Age 12
Date of Birth February 19th
Species Ditto/Buneary
Gender Male
Joined November 6th, 2008
Aliases Eater Buneary, CK11, Luxray
Moves Eater Fang, Transform
Allies Shroobario, JesseRoo, DryGuy, Cobweb, Vined, Max2, Henrydamoose
Enemies Orange Yoda, KP Blue
Groups Users, Sysops, Bureaucrats (formerly)
Pronunciation Coak-man-ee-leh-ven
Themes Theme One
Theme Two

Boom! Bunny Boom! Bunnies GO Boom! Big Boy Boom! Super Boom! Boom, boom, boom! Did I mention Boom? Bunnies go BOOM! Boom!

COKEMAN11 is a user on Fantendo. He is active on both Usertendo and Fantendo and is a sysop on Fantendo, and a former sysop on Usertendo (because of "the incident," which COKEMAN11 does not like to speak about). He was a bureaucrat on Fantendo at one point, but got demotion per his request.


CK11 the GalladeEdit

Main Article: CK11 the Gallade

One of COKEMAN11's past forms. After he stopped liking Gallade so much, he got a new form.


At one point, COKEMAN11 took the form of Ice from the Pokeman Ranger games. This form is only used when he appears in comics.

Dark Tornado ManEdit

After promotion to Bureaucrat, COKEMAN11 was playing around with GIMP and somehow got an image that looked like a dark version of Tornado Man from Megaman 9. He decided to take this form.

Eater BunearyEdit

At one point during his short-lived Bureaucracy, COKEMAN11 made a typo on chat and typed "Eater Buneary" instead of "Easter Buneary". He was known as this form whenever he was on chat for a long while.

Orange DittoEdit

At one point during the Bureaucracy, COKEMAN11 made a blog about getting a new form. He settled on an orange Ditto. This is his current form.