This is the second chapter in Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, the McQueenMario chapter.

I was left alone by COKEMAN11 and hurt. I had to go find help before we had another ambush. I drove over to Fan City hoping to find JesseRoo. It was still unknown if he was friend...or foe. In Fan City, many villagers told me that many townsfolk had been kidnapped. I was a bit scared but I knew that it was my job to help them. So I went to find JesseRoo but still had no luck. Then on the town tower I saw someone. "Are you going to help that poor villager or not?" said someone I didn't even know. I kept on driving up the tower hoping not to get pushed of by a foe. Still I kept going. Then a huge person in armor that looked like a knight jumped down and attacked me. "Help!" I cried out. I was still unsure what was going on. After a short battle I fell down of the tall building and before I hit the ground a saw a glimpse of the knight taking of his helmet. "Jesse..." but it was too late. I hit the ground and my windows broke. It was terrible but I didn't know if my old friend JesseRoo had became a foe. Sadly I was then taken back to Tornado Village to find COKEMAN11 and get repaired.