Orange Yoda's "troll" form

Orange Yoda is a User on Fantendo as well as a Sockpuppeter and Troll. He was originally one of the worst trolls on Fantendo, and then he supposedly reformed. However, upon the creation of the Fantendo Forums Orange Yoda made the deadly mistake of creating sockpuppet accounts on the forums as well, which had their IP's read by Cobweb and thus were proved as sockpuppets of Orange Yoda.

Sockpuppets Edit


Regular/Human Edit

When Orange Yoda isn't a hero, a troll or Strikeshot OY, he's a plain old person


Hero Orange Yoda is his most common form.He has the power to fly, teleport, run fast, read minds, and speak every language.


Troll Orange Yoda is the form most users on Fantendo recognize, as it is the form associated with his time as a troll.


Strikeshot is Orange Yoda's Sonic form. He is simply an inverted version of Knuckles the Echidna. He is super-fast, strong and can jump 30ft high.

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