This is Chapter 5 of Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, when COKEMAN11 discovers Tornado Village.

I felt guilty about fighting with McQueenMario. But it didn't matter now. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time: Tornado Village. I was seeking refuge when I ran into KP Blue. He was injured and hurt. I was about to help him, but then I remembered what to do. I walked around him, and I don't think he saw me. Anyway, I kept looking when I noticed a house that was empty. I walked in and took a seat. I knew I had to go back and look for McQuenMario but I couldn't. Not here, anyway. An hour later I heard the door open. It was a Pokemon, a Wartortle. He walked in and questioned my presence. I told him that I escaped from the battlefield and took refuge here. Surprisingly, he was doing the same thing. We talked for another hour and I was about to leave when I noticed something on him. The Nega Sun Badge. He was my enemy, so I laid a Metronome attack which thankfully was a leech seed attack. Then I took him and tossed him into a river which led to an icy mountain where I saw to it that he became an ice sculpture. Then I took a walk again and heard a familiar voice. McQueenMario.