This is the third chapter written by COKEMAN11 in Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, and the 11th chapter.

My arm was almost hit by the grenade. I knew that the military had come, so I ran. Ran towards the explosion. The guards tried to kill me, so I jumped and used Psywave. I took a look at the dead soldiers, thinking What have I done? I tried to go farther, but they were sending in several reinforcements. I fought and fought trying to spare as many lives while protecting my own being. I thought about using my secret move, but then knew it was suicide. After a while, I fell to the ground. The last words I heard were "Take him away!" and then I fell unconscious. I woke up in a raft, not far from the explosion. I didn't know what happened. I dove underwater and saw...a clam, coral, seaweed, sand, shells, fish, and...JesseRoo! I swam towards him and grabbed him, then put him upon my raft. I fetched some food from the town at night, fed it to him. I did this for two days, then, as I came back, I saw JesseRoo, standing on the raft, ready to fight. I hopped on in horror and he fought.