This is the sixth chapter in Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, the McQueenMario chapter.

I finally got repaired after the big wreck with JesseRoo. I was taken back to Tornado Village still sad about thinking JesseRoo is a foe. "Wow, JesseRoo seemed to be my friend". Then I saw COKEMAN11. "COKEMAN11! COKEMAN11!" I cried. "I found you!" I told COKEMAN11 all about the fight with JesseRoo and what to be to prevent another attack. Before he could answer, JesseRoo came running so fast and crushed into me. I got mad and attacked him. COKEMAN11 tried to tell me that JesseRoo may have hit me by accident but I then fell into the ocean after fighting on a dock. JesseRoo was swallowed by a Sharkmarine (half shark, half submarine and one of McQueenMario's main enemies). JesseRoo managed to destroy the Shark but there was no sign of me. I had fallen down a dark deep hole in the ocean. Right before I hit the bottom I heard JesseRoo yell someone go get help. Before I fainted I thought maybe JesseRoo was a friend...then I lost my memory. A crane picked me out of the water and I couldn't remember who COKEMAN11 and JesseRoo were.