Blocky in full-size

Blocky is a character and the only non-user to be a Sysop, technically. He is Max2's subconsious. However, his biggest attribute is that his emotions change almost constantly.

He lives inside of Max's mind, but he can still leave at will. When he does, the two characters both experience the same emotions at the same time, even if they are different. Blocky also grows to a more normal size.

His color changes based off of his and Max's mood.

  • Red - Normal (Not displaying a severe emotion)
  • Blue - Sad
  • Orange - Mad
  • Green - Calm
  • Pink - In Love
  • Black - Mischevious
  • White - SECRET


  • He is likely the smallest character, at only 12 pixels tall, in his biggest form.
  • Intrestingly, while Blocky appears to control Max's emotions, and share those emotions, he isn't attached to Max in any way at all.