A male KirbeBall.

KirbeBalls (Curb-eh-Balls) , often misnamed as KirbyBalls, are a tribal species living in a secluded part of the Western Woods. They are protected by Max2 and Twink, as they are the only ones who know about their existance.

Their resemble PokeBalls, but as they grow older, arms and legs develop, making them appear Kirby-like.


They were discovered by Max and Twink while they were on a forest exploration. They were originally treated as prisoners of the tribe, until the leader, Ninja, proved them “Kirbeballs of us” (Friends of the KirbeBalls). They had to sware, however, to never share their discovery of the tribe with anyone.


Ninja is the leader of the KirbeBalls. He is the only KirbeBall to speak, as the other talk through telepathy. Because of this, he acts as a translator. Although at a first glance he may seem like an adult, he is actually a young boy. His powers are unknown, but he has been seen throwing shurikens on at least one occasion. He can only say words that are less then 3 letters, with the exception of two words, “Twink” and “KirbeBall”. Other than that, he seems to speak perfectly fine, but sometimes requiring a translation of the meaning.

He is easily recognized by his black headband.

Great KirbeBall TreeEdit

The Great KirbeBall Tree is where all of the KirbeBall live. It is a sentinent tree who protect the KirbeBall from harm. It can move its roots around, creating homes for the KirbeBall, block the entrance to the tree, and function as an elevator of sorts to it's higher levels. The tree, supposedly, is inhabited by the spirit of the KirbeBall's great ancestors, the founder of their civilization.

The KirbeBall tree can only be entered by KirbeBall; not even Max and Twink are admitted.


In their society, Ninja is the leader. The men, who are red and white, protect the tribe from invaders, and the women, who are pink and white, stay at home with the children. The children are all treated with respect, as they are the future of the tribe.

They reprodue automatically. When a women KirbeBall comes of age, her body/ball opens up, and two children, always a boy and a girl, appear. This is the only time that their insides are seen. Their insides are suprisingly hidden during this process, however.