This is the third chapter in Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, the JesseRoo chapter.

After knocking McQueenMario out, I stopped to ponder why I was doing this. I looked down the tower which I was standing on; the people of Fan City were resuming their average lives. I needed this armour to survive; after suffering an injury, I managed to drag myself to my house and work on something to keep me alive. After a while, I had left my house but people ran away in fear of me. In sadness and feeling rejected, I went to the tower and the feeling of being alone made me go mad. Or did it? I couldn't tell why I was on my quest, but I was; I began kidnapping various townsfolk and holding them hostage in the tower. McQueenMario had come to save one; if he had made it, my plan would have failed, so I had no choice but to fight him. As he fell, I showed him my face so he knew it was me. Hopefully he would find out. "I AM going mad..." I said to Purple Chicken who had come to rest against me, him being the only one who knew what had happened to me. "That's it... I'm going to get help." I said. I stood up, and jumped off the tower. I landed on the ground with a heavy thud, and Purple Chicken came down after me. Suddenly, I heard gunfire and started running as fast as I can. I didn't stop until I arrived at Tornado Village.