CK11 the Gallade is COKEMAN11's comic and game form. He is a Gallade but has a blue left arm and a red right arm.

Tornado Village: A Fantendo StoryEdit

In TV:AFS, CK11 the Gallade is an orphan whose father was a Nega Moon warrior. His mother Gardevoir died two minutes after CK11 the Gallade hatched. Then, his father Gallade had to tend to him. When he was a Kirlia, his father died and CK11 was sent to a Nega Moon camp, where ge met McQueenMario. They became fast friends. But he couldn't help but comment on him not being 100% Nega Moon blood. In Chapter 1, CK11 is a Gallade and all the Nega Moons are kidnapped except McQueenMario, as CK11 was in the infirmary. Then CK11 runs off.

Awwwwesome ComicsEdit

CK11 is set to appear in Awwwesone Comics.