Super Wiki Users is an RPG with 8-bit graphics. Though the graphics are 8-bit, sans the outlining, the game is 32-bit.


One day, KP Shadow was walking to the airport to go to the Irregular Webcomic Wiki, when suddenly, everything turned 8-bit. Due to a lack of shading on objects with more than one color, his Depth Perception was messed up, and he passed out. Later, Max2 was adventuring in this new, SMB-like environment, and found KP Blue. They then revived KP Blue, and the two set off to find out the cause of this.


Can switch between characters and position. Limit 14 (two per chapter, except for chapter 8, which has no new characters)

  • Max2 - revives KP Blue at the beginning of the game. He jumps are floaty and weak, but all of his other powers are stronger.
  • KP Blue - Passes out in the beginning. He is trapped in his Koopa Paratroopa form, sans the cortosis-coated shell. Hovers a short distance above the ground on the overworld, and pressing the jump button makes him increase in height, like swimming in the Mario and Luigi games, and can create a computer-controlled clone on the battlefield. Flies in battle.


Different equipment is available for each playable character. Below is a list of specialized equipment.

  • KP Blue
    • Armor
      • Cortosis Shell: Blocks all lightsaber attacks. Also turns any lightsaber weilded by KP Blue while wearing this to become a lightwhip, except for the lightwhip, which is just shorted out.
      • Ice Shell: Blocks all flame attacks, and boosts Ice elemental power. Causes KP Blue to have visible breath due to the intense cold of this item.
      • Wingless Shell: Allows KP Blue to attack as a normal KP Koopa Troopa
    • Stat Boosters
      • Speed Wings: Special yellow wings that boost KP Blue's speed.
    • Weapons
      • Hammer: The baisic Mario RPG weapon. Can be used for defense, also.
      • Y-Saber: A lightsaber with a Y-shaped blade. Increases damage done by attacks. Useless in conjunction with Cortosis Shell.
      • Vibrosword: A lightsaber-like weapon with a katana-shaped blade. Only lightsaber-related weapon completely compatible with the cortosis shell
      • Kareoke Microphone: A Microphone that causes a speaker system to appear out of KP Blue's hammerspace. Allows KP Blue to use Sing, which puts enemies to sleep, and Spam Song (a nod to his past as a spammer), which annoys enemies to death, or at least the point of suicidal status.
  • Max2
    • Armor
    • Stat Boosters
    • Weapons


Every character has a seperate inventory, called their "Hammerspace". This is used to store character specific items, such as armor, stat boosters, and weapons.