'Mario & Luigi: Quadruple Trouble

By Yosh 3000'

System: DSi (holds more memory) 
Price: $40.00 
Genre: RPG

A mysterious army is taking over the Mushroom World. One of their Koopa members visits Princess Peach, but Mario and Luigi defeats him. The Koopa reveals everything about the mysterious Omega Army, which uses a blue star as their symbol. The Koopa then makes an attemot to retreat to the Mushkoop Mountains, and Mario and Luigi follow him. Then a squad of the Omega Army visits Bowser's Castle. As a result, Bowser Jr. is blasted to Yoshi's Island. Bowser Jr. and Yoshi soon meet, and team up together. Soon, the groups meet up with each other in the Mushkoop Mountains, and they all join together to stop the Omega Army and their mysterious leader, Mark.

On the overworld you can only have two of the characters out. You can switch characters and use items using the touchscreen (which also displays a map). Mario uses A, Luigi uses B, Yoshi uses X, and Bowser Jr. uses Y. In battle, you can only have 3 fighters out. Yoshi attacks first, then Bowser Jr., then Mario, then Luigi. At points the group will sleep and have strange, entertaining dreams.

Playable Characters 
Mario: The superstar of the Mushroom Kingdom! He is controled with A and he is capable of jumping, hammering and later on, Firebrand. In battle he can use jumps, hammers, and Firebrand attacks.

Luigi: The lesser superstar. He is controlled with B and is capable of jumping, hammering, and Thunderhand. In battle he can use jumps, hammers, and Thunderhand attacks.

Bowser Jr.: The Prince of Koopas. He is controlled with Y and is capable of jumping and using his paintbrush. In battle he jumps and uses his paintbrush.

Yoshi: The loveable dino. He is controlled with X and is capable of using his tounge and egg tossing. In battle he can jump, throw eggs, and attack using his tounge.

Other Characters: 
Mark: The lord of the Omegas. He is a cruel and evil child in actuality. He also has a very cruel, yet funny sense of humor. He weilds a samurai sword. Throughout the game, he reveals his past.

Yosh 3000: As Mark's best general, he will go to anything to assure Mark's takeover of the Mushroom World.

Goom X: Mark's othe general, however, he is considered a failure and is apparently only a general due to his special abillities.

Peach: After being attacked by the Omegas, she sends Mario and Luigi to stop them. Later she gets kidnapped by Mark himself.

E. Gadd: The tutor of Mario and Luigi, who can be contacted at times.

Kamek: The tutor of Bowser Jr., who can be contacted at times... although less reliable.

Bowser: During the attack on his castle, he is ripped apart from his son and becomes a brainwashed member of the Omega Army.

Toadsworth: You won't beleive how freaked out he gets when Peach gets kidnapped. O_O

Birdo: The lover of Yoshi.

Bros Moves 
Spin Bros: Mario gets on top of Luigi and they spin in any direction. You use this to get to platforms that are too far.

Bounce Bros: Luigi gets on top of Mario and they do a large jump together. You can use this to bounce to higher platforms.

Toss Bros: Yoshi will get into an egg and Bowser will throw him. This is used to get over places Bounce Bros can't.

Shell Bros: Yoshi will swallow Bowser Jr. and spit him out. This can be used to have Bowser Jr. go in low places.

Mushroom: Heals 20 HP. 
Super Mushroom: Heals 50 HP. 
Ultra Mushroom: Heals 100 HP. 
Nuts: Heals 15 HP to two people. 
Super Nuts: Heals 35 HP to two people. 
Ultra Nuts: Heals 75 HP to two people. 
Soda: Cures status alignment. 
1-Up: Revives someone at half HP. 
Super 1-Up: Revives someone at full HP. 
Coffee: Gives someone defense status. 
Cookie: Gives someone strength status.

Bros Items Koopa Shells: A classic from M&L:PiT. Can be used by anyone. Two people can kick this fifteen times to hit enemies. There is also a red variant that keeps on going.

Fire Flowers: A classic from M&L:PiT. Can only be used by Mario and Luigi. They can toss fireballs at enemies on the ground and the sky.

Spiked Ball: Can only be used by Bowser Jr. and Yoshi. Yoshi will toss the spiked ball into the air and Bowser Jr. will hit it into the enemy.

Bob-Omb Bag: Can be used by anyone. Yoshi will toss Bob-ombs into the air and you have to hit the right button in order to hit them back.

Cannon: Can be used by anyone. Everyone will jump into the cannon and you have to press the right button to have the correct character do more damage.

Chain Chomp: Can be used by anyone. The Chomp will run over an enemy and come back. Hit the correct button of the character in front of the Chomp to enrage it so it can go back for another, more stronger attack. Note that the Chomp will get faster!

Bowser Statue: Can be used by anyone. The statue will move up and down in front of the characters and you have to hit it to charge up its power. It will then breathe fire all over the enemies.

Fire Block: Can only be used if Mario is around. Mario will jump to a high block, which will throw a fireball at the other two, who must hammer it at the enemy. After 15 jumps, the block will disappear.

Clone Satalite: Can be used by anyone. A satalite will zap the team and shoots clones at enemies. You'll know which button to use depending on the character.

Walkthrough  Toad Town Mario and Luigi hurry in, finding out that there is an intruder in Peach's Castle! Since it's the beginning, don't bother going to the shops. Head to Peach's Castle to see knocked out gaurds. Hurry into the throne room to see a strange Koopa confronting Peach. However, he takes notice of you. He then attacks!

BOSS: Omega Koopa, HP: 20 
This is the tutorial fight for Mario and Luigi. The Omega Koopa has two attacks. His first attack is hiding in a shell and spinning toward one of the Bros. After his first 10 HP is gone, he goes to his second attack. His second attack is brandishing a lazer pistol. If he spins in his shell, he’ll fire at Mario. If he spins on his foot, he’ll fire at Luigi. Toadsworth will teach you how to attack and all of that other baloney! Soon, he’ll be defeated.

The Omega Koopa will begin laughing. He then reveals information about the Omega Army, claiming that they cannot stop him. He then takes out a lazer machine gun and shoots at the tapestry, setting it on fire. While everyone is distracted, the Omega Koopa manages to sneak out. Mario and Luigi quickly head outside to see the Omega Koopa heading toward the pipe to the Mushkoopa Mountains. Toadsworth then comes, telling Mario and Luigi to prepare for what's to come.

Bowser's Castle 
The Omegas are invading Bowser's Castle, and are unsurprisingly winning! What actually is surprising is that Bowser is calling for a full retreat! You gain control of Bowser Jr, who is packing up his stuff. Kamek will tell him to go downstairs. Do what he says and the hanger can be seen! But then, a Thwimp falls from the sky, blocking the way. Battle time!

BOSS: Thwimp, HP: 20 
Oh yay! More tutorial battles! Bowser Jr's attacks are jump and paintbrush. Paintbrush is like Mario and Luigi's hammers, except it doesn't smash rocks. Now for Thwimp’s attacks! Thwimp's first attack is moving toward you. Simply jump to avoid. His second attack is jumping into the air and slowly dropping down. Counter it with paintbrush. Soon he will be defeated! Yay!

The Thwimp dissapears and Bowser Jr. can gain access to the hanger! Quickly run in and the Koopa Cruiser will take off! Bowser Jr. quickly gets on and his father comes, complimenting him on the battle. But then an explosion occurs and Bowser Jr. gets blasted off and lands on Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi's Island 
Yoshi and his friend Soshi are walking through the forest when they hear a crash! Head to the crashsite to see Bowser Jr. sprawled on the ground. Yoshi proposes they help him. But before they can pick up Bowser Jr, a Shy Guy appears. Apparently, he wants to give Bowser Jr. to the Mushroom Kingdom for some money. Yoshi isn't too happy with this...

BOSS: Shy Guy, HP: 20 
w00t! Last tutorial battle! Yoshi's moves are Jump and Egg. Hold the X button to have Yoshi hold the egg back. Let go when you think the egg is at the farthest point to throw it. But if you hold the egg back too long, you'll end up falling. Soshi will teach you these things. The Shy Guy's first attack is doing a bum rush. Jump to avoid. It’s second attack is grabbing a balloon and floating toward you. Hold the Y button to hold an egg, and release it to smash it into the Shy Guy's face! XD! Soon, he will be defeated.

The Shy Guy runs away. Yoshi and Soshi then pick up Bowser Jr. and carry him away. Bowser Jr. wakes up in Yoshi's house. He sees Yoshi and tells him that he has to get back to his castle. He runs out of the house with Yoshi following him. But then Bowser Jr. sees an Omega airship heading toward the Mushkoop Mountains. Bowser Jr. tells Yoshi that the Omegas have run him out of the castle. Yoshi agrees to help Bowser Jr. get revenge on the Omegas... at the fee of a buffet.

Toad Town 
You're back with Mario and Luigi. E. Gadd had invented a communicator so that Mario and Luigi can contact him at bad times. Toadsworth will give you 20 coins to spend. Head to the shop and buy some Mushrooms. Go to the east side of Toad Town to see the Omega Koopa exiting through the gates. Follow him.

Toad Town Outskirts 
Friendly Goombas are living here. However, they are hiding in bushes, due to the presence of the Omega Army. The Omega Koopa will enter the pipe to the Mushkoop Mountains, and a few other Omega Koopas will come out of it. Blipper''''
s and aggressive Hiding Galoombas, The Omega Koopas and aggressive Hiding Goombas will attack you. E. Gadd will teach you how to jump to get items and to reach higher ground. Use the jumping skill to get to the pipe. Jump onto the pipe and enter.

Mushkoop Mountains Mario and Luigi appear at the Mushkoop Mountains. But as soon as you enter, a rockslide will occur, blocking their way. Bowser Jr. and Yoshi arrive from the other side of the Mushkoop Mountains, having gotten a boat ride from Soshi. It's revealed that an agitated Thwomp had caused the rockslide. However, he is now sleeping. Switch to Bowser Jr. and attack the Thwomp with your paintbrush. The Thwomp will wake up and jump around, angry. A new path will appear and Yoshi and Bowser Jr. go through it. The bouncing caused the rocks to slide down the mountain. Mario and Luigi can now pass! You can now switch between Mario & Luigi and Yoshi & Bowser Jr. The Mushkoop Mountains contains more Hiding Goombas Superball Bros. Omega Beriberis and Omega Koopas. They get easier as you level up. As both teams get ahead, a new enemy will appear. It is a Cactaur Gunner, a Cactaur from the Final Fantasy series. But too bad I'm only giving information on the bosses! Maybe I'll have another page with an enemy guide... Anyway, at some point, Bowser Jr. and Yoshi get stuck at a gate and cannot continue. On Mario and Luigi's side of the mountain, there is a switch that will open the gate. But it can only be activated if you hit the switch with a hammer. Go ahead to see a Monty Mole, who is a close friend of E. Gadd. E. Gadd has asked him to make you hammers! He will teach you how to use the hammers. Go back to the switch and hit it. Bowser Jr. and Yoshi can now pass! Go back to Bowser Jr. and Yoshi, and go ahead and you'll meet up with another Thwomp. After a short conversation and a few insults, the Thwomp gets angry and create a new path for Mario and Luigi. But then, another path opens up on Bowser Jr. and Yoshi's side, and a Wiggler Tank comes out. Knowing that they are too weak to face off against it, they make a run for it. Back on Mario and Luigi's side, continue on until you get to a cliff. Dead end… or is it? Right at that moment, Yoshi and Bowser Jr. get cornered by the Wiggler Tank on a lower cliff. Mario and Luigi jump in to help them. Then the Wiggler Tank attacks!

BOSS: Wiggler Tank, HP: 180 
His appearence is that of a Wiggler with armor and cannons attached. As soon as the battle starts, E. Gadd will come on the communicator and explain that only three people can battle at a time. Yawn. Its first attack is shooting a rocket at you. It will head at one of the characters. Hit the rocket and it will be countered back to the Wiggler Tank. His second attack is raising in the air and hitting the ground, creating a shockwave. Just jump. When he is running out of HP he will aim a rocket into the air and it will hit the ground. To determine who it’s going to attack, look for its shadow. Jump to avoid it. Soon, the Wiggler Tank will be defeated.

The Wiggler will come out of its armor and run away. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser Jr. talk to each other, discussing matters at hand. They all come to one conclusion: team up and stop the Omegas! But then, Omega Koopas are heading toward them. The group hide under the armor the Wiggler left behind. The Omegas mistakes them as an injured Wiggler Tank and takes them away.

Mushkoop Mountains, Omega Base 
The Omega Koopas brings you to their base. You can't risk jumping around here, so you can only walk from under the armor. Head to the garage and an Omega Lakitu will try to fix the armor. But then, he notices Bowser Jr's tail. He quickly goes to pull the alarm, but Mario activates the cannon and it blasts a box filled with heat-seeking fireworks. The fireworks will be unleashed and attack everyone. The group manage to survive the attack. However, the fire alarm goes off and reinforcements begin to arrive. Purge the area of its stuff and head north. However, there are gaps too big to cross. Then the Monty Mole that gave Mario and Luigi their hammers comes with two Goombas, and they teach Mario and Luigi the Spin Bros. move! Use it to spin to the other side (when the group isn't separate, you can only have two people out). Keep using this skill until you get to a bridge. The group get to a bridge and see Yoshi's Island. Yoshi suggests they go look for Soshi and rest at the island. They walk foward until they hear something. Then a Yoshi in Koopatrol armor and a Goomba with a cannon attached to himself appear. They introduce themselves as Yosh 3000 and Goom X. Goom X makes an attack attempt, but ends up blasting himself into the sky. Then roaring is heard and a dragon comes in, carrying Goom X in his mouth. On the dragon is a boy. He introduces themselves as Mark, leader of the Omegas. However, the group laugh... until Mark pulls out a sword. Yosh 3000 goes behind the group so there is no means of escape. Mark than introduces his story. He was in an abandoned warehouse filled with pipes. Then he came across a huge, green pipe. He looked into it, and fell. Bowser Jr. suddenly interrupts, bored with his story. He rushes at Mark but gets thwacked by his sword, causing Bowser Jr. to fall off the bridge. Luigi quickly grabs his legs, but begins falling. Then Yoshi grabs him, and when he begins to fall, Mario grabs him, and he manages to stay on the bridge. However, Mark walks up to him and trips him, causing all of them to fall. Mark and Yosh 3000 laugh, however, Goom X is running away from the dragon, who got acquainted with the taste of his skin.

Mushkoop Caverns 
Mario and Bowser Jr. land on a platform in some caverns. Yoshi and Luigi have landed somewhere else. There are some new enemies here, such as
Monty Beriberis, 'Viking Mettaurs, 'Monty Moles and Clefts. Explore a bit until you come across a switch. Hit it and a sudden geyser of water will come. Up above on the mountaintops, Goom X is still being chased by the dragon, when it gets hit by a burst of water. Back in the caverns, Yoshi and Luigi are knocked out when some of the water blasts them. Yoshi wakes up, but Luigi is still knocked out. However, a falling Kuribo lands on him, waking him up. Kuribos begin appearing as enemies anywhere water is. You have to switch between both teams until they reunite. Luigi and Yoshi tell Mario and Bowser Jr. that they saw a path they could take, but there's only a small space to get through it. Switch to Mario and Luigi to use Spin Bros. to get to another path when you meet a Koopa and Paratroopa. They are seen using a skill to get through small spaces. Mario and Luigi ask if they can learn that move, but they are both too tall. However, they could teach it to Bowser Jr, who is capable of moving inside his shell. Go back to where Luigi and Yoshi landed and use the skill to get through the small spaces in the walls. Soon, Beriberi Omegas & Viking Mettaur 'Omegas, you get to an area filled with... goop. Sounds familiar? Then a Kuribo jumps at the group, despite the fact that it's weak. Then in midair, it transforms into a Bob-omb and blows up, knocking them out. Then the Bob-omb transforms into Goom X! He then starts a ridiculously long story about how he joined the Omegas and how he'll kill them, unaware that they're already knocked out. But then, he hears a growling sound, which also wakes up the group. It is revealed that Goom X has woken up Petey Piranha! He proceeds to knock Goom X out of the place and faces the group.

BOSS: Petey Piranha, HP: 290 
If you've played through most Mario games, you'd know that Petey is a giant plant. One of his attacks is spitting a ball of goop. If Petey flaps his arms, it will go to the person positioned at the top (usually Mario). If he does a short jump, it will go to the person in the middle (usually Luigi). If he tilts his head, it'll go to the person at the bottom (usually Yoshi or Bowser Jr). This move can be countered with a hammer strike (or egg or paintbrush). His next attack is flying upward and landing next to one of the characters, creating a small shockwave that'll only head to the character Petey lands next to. His third attack is spinning on the ground and a rock will be tossed at one of the characters. Pay attention to who it’s going to, and jump. As he loses HP, his goop ball attack will head back to the character it's going for after the first hit. Also he will create more shockwaves. Soon he will be defeated.

Petey will explode and a small opening in the caves will appear. Go through it to see a desert. Whoop de doo. Then purring is heard from the caves. The group go back to see the Koopa and Paratroopa that taught the Shell Bros. move are taking care of Petey. They tell the group that they revived Petey, but suggest that they shouldn't bother him anymore. Who cares? At least you're out of the caves!

Gritzly Desert 
Sand, sand, and more sand. Fully Grown Pokeys ''''
Keatons Sand Bros. & Skorps appear as enemies. Then you'll come across a bunch of mine carts. Then a Dry Bones appears, saying that the only way to get across the desert without dieing is by kart. However, you must play a minigame, otherwise, you'll be lost in the desert.... FOREVER! This obviously freaks out Luigi, but Mario and Bowser Jr. manage to "convince" him to come otherwise. Everyone then gets into the mine cart and leaves, Dry Bones telling them to have a nice day.

You get to a town in the desert. As soon as you get there, it's revealed that there is a train. You could use the train to travel between this place and the Mushkoop Mountains. Shop around, get some armor and weapons, and... oh! There is a Glitz Pit Transmit! You could use this to teleport to the Glitz Pit, but I'll add that to the optional stuff page. Anyway, a knocked out Mouser is shown in the marketplace. If you talk to him, he'll say something about blue star men. Then, Omegas will arrive in the town. Suddenly, Turban Gutsmets Turban Bandlekoots Turban Wave Joe Mets, Turban Guys and Mousers come out and a battle starts. Citizens are hiding, as the defenders of the town are bandits and thieves. You can't get involved in the fighting, however, but some stray Turban Guys will try to take you on. Head east to see the gate destroyed. Since no one is watching, you can leave this war-ridden place!, More Omegas are shown to be coming from a temple. The group decide to stop the random fights in the town and they decide to inflitrate the temple. Spiked Clefts Turban Bandlekoots, Turban Wave Joe Mets and more Turban Guys will appear among the Fully Grown Pokeys. Then in front of the temple, you'll come across... another puzzle. Use Shell Bros. and Spin Bros. to pass the puzzle. Then a secret entrance will open up...

Gritzly Temple 
When you get in, Omegas are shown to be talking. Apparenlty they still haven't rid the temple of guardians yet, so you also have to watch out for those. Enemies here are Masked Boos, Aztec Strollin' Stus,
Masked Undersentries, 'Dry Bone Bro. Omegas, Dry Bone Bros., Ball Hog Omegas, Kreepoh Omegas, Mashers Omegas, and Paragoomba Omegas. Continue on until you get to a dead end. Then a secret door will open up and Omegas will run out, being chased by Masked Boos. Enter the secret door and it'll close behind you. There is a hole in the floor. You should save before jumping in. Jump in and you'll see Goom X. He is apparently trying to smash some orbs to steal the powers within them. He quickly smashes the last one. But when he does, the room suddenly goes dark, and then a huge, flaming Thwomp Boxer will appear! He claims to be the Gritzly Spirit. He is angry that the Omegas tried to take over his temple. He then punches Goom X out of the temple and faces the group...

BOSS: The Gritzly Spirit, HP: 470 
It's a Thwomp with two flaming stone hands. His first attack is doing a punch attack, which will head to a random character; jump to avoid. His second attack is literally throwing his punches. Use hammers to destroy the block hands as they come near. He will then grow them back. His third attack is uppercutting the roof, causing rocks to fall. Hammer them. As he loses health, he will begin throwing more rock fists and punching some more, and gains a fourth attack. This attack is jumping up and down to send small shockwaves at random characters. Jump to avoid. Soon, The Gritzly Spirit will be defeated.

After the battle, the Gritzly Spirit realizes that they are not Omegas at all. The group explain that they're trying to get near Yoshi's Island. The Gritzly Spirit tells them that he could toss them there. He then grabs them and tosses them, unaware that he is setting them on fire in the process. Meanwhile, as the group is hurtling through the air, Goom X arrives at the Omega Castle, where there is lots of treasure. He explains that he lost the base in Gritzly Desert and got tossed out by the spirit itself, but he landed in a pyramind filled with treasure! Mark suggests that he can use the money to buy the nearby New Star City. Goom X leaves and Mark looks outside, revealing that Omega Castle is in the middle of a void-like place. He laughs about conquest. Then another flashback about him is revealed. He had appeared in a world of mushrooms and turtles. He tried to fit in, but everyone neglected him. The only people who accepted him was a group of Goombas, who also felt unappreciated. Mark then decided to seek revenge. The flashback then ends. A TVv screen comes down and Yosh 3000 appears on it. He tells Mark that “Mario, the green wimp, the stupid kid, and Yoshi has arrived” near his base.

Snowman Land 
Luigi gets out of a snow mound, as the group apparently did NOT land on Yoshi's Island. Look for the others, and as soon as you do, you can use all of them to activate a switch that opens up a gate. Enemies here are ''''
Snow O’Diles,  ''''''''''Snow Goombas, '''''''''''''''' Snow Stonemen, ''''Snow Lakitus and Snowmen. Keep moving on to see a fortress made of ice. A huge group of Omegas is standing in front of the base... frozen, so they won't even lay a finger on you. But as soon as you get near the entrance, two Snowman Clubbas will attack. Defeat them and enter the fort. The fort is a few floors with staircases. Snowmen and Snowman Clubbas will attack you as you climb the stairs. When you get to the top, you’ll be outside and on a roof. There is a friendly Snow Lakitu who will sell some goods. Buy and head upstairs. Then the door suddenly closes behind the group, and Yosh 3000 drops from the ceiling, laughing, and claiming that he'll end their adventure. He then uses the cannon on his shoulder to blast and somehow set the place on fire. Mario prepares for battle, Bowser Jr. is relaxed by the flames, and Luigi and Yoshi basically freak out.

BOSS: Yosh 3000 , HP: 740 
Yosh 3000 is a silver Yoshi with silver Hammer Brother armor and a cannon on his shoulder. His first attack is shooting a rocket into the air and then different colored exhausts will come out of it. The red exhaust represents the top character, the green exhaust represents the middle character, and the yellow exhaust stands for the bottom character. It'll attack the person who has the most exhausts coming out representing him. Hammer to counter. The second attack is swallowing a random character and spitting it at someone else. Jump to dodge, otherwise, both people get injured. His third attack is throwing an egg. A crosshair will appear on a character to show where he'll throw the egg. Jump to avoid. As the battle continues, he’ll begin attacking more and his rocket attack will become more complicated to predict. When almost all of his health is gone, he'll create a Snowman Clubba to assist him. Soon, he will be defeated.

He simply smiles and laughs. Then the ice around them starts cracking, as the fires are beginning to weaken it. He'll then jump up and fire a rocket downward, rocketing into the air as the fort begins to get destroyed.

New Star City has finally fallen under the control of the Omegas. Mark begins creating a line of Enslavement Bombs, Bob-Ombs that will brainwash anyone who is caught in a blast. Mark appoints Goom X as ruler of New Star City. Then Yosh 3000 falls through the ceiling. He says that the group bested him, but they haven't got a blast of his Phrase 2 armor. He walks away with Goom X, discussing reality. Mark calls in an Omega Shy Guy and tells him to go and feed Dragmir, his pet dragon. As the Shy Guy walks away, Mark starts another flashback. Mark and the group of Goombas couldn't manage to takeover anything at first. But then, they found some mind control helmets left behind from the Shroob invasion. They invaded a small island and took control of some residents and started a coup. The coup apparently succeded. The flashback then ends. Then the Shy Guy runs in, getting chased by Dragmir.

Yoshi's Island The group hear some voices. Then they hear a loud "SURPRISE!" The group wake up to see Princess Peach, Toadsworth, Soshi, some Yoshis, and some Shy Guys. Apparently Soshi found them while making snowmen. The princess tells them that they're celebrating their recent victories against the Omegas. She explains that they're going to rest on Yoshi's island. But then, they all hear a voice, which Yoshi doesn't like. Birdo, his “girlfriend”, shows up and takes Yoshi against his will on a romantic dinner. How bittersweet. Buy some stuff and explore the village. Then talk to Peach if you want to leave the island and go to Toad Town. Accept this. There's nothing important to do at the moment.

Toad Town 
Everyone arrives in the town by plane. Peach tells you to meet her in the castle, and to take a look at the Battle Colliseum, which currently has only 20 rounds. However, I won't be covering the optional stuff yet. Head to the castle and meet Peach in the throne room. Everyone talks and then, a huge holographic screen appears with Mark on it! He tells them that he has concealed his base in another dimension, and the only way in is to teleport. He tells them that the only way to open the gateway is to look for three magical orbs in a northeastern area of the Mushroom Kingdom. These areas are Yoshi's Island, Sky Ruins, and Bowser's Castle. He dares you to find them and face him. He then dissapears. Peach tells them to go out and find the orbs and face Mark, but she tells Bowser Jr. to stay, as he is a kid. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi argues with Peach and Toadsworth until they manage to convince her to bring Bowser Jr. on the rest of their adventure. She says that a good place to start is back on Yoshi's Island. Head outside, and beleive it or not, there's Kamek! He is discussing with E. Gadd the matters at hand. Both of them decide to work together to improve the Koopa Cruiser, as the Omegas have been seen lurking on the sea. Get on the Koopa Cruiser and ask the Koopa at the controls to take off.

Koopa Cruiser 
Kamek tells the group that they will arive on Yoshi's Island in 3 actual real world mintues. So in the meantime, explore. There is also a portable shop here and a teleport to the Battle Colliseum (but if you choose to go there, you have to restart your trip to wherever you're going). In the last 10 seconds, Omegas attacks! E. Gadd activates cannons, which can shoot a cannonball if you hit a button. This can shoot down an Omega attacking the ship. But if you want, you can go on deck and face them yourself. You can face off against Demon Winged Goombas and Wiggler Airships. As soon as the threat is taken care of, E. Gadd anounces that Yoshi's Island is in sight.

Yoshi's Island 
The Koopa Cruiser lands when an explosion sounds. Unfortunately, Birdo shows up. She informs everyone that the Omegas are attacking the Shy Guys. She also says that General Guy is trying to protect some orb. Prepare yourself and head out onto the battlegrounds. Yikes! So this is what it's like to get caught in a war. You'll be attacked by both sides and the neutral side! You'll be attacked by Omega Guy Mechs, Shy Guys, and Piranha Walkers. There are lots of puzzles... blimey. At one point, General Guy will drive by in his tank and create huge platforms to prevent people from following him. Then Kamek comes, and decides to teach Mario and Luigi the Bounce Bros. move. He'll have you practice it until he makes sure you got it right. Before he leaves, the group ask him why he didn't just shrink the platforms. In response, he flies away like the coward he is. Use this new abillity and explore until… YOU HEAR A LOUD BOOM! General Guy appears in his tank, apparently having missed you. The group ask him for the orb he is carrying. General Guy then admits that he has found an orb that can help open the portal into the Omega universe, but the Omegas tried to take it back to prevent anyone from entering. But then General Guy finds the group unworthy of the orb, and challenges them to a fight before they can get it from him!

BOSS: General Guy, HP: 1050; Tank, HP: ? 
Now a fight worthy of the heroes! General Guy is a white Shy Guy with a general‘s cap in a toy tank. When you face him, he's inside his tank, so you can't hurt him. He has two attacks, one of them that could turn things around. The first attack is firing a Bullet Bill. Jump to avoid. His second attack, however, is to come out of his tank and toss a bomb. This goes for a random person. Hammer it to counter. The bomb will then end up hitting the tank, weakening it! If you hit it with a bomb again, the tank will fall apart and General Guy will take you on himself. Without the tank, he has three different attacks. His first attack is taking out a joke pistol and shooting it. A small lazer will bounce along the ground to one of the characters. Jump to avoid. His second attack is leaving and coming back, riding on a giant beachball. He'll roll toward one of the characters. Hammer to counter. Then the ball will pop, revealing a bomb. He'll then chuck it at one of the characters. Hammer to counter. His third attack is cream pie roulette. A roulette appears and will spin. If it lands on a bomb then he'll put a bomb in the pie and toss it. Jump to avoid. If it lands on Shy Guy, he'll eat the pie and restore 150 HP. As time goes on, his attacks become more frequent, his beachball attack will roll more times after being hitting, and he will occasionally call a Shy Guy. After 4 turns, his tank will reappear. Soon, he'll be defeated.

He'll give up and faint. The orb will then roll away from him. Hooray! You got the Orb of Yoshi's Island! Head back to the Koopa Cruiser. Don't worry, no one will attack you anymore. Get onto the Koopa Cruiser and fly away.

Back at Omega Castle, some Omegas come to tell Mark that they failed to prevent the heroes from getting the Orb. Mark then quickly steps on a button and the Omegas fall through a trapdoor, which is rumored to lead to Dragomir. Sorry, no flashback in this one! =D

Koopa Cruiser 
 You have a choice to go anywhere. Also there is an arcade minigame, but I won't explain it until the optional section. Go up to Kamek and E. Gadd, who'll examine the Orb. However, it isn't doing anything... yet. Then they'll ask you if you want to go to the nearby Cloud Ruins, where the next Orb is. If you do, there's another fight, but I already explained this.

Cloud Ruins 
Amazing, a ruins in the clouds. Enemies here are Sky Mole, Ancient Cannon, and Paratroopa Statue. Start by climbing up the stairs and battling enemies until you get to a door with two holes, one with a lightning bolt and one with a fireball. Bowser Jr's fire is too unstable to go into the fire slot, so there must be another way to generate fire. Then two doors open up, leading up to a tower. If you climb up a tower, you'll discover a Red Magikoopa or a Green Magikoopa. They are teaching hand powers to people. The Red Magikoopa will teach Mario the Firebrand and the Green Magikoopa will teach the Thunderhand. Go back to the door and use both of the powers on the slots, and the door will open up! Travel through and you'll meet… Lakithunder! He fondly remembers Mario, forgets about Luigi, welcomes Yoshi, and hates Bowser Jr. He has the second Orb, and he'll challenge you to a fight. Whoop de doo. BOSS FIGHT!

BOSS: Lakithunder, HP: 1570 
If you've played New Super Mario Brothers, you know he is a Lakitu in shades who can strike with lightning. His first move is moving to the top screen and pointing at a character to signify who he'll throw lightning at. Do a barrel roll! Just kidding, jump to avoid! His second move is surfing on an electric orb and flying towards someone. Jump to counterattack. His third attack is covering the screen with dark clouds. He will then float toward someone and bum rush them. You can see who he’s going for as you can see everyone's silloutte through the dark clouds. As the battle goes on, he attacks more frequently and gains two new moves. His first new move is tossing a different colored orb at a lightning cloud, and lightning will be hurled at someone. Red is for Mario, green is for Luigi, and yellow is for the third person. His second move is taking out a lightning rod and absorbing energy with it, healing itself. Soon, he will be defeated.

His cloud will dissapear and he'll fall to the ground. He then hand over his Orb. Two down, one to go!

The Omegas report to Mark that the heroes have got the second Orb, but Mark is happy, as the last one's at Bowser's Castle, which has fallen under his control. He has another flashback. He had cut off all transportation off the island so no one knows the events that happened. Soon, Mark had influenced all of the citizens of the island, bringing them under his power. He then commanded them to takeover another island, giving each person a blue star to identify themselves. Flashback over!

Koopa Cruiser 
Head to Bowser's Castle. Simple as that. Oh, also, the next 20 rounds in the Battle Colliseum open up.

Bowser's Castle 
You are currently outside. However, when you try to get in, the guards will block the door. Looks like you have to find another way in. Look for a huge open window and jump in. You're inside the castle. However, it has changed! The castle has turned into a more Bowser-themed Bob-omb Battlefield! Head to an elevator to find out that it's locked and needs 3 Stars to open it up. Gather 3 Power Stars from the course to get the elevator working! The enemies here are Mechakoopas, Enslavement Bombs, and Hyper Goombas. The first Star is located at the top of a small mountain. Use your skills to get up here to retrieve the Star. The next Star is behind a cage. You have to hit a peg to release a Chain Chomp from it, but avoid getting attacked by the Chain Chomp (if attacked, you'll be sent to the start). The last Star can be gained by looking for 8 red coins around the course. Head back to the elevator and use the 3 Stars to open up the elevator. Head upstairs and you'll be on the roof of the castle. Go foward to see Bowser and Mark. Apparently, Mark has brainwashed Bowser. But instead of having Bowser fight you, he'll send a whole lot of Enslavement Bombs at you. Then an explosion occurs, but the group aren't shown. Mark beleives that they have perished. But what really happened was that the group got rescued by Kamek before the bombs hit. Kamek and E. Gadd drop them back at the start of the entire castle. Head back to the elevator and go up. The shocked Mark will then set Bowser on them.

BOSS: Bowser, HP: 2070 
Everyone knows what Bowser looks like, so I shouldn't bother. His first attack is spitting out three fire orbs. If they aren't destroyed by the end of your next turn, he'll punch them, making them go at an extreme speed toward you. Jump to avoid, if you're fast enough. His second attack is coming close to someone to punch them. Jump when he unleashes the punch. His third attack is spitting a Firesnake, which will bounce toward a character. Soemtimes the Firesnake will jump above you, so only jump when you're sure that's the right thing to do. His fourth attack is jumping up and down, sending shockwaves. Jump to avoid. As the fight goes on, he'll do more stuff. He'll summon enemies to his aid, do attacks more in one turn, and gain one more attack. The last attack is carving a picture from a rock using his nails. If the picture is a shell, he'll slide toward someone. If he carves out an arrow, he'll slide and jump at the last second. Soon, Bowser will be defeated.

Bowser suddenly falls unconsious but then wakes up, no longer brainwashed. Mark will then flee for his life, leaving behind a message. Bowser Jr. reunites with his dad, bringing a smile to Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi's faces. Then they see the message, which claims that the base shall be open to them soon enough. Bowser asks what is going on.

Koopa Cruiser 
Everyone is on the Koopa Cruiser, where everything has been explained. Then Kamek and E. Gadd look at the orbs and it releases a burst of light, pointing to New Star City, where it is always nighttime. It looks like the final frontier. But then an urgent call comes from Toad Town... which is under attack!

Toad Town 
The town is, of course, being invaded! Knocked out people are strewn all over the place as the Omegas march toward Peach's Castle. The Koopa Cruiser drops the group on the roof of the castle and the Koopa Cruiser will go to the front to distract the Omegas. The enemies are previous Omega members that have gotten a bit stronger. Go downward until you get on a balcony above the throne room. Mark is confronting Peach when Koopas, Goombas, and Toads run in to protect her. But they are instantly defeated by Mark. Then he blasts Peach with knockout gas. Then the group jump down from the balcony to face him.

BOSS: Mark, HP: ? 
This is a story battle, so you can't win. Since this battle isn't really official, I won't describe anything at all. I will tell you that three turns into the battle, Mark will instantly kill everyone.

The group wake up to discover the castle in ruins. Apparently the Omegas got carried away and decided to leave the castle in ruins. Bowser, E. Gadd, Kamek, and Toadsworth tell the group to get ready to fly to their last location, New Star City! Oh yeah, and the next stages in the Battle Colliseum appear, but who gives a fladoodle about it?

New Star City 
As soon as the Koopa Cruiser flies into the skies of New Star City, the Orbs suddenly begin glowing as a portal slowly opens, but they are quickly shot down by Koopatrols being controlled by Goom X (DUN DUN DUN)! The Koopa Cruiser ends up in the junkyard of the city. Omegas are heading to their location! Hurry to a gate but the group discover that they can't get over it, not even Bounce Bros. can get up there! Then two Mystic Junkyard Shy Gurus come out of a trash pile and teach them the ways of Toss Bros. Use this to get over the gate and you’ll manage to escape the junkyard! In the streets of New Star City, there is a shop and hotel. The streets are filled with citizens who have been brainwashed, citizens that are too scared to do anything about the Omega control, and citizens who don't care what's happening as long as they like the nightlife. Head to the New Star City Skyscraper.

New Star City Skyscraper 
Once you get inside, a whole crowd will push the group into the game room, where a Koopa named Zip G Kooptrix is bowling against players, defeating them one by one! The only way to leave the room is by defeating him! Talk to him and the game will start! Walk into the bowling ball to roll it, but it'll go slowly and end up falling in the gutter, so someone suggests you roll it fast. Then hit the bowling ball with a hammer and the bowling ball will be blown toward the pins... until it gets blown back! Then everyone realizes that he Zip has been cheating and they'll chase him away. Go back to the lobby and an alram will go on, warning people that you're in the building. Then an elevator will open. You have no choice but to go in. Then it stops at a floor that looks like Isle Delfino, complete with Corona Mountain and everything! You have to gather 3 Shine Sprite keys to continue on. The enemies here are Piopini, Koopatrols, and Hyper Goombas. The first Sprite is inside a hut. You have to bust open a gate to get it. The next Sprite is on a small island near the beach! Beware the Big Berthas, for they will spit you at the nearest enemy! The last Sprite is found in a fruit basket. The fruit will be glowing, to indicate where the Shine Sprite is. Go up to Corona Mountain and use the Shine Sprite keys to open a gate. In the next room, they get attacked by the local S.W.A.T. team, being led by the Koopatrol Commander. He then wishes to fight you.

BOSS: Koopatrol Commander, HP: 4900 
He is a Koopatrol with shiny silver armor and has a bandana wrapped around the spike on his helmet. His first attack is getting into his shell and spinning fast toward a character. Quickly jump. His second attack is having a Koopatrol run in and he'll kick him into the sky. You know which character it's going to land on if you can see a shadow. Hit with hammer to counter. His third attack is taking out a lazer machine gun. He'll then begin shooting on the ground, leading up to a character. Then he'll reload and shoot the player closest to the bullet path. Jump to dodge. His fourth attack is taking out a sword and quickly moving in front of a character. He'll pause before he hits, so counter attack with hammer. As the battle goes on, in his first attack, he might stop in front of the character he's attacking and switch targets. In his third attack, he'll then quickly fire off a Bullet Bill Blaster; jump. He gets one more new attack: he'll spin around in his shell and stop, then put a lazer pistol through the opening in the shell and shoot. You'll know which character he's going to attack depending on which direction he's facing when he stops spinning. Soon, he’ll be defeated. Oh! Did I mention that he has spikes on his head? =D

He'll snap out of the hold the Omegas had over him. He decides to help you. He then leads everyone inside of a Bullet Bill helicopter, which is quite frightening. He'll then fly the helicopter quickly to the top of the skyscraper, where Goom X is. However, he is nowhere in sight. Go inside the helicopter to heal and stuff. Then walk around the top of the helicopter until you come across a switch. Hit it and... it dodges! Then it transforms into Goom X, who begins laughing. He'll then attack!

BOSS: Goom X, HP: 6000 
Finally! You get to battle him! He's a Goomba with a tiny demon wing and a cannon on his side. His first attack is a basic bazooka-like attack, which you should know by now. His second attack is transforming into a Chomp Stone, which will either roll into a character, which you must counterattack with hammer, or jump up and crash down, sending a shockwave. However, he'll get stuck in the ground for a turn. His third attack is transforming into a Shroob. If his hand shines, he’ll aim for the guy at the top. If he pirouttes, he’ll aim at the guy in the middle. If he jumps, he’ll aim at the guy at the bottom. His fourth attack is going in front of a character and transforming. If he transforms into a Goomba, jump; if he turns into a Paragoomba, don't jump. His fifth attack is transforming into a Piranha Plant and spitting fireballs at random. Keep on jumping. As the battle goes on, his attacks get more frequent and he'll start summoning enemies to fight alongside him. Soon, the holy idiot will be defeated.

He goes crazy, no longer caring about the Omegas and worrying that the group's gonna take his money. He then transforms into a Banzai Bill and tries to run them over, but ends up shooting backwards and crashing through a wall and ends up in Mushkoop Caverns, where an awakened Petey Piranha is waiting for him. Then many people come into the room, telling the group it's time for the final fight. Mario then holds up the three Orbs and they begin pulsating. Then a huge tear opens up in the sky, showing a castle in another dimension. Get ready!

Mark and two Omegas are leading Peach to a cell, asking her to give up her kingdom, which she refuses. Mark says she'll eventualy give in. Then Mark gives a recap of his story and continues it. He had found the pipe back to his world. But he destroyed it and used the fragments to open a portal that led to a whole new dimension. There, Mark built up his castle and got Dragomir. Peach tells him that he is descending into madness. Then an Omega comes in, telling Mark that the heroes are coming through the portal! Mark then tells the Omega to let the ship in, but to shoot if it gets too close to the castle. He leaves, cackling. Peach then wishes for the group to be okay.

Other Dimension 
... Has anyone noticed a huge castle placed on a battleship? No? Okay then. The repaired Koopa Cruiser enters the dimension and tries to fly to the castle when all of the cannons starts firing at it. The ship is forced to land at the front of the battleship. Everyone wishes the group good luck as they rush outside. Enemies outside of the castle are Banzai Cannon, Shy Guy Mech 2.0, and Wiggler Airship 2.0. Keep going forward until you get near the entrance of the castle. Then... DUN DUN DUN! Yosh 3000 flies down and blocks the way. He says that he has gotten upgrades since his last fight. He then shoots at them.

BOSS: Yosh 3000, HP: 7400 
The mad man Yoshi is fighting you again. This time, he is wearing Koopatrol armor, so you can't jump on him. His first attack is putting a block above his target's head. He'll then begin to charge up an energy beam. Make his victim jump until the block is destroyed, and jump again when he unleashes the beam. His second attack is putting out three eggs. If they're not destroyed by the next turn, he'll either throw the eggs fast, which you must jump to avoid, or he'll eat the eggs, healing 300 HP. His third attack is getting in an egg shielding and rolling in front of the characters. You have to have them hit the egg until it is knocked away before the egg breaks and Yosh 3000 attacks all of the characters with a large energy beam. He also retains all of the powers he had during the last fight, except they’re stronger (well duh!). As the fight goes on, he attacks more, his attacks begins to do slightly more damage, and he'll begin summoning enemies to help him. Soon, Mark's right hand man is defeated.

He gets angry that he was beaten again and begins using a jetpack. He then takes out a button and presses it. Then all of the cannons aim at the group. They quickly dive out of the way, but Yosh 3000 gets hit. He gets blasted out of the portal and crashlands in the town in Gritzly Desert. The group are left inside the castle, breathing for relief, when Mark shows up.

Omega Castle 
Mark isn't worried or angered to see the group, in fact, he is quite happy. Then he makes whistling noises and Ying Yang Guys will appear and push the group into the dining room, which is filled with glorious food. The group begin eating, being hungry. But then, they are locked in the room and Enslavemnet Bombs appears! Then a hologram of Mark appears, telling them of his last ditch effort to brainwash them, and dares for them to find the exit. Avoid the bombs until you find a dropped key. Use they key on the door and the group will escape! The Mark hologram reappears, applauding the group for escaping. The group get angry and try to destroy Mark, forgetting that it's a hologram. Ah well. The enemies here are Ying Yang Guys, Omega Magikoopas, and ??? (who could be any Omega hiding in a robe). Head downstairs (as the upstairs is locked anyway) and complete a switch puzzle to enter the dungeons. Walk around when you get into a hallway similar to the Battle Colliseum. One of every Omega is in the hallway, each one is seperated by a gate, so you must fight your way through each of them. Then, the last gate will open. Guess what? Princess Peach is behind it! Peach runs to the group and hugs each of them. Then another Mark hologram appears. He is angry, yet happy. He tells them that his Enslavement Beam has been completed. It's a giant cannon on the battleship and it'll fire one huge blast that will render all of the victims completely obedient to him. He says he'll takeover the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms in one move! However, he decides to give the group a fighting chance and he'll open up the upstairs door of the castle, telling them to head up to the top of the castle to stop him from activating the cannon. The hologram promptly explodes. Peach tells the group to be careful and save the world. Head upstairs and go inside the upstairs room. Go up a whole lot of staircases and you'll be on top of the castle. There is a command platform attached to the top tower. Go to the command platform and Mark turns around. He says that the group's efforts shall be worthless, they cannot beat him. He then tells them to ready themselves. Then, he takes out his sword and attacks!

BOSS: Mark, HP: 9500 
The big cheese! Oh wait, Mark hates cheese on his sandwhiches... Anyway, the final battle has started! Mark has spiked hair, a cloak, a sword, and a T-shirt with the Omega symbol on it. His first attack is going in front of a character and charging up his sword attack. He must be hammered to avoid getting slashed. His second attack is calling Dragomir and jumping on it. Dragomir will fly high and he'll jump off with his sword pointing down, as je falls fast. Counterattack quickly. His third attack is moving fast toward a character and quickly striking. Jump quickly. His fourth attack is throwing fireballs at random at the characters. Jump to avoid. This attack seems to take a lot of energy, as he stops his onslaught of attacks to clutch his chest, which is the perfect opprotunity to attack. His fifth attack is Bushido. He'll move to the middle of the screen as it darkens and then stand there, gathering energy. Then, he'll quickly glance at a character to signify who he’s going to attack. Then he moves quickly in a strong attack. Jump to avoid. As the battle goes on, his attack onslaughts will become bigger and he’ll summon monsters to fight with him. At around 3000 HP left, Mark will point his sword in the sky in an insane attempt to absorb lightning, which somehow succeeds. His attacks will become stronger and he’ll gain one final attack, where he'll stab his sword into the ground, sending a lightning shockwave at the group. Jump to avoid. Soon, the dark overlord child will be defeated.

Mark falls onto the ground, weak. Then, airships come, all of them with allies of the group. Bowser, Peach, Kamek, and E. Gadd join the group, telling Mark to surrender. Then, he begins to laugh crazily. He then points his sword into the air, and it begins absorbing lightning and darkness. Mark injures his arm while trying to absorb the power. The group begin to get worried and try to tell Mark to stop. But he keeps absorbing the energy until he glows. He then transforms into a new being. He gains two demon wings, his legs are transformed into a mist that allows him to float, and his injured arm turns into a dark, menacing claw. He tells them that he has become complete, he has become perfect. Then darkness seeps through the void and into the Mushroom World, covering the entire world in darkness and despair. Everyone runs away as one of Mark's dark wings transforms into a bunch of swords, which he throws everywhere, causing explosions. All of the airships begin to leave to avoid Mark's rampage, but then Peach remembers the Enslavement Beam! It begins to fire, however, some of the energy drawn from Mark's sword came from the Enslavement Beam, therefore stalling the beam. All of the airships arrive in Toad Town, where panic is all around.

Toad Town 
Lots of people are in Toad Town, panicking about the darkness in the sky. There are some crying People who are claiming that there is no chance of defeating Mark. But then, Toadsworth gets everyone's attention. He tells them that everyone must make an attack on the battleship Omega Castle is resting on, to destroy the Omega head of operations. The group agree, making people confident enough to agree too. Be sure to buy stuff before you get onto the Koopa Cruiser and head back to the final frontier.

Other Dimension 
The fleet of airships enters the void and cannons begin firing at the ship. Now you have to do a minigame! When the Koopa Cruiser swings by a cannon, hit a button to shoot a spiked ball at it. Destroy a least 3 of the cannons! The other airships have managed to destroy some cannons too. Then, lightning strikes everywhere and a sharp turn causes the group to fall off the Koopa Cruiser. They end up landing in front of Omega Castle. Mark begins laughing insanely as he continues to unleash lightning everywhere. The group has to help everyone, so enter the castle.

Omega Castle 
The castle apparently has changed. Omega Magikoopas are still around, but Ying Yang Guys have been replaced by Void Monsters and ??? have been replaced by… OMG! SHROOBS! Head upstairs, but when you try to take the staircase, the group discover that it's a neverending staircase! Well actually, you're being tricked by a treadmill, so jump up the stairs instead of walking. You eventually get back to the top of the castle. Head to the control platform to find Mark laughing insanely. Then he turns around. He applauds you for reaching this far, but says that your lives shall end there and now. One of his wings turns into swords and he tosses swords at the group, starting the battle.

BOSS: PeRfEcT mArK, HP: 13000; Sheild, HP: 4000 HP 
It's the final battle, and I really mean it! Check my earlier description of the transformed Mark to learn his appearence. He retains his lightning shockwave and Bushido moves. His sword charge move is replaced by Mark slashing a character with his new claw. His first attack is creating different-colored energy orbs, which he'll throw. If it's red, it'll attack the person on top. If it's green, it attacks the person in the middle. If it's yellow, it'll attack the person in the bottom. His second attack is turning invisible. Then slashes will appear in the ground, heading toward a character. If the last slash is near a character, make the character jump, or else get hit by a sword. His third attack is turning his wings into swords. He'll then spin around, tossing swords at random. He'll then end the attack by throwing three black swords into the ground. If they're not destroyed by next turn, he'll pick up the swords and toss them. Oh, and they're explosive. Oh, and fast too. His fourth and most deadly attack is creating a lightning vortex. It'll first go in front of the character at the top, then the middle, then the bottom. If a black thing appears in the void, jump to avoid a shadow ball. If there's a flash, don't jump. Then, a huge vortex appears in the air and throws shadow orbs everywhere. Hammer them to counterattack. Oh, but some of them wil bounce in front of a character to mess them up so they won’t counterattack another coming one. As the battle goes on, he'll surround himself with a shield to defend himself, his attacks will become more frequent, and he'll begin healing himself. Soon, the final boss will be defeated.

Mark begins to ripple and he falls onto the ground and dies. The group look at him sadly, honoring him as a formidible foe. Then a war begins going on everywhere, and the heroes are winning. Everyone is fighting against the Omegas. As the group watch the fight, there see a last remnant of Mark, which is a holographic image. It tells them that the Enslavement Beam is still going to fire, as it now has a command implanted in it. The command is to revive Mark, who foresaw his own death. The hologram then tells them about the events prior to the invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom, when he prepared his armies. Then the hologram explodes, destroying the last remnants of Mark. Head downstairs to see people brawling. Keep your distance away from the fighting and go to a new door, which had been previously blocked by a large collumn. There are lots of Enslavement Bombs in the container. Then the group all attack the container, blowing it up and getting caught in the explosion. Peach hurries into the room. The group aren't being controlled, but they have lost their memories. Peach tells them to remember their past selves. Then Peach kisses Mario. Mario remembers everything, Luigi remembers due to being shocked, Yoshi remembers due to the happiness in the room, and Bowser Jr. remembers due to being disgusted. Then Peach begins to lead the group to the Koopa Cruiser, where everyone is cheering for them. The portal begins to close, so it's just about time to leave. But as the Koopa Cruiser begins flying, a large blurr flies by the Koopa Cruiser, nearly destroying it. The group go to the deck of the ship to discover... Mark! He had his remaining Magikoopas revive him. However, Mark is considered weaker, as his wings have pernamently changed into swords and he got his legs back but they became disabled. His sword also became fused to his injured arm. Even so he has had Dragomir go to the portal to close it and has returned to kill the group, once and for all!

FINAL BOSS: UlTiMaTe MaRk, HP: 3 minutes 
It's the true final battle, and I really really mean it! This is similar to the final battle in Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. All of the group is out in this final battle, but they cannot attack. They can only counterattack against Mark as he attacks. You have to survive until the Koopa Cruiser flies through the portal. He only has one attack, where he throws shadow orbs rapidly. You have to counterattack against the orbs in order to survive. A timer appears on the top screen, telling how much time is left. After three minutes, the battle ends.

The Koopa Cruiser and the other ships fly out of the portal. Mark however isn't very lucky. He gets stuck in the portal way as it closes. This causes Mark to explode and he finally dies. His death creats stardust that clears the darkness from the sky and cures the brainwashed citizens of New Star City. The group look into the sky as the darkness clears. A bright sunsetappears and “The End” appears.

Epilogue Before the credits, an epilouge appears. It shows all of the people who taught the group their moves starting a dojo in New Star City. Bowser and his forces are taking out all of the traces of the Omegas from the castle. Petey Piranha, General Guy, Lakithunder, Zip G Koopatrix, and The Gritzly Spirit are at a restaurant at Gritzly Desert. Then Yosh 3000 comes up as their waiter, as the citizens have used the Enslavement Bombs against him. Screams are heard from Petey's stomach. Inside, Goom X has sustained heavy burns from stomach acid. Peach, Toadsworth, and the citizens of Toad Town are repairing the castle. Then it pans to Yoshi's Island, where Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser Jr. are having a much-deserved vacation. Then Yoshi runs off as Birdo comes. Mario goes to help him as Luigi and Bowser Jr. watch. Then Dragomir, who has become a, delivers a letter. Inside the letter, it's a message from E. Gadd and Kamek, who have seen the void reopening in the sky. With the letter are pictures of their discoveries, one of them showing a revived Mark trapped in a crystal. The group then finish the letter, not wanting to start another adventure. They then continue on with their vacation. Then, the credits roll.

More Stuff! 
The game doesn't just end here! The final rounds have appeared in the Battle Colliseum. And three, optional bosses from the past Mario and Luigi games appear. These must be completed to get a 100% on the game. Also, there is an enemy museum where you can continue to fight enemies in the game if you want to.


I want to thank everyone who helped support this idea. I want to thank Lemmy for making this site and putting my idea up!

Live long and prosper!

'Mario & Luigi: Villains Unite!

'By nsmbwii

'''''''''''''''''Story   Multiple Villains have joined forces, causing havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom. They not only kidnapped Princess Peach, they stole the ancient item called the Dark Rod, an evil version of the powerful Star Rod. Mario and Luigi set out on a journey to stop the villains from releasing the power that was meant to be sealed... And they are going to get help from an unlikely source...     Characters   Heroes   Mario: The plump plumber that everyone knows. Using his trusty hammer and jump attacks, he's ready for anything! He is very balanced in stats and makes powerful Bro Attacks!     Luigi: The lean, green machine that plays second fiddle. He uses his stomps and hammer to beat his foes. He has more health and defense than Mario, but his attack and speed are a little lower. But he is still able to do unique Bro attacks!     Bowser: Bowser is furious that he did not kidnap Peach, so he will do anything to get her back! A powerful flame attack is paired with powerful claws! Attack, Defense, and a high HP are his advantages, but he is the slowest character and has low BP. Bowser is unlocked when Mario and Luigi beat him for the first time.     Larry: The youngest Koopaling, Larry joins with Bowser when they meet up with the Marios.   A good ole spin attack and a vine whip are his weapons. While he is weak, his high speed and BP can make him a tough cookie! He joins the group after an explanation on switching characters on the field and in battle.     Morton: This annoying guy is probably Bowser's least favorite Koopaling, but he is loyal no matter what! He has a strong ground pound attack along with a fireball to go with it. He has a little higher attack power than other team members, but he is a little slower than others. When the group defeats Yardovich, this loudmouth will join.     Wendy: The queen of mean, the princess of brats, no matter what you call her, all you would get is a good tantrum! Using her rings is just as deadly as her spin attack! While she suffers in defense and speed, her good attack power and BP make up for it.  She meets up with our heroes after they head to Smithy's Factory.     Iggy: He is considered a nerd, but he is strong-willed and will prove himself to his dad! He is skilled with the wand and has a good spin attack. He is the speediest character and has a strong area attack, but all his other stats suffer. He joins the group if they can find Lemmy. He is one of two optional characters.     Roy: This heavy brute is wild and very hardheaded, but he will prove useful in battle! Punching and ground pounding are his special moves! He is very slow, but he has high attack, good defense, and good BP. The group has to beat him to save Lemmy, and doing this will lead him to join.     Lemmy: The tricky Koopaling, he is rather shy and would rather play than fight. He also has a magic attack, but he also can do a stomp. The high speed and highest BP would make him perfect if it weren't for his low HP and lowest defense. If the group beats Roy, he will join with Roy, and if the group takes him back to Iggy, Iggy will join as well.     Ludwig: He is the genius in the family, but he has a little bit of a weight problem. He can ground pound and do a spin attack. He has better defense and speed than Roy, but he is a little weaker. He will join if the group brings him his "Precious Thing". He is optional.     Villains:   Smithy: One of the villains, he is a little rusty, but he wants revenge on Mario and Bowser!     Princess Shroob: This empress also wants to destroy Mario! She seems a little calm though...     Grodus: Once again, he wants revenge.     Ztar: The protector of the Dark Rod and the leader of the villainous group.     Items   Mushroom: Restores 30 HP   Super Mushroom: Restores 60 HP   Ultra Mushroom: Restores 100 HP   Golden Shroom: Restores All HP   Syrup: Restores 20 BP   Maple Syrup: Restores 40 BP   Jammin’ Jelly: Restore 80 BP   Honey Syrup: Restores all BP   Mushroom Drop: Restore 20 HP to all characters   Super Mushroom Drop: Restore 50 HP to all characters   Ultra Mushroom Drop: Restore 80 HP to all characters   Max Mushroom Drop: Restore all HP to all characters   Power Pepper: Give an attack boost to a character.   Hard Pepper: Give a defense boost to a character.   Peppy Pepper: Give a speed boost to a character.   1-Up Mushroom: Revive a defeated character at 50% health   1-Up Super: Revive a defeated character at full health   Refreshing Herb: Negates harmful status effects     Bro Moves   Not all characters have Bro Attacks with one another.     Mario + Luigi - Splash Bros: Press the button when it appears to increase damage. Can't hit spiked enemies or fire enemies.     Mario + Bowser - Swing Attack: Hold the A button until the OK! appears. Can't hit spiked enemies or fire enemies.     Mario + Larry - Fireball: Tap the A button when Mario has the fireball. Tap the B button when the Piranha Plant turns red. Has a chance to burn if done well enough. Attacks randomly. Fire enemies can't be hit.     Mario + Morton - Sun Slam: Press the button when it appears to increase damage. Can burn if done well enough. Damages all enemies. Fire enemies can't be hit.     Mario + Iggy - Giant Crush: Tap A repeatedly, and press B when it appears to increase damage. Can stun if done well enough.     Mario + Lemmy - Super Stomp: Press A when Mario is about to land, and B when Lemmy is about to land. Randomly attacks. Spiked enemies and fire enemies can't be hit.     Larry + Luigi - Green Team: Press the button when it appears to increase damage. Has a chance to poison character if done well enough. Damages all enemies.     Larry + Morton - Smilax Smash: Tap the B button repeatedly and press the A button when it appears.     Larry + Ludwig - Piranha Panic: Tap A repeatedly and hold B and release when the OK! appears. Randomly attacks.     Bowser + Morton - Flame Rage: Hold A and B and release when the OK! appears. Can burn if done well enough. Fire enemies don't take damage.     Bowser + Roy - Pummel Pummel: Tap A and B repeatedly. Has a chance to weaken enemy.     Bowser + Lemmy - Fire and Ice: Hold A until the enemy is on fire, then hold B until the enemy is frozen. Keep on doing this to increase damage. Can lower speed or burn if done well enough. Fire enemies and ice enemies don't take damage.     Luigi + Iggy - Wimps Unite!: Tap the A button and press the B button when it appears. Has a chance to weaken.     Luigi + Wendy - Tantrum: Hold the A button or B button to do damage, holding for too long will do damage to the player. Hits all enemies.     Luigi + Ludwig - Pipe Plaza: Press the A button when the pipe Luigi is in lands, press the B button when the pipe Ludwig is in lands. Can stun if done well enough. Randomly attacks.     Wendy + Iggy - Demanding Strike: Tap A repeatedly to do damage, hold B and release when the OK! appears to increase the duration of the attack.     Wendy + Lemmy: Frostbite - Hold A then release when the OK! appears. Tap B repeatedly. Can lower speed if done well enough. Can't hit ice enemies.     Wendy + Ludwig - Total Whim: Press the A button when it appears. Hits all enemies. Can confuse if done well enough. Does no damage.     Iggy + Lemmy - Clone Attack: Press the A button when a Iggy clone is about to jump on the enemy. Press the B button when the Lemmy clone is about to attack. Randomly attacks. Can't hit spiked enemies or fire enemies.     Lemmy + Ludwig - Freeze Gun!: Tap the A button when Lemmy pulls out the Freeze Gun. Hold the B button and release when OK! appears as Ludwig pulls out his Freeze Gun. Can lower speed, attack, or defense.     Status   Weaken: Attack goes down, eventually wears off   Cripple: Speed goes down, eventually wears off   Shatter: Defense goes down, eventually wears off   Stun: Can't move, eventually wears off   Poison: Inflicts damage every turn   Burn: Can't move, inflicts damage every turn, eventually wears off   Buff Up: Increases attack, eventually wears off   Harden: Increases defense, eventually wears off,   Hyper: Increase amount of moves, speed increases, eventually wears off   Confuse: Occasionally attacks ally, eventually wears off   Knocked Out: Can't battle, can be revived with 1-Up Shroom     Controls   Field   Up, down, left, right: Move   A when icon is there: Mario jumps   B when icon is there: Luigi jumps   Start: Go to Menu   R: Switch Mario action   L: Switch Luigi action   A when icon is there: Hammer   A when icon is there: Spin Jump   B when icon is there: Long Jump   Jumping on an enemy will inflict damage to all enemies   Hammering a enemy will stun all enemies     Menu   Items: Check any items you have   Stats: Check out the stats of the characters   Equipment: Attach badges to characters   Switch: Switch battle characters     Battle   North Character A: Choose option   South Character B: Chooses option   Jump: Attack an enemy, press A or B when about to stomp enemy to do more damage, can't be used on spiked enemies or fire enemies. Only Mario, Luigi, or Lemmy can do this.   Hammer: Attack an enemy, hold A or B until OK! appears to do more damage, can't be used on flying enemies. Only Mario and Luigi can do this.   Flamethrower: Blow into Mic to do more damage, can burn enemies, damages all enemies, can't be used on fire enemies. Only Morton and Bowser can do this.   Punch: Press the A or B button as the fist glows to do more damage. Can't be used on flying enemies. Bowser and Roy do this.   Spin Attack: Tap the A or B button to increase damage, can't be used on flying enemies. Larry, Wendy, Iggy, and Ludwig do this.   Vine Whip: Press the A or B button as the whip grabs on, press it again as the whip slams the ground. Can't be used on fire enemies. Only Larry can do this.   Ground Pound: Press A or B when about to crush the enemy. Can't be used on spiked enemies or fire enemies. Morton, Roy, and Ludwig do this.   Magic Blast: Rub the touch screen quickly to increase damage. Damages all enemies. Iggy and Lemmy do this.   Ring Choke: Tap A or B quickly to inflict damage. Only Wendy can do this.   -Dodging-   Jump: Press A or B to jump over obstacles or enemies.   Hammer: Hold A or B and release to whack enemies or obstacles   Wand: See Hammer   Punch: Press A or B to punch enemies or obstacles     Enemies   Bowser's Castle   Goomba: HP 8   Koopa: HP 15   Boo: HP 18  Flying   Bowser (Boss): HP 60  (Can burn)     Barrel Volcano   Podoboo: HP 20  Fire  (Can burn)   Buzzy Beetle HP 30   Jabbi: HP 10  Spiked  (Can stun)   Stumpet (Boss): HP 120  Fire  (makes Magmites)   Magmite: HP 35  Fire   Yardovich (Boss):  HP 250  Spiked (makes Jabbis)     Nimbus Land   Paragoomba: HP 46  Flying  (turns into Goomba if hit enough)   Paratroopa:  HP 56  Flying  (turns into Koopa if hit enough)   Lakitu: HP 50  Flying  (makes Spinies)   Spiny: HP 30  Spiked   Smithy (Boss): HP 325  (Can stun)     Smithy's Factory   Ameboid: HP 52 (if damaged, another one appears)   Shyster: HP 68   Dark Jabbie: HP 40  Spiked (can stun or poison)   Dark Yaridovich (Boss): HP 400  Spiked (makes Dark Jabbies)   Ninjoe: HP 75  (can call in Ninjoes)   Dark Boo: HP 56   Gloomba: HP 70   Dark Koopa: HP 78 (Can stun)   Smithy (2nd Battle Boss): HP 528 (Can boost power, defense, or speed; can stun)     Mushroom Kingdom   Junior Shrooboid: HP 150   Roy (Boss) HP 750 (can stun, can weaken)     Forever Forest   Shroopa Troopa: HP 100 (a Shroob version of Koopa)   Shrooblet HP 92   Shiranha Plant HP 108  Spiked  (a Shroob version of Piranha plant, interestingly looks like Petey Piranha)   Shroob: HP 128   Chain Shromp HP 130     Boo Woods   Broozer: HP 122   Big Boo: HP 150  Flying (makes Mini-Boos)   Mini-Boo: HP 1  Flying (can steal items)   Dry Bones: HP 0 (can only be beaten by fire attacks)   Commander Shroob (Boss): HP 1000 (summons Shroobs)     Shooting Star Haven   Choppa: HP 155   Ember: HP 146  Fire (makes more Embers when damaged, can burn)   Dark Big Boo: HP 200  Flying (makes Dark Mini-Boos)   Dark Mini-Boo: HP 20 F lying (can steal items)   Lakitufo: HP 170  Flying (can make Spiny Shroopas)   Spiny Shroopa: HP 120  Spiked (Can poison)   Yux: HP 130  Flying (Can confuse)     The Moon   Z-Yux: HP 150  Flying (can confuse)   X-Naut: HP 175 (can stun, can boost power)   Cleft: HP 160  Spiked (can stun)   Wonder Cleft: HP 10 (can stun, only takes one damage)     X-Naut Fortress   Elite X-Naut: HP 200 (can stun, can boost power)   X-Naut PhD: HP 180 (can burn, can boost power, can boost defense, can boost speed, can poison, can confuse)   Lord Crump (Boss): HP 1500 (can summon X-Nauts)   Grodus (Boss): HP 1800 (can confuse, burn, poison, boost speed, and stun)   Z-Yux: HP 300  Flying (can confuse)   Ztar (Boss): HP 2500 (can poison, stun)     Planet Shroob   Guardian Shroob: HP 246 (can summon Guardian Shroobs)   Shroob Rex: HP 260 (attack decreases when ground pounded or stomped)   Dr. Shroob: HP 220 (heals HP or revives defeated enemies)   Petey Pirahna? (Boss): HP 10 (only takes one damage)   Commander Shroob (Second Fight Boss): HP 2400 (can summon Guardian Shroobs)   Shroobsworth: HP 230 (when defeated, Intern Shroob takes over)   Intern Shroob: HP 150 (can revive fallen Shroobsworth)   Shroopatrol: HP 280  Spiked (Shroob version of Koopatrol)   Princess Shroob (Boss): HP 3000 (can boost attack, defense, or speed, can poison)   Ztar (Second Fight Boss): HP 3500 (can poison, stun)     Dimension Destruction   Final Fright (Final Boss): HP 5000  Flying (can poison, stun, burn)   Left Wing: HP 300  Flying   Right Wing: HP 300  Flying     Ending   The Final Fright that was made from the hatred and evil power of the Dark Rod has been destroyed. The Dark Rod has been shattered and light returns to the world. Princess Peach is saved and hosts a massive party for all the heroes and anti-heroes that helped save the world. Bowser than promises to Mario "Once this partying is over, we're enemies again, ok?"  





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