This is the first chapter in Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, the COKEMAN11 chapter.

I got up. The battle was almost over. The Nega Sun group had ambushed us left and right. My left arm was bleeding and I could not fight. Eventually a Medic took me to the infirmary. They said that I could not fight anymore. I was in disbelief. When I returned to the hideout to tell the news, it was empty. I heard a voice from behind. I turned around to see McQueenMario injured as well. He said, "The Nega Sun kidnapped everyone." Once again, I was in disbelief. McQueenMario went on, "They took away everyone but me to a place they called Tornado Village. Where were you?" "I was at the infirmary," I responded. "The Nega Sun apparently forgot to pick up the Medics. Either way, I can't go to rescue them." "Why not?" McQueenMario asked me. "The Medics said that I was too badly injured to go on. That's why there was a bandage around it before. I could have still fought, but my left arm is my source of power. I use all my attacks with it." I responded. "Attacks? ...Oh yeah, you're a Gallade. You had begun to look so much like a true Nega Moon warrior that I forgot." "Hey, just because I'm a Pokemon doesn't mean you have to comment on it every day!" McQueenMario was stunned, from my point of view. "Every day, it's 'Wow, you're so great that I forgot that you're just a Pokemon!' You can't say 'Good job!' without saying that I don't have 100% Nega Moon blood!" I ran off before McQueenMario could respond.