The Sysop Mansion is a building in the capital of Fantendo, Fan City, which only Sysops and Bureaucrats can enter, except for when they give tours to other Users on Saturday. The mansion itself is divided into multiple sections; the Plumber section, Cobweb section and JesseRoo section as they are the three admins (although any sysop or admin is allowed in any section).

Plumber Section Edit

Plumber's section contains a large office as well as the only laundry in the mansion to work on the more important parts of managing Fantendo. This is the least used section, although events such as F3 and the Fantendo Improvement Drive are organized from here.

Cobweb Section Edit

Cobweb's section is where the article deletion log is stored, and the block log as well. This is also where the Featured Articles and the Image Hall of Fame are stored. The reason they are stored in here is not only to simply store them, but to show as what good articles should be like.

JesseRoo Section Edit

The JesseRoo section caters for everything else needed to live in the mansion; a kitchen, theatre, video game room and bedrooms for each of the sysops and bureaucrats (although these are only used a small amount of time, most of the time people live in their own house).