Fantendo Trainer Adventures is an upcoming comic by KP Blue. It, like Wikimon Fantendo Dungeon, is Pokemon-themed. Unlike Wikimon Fantendo Dungeon, it revolves around many users in human forms as Pokemon trainers, with sysops and Bureaucrats as members of the elite four.


  • Quirky and sadistic (not to mention whiney) Male Hero - KP Blue
  • Cute, yet tough Female Hero (Better Trainer of the two main heroes) - BlueYoshter
  • Calm, Cool, and Collected Elite Four member - JesseRoo
  • Random and Quick Elite Four member - 1337doom
  • Strong and Sturdy Elite Four member -
  • Fourth Elite Four member -
  • Pokemon League Champion - COKEMAN11
  • Eccentric Regional Proffessor - Plumber.