The Return of: 4.13 is a user at the Fantendo Forums created by McQueenMario as a part of the User Characters Mystery, although it was created a fairly long time afterwards. After McQueenMario gave JesseRoo the password, the forums were "taken over" by 4.13 and "The Return of 4.13 Superland" forum was created, as well as the infamous lolwut topic.

History Edit

McQueenMario created the account and posted in the shoutbox, but JesseRoo almost immediately discovered it was McQueenMario and McQueenMario admitted it. He then gave JesseRoo the password in a PM.

Soon enough, a category on the forums called "The Return of 4.13 Superland" was created with two forums, "HAHAHA" and "lolwut". Roll (JesseRoo) and Luxray (COKEMAN11) had apparently been blocked from the Admin Control Panel, and 4.13 had begun his plan to take over the forums.

4.13's Slave Edit

Another account known as 4.13's Slave has posted in multiple topics.