Copybrat is a Non-User debuting in Paper Wiki: Storybook Showdown. He is the son of the first boss, Impster, and as such, has a similar power. Impster wanted his son to be evil, but Copybrat just wants to be a superstar.


Copybrat can switch bodies with someone else, meaning that his enemy turns into Copybrat and he turns into them. However, Copybrat must return to normal before switching again.


As soon as you enter Cucumber Cave, Copybrat runs by and rams into Max (The only partner at this point). At first, this seems like a coincedence, but Max begins acting strangly, such as putting "... heh." at the end of all of his Tattles and giving false info and typos.

For the battle, the two switch, so "Copybrat" is on your team and you fight Max.

  • Copybrat
  • HP: 30
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 3

After you bring Copybrat down to 10 HP left, he forfeits and presses his Beacon himself. He then explains about his dad and joins your party as the second partner.


As a partner, Copybrat makes the hero jump higher, similar to the Spring Jump in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. In battle, he can transform into an enemy (not bosses) and use their attacks.


  • Copybrat's sprites change throughout the game. When he's a boss, he has a normal expression on his face and Boss-Styled outlining. When he's a partner, he has less outlining and a smile. However, his copying sprites remain the same.


"This is Copybrat... or me? Or... well, he's someone. This kid's supposedly the son of Impster. Remember him? For some reason, he doesn't seem so evil to me... Might be that hat. Now, can you hurry up and beat him? I kinda want my body back.

Name OriginEdit

Copybrat's name is a mix of Copycat, because he acts like other people, and brat, because he's a villain.