The Story Spirit is the final boss and main antagonist of Paper Wiki: Storybook Showdown. He appears at first to be a meteor hurtling through the sky. When the users gather to watch it, it turns the world into a storybook!

While everyone in the game knows about the Spirit, no one has any idea that the "strange meteor" WAS the Spirit. Most people concluded that the "meteor" was sent by the Spirit.


  • Meteor Rock - The spirit's "normal" form, disguised as a small meteor. He has a protective barrier around him. He can't attack, but after he loses a certain amount of health, he unleashes an "Alpha Laser", which knocks out your entire party.
  • Spirit Form - The spirit's main form, he doubles in size and can finally attack using meteor showers. However, he loses the Alpha Laser.
  • Nega Form - The spirit's final form, he turns into a monochrome version of himself. This form is the most dangerous.


The battle against him is an unusual one. You can fight his first form as many times as you like whenever you like, but it is almost impossible to kill him until later in the game.

Round OneEdit

You can fight him as many times as you like.

  • Strange Meteor
    • HP: 50
    • Attack: Insta-KO (Rare)
    • Defense: 40

As you destroy the Beacons, his defense goes down by one, until it reaches 15, which is still an impressive number.

Round TwoEdit

Only possible after you've broken all of the Beacons. If you've not challenged the Spirit at least once before this, you will need to beat him.

  • Storybook Spirit
    • HP: 70
    • Attack: 10
    • Defense: 10

Round ThreeEdit

Everyone in your party is healed before this fight.

  • Nega Spirit
    • HP: 100
    • Attack: 20
    • Defense: 10


  1. "This meteor thing was sent by the Spirit, or so everyone claims. It seems to radiate power... Anyways, it has this wierd force-field around it. I think our best bet would be to leave before this thing uses it's Alpha Laser!"
  2. "Waa!! That thing... but... THAT'S the Spirit? Shocker. Anyways, I think we should be a little more focused on defense. Or, at least, defending me. This thing looks tough!"
  3. "Oh, it turned dark. How ORIGINAL. Seriously, though, this guy isn't a joke. He's probably the most powerful boss we've faced..."


Not nessecarily a Tattle, but this text appears when Copybrat is in the battle.

  • Spirit: What do you think you're doing!
  • Copybrat: I'm rocking with the winning team this time, Spirit!