This is the seventh chapter for Tornado Village: A Fantendo Story, the chapter where JesseRoo discusses his previous battle with McQueenMario.

After McQueenMario was rescued, I tried my hardest to explain to him what had happened. However, since he had lost his memory, he took it that we had always been enemies. Even the good old COKEMAN couldn't tell him!

That night, I didn't sleep. I hadn't sleeped since I received he injury that caused all of this to happen in the first place. I saw McQueenMario go out a door, so I followed him. I found him alone in a grassy meadow, and crept up behind him. He turned around and spotted me. "Look, go away!" he said. "We used to be friends..." I said. "What? I thought you almost killed me?" he asked. "I did! I've been slowly going mad since that accident..." I said. "What accident?" McQueenMario asked, curious. "You guys were staying back at Fan City, and I went out... I ran into some guys, and they had swords..." I said, feeling the tears swell in my eyes. "Then what happened?" McQueenMario asked. "You came to rescue me... they almost got you, but I took the blow..." I said. "Did I remember this before I lost my memory?" he said. "No... you fainted after they went away, and I went through your engine and made sure you didn't remember it..." I said. "Why?" McQueenMario asked. "Because... I don't know. Maybe I've already gone mad." I said. "But, you've been acting perfectly normal." McQueenMario said. "I can't tell right from wrong anymore! I was holding people hostage for no reason!" I shouted. Suddenly, a voice rang out and a few soldiers with guns popped up around us. "Hey look, it's these two again!" one of them said. Somebody ran up with a grenade, aiming for McQueenMario, but I sprinted towards him and landed on top of him. In a brutal moment, the grenade exploded and after that all I saw was McQueenMario driving away as fast as he could.