DryGuy is a Fantendo sysop and one of the co-owners of Usertendo. Like his older brother, Cobweb, he has been in two Sysop Squads so far.


Joining & NominationEdit

DryGuy first joined Fantendo sometime in 2007, uploading a badly recolored dry bones image and stating what a n00b he was on his userpage. This quickly earned him popularity among the sysops, as most new users refuse to admit what n00bs they are. A few days after that, he was nominated for sysophood, but DryGuy had already gone inactive and JesseRoo was chosen in his place.

Return & PromotionEdit

In the year of 2009, DryGuy returned to Fantendo and was promoted to sysop. However, the wiki was now mostly comprised of users, who were in his view, "n00bs". Seeing that most of his friends had left, DryGuy got extremely angry and began flaming users and deleting pages, saying that they were to blame for the fall of Fantendo. Eventually, a newer user, YoshiEgg got fed up with DryGuy and posted a long Tezuka Zone on his talk page. DryGuy, realizing what YE said was true, quickly restored the pages he had deleted and apologized to the users he had flamed.


Although after his return, DryGuy lost what few friends he had on Fantendo, he quickly started making more friends including JesseRoo, Shroobario, YoshiEgg, Hemu, Mick, and COKEMAN11.

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