Impster is a TAC and a the boss of Western Woods in Paper Wiki: Storybook Showdown. He is the first boss, and father of the second boss, Copybrat.

He also appears in the Storybook Showdown Manga.


  • He can shapeshift, but his pallette cannot change from his normal one, giving him only the colors Orange, Gray/Black, and Blue to change into.
  • He can also multiply, but this is only seen in one round (Litle P and Sandslash)


Twink recovers 10 HP every round, but Max only gains 5.

Round One: Litle P And SandslashEdit

This is the first form seen. As soon as the player (Twink at the time) leaves Wish Hill for the first time, they see a odd-colored Pichu and Sandslash heading for the forest. Max2 instinctivly follows them, thinking they are Litle P and Sandslash. When Twink catches up to Impster and Max, the first round of the battle cues.

  • Sandslash?
    • HP: 10
    • Attack: 4
    • Defense: 1
  • Litle P?
    • HP: 5
    • Attack: 1
    • Defense: 2

Round Two: Max2Edit

After his first defeat, Impster transforms into a Max lookalike, Max2 joins the battle, and Impster's name is revealed.

  • Impster (Max)
    • HP: 15
    • Attack: 5
    • Defense: 1

Round Three: MarioEdit

For a final challenge, Impster transforms into Mario to challenge MAx and Twink.

  • Impster (Mario)
    • HP: 20
    • Attack: 6
    • Defense: 1


Impster's tattle is the same in rounds Two and Three. Max doesn't rejoin your party until Round Two, so there is no tattle for Round One.

Impster's tattle is the only one in which Max2 directly adresses one of the heroes, but only because Twink is the only hero at this point.

"This is Impster, a monster sent out by The Spirit. I can't believe I thought he was Litle P and Sandslash... This is it, Twink! Show this freak who's world this really is!"

Name OriginEdit

Impster's name is a mix of Imp, because of his tricky nature, and Imposter, referring to his shapeshifting.