Age 13
Date of Birth 14th of May
Species Hylian/Lopunny\Manatee
Gender Male
Joined 23rd March 2008
Aliases Lopunny, JessicaRoo, Roll, Manatee, Fulcrum
Moves Bounce, Dizzy Punch, High Jump Kick, Strength
Allies Shroobario, COKEMAN11, DryGuy, Cobweb, Vined, Henrydamoose
Enemies Orange Yoda, KP Blue
Groups Users, Sysops, Bureaucrats
Pronunciation Jess-ee-roo
Themes No theme currently

For the troll who impersonated JesseRoo as "JesseRoo.", see Fhrblig

JesseRoo is a Bureaucrat on Fantendo and Usertendo. When Henrydamoose retired, JesseRoo was one of the choices for his replacement until it was decided he wouldn't be replaced. However, he was soon promoted to sysop anyway and is now a well known member of the community. He has been in multiple Sysop Squads.

Appearance Edit

He previously took on the appearance of a yellow Yoshi at MarioWiki and Userpedia but is currently a Mr. Saturn with sunglasses and a top hat. On Fantendo and Usertendo, he was originally a Diddy Kong recolour based on an alternate palette for Diddy Kong in Donkey King: King of Swing, but he later changed to a recolour of Link with a yellow tunic and brown hair.

Weapons/Armour/Attacks Edit

Phantom Sword Edit

JesseRoo's weapon of choice is the Phantom Sword, made out of the three Sacred Metals and forged by the great Purple Chicken King to fight evil. It is rather large, but JesseRoo can carry it easily.

Purple Chicken Edit

He is obsessed with Purple Chickens for some reason, mainly because he thinks that purple is the most random of the all colours (besides heliatrope, but purple is easier to say) and chickens are fairly random as well. He often says Purple Chicken randomly for no reason when he can't think of anything else to say.

Friends Edit

JesseRoo's first real "best friend" on the wiki he says is Vined, as they are both from Australia. Originally, he did not like neither McQueenMario or COKEMAN11, but when Cokeman became less associated with McQueen JesseRoo began to become one of his friends. However, upon Shrooby returning from inactivity, despite a previous disagreement (related to Sinless's inclusion in Cobweb's Super Fantendo game) the two quickly became friends and JesseRoo now considers him his best friend on the wiki. Soon, however, DryGuy and JesseRoo began talking a lot more and so now JesseRoo thinks of him as a close friend. When Hemu returned to Fantendo, He and Jesse became good friends, talking on chat and stuff. His friendship with DryGuy was damaged when DryGuy thought he was responsible for JesseRoo leaving (which he wasn't), although Jesse came back anyway. Later, JesseRoo developed a friendship with YoshiEgg, who has now become his "brother" (since Hemu is his father, and Hemu adopted YoshiEgg). His current set of closest friends is:

However, he is also good friends with multiple other users like Mick, Cobweb, Henrydamoose and maybe some others.

Gallery Edit