Super Mario Bros. X DeluxeEdit

DISCLAIMER: This is a fanon wiki, meaning that its contents are created purely from the imaginations of its users. These articles do not depict actual games and should not be treated as if they do. Super Mario Bros. X Deluxe is a computer fangame by Studio MF and the sequel/remake to/of the original computer fangame, Super Mario Bros. X.  It has more everything!  This introduces minigames and more codes.  It will release 2015 on the day the first version of SMBX released.  It is the first Mario fangame to be on retail AND be able to be downloaded.

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[show]==Plot== Episode stories.  The Invasion 3, preinstalled with it as sequel to The Invasion 2, has more worlds and more levels.

Returning Playable CharactersEdit

New StuffEdit

New Playable CharactersEdit

  • Wario
  • Sonic
  • Waluigi
  • Yoshi
  • Rosalina
  • Kirby
  • Donkey Kong
  • Mega Man
  • Pacman
  • Wonderboy
  • Crash
  • Pikachu
  • Blooregard q Kazoo
  • Mac Foster
  • Nigel Uno
  • Kuki Sanban
  • Courage
  • Blossom
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Dexter
  • Kirra
  • Bugs Bunny
  • Porky Pig
  • Mickey Mouse 
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy Dog
  • Pluto Dog
  • Daisy Duck
  • Captain Toad
  • Marisa Kirsame
  • Alice Martagoid
  • Dancing Banana (Cameo in the credits)
  • Spongebob
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Twilight
  • Fluttershy
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Apple Jack
  • Rarity
  • Patrick
  • Squidward
  • Count Duckula
  • Mr. Krabs
  • Sandy
  • Shaggy
  • Scooby
  • Barney
  • The nineteen-year old Japanese schoolgirl from Umihara Kawase
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Michelangelo
  • Rafael
  • Leonardo
  • Shredder

New EnemiesEdit

New BossesEdit

  • Herobrine
  • Ender Dragon
  • Wither
  • Flying Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom (Normal and Flying)
  • Bowser (SMW)
  • Rest of the Koopalings (SMB3 and SMW)
  • Ridley
  • Bosses from Mega Man games
  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Rudy The Clown
  • Bosses from Magical Quest games
  • Bosses from Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday
  • Bosses from Touhou Project games
  • Bosses from The Lego Movie Videogame
  • Marshmallow (From Frozen)
  • Bosses from Epic Mickey games
  • Bosses from Castle of Illusion
  • Bosses from SpongeBob games
  • Bosses from Mickey Mousecapade
  • Bosses from Animaniacs
  • Bosses from Umihara Kawase
  • Bosses from Undertale
  • Dr Neo Cortex
  • N. Trance
  • N Tropy
  • Papu Papu
  • Riper roo
  • Koala Kong
  • Prinstripe potoroo
  • N Brio
  • Bosses from Adventures of Yogi Bear

Used to buy at General StoreEdit

  • Tix
  • Robux
  • Mickey Coin

New SoundtrackEdit

  • Replaced NSMB Theme with NSMB2 Soundtrack (Level)
  • Kirby Super Star Soundtrack (Level)
  • Replaced SMB3 Rock Remix with NSMBWii World Musics (World)
  • MK7 Rainbow Road (Level)
  • Yoshi's Island Map (World)
  • Yoshi's Island Soundtrack (Level)
  • SM64 Slider (Level)
  • NSMBWii Title Screen Remix (Credits)
  • Soundtracks from the Magical Quest games
  • Umihara Kawase level soundtracks
  • Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage level soundtracks
  • Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday level soundtracks
  • CBTWOC Cortex Vortex (level)
  • Sonic Advance Soundtrack
  • Megaman 7 Soundtrack
  • Crash Bandicoot GBA Soundtrack (Level and World)
  • Wario Land Series Soundtrack (Level And World)
  • Pokemon Go Soundtrack (Level and World)
  • NSMBU Staff Roll (Credits)
  • Adventures of Yogi Bear Soundtrack (level)

Staff Roll - New Super Mario Bros. U

New BackgroundsEdit

There will be more backgrounds from many Mario games.

New SceneryEdit

Same with backgrounds, but, more scenery.


Now you can decide whether it's water, quicksand, or anti-gravity!

  1a    Nasty Neil                      1b    Evil EDDIE               Checklist 1a-80a

       2a    Moonwalkin' TED                 2b    JAY Decay                Bazooka Jerk

       3a    ADAM Bomb                       3b    Blasted Aretha           License to Chew

       4a    Tee-Vee STEVIE                  4b    JOUSTIN' GARY               Bony JOANIE

       5a    Potty SCOTTY                    5b    Janine Basin              Cemetery Lease

       6a    Judge N. CARL                   6b    Crater CHRIS             Garbage Pail Kids Rule!

       7a    Bony JOANIE                     7b    Limber LYNN                Exterior Design Award

       8a    New Wave DAVE                   8b    Graffiti Antonio           Garbage Pails - Foul Bill

       9a    SY Clops                        9b    Giz JACK            Least Valuable Player Award

      10a    Rappin' OZZY                   10b    RAY Gun                  Have a Nice Day

      11a    Double HEATHER                 11b    Double Easter BONNIE               House O' Garbage Gift Certificate

      12a    RUSSELL Muscle                 12b    Vamp IRANIA              Hooked on Garbage Pail Kids

      13a    Spacey STACY                   13b    Trekkie R. J.           Fishing for Trouble Award

      14a    ABDUCT BRAD                    14b    PROBED SANDERS          Why Fight It?

      14a    HOWARD BURNED                    14b    Cheeky CHARLES           Why Fight It?

      15a    Ghastly ASHLEY                 15b    Copycat AMY                 Garbage Pail Army Draft Notice!!

      16a    Split KIT                      16b    Mixed-Up Thundermans          Take a Garbage Pail Kid to Lunch!

      17a    JOE Blow                       17b    Major KENDRICK                   Most Unlikely to Succeed Award

      18a    Hot Head AXL                   18b    ROY Bot                  Visit Garbage Pail National Park

      19a    DINAH Saur                     19b    Anti-Vaccine Kreizman    Garbage Pail Circus!

      20a    BLAKE Flake                    20b    Hippie Jonathan            Circus Contract

      21a    ALI Gator                      21b    Marshy Pelphrey         How to Be a Garbage Pail Kid

      22a    Tin Woodsman SANDY                   22b    Barren AARON             Living Death Certificate

      23a    Starin' DARREN                 23b    Tomb TOM              It Takes Guts to Be a Garbage Pail Kid

      24a    Half-NELSON                    24b    Glandular Dirty Harry         (Completed Blue Border Puzzle)

      25a    Armpit  BRITT                  25b    Shaggy DREW            (Completed Orange Border Puzzle)

      26a    Sloshed JOSH                   26b    Gangnam CAL                  (Completed Green Border Puzzle)

      27a    Washed STEPHEN                 27b    RUTHERFORD B. Hay        (Completed Red Border Puzzle)

      28a    Swollen SUE ELLEN              28b    Gory BLAIR            (Blue puzzle top right)

      29a    MAX Axe                        29b    Reptillian DUDLEY            (Blue puzzle top middle)

      30a    Alien IAN                      30b    Outerspace Harry          (Blue puzzle top left)

      31a    Smutty SPRINGER                31b    Dry GUY                  (Blue puzzle center right)

      32a    Losing FAITH                   32b    Albie Back             (Blue puzzle center)

      33a    Handy RANDY                    33b    JORDAN TUBBY              (Blue puzzle center left)

      34a    NEIL Nerd                      34b    CLARK Can't              (Blue puzzle bottom right)

      35a    Meltin' MILTON                 35b    Blastin LOUIE               (Blue puzzle bottom middle)

      36a    MOE Skeeto                     36b    Cosmic RAY                (Blue puzzle bottom left)

      37a    PATRICK Of Gold                37b    Hot DOUG                 (Orange puzzle top right)

      38a    Ripped DOLLY                   38b    Surreal NEAL             (Orange puzzle top middle)

      39a    Batty FLOYD                    39b    Dental DANIEL            (Orange puzzle top left)

      40a    Toothie RUTHIE                 40b    Ravaged FLOSSIE           (Orange puzzle center right)

      41a    Anglerfish FLO                 41b    Moist JOYCE              (Orange puzzle center)

      42a    Froggy FRANK                   42b    Teed-Off TOM             (Orange puzzle center left)

      43a    Bunny CLIFTON                  43b    Air-Head JED             (Orange puzzle bottom right)

      44a    Tiny TIM                       44b    Matrix SAUL               (Orange puzzle bottom middle)

      45a    BEA Sting                      45b    "Trick Of The Night" MIMI           (Orange puzzle bottom left)

      46a    CLAIRE Stare                   46b    Buggy SCOTT          (Green puzzle top right)

      47a    HARRY Canary                   47b    Gorgeous Animotion               (Green puzzle top middle)

      48a    MARC Spark                     48b    She-Mel             (Green puzzle top left)

      49a    Milky WAYNE                    49b    Alan-Michael-SICKLE              (Green puzzle center right)

      50a    On the MARK                    50b    Greaser Hey U. GUY              (Green puzzle center)

      51a    Cut-Up CARMEN                  51b    "Days of Thunder" LIONEL            (Green puzzle center left)

      52a    Curly SHIRLEY                  52b    "White Men Can't Jump" JOAN               (Green puzzle bottom right)

      53a    Have a Nice DAVE               53b    Legendary Logan             (Green puzzle bottom middle)

      54a    Soured HOWARD                  54b    PAUL Bunion              (Green puzzle bottom left)

      55a    MANNY Heads                    55b    Jesse Stacks               (Red puzzle top right)

      56a    GRANT Ant                      56b    Sticky NIKKI             (Red puzzle top middle)

      57a    Limbo Emeril                   57b    MIKE Strike              (Red puzzle top left)

      58a    Wolfman Armstrong              58b    BOWEN Arrow              (Red puzzle center right)

      59a    MOE Bile                       59b    Laid N. EDGAR                 (Red puzzle center)

      60a    Altered Genie                  60b    Inter STELLA             (Red puzzle center left)

      61a    K.O.'d KARL                    61b    Dirk Force         (Red puzzle bottom right)

      62a    Waffle IRA                     62b    Trust MAC Gut           (Red puzzle bottom middle)

      63a    CLARKE  Borg                   63b    Chained SHANE            (Red puzzle bottom left)

      64a    Ravaged FRATZ                  64b    Bright DWIGHT            Checklist 1b-80b

      65a    Pickled PETE                   65b    Howlin' FRED        Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      66a    Baby ABIE                      66b    Almighty LINCOLN Park             Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      67a    Global WARREN                  67b    AL Hermit Crab             Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      68a    Stitched STELLA                68b    Sea Otter PAULA          Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      69a    Rappin' ELLA                   69b    Grape  VI                 Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      70a    Finger-Paintin' FIFI           70b    Mixed LIBBY               Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      71a    Nasty NICK                     71b    Evil Mutated TED               Where Are They Now?

      72a    ADAM Thunderman                72b    Blasted BILLY            Where Are They Now?

      73a    Tarzany BRUCE                  73b    Drunk KEN                Where Are They Now?

      74a    Tee-Vee STEVIE                 74b    "Walk Like An Egyptian" GARY               Where Are They Now?

      75a    Cranky FRANKIE                 75b    Rappin' BRAD                 Where Are They Now?

      76a    Bony JOANIE                    76b    ArachLYNN                Where Are They Now?

      77a    Split KIT                      77b    Mixed-Up Victoria Lord          Where Are They Now?

      78a    Hot Head Buchanans                78b    ROY Bot                  Where Are They Now?

      79a    Joltin’ BROOKE                79b    Jelly KELLY              Where Are They Now?

      80a    NAT Bizarro                      80b    CLARK Can't              Where Are They Now?


Loco Motion Cards (1:8 packs)

  1 of 10    Up CHUCK

  2 of 10    Wacky JACKIE

  3 of 10    Drippy DAN

  4 of 10    Cracked JACK

  5 of 10    Bony TONY

  6 of 10    ADAM Boom

  7 of 10    Gooey HUEY

  8 of 10    REUBEN Cube

  9 of 10    Explorin' NORMAN

 10 of 10    Squashed JOSH

  1 of 10    Cheeky CHARLES 

  2 of 10    Wacky Bregman

  3 of 10    El Niño DAN

  4 of 10    Wolf JACK

  5 of 10    Unbearable TONY

  6 of 10    ARMED ADAM Boom

  7 of 10    Out A. TIM V

  8 of 10    Ah Guh GUY

  9 of 10    Heisen Albie

 10 of 10    DOUG Taped 


       1a    Bad JOHN                   1b    RAY Decay                  DRAIN THE SWAMP Adam

       2a    Stormy HEATHER                  2b    Retro APRIL           Buggy TRAPPER TOM

       3a    Weird Woody                     3b    Haggy MAGGIE          Double King Kyle

       4a    Cranky FRANKIE                  4b    Bad SANDERS           My Little Buxton

       5a    STINKIN' CAROL                  5b    Scary CARRIE          Matrix Mike

       6a    KIM Kong                        6b    Courtin' VINNIE       Abnormal Max

       7a    Wrappin' Dolly                   7b   TOMMY Tomb            Lindsay Changa

       8a    PATTY Putty                     8b    Muggin' Suzanne       Trashcan Richie

       9a    Smelly KELLY                    9b    Hallow DOUG           Catty Ray

      10a    Leaky LINDSAY                  10b    Clammy TESSIE         Out A. TIM Kong

      11a    Road Warrior MARTY             11b    Nutty NICOLE          Out A. TIM VI

      12a    Rabid JOEL                    12b    Live MIKE              Heather Quack

      13a    Jolly ROGER                    13b    Pegleg POTTS          Henry Bark

      14a    Sewer SUE                      14b    Judge N. MARTY        Judge N. Janie

      15a    Hurt CURT                      15b    NIKI Splat            Totaled Drew 

      16a    DREW Wild Blood                16b    Bustin' DUSTIN        "Singin In The Rain" Ben

      17a    Bruised LEE                    17b    Karate Turtle Powell   Road Warrior Les Vegas

      18a    Beaky BECKY                    18b    Cycle MICKEY           Jay Hawked

      19a    Eerie ERIC                     19b    Berserk BOBBIE          Eerie Muckman

      20a    STEVEN BISHOP in the Present   20b    Jelly KELLY              Greaser Grim Jim

      21a    Apple CORY                     21b    Chopper BENNY              Checklist a

      22a    Second Hand ROSE               22b    Trashed Natalie            Checklist b

      23a    Bony TONY                      23b    ZACK Fantasy           Checklist a

      24a    Amazin' GRACE                  24b    Muscular Granger           Blue puzzle completed

      25a    Hairy HARRIET                  25b    DARTIN' BERNICE            Orange puzzle completed

      26a    Warrin' WARREN                 26b    BRETT OGRE                Green puzzle completed

      27a    Yicchy MICKEY                  27b    Detroit Rock BART             Red puzzle completed

      28a    Gored GORDON                   28b    Jurassic JOSE              Blue puzzle bottom left

      29a    Autobob Otto Bot               29b    TERRI Cloth              Blue puzzle center left

      30a    Jokester WADE                  30b    Tagged TAD               Blue puzzle top left

      31a    Diaper DAN                     31b    BACKWOODS AXEL             Blue puzzle bottom middle

      32a    LUCAS Mucus                    32b    DOTTY SPRINKLER             Blue puzzle center

      33a    Dangling DOLLY                 33b    Bun In NEAL             Blue puzzle top middle

      34a    MICHAEL Mutant                 34b    ZEKE Freakazoid               Blue puzzle bottom right

      35a    Deaf GEOFF                     35b    Audio MARTY              Blue puzzle center right

      36a    Intense PAYNE                  36b    Bad ADA                Blue puzzle top right

      37a    TOM Thumb                      37b    Batty BRIDGET           Orange puzzle top right

      38a    JOAN Clone                     38b    R-Rated BRIDGETTE              Orange puzzle top middle

      39a    Ugly HANS                      39b    Crylo CLARK Can't                Orange puzzle top left

      40a    JOHN John                      40b    Muscular FLOYD           Orange puzzle center right

      41a    HECTOR Collector               41b    WRANGLIN'Jordi                  Orange puzzle center

      42a    Many LENNY                     42b    Mega CARLOTTA           Orange puzzle center left

      43a    MICKEY Mouths                  43b    Indiana LAUREL              Orange puzzle bottom right

      44a    ADAM Boom                      44b    Blasted BILLY VII         Orange puzzle bottom middle

      45a    PETE Seat                      45b    Tim Wolf               Orange puzzle bottom left

      46a    Elastic ELWOOD                 46b    Good Morning, MARTY      Green puzzle top right

      47a    Shut-Up SHERWIN                47b    Two BART        Green puzzle top middle

      48a    Alien ALAN                     48b    Martian KICKED MICK           Green puzzle top left

      49a    HALEY Comet                    49b    Greaser ALien               Green puzzle center right

      50a    Explorin' NORMAN               50b    Drillin' SY Borg          Green puzzle center

      51a    Divin' IVAN                    51b    Tipsy  Alan            Green puzzle center left

      52a    FRITZ Spritz                   52b    HOWARD Wisdom          Green puzzle bottom right

      53a    Messy BESSIE                   53b    LUAU HELENE           Green puzzle bottom middle

      54a    LEM Phlegm                     54b    Polter-HEIDI            Green puzzle bottom left

      55a    PAGE Cage                      55b    TOMMY Trick-Ups              Red puzzle bottom left

      56a    Ortho DONNY                    56b    Muscular GRANT WISHES               Red puzzle center left

      57a    Cute TIPPI                     57b    Fried WENDY               Red puzzle top left

      58a    Early BERT                     58b    "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" ROBIN             Red puzzle bottom middle

      59a    Snot Rope HOPE                 59b    "Like a Prayer" DEBBIE            Red puzzle center

      60a    TUNA VIC                       60b    AL Catraz                Red puzzle top middle

      61a    CLARK Shark                    61b    Chain SHAW              Red puzzle bottom right

      62a    Beasty BOYD                    62b    Semi THUNDERMANS               Red puzzle center right

      63a    3-DEE                          63b    Blurry Jordi             Red puzzle top right

      64a    Dent AL                        64b    ABOMINABLE IDA             Checklist a

      65a    Scalped RALPH                  65b    Tar Zombie FRED           Checklist b

      66a    Slammed SLOAN                  66b    KENNY Kuman                Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      67a    Scrawled SAUL                  67b    DEBBIE Till DAWN                   Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      68a    NOAH Parking                   68b    Two Part PETER              Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      69a    Dead FLORA                     69b    JUNE  Fly              Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      70a    Idol IRA                       70b    Bushy KEN                  Lost Garbage Pail Kids

      71a    Potty SCOTTY                   71b    Slasher JASON              Where Are They Now?

      72a    Tri-Force Ashley               72b    Acne AMY                 Where Are They Now?

      73a    Jolly ROGER                    73b    Pegleg TYRION             Where Are They Now?

      74a    Greaser Belmont                74b    CHRIS Hiss               Where Are They Now?

      74a    BRAD Hiss                      74b    Greaser SANDERS              Where Are They Now?

      75a    Smelly SALLY                   75b    Fishy ANITA           Where Are They Now?

      76a    New Wave DAVE                  76b    Graffiti MARION           Where Are They Now?

      77a    Ultra VIOLET                   77b    FELINE TANYA                Where Are They Now?

      78a    EQUINE BARBARA                 78b    VALARIE Vomit            Where Are They Now?

      79a    Wacky JACKIE                   79b    SUCCUBUS LENNY             Where Are They Now?

      80a    TWO-FACED NELSON                    80b    Glandular ANGELA         Where Are They Now?

     1a    Up CHUCK              1b   EYEBROW'S INSANE STEVEN       Blue puzzle top right

     2a    Fryin' ALEXANDER THE GREAT          2b   Electric BILL        Blue puzzle top middle

     3a    Boozin' BRUCE         3b   CASHIN' IN KEN            Blue puzzle top left

     4a    Wacky JACKIE          4b   Loony MARTY          Blue puzzle center right

     5a    Buggy BETTY           5b   Time Travellin' JEAN           Blue puzzle center

     6a    Mean GENE             6b   Joltin' BLAKE N. White         Blue puzzle center left

     7a    Disgustin' JUSTIN     7b   Vile Steven Spewberg            Blue puzzle bottom right

     8a    Fryin' RYAN           8b   Charred NORMAN         Blue puzzle bottom middle

     9a    TOMMY Gun             9b   Casa-Luke-A             Blue puzzle bottom left

    10a    Clogged DUANE        10b   Greaser Beetle JACE        Orange puzzle top right

    11a    Greaser GREG         11b   TERMINATOR CHRIS Hiss           Orange puzzle top middle

    12a    Gorgeous GEORGE      12b   Roach BILL          Orange puzzle top left

    13a    Juicy JESSICA        13b   BATTY DEAN           Orange puzzle center right

    14a    Smelly SALLY         14b   Fishy BERNIE        Orange puzzle center

    15a    Legendary SAM        15b   U.S. ARNIE           Orange puzzle center left

    16a    ALICE Island         16b   Liberty THUNDERMANS        Orange puzzle bottom right

    17a    Broad MAUD           17b   Limber MARGE          Orange puzzle bottom middle

    18a    HUGH Mungous         18b   King-Size Messed-Up MARIO      Orange puzzle bottom left

    19a    ASHLEY Can           19b   Warhammer 40k MARTY        Green puzzle top right

    20a    DALE Snail           20b   Ripped Dave Light Savings      Green puzzle top middle

    21a    Marshmallow WOODY    21b   VAN Triloquist       Green puzzle top left

    22a    Shorned SEAN         22b   HY Borg             Green puzzle center right

    23a    RICHIE Retch         23b   Lethargic LUKE           Green puzzle center

    24a    Jazzy BONNIE Bunny   24b   SPENCER Dispenser    Green puzzle center left

    25a    Blown-up JOEY        25b   Starchy ARCHIE       Green puzzle bottom right

    4a DUNKED DEEP              4b PYRO PURPLE         Green puzzle bottom middle

    27a    See More SEYMOUR     27b   "WINNING" ROY              Green puzzle bottom left

    28a    Grem OTTO            28b   ELLIOT Mess          Red puzzle top right

    29a    MONTE Zuma           29b   UNDEAD MEGAN          Red puzzle top middle

    30a    Newly-Dead ED        30b   TIRING Vile LYN & MONOTONOUS ELMER Street            Red puzzle top left

    31a    Abnormal BARBARA     31b   VALERIE Vomit        Red puzzle center right

    32a    BURNIN' Phillip      32a   SCORCHING CAREY     Red puzzle center

    33a    VINCENT Van Santa    33b   Modern ART           Red puzzle center left

    34a    Short MORT           34b   NOAH Light Savings           Red puzzle bottom right

    35a    Bloody MARY          35b   War Hammond          Red puzzle bottom middle

    36a    Buck PUCK            36b   Iron LOWELL           Red puzzle bottom left

    37a    Pumping AARON        37b   STAN Alive         Blue puzzle completed

    38a    Squashed JOSH        38b   BENJAMIN Button          Orange puzzle completed

    39a    CYRIL Bowl           39b   Manny I. Diaz          Green puzzle completed

    40a    MISTY Suds           40b   Furious AMELIA       Red puzzle completed

    41a    Bazooka JOANNE       41b   Skater MARTY         GP University School of Medical Arts

    42a    Trap DORA            42b   Lodgin' MYRA       Miss GP Kid

    43a    Ground CHUCK         43b   Robert in Disguise  Miss GP Award

    44a    Cracked SHELDON      44b   WALLY Kuman        Busted!

    45a    Barnyard BARNEY      45b   Dusk Till Danny          GP School Senior Class

    46a    Wyatt Rapper     46b   SHERMAN Tank         Drop Out Diploma

    47a    Mind Over FLETCH        47b   Taped TATE           Checklist a

    48a    IKE Spike            48b   Petty JADE           Checklist b

    49a    Raisin’ GAIL         49b   Magic WANDA          Nasty Nick SERPENT

    50a    SALLY Suction        50b   ELECTION DAY Lucinda & Rose      New Wave MARTY

    51a    Ball 'n SHANE        51b   CREAMIN' STEWIE            MASKED Mike

    52a    Upset TOMMY          52b   Wrinkly LARS          TROLL Christian

    53a    Chiseler CHAD        53b   JULIUS Muscle       Russell MANIA

    54a    Dead Letter DEBBIE   54b   CHECK COLLECTIN' Roerig        HUMAN FLY Gary

    55a    SEYMOUR Barf         55b   Out A. TIM VII       Jolly Jeanne

    56a    Indiana MARVIN       56b   Over ETAN            Spacey LOSER LEVINE

    57a    Fun GUS              57b   Alienator MORTY       "Wild Thing" KAREN BEAR

    58a    "Crocodile" HOWIE    58b   Rush Hour RUSS      LEGENDARY Joe 

    59a    DUPLICATIVE HUGH     59b   POSER HUGHES        Party Hannibal Darren

    60a    JILTED DOM           60b   JUMPIN' Bernice     GORGED Bernice

    61a    Dial-a- TWYLA        61b   TREE ROOTS           Warrin' Dead TED 

    62a    TABBY BRETT          62b   BURNE Toast          Rabbit Nat Nerd

    63a    Take-Out DINAH       63b   Explorin' MAME       Explorin' MANNY’s Best Friend 

    64a    Slimy HYMIE          64b   Crawlin' KATSUO      Semi CHARLES

    65a    Picky MICHAEL        65b   BEULAH Ghoul         Tenacious Wayne

    66a    Allison Flesh        66b   Slasher Perkins       "DEPLORABLE" MEGA MANNY

    67a    ROBOTIC Howard Burns 67b   Thorny BARB          Lost Garbage Pail Kids

    68a    Arach GREM LYNN      68b   Web JEB              Lost Garbage Pail Kids

    69a    PREDA SHEILA         69b   ARMED Carter        Lost Garbage Pail Kids

    70a    EERIE Victor         70b   SPECTRAL Newman            Lost Garbage Pail Kids

    71a    GIFTED HEATHER       71b   APRIL Showers        Where Are They Now?

    72a    Jolted JOEL          72b   JERKY MIKE            Where Are They Now?

    73a    FOOD FIGHT LISA      73b   MONA Loser           Where Are They Now?

    74a    Bony TONY            74b   BOBBING ZACK        Where Are They Now?

    75a    Alien BRAD           75b   Outerspace SANDERS     Where Are They Now?

    76a    JACK O'Lantern       76b   KING OF DUNCAN       Where Are They Now?

    77a    WOOD TEETH RUTHIE    77b   Dental FLOSSIE       Where Are They Now?

    78a    DUCK CHRIS           78b   SANDY Clod           Where Are They Now?

    79a    RALPH GRIMEY         79b   Bone-Head FRED       Where Are They Now?

    80a    BERN-Out             80b   Joltin' BOB         Where Are They Now?


Adam Mania (1:8 packs)

 1 of 10   AWELESS Larry        70b  TERRIBLE Hagman

 2 of 10   VAMP Hugh         70b   EVIL Laurie   

 3 of 10   TRAPPER Jerry         70b    HOT ROD Springer  

 4 of 10   TABBY Terri         70b   KITTY Conn 

 5 of 10   CRUEL Ben           70b   BRUTAL Hogestyn    

 6 of 10   COLORLESS Sean         70b  DUELING Kanan   

 7 of 10   GIZ Miley         70b   GREM Cyrus   

 8 of 10   Sharon ORPHAN        70b   SCARY Gless 

 9 of 10   CATFISHY David          70b   NERVOUS Canary  

10 of 10   Pete FISH SANDWICH          70b   JELLYFISH Burns   

3D Cards (1:12 packs)

 1 of 5    ROYAL FLUSH David     70b    Draiman THRONE

 2 of 5    GANGNAM Brad         70b   JUMPIN Sanders 

 3 of 5    Dread Josslyn          70b   Judge N. Jacks

 4 of 5    PARTY Wendy         70b    TWO-PARTY CYST Riche

 5 of 5    PHANTOM Danny          70b   MASKED Cooksey

Blister Pack Bonus Cards

     B1    Trail  LISA

     B2    JACKIE O'Lantern

     B3    Rock N' RUTHIE

New Friendly NPCsEdit

  • Happy Toad (Still and Jumping)
  • Mario
  • Koopa the Quick
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Elsa (from: Frozen)
  • Oalf (from: Frozen)
  • Ana (from: Frozen)
  • Kristoff (from: Frozen)
  • Sven (from: Frozen)
  • Aurora
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Ariel
  • Bella
  • Jasmin
  • Pocahontas
  • Mulan
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel
  • Flynn Rider 
  • Mérida
  • Minnie Mouse 
  • Donald Duck
  • The Wizard
  • Goofy
  • Peppa Pig
  • George pig
  • Mummy pig
  • Daddy Pig
  • Grandma Pig
  • Grandpa Pig
  • Polly
  • Clo Pig
  • Alexander
  • Aunt Pig
  • Uncle pig
  • Susy Sheep
  • Pedro Pony
  • Danny Dog
  • Zoe Zebra
  • Zuzu
  • Zaza
  • Rebbeca Rabbit
  • Richard Rabbit
  • Emily Elephant
  • Edmond Elephant
  • Wendy Wolf
  • Freddy Fox
  • Kyle Kangoroo
  • Albine Donkey
  • DJ Donkey
  • Miss Rabbit
  • Huey
  • Dewey
  • Louie
  • Special Agent Oso
  • Webby
  • Matilda
  • Chuck
  • Red
  • Satin pig
  • The Blues
  • Stella
  • Bomb
  • King Pig

New ItemsEdit

  • Apple
  • Grape
  • Gold Ring
  • Question Coin
  • Red Ring
  • Beat Block
  • Gold Block
  • Snake Block
  • Rainbow Note
  • Platform Block
  • Assist Block
  • Rocket
  • Warp Box
  • Ostro
  • ? Switch
  • Cupcake 
  • 1-up Ice Cream
  • Crate (Super Mario 3D Land)
  • Crate (Reflection/Divergent Shift)
  • Lever
  • Giant Tomato
  • Falling Leaf
  • Mickey Block
  • Giant Mickey Block
  • All Potions
  • All Splash Potions
  • Wooden Shovel
  • Wooden Axe
  • Wooden Hoe
  • Wooden Pickaxe
  • Wooden Sword
  • Stone Shovel
  • Stone Axe
  • Stone Hoe
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Stone Sword
  • Iron Shovel
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Hoe
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Sword
  • Gold Shovel
  • Gold Axe
  • Gold Hoe
  • Gold Pickaxe
  • Gold Sword
  • Diamond Shovel
  • Diamond Axe
  • Diamond Hoe
  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Diamond Sword
  • Temmie Flakes

New PowerupsEdit

New GoalsEdit

New SettingsEdit

  • Relfection Mechanic 
  • Shadow Mechanic

Gameplay ChangesEdit

  • Any character new or old can mount any rideable thing.
  • Toad can't throw boomerangs wearing the Hammer Suit.
  • Yoshi can ride boots.
  • Any character can do tricks.
  • Yoshi can flutterkick.
  • Luigi retains his scuttling from SMB: The Lost Levels and New Super Luigi U.
  • The World Map contains an inventory.
  • Players can also place minigames inside a level icon.
  • Cheat Codes can let you save again.
  • Sounds are also replaceable in your episode file.
  • The ability to add custom world music is granted!
  • You can hear the characters talk.
  • Global events!
  • Events and layers for the world map!
  • Race Mode has been added.
  • Any episode can have more than one world!
  • The credits has a secret minigame you can find by clicking the star.
  • The General Store has been added


  • Powerup Crane: A minigame where you pick up powerups.
  • 1UP Bonzana: A minigame where you catch 1UP Mushrooms and 3UP Moons.
  • Super Mario Bros. Micro: A minigame where you have to complete 4 worlds and defeat Bowser. (You can find it in the credits by clicking the star!)
  • Enemy Courses
  • Time Trial: You touch the clock at the beggining, and the timer starts! Depending on your time, you get a bronze, silver, or gold medal!
  • Trap Tower: Like Marisa and Alices Trap Tower, you have to get Mario and Luigi to the top of the tower.
  • Bonus Cards: Works very similar to the Bonus Game in Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald. Pick a card, and depending on the picture, you'll get different rewards!
  • Block Party: Like the Party game in Magical Quest 3, you have to destroy as many blocks as you can before the time runs out!
  • Mario can't See!: Works the same as Mario and Wario.

New CodesEdit

Cheat CodesEdit

  • tastyfirestorm = Puts a Fire Bro. in your hands
  • downunder = Puts a Boomerang Bro. in your hands
  • chillywilly = Puts an Ice Bro. in your hands
  • flybefree = Puts an Ostro in your hands
  • wariotime = Now turns you into Wario
  • waluigitime = Turns you into Waluigi
  • littlepinkpuffball = Turns you into Kirby
  • iammegaman = Turns you into Mega Man
  • reflectionon = Turns you into Kirra
  • midastouch = Formerly wariotime, still turns all enemies onscreen into coins
  • oldfriendsgoldfriends = Gets you under the effect of the Gold Flower
  • epicwin = Destroys all bosses onscreen
  • getalife = Gives you an instant 1UP
  • redigitiscool = Now replaced with iliekmeowflash, lets you edit the level!
  • helpme = Summons an Assist Block
  • likeaboss = Removes all Enemy Courses
  • iwanttobelikewario = The General Store items are all free and never sold out

NPC CodesEdit

  • nohammer=1 = No hammers can kill the NPC
  • nobomb=1 = No bombs can kill the NPC
  • noshell=1 = No shell can kill the NPC
  • nospin=1 = No spinjumping can kill the NPC
  • nosword=1 = No sword can stab the NPC
  • nopodoboo=1 = No fireball made by Yoshi or the Flamethrower can burn the NPC
  • nostatue=1 = No Tanooki Statue can squish the NPC
  • nomagic=1 = No magic from the Sorcerer Outfit can kill the NPC
  • nowater=1 = No water from the Firefighter Outfit can kill the NPC
  • notail=1 = No tail can knock down the NPC
  • noshoe=1 = No shoe can squish the NPC
  • noball=1 = No superball can kill the NPC
  • nodrill=1 = No drill attack can kill the NPC
  • noboomerang=1 = No boomerang can kill the NPC
  • friendly=1 = The NPC is friendly
  • health=# = How much health the NPC has (0 doesn't count)

Note: The NPC Codes that have no in their name can't have 0, it won't work.

New Splash ScreenEdit



Super Mario Bros: The Huge Adventure

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