of Smash's already very powerful skills. This move requires him to be in High Tension for him to use. He leaps into the air, high above the opponent, and lets gravity pull him downward while charging up Spirit Blast. He puts everything into this attack, causing his entire arm to glow with it's own aura separate from the aura generated from his High Tension state. When he strikes the enemy, it causes a massive explosion of energy in the shape of a wide pillar of light that reaches into the sky.

Cold the HedgehogEdit


  • Chaos Fist: Cold does a super strong punch that sends his enemy back flying.Only do this when his life is full
  • Speed Kick: a powerful uppercut kick that send his enemies in the air.He can only do this when his life bar is cut in half.
  • Colur Ice:Traps his enemies for one minute.
  • Soul Froze:This attack shoots rapid ice spears that slowly freeze the enemy.It is used to keep your enemies away from you while you life is low,you can only do it when you life is very low.

Super CombosEdit

  • Super Fist:Like chaos fist but it punches the enemy four time,the last punch sends them flying

  • Tippy Toe Tippy Tang:Tackles the enemy and step on their foot times.
  • Twin kick: While in air,kicks the enemy five times.Can't be done on the ground.
  • Kill froze: Brings ice spikes out of the ground five times.

Chaos DriveEdit

Finishers Edit

Super Ice Blast: A hugh blue and white blast that finishes of the any enemies(but fire types),Cold jumps in the air and send 13 rapid fire ice blasts at his enemy.Freezing them and hurting them with 12 blast,them sending the last blast,which is a glowing white sphere to finish them of.He can only do this when the enemy is on thier last bit of health and when he have yours in half.

Ignite The HedgehogEdit


Flare Gun - Points index finger at the enemy a giant ball of flame shoots out of his finger.

Flame Punch- Ignite attacks the enemy with his fist engulfed in flames.

Torch Flame- Ignite waves his hand forward to create a powerful burst of flame

Flaming uppercut- a firey uppercut

Super Combos

Flame machine gun fists- A barrage of powerful flame punches.

Omega Flame- Mutiple blasts of flame.

Flare Axe Kick- Ignite performs A flaming kick to the top of the skull.

Flaming Spindash- Ignite attacks with a powerful fiery spindash of pain.

Chaos Drive

Dark Inferno Ignite

Tyler LynchEdit


Rapid Fire- blasts the enemy several times with his Dual SMG's

Cutlash- slices the enemy several times with his knife

Boomstick- blasts the enemy with his shotgun.

Super ComboEdit

Recon Combo- blasts the enemy with his AK 47 many times then ends it with a shot from his Desert Eagle. Shotgun Special - *pulls out two Double Barrel Shotguns and blasts the enemy several times, ending it with a small bomb.

Chaos Drive

RPG!!!!- blasts the enemy with his dual SMG's then shoots them with his shotgun and ends the combo with 2 rockets from an RPG.

Julius the Black MurdererEdit


Worm Lock-On - Julius fires a Worm Shooter at his foes taht unleashes 5 miniature Black Worms.

Swift Strike - Julius unsheeves his Black Blade and quickly dashes and slashes through his opponent

Chaos Torrent - Julius shoots a Hadouken-like attack at his foes

Super CombosEdit

Black Meteor - Julius shoots small meteorites from the sky at multyiple locations on the screen.

Swift Judgment - Same as Swift Strike, but Julius does it multiple times across the screen, ending with one downwards that drives his opponent into the ground.

Chaos DriveEdit

Black Death - Julius summons powerful dark beams of lightning down onto the field. It's almost impossible to evade.

Rik The SpidermonkeyEdit

-special attacks- {C}heart drill - rik can fastly move from the stage to swiftly strike his opponent

Rapid foot strike - Rik uses a five second whirlwind roundhose kick

Regal Twist - Rik shoots out a spiral needle of ice

Super CombosEdit

Spider worm hole - Rik teleports through 20 warp holes attacking going through each one

Darks inning - Rik unleashes his inner wing then floats in the air screeching at the opponent

Oath Wind - boosts Rik's power and speed for 1 minute

Chaos DriveEdit

Ice Ball - Rik makes a gigantic homing ice meteor shot at the opponent

Kayden OuronEdit


Stinger - Kayden dashes and stabs his foe with sending them flying

Air Breaker - A powerful overhead attack that can break most grauds

Chaos Wave - Holding down the strong attack button will let you use a Chaos Wave. This will send Shockwaves at the enemy. With the right timing you can shoot 3 at a time.

Super CombosEdit

Chaos Bilz - With the right timing during the Stinger Kayden will begin to move faster and stab foes at speeds faster then the eye can see before knocking them back The more the button the taped the longer the move will last.

Prop Shredder - Kayden will spin his sword on his finger tip knocking the foe into the air. This can be followed up with a combo.

Round Trip - Hold down the light attack button to do this Kayden tosses his sword that will home in on your foe.

Chaos DriveEdit

Super Kayden - Kayden truns Super. This give Kayden Stronger attacks, Lets him move faster, fly and his health slowy recovers.

Demon Blitz - Kayden uses Chaos Blitz to speed him up then dash though the enemy 4 time slashing them with he Chaos Blade with each pass before Stab them on the final pass then with one last attack Kayden chages all his Chaos power too the tip of his wepon and shoots it out like a canon.

Claire OuronEdit


Straight Flush - Claire jumps back and counters attacks with a punch! Hold down the button to get more power.

Full House - Claire kicks the foe many times before kicking them up into the air.

Ace - Claire uppercuts the foe before jumping after the foe. Hold down the button to get more power.

Super CombosEdit

Chaos Bilzs - With the right timing during the Full House Claire will begin to move faster and punch foes faster then the eye can see before knocking them onto the ground. The more the button the taped the longer the move will last.

Lunar Phase - Claire will jump into the air and start kicking her foe at high speed before knocking them into the wall.

Chaos Flare - Claire shoots a fire ball from her hand. With the right timing 3 can be fired at one time. Hold the button to use.

Chaos DriveEdit

Super Claire - Claire turns Super. This gives Claire stronger attacks, Lets her move faster, fly, and her health slowy recovers.

Chaos inferno- Claire fires a steam of Chaos enegry ahead of her.

Violet the HedgehogEdit


Running Riot - Violet starts running ahead, if Violet runs into her emeny she'll begin a kicking combo that ends with her knocking her foe into the wall.

Chaos Flaire - Unlike Claire, Violet fires this attack along the ground and can't be fired 3 times at one time. To make up for that this attack blows up when it hits.

Chaos Vortex - Violet makes a twister appaer around her. This attack can draw in foes if there too cloes.

Super CombosEdit

Chaos Blitz - With the right timing during Running Riot Violet will begin to move faster and kick foes faster then the eye can see before knocking into the air. The more the button is taped the longer the move will last.

Chaos Tempest - With the right timing during Chaos Vortex Violet will set the inside of the vortex on fire. The twister inself will become bigger and have more power!

Chaos Wave - Violet uses a two Chaos Waves. Holding, then releasing the buttons will dramatically increase attack strength.

Chaos DriveEdit

Chaos Blast - A huge shockway that is very powerfull. Unlike in Shadow the Hedgehog this attack can be ecaped by running to the other side of the ring.

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit


Chaos Ninjago - Jack will spin around making an Orange Tornado around himself making it a Heavy Attack either your opponent is in the air or on the ground.

Chaos Freeze - Jack can use this ability to freeze the Opponent for only 10 Seconds & until the Opponent can break free from it

Chaos Splash - Jack makes a Big wave out of Water & splashes on the Opponent causing heavy damage, making the opponent all "Washed Up"

Super CombosEdit

Piko Hammer Attack - Jack can use his Orange & Black Piko Piko Hammer in a combo by hammering the Opponent down on the ground, in the air, everywhere. This attack can whack anyone in less than 4 Feet away.

Spin Dash - Just like Sonic, Jack can use his Spin Dash to attack the Opponent in a Combo

Chaos Zap - An Electric Attack coming out of Jack's Hands, making this attack a "Shocking" development

Chaos DriveEdit

Chaos Dragon - Jack can turn into a Full Grown Dragon using his Orange Aura & charges at the Opponent causing Huge Damage to the Opponent

Patricia the SkunkEdit

Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit



Wind Blade - Sends a blade of wind at his enemies using his sword.

Teleport - Teleports behind the enemy, makes a good get away move.

Triple Slash - Slashes the enemy three times with his sword.

Super CombosEdit

Raging Tempest - Surrounds hands with wind then punches the enemy with the force of a hurricane.

Tornado Slash - sends a tornado at the enemy and as they fall down slices them with his sword.

Chaos Drive

Eye of The Storm - Slashes the enemy many times at a blinding speed. (In a similar fashion to Hakumen's Astral Finish in BlazBlue)



  • Wall Rise - Creates a wall of light in front of self
    • Wall Launch - To be chained with Wall Rise, launches the light wall at the opponent
  • Star Spear - Launches three bolts of light in a spreader fashion at the opponent
    • Star Attack - Chained Star Spear: Alternating between three and two light bolts, filling in the gaps
  • Melee Strike - Attacks the opponent with fists of light

Super CombosEdit

  • Lazer Burst - Launches several powerful blast of light at the opponent
  • Nova Clobber - Smashes the opponent with a large mace of light

Chaos DriveEdit

Galactic Quasar Light: Attacks the opponent mulitple times with lances of light, blasts a shot of light at the opponent, the finishes with a powerful light in all directions. (Similar to K-Dash's Hyper Chain Drive from King of Fighters XIII)

Hunter the FoxEdit


  • Lunar Orb- Hunter launches an orb made of Lunar energy at the target which explodes beautifully if it hits.
  • Lunar Rush- Hunter blasts forwards, slamming a fist into his foe's chest if they're in range with large knockback.
  • Lunar Flip- Hunter performs a backflip, kicking the enemy if within range. Produces vertical knockback with minimal horizontal travel.
  • Cross-Cut- Hunter summons his swords and swings them both vertically. If this first strike hits he follows up with a second pair of slashes that produce medium knockback.
  • Lunarport- With a bright blue flash Hunter teleports behind the target. Can be followed up with a strike or a throw.



Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit

Special AttacksEdit

  • Cyclone Spin- Josh spins like a cyclone with his blade and lacerates the opponent with every spin. Deals medium damage. Effective against flying opponents.
  • Chaos Blizzard- Josh snaps his finger that summons a blizzard that could freeze an opponent for 20 seconds. Deals heavy damage.
  • Magma Flare- Josh fires superheated magma from his Singe Cannon with an explosion. Deals heavy damage.
  • Micro Drain- Josh shoots tiny bits of plasma that drains energy from the opponent, then absorbs the drained energy. Deals 1/4 damage & health.

Super CombosEdit

  • Tornado Charge- Josh spins like a tornado, strikes the opponent 10 times. Deals great damage.
  • Hurricane Barrage- Josh fires pressured wind orbs to the enemy. Deals great damage.
  • Wind-Electric Combo- Josh summons a tornado that sucks the enemy, then Jess the Hedgehog (E-Josh) will discharge electricity to the tornado, making it a good combo. Deals heavy damage.

Chaos DriveEdit

Ancient Gamma Blast- Josh fires a huge gamma blast from his Ancient Cannon. Deals massive damage.

Thomas the Echidna (E-Josh)Edit

Special AttacksEdit

  • Aqua Uppercut- Thomas uses pressured water and uppercuts the opponent hard. Deals high damage. Effective against fire beings.
  • Tidal Orb- Thomas fires a big pressured orb of water to the opponent. Deals heavy damage. Effective against fire beings.
  • Ice Meteor- Thomas summons a frozen meteor from above that strikes to the enemy and freezes it by 12 seconds. Deals heavy damage.
  • Aqua Rain- Thomas summons rain that periodically damages fire beings. Deals small damage periodically.

Super CombosEdit

  • Ice Barrage- Thomas fires sharp ice spears to the opponent. Deals great damage.
  • Trident Shower- Thomas throws many tridents from above at the enemy. Deals great damage.
  • Fusion Blizzard- Thomas summons rain & Josh summons wind to freeze the raindrops, making it hail. And Josh finishes the combo with great wind, making it a blizzard. It will freeze the opponent for 25 seconds. Deals heavy damage.

Chaos DriveEdit

Unli Hydro Punch- Thomas punches the opponent with loads of water punches. Deals massive damage.

Solar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit


  • Solar Punch- Solar punches his opponent with a solar-powered punch. Deals medium damage.
  • Solar Spear- Solar throws 3 solar-powered Chaos Spears at his opponent. Deals medium damage.
  • Solar Breath- Solar breaths solar-powered fire at the opponent. Deals great damage.

Super CombosEdit

  • Solar Wave- Solar summons a small dome of solar energy to the opponent. Deals great damage.
  • Solar Smasher- Solar focuses solar energy on his feet, then he jumps to the air, then kicks the opponent with solar energy.

Chaos DriveEdit

Solar Phoenix Blazer- Solar floats to the air, then summons his huge burning aura that is shaped like a phoenix, & charges to the opponent, burning it. Deals massive damage.

Lunar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit


  • Lunar Breath- Lunar breaths lunar-powered fire at the opponent. Deals great damage.
  • Lunar Orb- Lunar shoots a lunar-powered orb at the opponent. Unlike Hunter, it burns the opponent.
  • Lunar Drain- Lunar drains energy from the enemy. Deals 1/4 damage to the opponent & health.

Super CombosEdit

  • Lunar Boost- Lunar summons 7 lunar orbs that surround an opponent, then he makes them hit the target. Deals great damage.
  • Lunar Smasher- Lunar charges lunar energy on his feet, then jumps high, then he aims to the target, & kicks it with lunar energy.

Chaos DriveEdit

Lunar Beast Charge- Lunar summons his lunar aura that is shaped like a beast, then he charges to an opponent 2 times, creating a lunar explosion to the opponent. Deals massive damage.

Tori ParksEdit


Spinning Heel Kick

Super CombosEdit

Sugar Rush

Chaos DriveEdit

Wings of Love -

Twister ProwerEdit

Special MovesEdit

  • Eggpawn laser shot
  • Tailslash
  • Tailslash upper

Super CombosEdit

  • Laser Overload

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Tailslash Turnabout - Twister does a few tailslashes and becomes a multi-hitting tornado

Tex the HedgehogEdit


  • Pugil Strike
  • Shotgun golf-swing
  • lock-down paint shot

Super CombosEdit

  • Freelancer's Pride

Chaos DriveEdit

  • Burning Angel - Tex does a very powerful amount of attacks ending with a few mine explosions

Wright the HedgehogEdit


  • Investigation (adds evidence to use move present evidence)
  • present evidence
  • Paperwork (has high or low versions)
  • Press the Witness

Super CombosEdit

  • Order in The Court! (leads into turnabout mode, which is needed for wright to use his chaos drive)

Chaos DriveEdit

  • The Ace Attorney - Wright does what he does best, convict any opponent, foe or hero, of a crime with his 3 pieces of evidence



Nebulaphobia - Leaves a fog and temporarily blinds his opponent, this can be used as a combo starter.

Lygophobia - Throws three balls of darkness at the opponent.

Hyalophobia - Throws many glass shards at the opponent

Super CombosEdit

Cometophobia - Sends many comets down at the opponent

Blennophobia - Sends a huge wave of black slime at the opponent

Chaos DriveEdit

Hadephobia - Traps the opponent into something weakening or related to the character, then proceeds to engulf them into the true darkness.

Sephiroh the hedgehogEdit


Terror orb

Terror gate

Terror mist

Super CombosEdit

terror storm - Shots various smaller versions of terror orb

Terror gate: nightmare opening - Use terror gate and opens it, sending a red blast

Chaos DriveEdit

Nightmare control -By tistorting the ground, creates a distorted cage and Crushes the enemy, transforming the cage into a coffin

Cervantes The WolfEdit


Kick Back - spins once then kicks his opponent

Rager - Headbutts his opponent in fits of comical rage

Parry - he parries an attack and his opponent suffers the attack they have given

Super Combos

Shoashi reppa - shoryu reppa but with kicks

learning the shippu jenrai kyak - attemps the shippu jenrai kyaku, The player will need to press the kick button rapidly for this move to work

Chaos DriveEdit

Violent Rage - The evil side of cervantes decides to haunt him. the souls of good and bad clash while the bpdy is on it's knees. the soul battle catches the opponent and inflicts damage. both souls go back into his body, as Cervantes gets up.

Colors and CostumesEdit


Costume OneEdit

Costume one is JT's normal costume

Color 1 : Normal - 1. Green - 2. Light Grey-Blue - 3. Sand Yellow - 4. Purple (For Punishment) 5. Brown (Punishment)

Color 2 : Punishment - 1. Purple - 2. Brown - 3. Khaki - 4. Green (For Punishment) - 5. Light Grey-Blue (Punishment)

Color 3 : Falco Color - 1. Blue - 2. Green - 3. Yellow - 4. Marron (For Punishment) - 5. Green (Punishment)

Costume TwoEdit

JT Wears a denim jacket, this is his appearance in the crossover game G4E CLASHED.

Costume ThreeEdit

This is JT's robotic base, before the mobian look was applied, a more robotic voice can be heard in this outfit.

DLC Costume OneEdit

JT's First DLC costume is JaneT, It is part of the Genderbender Costume pack


Costume 1: Regular Smash; no outfit.

Costume 2: Casual outfit; Smash's yin-yang T-shirt and blue jeans.

Costume 3: Black tux; His formal clothing.

Costume 4: David's outfit.

Costume 4: David's armor; The armor found amongst his father's belongings.

Costume 5: David's Armor (unlockable); The same armor after Gizmo upgrades it. ~~Unlockable by beating Story mode while wearing the regular armor without dying once.


Costume 1: Regular Cold; no outfit.

Costume 2: Goku(Dragon Ball) cloths; A fighting uniform.

Costume 3: SEGA shirt; a white T with SEGA's logo.

Costume 4: azurik ice armor; The armor Azurik used when he uses the ice element.

Costume 5: Samus Aran armor (unlockable); An armor worn by Samus Aran ~~Unlockable by beating Story mode 2 times.


Costume 1: Original Outfit

Costume 2: White Hoodie with black jeans, white sneakers, and black gloves

Costume 3: Red Dragon hoodie with red jeans

Yu the PorcupineEdit

Costume One: None, his normal outfit.

Costume Two: His emo counterpart. Wears a black Skull T-shirt, black jeans, has shaggy black hair, wears dark eyeliner, black socks and black untied shoes.

Costume Three: Ripped shirt and pants.

Costume Four (Unlockable): Marth (Fire Emblem) costume.

Target the EagleEdit

Costume 1: Regular

Costume 2: Purple hoodie with jeans (Start quote in costume 2: "Look, im WEARING STUFF.")

Costume 3: Blue and gold macaw feathers with bright almond eyes (Looks like a character called Kona Anderson in a comic I wrote called "Species Switch: The Epic Fail Spray")

Costume 4: Coming soon

Clyde O'DonnellEdit

Costume 1: Normal Look - Clyde's usual attire. Gotta love the shades!

Costume 2: Primal Melee - Clyde ditches his sunglasses and jacket for a more feral look. It especially helps get laid.

Costume 3: Wolf O'Donnell - Clyde pays tribute to his father, by putting on his clothes. He's even got the eyepatch!

Costume 4: Claire O'Donnell - Clyde's shy female counterpart from another dimension. She's a Downloadable character.

Angel CarosoEdit

Costume 1: Normal Look - Angel's usual attire. Just don't go to close to her chest, if you know what's good for you!

Costume 2: Cat Tease - Angel takes off her jacket for a more appealing and agile way of combat. Good luck keeping Clyde and Hero away from her now!

Costume 3: Panther Caroso - Angel pays tribute to her father, by wearing his own clothes. She even has his signature rose.

Costume 4: Andy Caroso - Angel's perverted male counterpart from another dimension. He's a Downloadable character

Kyle OikonnyEdit

Costume 1: Normal Look - Kyle's usual attire. Don't ever fuck with him!

Costume 2: Venom Nomar - Kyle puts on the uniform of Boston Red Sox legend, Nomar Garciaparra. It's a Grand Slam, plain and simple!

Costume 3: Andrew Oikonny - Kyle pays tribute to his father, by wearing his own attire. Strangely, Kyle still has his own hat and cross.

Costume 4: Kylie Oikonny - Kyle's tomboyish female counterpart from another dimension. She's a Downloadable character.

Ivy ProwerEdit

Costume 1: Normal Look - Ivy's usual attire. Ain't she just cute?

Costume 2: Hellooooo Nurse - Ivy puts on a attractive nurse's outfit on. Now she's gonna have her hands full!

Costume 3: Cosmo Prower - Ivy pays tribute to her mother, by wearing her dress. Her own fur color is also changed to green to fit it better.

Costume 4: Isaac Prower - Ivy's cocky male counterpart from another dimension. He's a Downloadable character.

Rik The SpidermonkeyEdit

Costume 1: Standard - Rik as he started tfsEdit

Costume 2: Pink (to represent his lover Lucia)Edit

Costume 3: Black (to represent sky)Edit

Costume 4: Red and yellowEdit

Costume 5: His old ClothesEdit

Costume 6: wearing Traditional Matt hardy pants

Kayden OuronEdit

Costume 1: Standard - kayden look is new for this game. Wareing a black jackit gray shrt under it. The jackit is open.

Costume 2: Old style - Kayden wares his old outfit.

Costume 3: Dark style - Based off Kayden's dark from. Kayden is black with a demon like tall has well has claws and fangs.

Costume 4: Datne style - Based off Datne form Devil may cry 3 Kayden's Black jackit becomes red and Kayden loses his shrt.

Claire OuronEdit

Costume 1 : Standard - Claire looks nomal here.

Costume 2: Hyper style - Claire in her Hyper from outfit. (Claire does not have wings in this outfit unlike the Hyper From it's self)

Violet the HedgehogEdit

Costume 1: Standard - Violet looks nomal here.

Costume 2: Dragon fist outfit - Violet wears the outfit she used in the Dragon fist story line.

Costume 3: Dark Style - Based off the Dark from Violet had before joining Kayden. Violet has black hair and red eyes she also wares a long black jackit.

Costume 4: Super Style - Based off Violet's Super From. The only thing that chages in her hair truns gold.

Gorru the WolfEdit

Costume 1: Cloaked Hero - The default outfit Gorru wears.

Costume 2: Light Wear - A blue t-shirt with a pear of kakhi, cargo shorts.

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) / Super Jack / Ultimate Jack / Maxus Jack / Dragon Jack / Ogre JackEdit

Costume #1Edit


Colour (Costume #1)Edit
  1. Black Shirt, White Pants & Dark Blue Shoes
  2. Opposite (White Shirt, Black Pants & Dark Orange Shoes)
  3. Blue Shirt, Dark Orange Pants & Yellow Shoes
  4. Red Shirt, Light Blue Pants & Green Shoes
  5. Yellow Shirt, Purple Pants & Red Shoes
  6. Green Shirt, Pink Pants & Purple Pants
  7. Dark Orange Shirt, Blue Pants & Black Shoes
  8. Purple Shirt, Yellow Pants & White Shoes

Costume #2Edit

Super Jack

Costume #3Edit

Ultimate Jack

Costume #4Edit

Maxus Jack

Costume #5Edit

Dragon Jack

Costume #6Edit

Ogre Jack

Patricia the Skunk / Super Patricia / Ultimate PatriciaEdit

Costume #1Edit


Colour (Costume #1)Edit
  1. Pink Clothes w/ Red Boots
  2. Purple Clothes w/ Blue Boots
  3. Green Clothes w/ Yellow Boots
  4. Red Clothes w/ White Boots w/ Black Stripe
  5. Blue Clothes w/ Green Boots
  6. Yellow Clothes w/ Orange Boots
  7. Orange Clothes w/ Pink Boots
  8. White Clothes w/ Black Shiny Boots
  9. Black Clothes w/ Purple Boots

Costume #2Edit

Super Patricia

Costume #3Edit

Ultimate Patricia

Costume #4Edit

Witch Costume

Isaiah the Angelic HedgefoxEdit

Costume #1

Default: White T-shirt, Blue Jeans, and Tennis Shoes

1st color change: Yellow T-shirt, Black Jeans

2nd color change: Green T-shirt, Red Jeans

3rd color change: Black T-shirt, Grey Jeans

Costume #2

Warrior Outfit: Black Kevlar long-sleeved shirt, Thick Grey Jeans, Black Headband, and Black fighting boots

Costume #3

Shining Isaiah: Gleaming White Tunic shirt, Gleaming White pants, White Fighting Boots

Cutlass the DemonfoxEdit

Costume #1

Default: Black Overcoat, Kevlar vest underneath, Black Jeans, Black Shoes (No color changes)

Costume #2

Darkening Cutlass: Black cloak of smoke covering his entire body, black hood covering his head, giant scythe

Krinkinko the HedgehogEdit


Normal attire (or lack of)

Costume # 1

Krinkinko wearing a txedo that The Elder claims to help him conserve energy. (Unlocked after beating story mode)

Costume # 2

Spy Gear: Krinkinko with a black vest, a head microphone, black shoes, blue socks, and black gloves without fingers showing. (Unlocked after using Krinkinko in a tag-team with a member or ex-member of GUN)

Costume #3

Rapid the Hedgehog:Simply put, a costume that looks like his older brother. (Unlovked after beating all other green characters with Krinkinko)

Costume #4

Original:A green Sonic recolor who has purple shoes without a leaf, fingerless gloves, and a leaf on his head. (Unlcoked after using Krinkinko 25 times)

Josh the HedgehogEdit

Costume #1Edit

  • Sky Blue T-Shirt, Red Pants, & Blue Jet Skates
  • Maroon Polo with Beige Vest, Black Pants, & Red Jet Skates
  • Cyan T-Shirt, Blue Jeans, & Yellow Jet Skates
  • Black-Checkered White Polo, Black Jeans, & Maroon Jet Skates

Costume #2Edit

Wind Leader Suit: Green Polo, Green Pants with Cyan Streak, Formal Green Shoes, Golden Shoulder PadEdit

John JamesEdit

Costume OneEdit

Sephiroh the HedgehogEdit


he wears a green coat, and jeans pants and a white shoes


same as 1, but without the coat



JT is a balanced character, he matches everything halfway, he can juggle his enemies well and he can pull off simple combanations, along with his specials, which are simple combanations, but his chaos drive proves difficult to pull off

Offence: ★★★★★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stanima: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★ ✰


Falco is a balanced character, very similar to JT only with higher evasiveness, as he can jump higher, being an eagle. So, like JT, all his specials are easy to perform, but his Chaos Drive can be very diffcult to pull off, more so than JT's because it is more powerful.

Offence: ★★★★★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stanima: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰


Jester proves hard to control, but he makes up for it by being a small character who can jump very high. Jester is very weak but very defensive and has a very nice speed amount. Though Jester is very low on Offence and Stanima. Jester should be controlled by experts

Offence: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Stanima: ★ ★ ★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★✰✰ ✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Razor's size makes it very difficult to dodge but it also makes his very defencive and aggressive. He is also very slow but he can execute throw combos very smoothly. His throws are very strong and he has many of them, they can prove excelllent damage and they are very easy to combo from or to. If used correctly, Razor can be extremely brutal and easy to use.

Offence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stanima: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Has extremely powerful projectiles and is incredibly fast, but due to this Boombomb is not easy to use and his defence is low, once you master Boombomb, he will become one of the strongest. Mastering Boombomb will take Training.

Offence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defence: ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Stanima: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ease of use ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Sigma HaleEdit

Sigma is relatively slower and more cumbersome than the other characters, but makes up for this in offensive capabilities. His fighting style relies mainly on rush-down and aerial combos, though his slow speed makes it challenging to get up close.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Defence: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ciel Mackenzie HaleEdit

Ciel is a glass cannon with extremely high attack and admirable agility, but lacks a lot of defensive capabilities. Her attack style is 50/50, one half of her attacks being close-quarters, and the other half being ranged. This diversity, combined with her low defense, makes her a rather difficult character to master. On the other hand, she has two Chaos Drives available to her. Her first one, Lumine Infinitus, grants a power boost and access to a highly-damaging Super Combo, but with a difficult input. Her second, Sword of Destruction, is easier to perform and is a finisher, but with an extremely small hitbox.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defence: ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Surge is on of the harder characters to control, but managable. He's very powerful and is extremely fast and agile, great for perfect fights. It's important to note though, that his stamina doesn't last as long as the others. He's built for quick and devastating blows to disable the enemy before they have a shot at him. Though somewhat difficult to master, a master of his gameplay can make very short work of opponents before they can counterattack.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★

Defense: ★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★★ ★★ ★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Isaiah is a very difficult character to control. He is very powerful, but he does not fight, so he uses it mainly for deffense. He is very agile and quick to move from harm, and has a lot of health to keep him going during a fight. He was built to stop fights, not keep them going, so he will jump in, attack quickly to weaken, then jump out. He only puts on a show when he performs his super combos or his chaos drive. Otherwise, you won't see much of him up close.

Offense: ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★★✰✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★★✰✰

Ease of Use: ★✰ ✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Cutlass is much easier than Isaiah to use. He is used for super strong hits that take a little while to charge up, but deliver a large blow. His speed and evasiveness are moderate, and his offense is quite high. The downside is his defence is a bit lower. Most of his stronger attacks are not that far off from his normal attacks because of is high offense. His Stamina is near middle as well.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★


Smash is an all around powerful character, but is pretty difficult to handle. Just about all of his attacks are close ranged, physical blows, making him perfect for hand-to-hand combat. He is great at offense and his stamina is admirable. He is pretty good at evasion andspeed, but his defense is somewhat average, unless he's actually guarding. His Chaos Drive/High Tension is somewhat easy to tap into, but the finishers it allows are harder to use.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Cold is a powerful but hard to handle character, he isn't a much of Defense,he has simple combanations, but his chaos drive proves difficult to pull off.

Offence: ★★★★★★★★★ ✰

Defence: ★ ★ ★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stanima: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Ignite is an all around character who has Jeet kune do based attacks and movements Ignite has tough offense

for powerful attacks, speed for fast movements and juggles, His Defense is fair although he is a more offensive character

Offense: ★★★★★★★★★★★✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ease of use: ★ ★ ✰✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰✰


Julius is often considered an unbalanced and overpowered character, due to the immense power of his ultimate attacks. Despite his strong attacks and stamina, he is one of the slowest characters in the game and his defense isn't as strong as some others.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Yu the PorcupineEdit

Yu is quite fast, but has very low Stamina. He also has low defense.

Offense - ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense - ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰✰

Stamina - ★ ★ ★✰✰✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Rik The SpidermonkeyEdit

Rik is one of the highest jumpers in the game. and is also one of the characters with best retrieve stamina but lacks much of offense.

Offense - ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense - ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰✰

Stamina - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ease of Use - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

He is a very powerful character with high Offense, Stamina & Speed. His Ease of Use & Defense is close to the Middle

Offense - 9/10

Defense - 7/10

Speed 10/10

Evasiveness - 7/10

Stamina 8/10

Ease of Use - 6/10

Patricia the SkunkEdit

Offense - 7/10

Defense - 8/10

Speed - 9/10

Evasiveness - 10/10

Stamina - 9/10

Ease of Use - 8/10


Starburst is a fairly balanced character with somewhat decent control. He's both offensely and defensely oriented. A good character for vetrans to have fun and a good character to use for the harder difficulties.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


Blackout, unlike Surge, is harder to control and can actually last somewhat longer, though this doesn't come without a price. This character shouldn't be used by novices and shouldn't be chosen at random.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defense: ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Edit

Kai the Hedgehog is Super Agressive & Super Defencive against strong Opponents, but with slow speed & evasiveness. He has the Highest Stamina in the Game, making Kai use the longest combos in the game.

Offense: 9/10

Defence: 8/10

Speed: 6/10

Evasiveness: 6/10

Stamina: 10/10

Ease of Use: 7/10

Jackbot NegaEdit

Jackbot Nega has the Strongest Attacks & has High Defence, but has low Speed & Evasiveness because he's a Large Robot. He has high Stamina & he has medium Ease of Use.

Offense: 10/10

Defence: 9/10

Speed: 3/10

Evasiveness: 2/10

Stamina: 8/10

Ease of Use: 5/10

Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit

Josh has high speed & high evasiveness. He could be easy to use with good stamina. He has fair offense & defense.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Thomas the Echidna (E-Josh)Edit

Thomas has high offense, defense, & stamina, but he has low speed, low evasiveness, & is difficult to use.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Louie the Fox (E-Josh)Edit

Louie is a balanced character, with fair offense & medium defense. He is also fast. He has high evasiveness, and also very easy to use.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jetris the Hedgehawk (E-Josh)Edit

Jetris has good offense, defense, and speed. He has the highest stamina, like the other one, Kai the Hedgehog. He has the longest combo, like Kai. He is easy to use. His chaos drive is a little bit hard to pull off.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Solar the Hedgehog (E-Josh)Edit

Solar is a balanced character, but he lacks some stamina. He is also very easy to use. His chaos drive is difficult to pull off.

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sephiroh the hedgehogEdit

sephiroh is easy to use, he lacks on defense but have good offense, evasiveness and Stamina, he is dificult to pull off his chaos drive

Offence: ★★★★★★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Defence: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stanima: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰

Ease of use ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★★★★ ✰

Cervantes The WolfEdit

Cervantes is not that easy to control but holds in alot of power and speed for the player to handle

Offense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Speed: ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Evasiveness: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰

Stamina: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ✰

Ease of Use: ★ ★ ★ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰


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Combot NegaEdit
















Dr EggPlanktonEdit























Infernal GolemEdit
















J. ProwerEdit





































Quake GolemEdit

















Sharpening Chaos DragonEdit






















True Darkness SparksEdit












  • If you do the requirements do fight Gaiaphage with Phage the Dark, he will fight Devil Kai instead. Considering they are the same people
  • There are two "Violet"s and two "Jesse"s There is a minor difference for each
    • Violet the Hedgehog Seedrian's name card is Voilet THS
    • Jesse Prower's name card will be J. Prower
  • This game is set after Black Armageddon in the Fanon Timeline, having some minor differences to our Roleplays today.
    • Sparks can speak, in our later roleplays, he is mute.
    • Falco is mortal, in our later roleplays, he is immortal to an extent.
  • If you get an Extra Boss Battle against Devil Kai as Kai the Hedgehog, he will fight the Gaiaphage instead. Because Kai the Hedgehog & Devil Kai are the same person.
  • Luk-S is the only character to have a second rival battle, one being Nick the Hedgehog and the other being Patricia the Skunk.
  • Rik is the only character to reference WWE
  • The dialouge with Smash/Pear and Violet/Violet THS is a reference to one of Smashes charaters by the same name.
  • The winning qoute used by Claire when fighting any Star Wolf charater is a refernce to the Star Fox 64 line "Can't let you do that Star Fox"


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