Sands of Time: The Fantendo Chronicles is an "open mic" fanfiction. It is darker than most comics and stories. Each issue will be from the point of view of the character representing the issue's creator

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KP BlueEdit


Users and non-users (except for KP Corrupt, who was corrupted by spam, but turned good) can be "corrupted" by the Sands of Time. This alters their personality, in some cases, causing them to become evil. Some are able to resist their personality being altered, such as Max2, while others force their personalities to be changed


Sands of Time has recieved mixed to positive reviews; Max2 enjoyed them, though Uberninja1337 said that everyone acted like "out-of-personality doofi[ses]". Most criticism was due to the percieved self-centeredness of the comics, and that the character KP Blue's "quirkiness" was just annoying. There was a controversy regarding the fourth issue, which dealt with Project OpUS. In the issue, the in-comic version of Cobweb arrived at Usertendo, planning to shut it down. The in-comic KP rallied supporters, portraying OpUS as an incredibly unpopular plan that everyone opposed. Effort was put into showing just how weak Cobweb supposedly was, and in an apparent attempt to make the comic sound more mature, "f**k" (uncensored) was used completely randomly.
The issue, after huge backlash from Cobweb and Henrydamoose, was deleted by KP Blue, who promised that things would change.


  • Due to controversy around Issue 4 (see "Reception"), the entire comic has been changed to a fan fiction.
  • The very first issue of Randomized Crap is actually edited from Issue 4 of Sands of Time. BlueYoshter states this is in a way of spoofing.