TreeOfSpaz (sometimes known as Spazzy Tree, Tree of Spaz and Spazzawoodo) is BlueYoshter's Sudowoodo. He takes the appearance of a green Sudowoodo with brown leaves. He was originally a trickster and still is. He used to fool others by imitating a tree and blocking a fork in the path. Randomly he would move to another, which let others pass the previous one. Finally, BY sprayed water on him and she caught him. TreeOfSpaz, at times, would act like a Ditto and take the appearance of another or would run off to another fork in the path, which would lead BY to have to spray him with water again or bring him in his Poké Ball. Now, since BlueYoshter trained him, he barely ever goes to block fork in the paths, although, rarely, he is reported to be blocking. It is thought that it is another Sudowoodo unrelated to him.