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Cobweb is a Fantendo sysop who is notable for not being a user of MarioWiki (though he does hear about it often). He is an active Fantendo user and made the 1,000th article there (along with Crypt Raider; it's disputed which one really made the 1,000th article). His sprites resemble a purple shy guy with a black mask on.

Cobweb also made a parody site of Fantendo, Something Else Entirely and was one of the three founders of Usertendo. Cobweb cameos in MarioWiki: Clash in the background of Fantendo in issue 17. He is also set to appear in Troll Tragedies in some way. In Wiki's End he also makes a cameo.

He has been in two Sysop Squads so far.


Cobweb came to Fantendo in early March. He quickly established himself as a candidate for sysop with his now-popular Neverworld series. Soon enough, he was promoted, along with Shroobario. After Henrydamoose was promoted as well, the three new sysops formed the Sysop Squad. They fought multiple trolls, however, it was not to last. Henry left Fantendo, resulting in the Squad being one sysop too short. Henry later returned, but he was no longer friends with Shroobario. Cobweb became increasingly distracted and less interested in Fantendo... he announced his departure of Fantendo to Shroobario. Shrooby, lonely, with seemingly no friends left, vanished from the wiki shortly after.

Cobweb later returned, and joined Henrydamoose and JesseRoo in a new Sysop Squad.


Cobweb is known to own a Soul-Sucking "Kitteh" which he has affectionately named Henry, after his old friend.


If Henrydamoose is Good Cop and Shroobario is Bad Cop, Cobweb is certainly the Worse Cop. He can be strict at times, and has something of an obsession with correct grammar. This has led to him getting into multiple fights with newer users who don't use punctuation. He has an unusual method of speaking, as well. He uses the smiley ":O" very often and generally speaks a strange version of "1337"speak.


I have a soul-eating kitteh, but no soul-eating lemar :O

Hi, how's it going?
Great! I'm being bombarded by angry newbs already! :P
Its nice to be back, isn't it?

Henrydamoose and Cobweb, after Cobweb's return to Fantendo