Fantendo Strikers is a game made by JesseRoo starring various Fantendo Users playing football (soccer).

Characters Edit

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Teammates Edit

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Arenas Edit


A screenshot of the game on the Grassland Stadium

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The game takes place on Striker Island, which has various stadiums located on it.

  • Grassland Stadium - The basic stadium, a grassy field with no obstacles
  • Icy Trip Stadium - An icy floor makes this stage have less friction, which makes the ball travel further along the ground and it makes it harder to turn around
  • Purple Chicken's Farm - Purple Chicken's Farm is a stage full of baby purple chickens, who you can trip over.
  • Coke World - A Pinball-like stage where the ball bounces off of Cherry Coke cans.
  • Suspension City - A large city that cars and trucks drive around in and can hit the players.
  • 8-Bit movie theater parking lot An 8-bit Theatre-themed parking lot level. Different character will walk onscreen and interact with the team members.
  • characters
  • Black Mage: Uses hadouken on a character.
  • White Mage: Attacks a character with a hammer.
  • Fighter: Distracts the character
  • Thief: Steals the ball from one team and gives it to the other
  • Black Belt: Karate chops a random character.
  • FreezeFlame Cavern - Lava pits and patches of ice litter this Arena. Don't fall in the lava!!
  • Ice-Thunder Cavern - A cavern that has an icy ground and lightning can attack the players!Sometimes,the lightning misses the player and makes a fire.The fire then melts the ice.Don't fall into the water!
  • Star Arena - An area based on Mos Eisley from Star Wars.Jawas sometimes run around and steal the ball.Other events can occur such as:
  • Stormtroopers shoot at the goalie causing them to get dizzy
  • A car runs by the ball causing it to fly away
  • Darth Vader throws some bombs on to the field
  • R2-D2 and C-3P0 walk by the track stunning all the players who touch them.
  • Angela's Forest (from WikiQuest, coming soon): Forest has tree monsters which can hit the ball in the exact opposite direction of the guy who kicked it toward them.