Power Madness is a mental condition caused by a user becoming a Bureacrat without being properly prepared for such an event. This usually leads to many bad things, and can sometimes ruin a user's reputation and even completly devastate them on the wiki.

It is most common with bureacrats, but has also appeared in Sysops, although MUCH more minor.


Power Madness is caused by users being bumped up to a bureacrat without them being prepared. Some users then become obssessed in the power they now have, and usually lose several of their friends, while gaining the popularity of new users.

Eventually, however, they begin to be corrupted by their newfound power and become something of jerks. Some users, in very rare cases, completly forget who they are and become little more than a shadow of their former selves.


The only known cure for power madness is to get them to resign themselves. This can only be done, however, by talking to them before reaching a certain point of Power Madness. After that, it is unremovable.


For some reason, the more random a person's personality is, the less likely to become power mad they are. It is for this reason, that three particular users were promoted here on Usertendo.

Power IgnoranceEdit

There are rumors of a variation of Power Madness called Power Ignorance. It seems to cause users to not care about sysop or bureaucrat powers they are given.

Affected UsersEdit

  • Cobweb
  • Max2


Sooner34 (Xzelion), had the most significant Power-Madness, as his is the only known case that was uncured. This example has helped other learn about Power Madness.