Wiki Unleashed is a game for the Wii and the Nintendo DSi. It will feature many users in their Sonic Forms. In the game, the evil doctor 1337Doom intends on splitting the wiki world apart, awakening a beast known as Qlssrl. In an attempt to stop him from doing this, several users banded together while using their super forms in an attempt to block the laser. The laser instead drained their power, activating a nightly mutation that was different for each one.


  • KP the Hedgehog - He is the least experienced with his powers. In nighttime levels, he glows as if he was under a black light. He also has star symbols on the palms of his hands and a light symbol on his forehead.
  • (reserved for BlueYoshter)
  • Mister 26 the Echidna - He's experienced with his powers and in dark forever forest like areas he can use magic to make the plants glow by a limited time and can investigate well. He is friends with Dr. Samyra, an evil scientist that makes experiences with mutations and formerly was working for Qlssrl but joined KP's party.
  • Strikeshot OY the Echidna - He's super strong, super fast and mechanical. Qlssrl designed and made him to be able to shapeshift. But Strikeshot wanted to be good, not evil!!!

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