The Fantendo Trading Cards (Usually shortened to Fantendo Cards) are collectable cards made by Max2 and distributed at Max2's One-Stop-Shop. The cards are not used for battling, unlike most Trading Cards, but are simply for collections.


In order to make a card, a user simply has to have a sprite of themselves, and the system does the rest. The card is then copied and sold through the Card Dispenser.


There are 5 types of cards based on the rankings on a normal wiki.

  • User Cards are for users who aren't a Sysop or a Crat on either wiki. These blue cards are the most common.
  • Sysop Cards apply to sysops on either wiki. These are semi-rare and red.
  • Crat Cards apply to bureacrats on either wiki. These black cards are the rarest of all.
  • golden Special Cards are made for special occasions. (only made by Max2)
  • Non-User cards apply to Non-Users only. They look almost similar to User Cards.