This is the fourth chapter in Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, the BlueYoshter chapter.

So I was randomly beating up KP Blue one day when I saw a weird thing coming towards us, and threw KP at it. He got hurt badly, like I care. But it was still coming over. And the last thing I knew, I was running like crazy to a small town. Then I blacked out. The impact must have had an effect on my Poké Balls, so while I was still blacked out, Dragonite, Chippy and Boom were carrying me along with some mongooses (which Dragonite must have called on) and took me over to a small forest called Mongoose Forest, where all my Mongooses live. They put me on a small leaf bed, then I heard a familiar voice. "Wake up". I noticed it was KP, and quickly got up to punch him. Dragonite stopped me, since I was too weak to battle. I slept a bit, and they must have carried me somewhere else, because when I woke up I was in Tornado Village.