The Fantendoman show is a highly popular TV show watched in Fantendo and Usertendo starring a character similair to Megaman as he fights the evil Dr. Yoda who is attempting to take over the city of Fantopolis by capturing Dr. Plums Robot Masters and making them attack the citizens of Fantopolis.

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To sign up, head to the talk page and put yours or your non-users name in. The available roles are: citizen, hero, Robot Master, police or random guy/gal.

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Dr. Plums had finished the touches on his new robot which was to be used to do absolutely everything for him when Dr. Yoda jumped in the door. "Hand over the Robot Masters and nobody get's hurt..." he said, holding a Plasma Pistol in his hand. Dr. Plums ran away and Dr. Yoda began to take every single one of his creations except his newest one. "Nooo!" Dr. Plums shouted as Dr. Yoda ran out the door. He saw his latest robot lying on the table where he had been working on him. "Hmm..."

Dr. Plums reprogrammed the robot to become a fighting machine to protect Fantopolis from Dr. Yoda and his Robot Masters. "I think I'll call you... Fantendoman". Fantendoman got up, and smiled. "Reporting for duty, sir!" he said and went to run out onto the street, but accidentally ran into a wall. "This won't be easy..." he said. After a while, Fantendoman could now control where he was walking and open doors like a normal person should be able to. "Reporting for duty, sir!.. again..." Fantendoman said and this time he ran out the door and began flying up into the sky. "Ah... they grow up so fast..." Dr. Plums said, and walked back inside.

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