Wikimon Fantendo Dungeon is a comic by KP Blue. It will feature many users as Pokemon.


In the year 2012, a year after the "Mystery Dungeon Glitch" struck Fantendo, and three years after KP Blue's banishment, rumors of a Jirachi living in LEGO Cave, the exact cave that KP Blue was banished to, have risen. FlameEye and his rescue team have travelled to the cave, hoping to have their his wishes granted. Instead, they found a narcoleptic Jirachi with amnesia.


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Good(team members)Edit

  • KP Blue as Treek, a Ground/Fire/Grass-type Treeko. Can transform into Croaky, a croagunk with a low attack stat, but a heightened evasion stat, or Psychodile (an Electric/Water-type Totodile)
  • Jirachi (Has Amnesia and Narcolepsy, leading male character starting with chapter 2 and ending when he discovers his true identity several chapters later.)
  • Slipster - Known as FlameEye (Pokemon:Houndoom)
  • BlueYoshter as Icetorch (Ice/Fire-type Torchic) who can transform into Mewflake, Rayquazice and Iceachu

Good (other)Edit


  • Cobweb. Of course, I'm only "bad" from KP's perspective, as I'm actually hunting him down because he's stalking a certain good friend of mine.
  • COKEMAN11, shortened to CK11 the Gallade.


  • KP Blue is revealed to only appear in flashbacks during the first few story arcs, with the role of the main male hero being played by Amnesiac Jirachi.
  • It is rumored that Amnesiac Jirachi will also show signs of Narcolepsy, and randomly falling asleep during battles.